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My New Temporary Residence

As my health detearerates, I find I need more help everyday.

I currently temporarily live at a place called The Laurels at iWaldenPark rm 413. I must say while the facility is well taken care of, there are some serious employment problems. Mostly stemming from lack of personal, to lack of knowledge of the care of the patients. Some of the aides have a lot to learn as far as gentleness, and simple compassion.

For instance, I have several wounds that need addressed every day. They are painful and need dressed twice a day, every day. They hurt

Freedom of Movement is Permitted.

I am here for rehab. For whatever reason, I have lost the use of my legs. Whenever I try to stand, Evwith or without assistance, my legs just collapse, like they are gone, and the eventual event is to land on the floor...they just won't hold me. This is frustrating, because before I came here I could walk a little bit. Now nothing. I can manage to stand for a short time, but that's it.

As far as the people here they help me all they can, as for the other patients as well. Everyone is treated fairly, and honestly. Some of the employees may disagree, but you'll have that. Some of the patients are permitted to exit to have a smoke break, using walkers, and wheelchairs, anyway they can...I must say this is a very relaxed facility. IT works !!

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