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At-Home Weight Loss Story

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Brianna is a new mom of one and a virtual lifestyle coach who loves sharing her journey and helping busy mamas keep fit simple!


Change Can Happen Right From Home

You know, I never was the type to think I could stick to a healthy lifestyle, but here I am nearly a year later. It didn't start with my awesome habits, because I didn't have that. What I did have was the will to make a change.

I never had self-control over food or exercise. This mama was a huge on snacking on whatever and whenever. Chips, snack cakes, treats, and sweets, you name it, were a daily thing. She was also an emotional eater. When I had my highs, food was the way to celebrate. When I had my lows, food was the way to cope.

Food was a comfort for me for as long as this brain my mine can remember. Exercise ... was a joke! Not only did I feel like I was dying any time I challenge myself the least bit, but my fitness was always for vain and unrealistic reasons.

There were many spurts of exercise and diet crazes. This was extremely unhealthy, as I would overdo it and go to the extreme thinking it would be a quick fix. It also shows how I wasn't happy with where I was and that I had some serious body image issues as a teen. Needless to say, it wasn't enjoyable and I gave up making fitness a lifestyle.

Becoming pregnant opened my eyes to health. Now that I've had my first child and started this journey the right way, I now see that what I was doing wasn't the only way. I've come to know a simpler, fun, and completely do-able way. Not once have I went on a diet, had to deprive myself, cut out foods or even need to do a workout routine over 30 minutes!

It was like I hit a gold-mine. And girl, let me just say that it has it changed my life. With the fitness programs, I've been doing during nap time or before bed, mixed with the support and accountability of the women in our online gym, I've succeeded!

From 175 lbs postpartum to 125 lbs postpartum - that's a total of 50 lbs, completely gone over the course of 8 months! For me, this is within my healthy weight for my height and body type. And I've been able to keep it off, which is a big deal for me, knowing that obesity runs in my family.

Who knew fitness could be mind changing? There's been a mental shift that has affected every part of my life outside of exercise and eating well. The confidence is such a great part of what I've gained through this because I was faced time and time again with the negative thoughts.

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So, every time I fought to get up and make a better choice, my strength grew in my self-control. For once, the food did not rule over me. I also found myself in a better place with following through with the personal commitments I've made. There was a sense of balance that I had with I've finally produced real reasons to pursue fitness, achievable goals, and honesty with myself!

This is a whole new me. As I looked at the two images, from where I am today to where I started, I saw the same woman, but I also saw a totally different glow. The timid woman that I was months ago had blossomed. It wasn't at all obvious to me until I took the after picture.

This goes to show that a process of transformation can be done in you without you being aware of it. What I thought was just me showing up for myself ended up being so much more. My husband noticed it, the women in our online gym noticed it, my family noticed it, and so did my friends. What's even better is that I saw and noticed the difference mentally.

The change was gradual. There was no quick fix. I actually came to realize that if anything comes quickly, it'll also leave quickly. It'll only leave you frustrated and unhealthy in more ways than one. So, walking the trail is the best way to savor and truly enjoy the fruit of your labor. Fitness is in no way a race of who can lose the most weight the fasted or any competition for that matter.

It's a marathon - always has been, always will be. The pace is different from woman to woman and we can all root one another on. This is how we succeed in better health. It's a team effort. I encourage you to fins your tribe, wherever that may be.

I don't know where you're at in your health right now and I'm not sure what you're battles are, but I do hope that I've inspired you to take charge. We're rolling into the new year and it's about time for some new goals. What will you gain from your transformation in the year to come?

Rooting for you,


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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