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My Project "Orgasmic Spirituality": a Grand Modification of Experiencing Reality

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent source of joy and ecstasy.

-- Anais Nin

Nothing to Do With Eroticism -- Just Outlandishly Wondrous

This morning I received an email by my dear friend Allen Edwards from Iowa, in which -- after his usual warm and friendly words -- that are teasing my ego to resurrect for their flattering content -- he also asked that I describe for him my mentioned personal project.

Now, instead of replying with a lengthy email, here is an article for him -- and, well -- for anyone else who would care to read this post beyond its title.


A note regarding the title: I'm hoping it's needless to mention how nothing "orgasmic" -- in its standard definition -- is involved in the project, but the metaphor pretty much fits the ecstatic state achieved.


Maybe the most appropriate announcement, other than the above note, would be that the personality writing this post is not the same as the one from the project. In a similar sense, who I am during my deep meditations, is not the same person who is trying to verbalize that experience.

Thus, being Val as you know me, is not that nameless dude stripped of his personality to the point where he doesn't intimately identify with his self-image, and his bunch of personality traits.

The experience is basically not communicable, but what the heck -- I can use some fancy words that I picked up from some even more fancy literature, while knowing that I am not doing justice to the experience.

For the eyes of any reader who may not be familiar with my life long quest to explore the unknowns of my humanness, let it be just mentioned that I do such projects now and then for my self-advancing tune-ups.

There is no need to state that the whole thing is generated by a rather weird mentality, because that will present itself unmistakably. But then, I dare to claim that this kind of weirdness is more "normal" than much of the familiar versions of being typically human.

Now, here we are about to enter a kind of personal "rabbit hole" where things are losing their ordinary meanings, and where the title of my little essay written at my age of sixteen makes the paramount claim:

"Nothing has a suchness until we give it one".

It sounded true enough at that age, and much more now, sixty-one years later, after my modest studies of sciences like epigenetics, hypnotism, neuroplasticity, psycho-neuro-immunology, psycho-endocrinology, and placebo/nocebo effect.

Being a pragmatic dude, I picked from those fields whatever I could combine and use on myself -- forget about all the theorizing.

That's how I also came across the term "Zeno effect". I completely forget in a context of what it appeared, except that it sounded magically promising. Actually promising enough so that I am using it in my current project, which I am about to talk about.

It basically means a second-to-second insistence on a chosen frame of mind, and above all -- on a growing sense of joy.

I already got the mental skill to produce bliss at will, and I have been doing it for some minutes every morning, along with some other practices -- but about ten days ago I challenged myself to keep doing it during the whole day, and then day after day, to find out if I could function within the frames of "normalcy", while invisibly to others am I experiencing such a peak experience.

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However, let me first try to describe that state.


Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.

-- Emily Dickinson

Getting the Answer

At the peak of that experience, it well deserves to be called "orgasmic spirituality".

But, in order to evoke that state, I go quite creative in a rather weird way. Namely, I imagine myself as an energy-being vibrating with some divine frequencies, with almost psychedelic multi-colored dance of photons all over my personal space, and immersed into a quantum soup of energy-objects around me, each vibrating with their own frequencies.

In that virtual environment I then create an ecstasy-producing meaning of everything my senses touch.

So that my coffee table suddenly looks like a "reason for happiness", and that sound of the descending plane feels like an angelic music, and anything that pops up as a bodily sensation gets instantly embraced by my soul. Basically, whatever gets into my field of attention gets instantly enveloped by energies of joy.

With that Zeno effect I don't allow my mind to slip back into its everyday automatisms where things are "familiar". It's my inner trip into a version of reality in which everything familiar is perceived as if for the very first time, as an "unknown" that has the power to participate in my ecstatic emotions.

In those seconds and minutes and hours I am re-creating my inner reality, while knowing that creation means manifesting out of thin air -- not repeating the known.

Indeed, the whole life is merely a state of mind, and projects like this one are proving it more than thousand books philosophizing and meaning nothing without experience. In those moments I am totally aware about the truism how I could give any significance I choose to my past, my future, and my current time.

Our memory can bring up the pictures -- but their interpretation is up for grabs.

Those are the moments when soul is triumphing over the personality. Soul, that principle of creation, change and growth, can override any downloads in the mind's computer.

As I am resting my dreamy glance on my balcony flowers, some tears of joy are responding to their mysterious beauty. People walking seven floors down look like friends that I have known all my life.

And then came the big test, as my wife asked: "What are we having for dinner today?" -- I got another huge wave of joy as I heard myself casually answering: "Grab those fast fries from the freezer and make us the green leaf salad."

The joy came from the realization that I could function on parallel channels, because nothing of that orgasmic trance got affected by that interruption.

Somewhat pulling the devil by the tail, like I often do when I challenge myself with something potentially unsafe, I said: "I'm going to drive myself to the gas station, they said the price is down five cents per litre."

I left without a trace of worry, as my soul was in charge of the moment, and soul just doesn't know how to do the worrying.

I got my answer: Yes, I could function normally and feel divinely blissful at the same time -- while all that others could see is an ordinary Mona Lisa smile on this face.


Life is wonderfully fine thing. Go live it.

-- Fennel Hudson

The Super Trick of Making It All Easy

Is it easy to do?

Are you kidding?

If we don't make it easy -- we make it impossible.

Let's elaborate on it a little. Some 95% or so of our entire life-show is being run by our autopilot consisting of all memorized material about our striving to overcome unfavorable circumstances and challenges of psycho-physical survival.

That includes all those crappy emotions of feeling inadequate and not up to the tasks we were facing, all worries, criticism from those who meant something in our life, and assaults from those merciless demands of growing up, with defense mechanisms we built in that process.

Needless to say, our autopilot is all about surviving, and maybe it wouldn't even be such a bad guy in the hierarchy of our mental forces, if it didn't take upon itself to be constantly active and serve us those crappy feelings of struggle even when there is nothing to struggle with.

Our autopilot will invent crappy circumstances just to have something to cope with. That's why so many of those who have achieved riches and fame find it hard to enjoy the fruits of their big efforts to get there -- as their autopilot keeps making their life a struggle of one or another kind.

Now, unless handled properly, any project similar to mine simply has to fail because we can't win by struggling with our autopilot, which will take that struggle as just another one that it is using in its game of living.

Struggles are its specialty, and we have to apply a weapon that is not just a part of its already existing and active arsenal.

So we use our imagination to create for us an emotional blueprint of what a blissful emotional routine would feel like. Most of everything, we have to envision our performing it with ease.

Remember when you were still a non-swimmer, and you just struggled with water -- not doing the swimming. Then, after some time you intuitively surrendered to the experience, just letting your body do it with ease -- and at that point you were not sinking anymore.

The similar has to take place while practicing blissfulness.

Your autopilot will recognize it as something different from its routine "which has been keeping you alive for decades", and it will rebel against it, because being happy is "unsafe" by its reasoning. So it goes on screaming in protest over your dropping your precious defenses.

As you keep faking it in your heart -- with your smile, your relaxed musculature, and your brave posture, at one point it will agonize, and then it's the time to do that crazy trick -- now welcoming, and loving that inner rebellion.

And whatever sign of resistance may pop up -- just love it, embrace it, with ease and surrender, even make it humorous if you wish, laugh at it inside and keep feeling blissful. And if it doesn't feel like a bliss -- tell yourself that it is one.

Don't struggle, just keep that blueprint of an outrageous happiness in your mind and keep loving any bodily sensation showing up, drown it all in a persistent sense of ease and surrender.

"And that's how it's done, Grasshopper."


Our Soul Can Bring Magic into Life -- When We Trust It

In those first days of my project I wanted to give myself a good momentum into that mode of emotional and energetic functioning before I would attempt to write anything.

These last couple of days, I kind of "volumed it down", still feeling exceptionally great, but now good enough for focusing on things I wanted to share. Thus, yesterday I published that article about soul and its imitation generated by personality's religious indoctrination -- which was greatly inspired by my project.

I'm laughing inside comparing the lasting effects of this project to a "good infection that won't go away."

Well, the world with its present state of affairs doesn't have an antidote for this joy. I didn't take the Covid-19 vaccine, and I am not adopting anything from the collective consciousness which could "cure" me from this happiness.

Weird or not -- I see it more "normal" than what I see around me. With my soul in charge, I will forever keep creating my reality -- just like I have been doing it for many years -- always grounded enough not to venture into some schizoid realms.

I love my life. Not because it's the only one I have, nor because it's a healthy thing to do, but because it's a playground for my soul's creativity.

It gives me unutterable joy to replace the re-active modes of functioning with pro-active ones, where I feel this freedom to think, feel, and believe outside of the brainwashing box of the cultural paradigm.

I can emotionally afford to love the people as they are, for my soul doesn't feel threatened by them. I am not in the business of surviving, the security of which comes naturally when we just trust the guidance of our soul, our "higher self".

Well, so much I had for sharing this time. Hey, Allen, my dear Friend, I hope you liked the version of weirdness of your buddy Val.

Be well everyone, and bring your souls up from basements of your essence.

I would say that it's worth the effort -- but if there is an "effort" involved, it will never work. Effort is something in the language of personality, and we have to learn the language of our soul where "easy does it". Thus, just become who you already are, by dropping from your nature that what you are not. -- My heartful blessings to all.

© 2022 Val Karas

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