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11 Inspirations From Zero Cents In The Last 3 Months on Hubpages

Kiran Khannas a Nuclear Engineer, a die-hard blogger, and writes an article on personality/skills development for the leadership roles.

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Author's Own Image

I put in hours to such an enormous amount of time, which I think is not sustainable, and it destroys personal relationships. I need to support my continuing growth. I am making progress but not affecting increasing my followers. I still stuck with single-digit followers. Even my career progression is stagnant.

Next gap I would say consistency, I struggle to get an idea and always remain overly complacent. I am of the firm belief; it is not the writing talents, blessings, past, or strengths will bring success to me as a writer or in my career.

I thought earning in Hubpages or uploading designs in Redbubble is so easy to make money. I was wrong; I do what millions of people are doing on earth with the same skills. I end up nowhere.

It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone.–Hans F Hansen.

I need to look differently to build new habits. I know I don’t have a natural flair in English, being my second language, but it never means I cannot be a better writer. What is it I need to do to stand out in my profession?

Am I measuring myself against a standard by which I’ll always fall short? It seems so to me.

Without an immediate change in my habits, I will be in trouble.

Am I good enough to play at the next level?

Analyse the Gaps

I need to work on multiple skills gaps and predominately following

  1. Balance work-life after 9–5 work
  2. Idea research
  3. Read new books, podcast, video and blogs
  4. Be consistent, every day
  5. I need to take challenges, grow beyond my comforts, and deliberately work to overcome my biases and preferences
  6. Find my creative collaborators, and I joined Medium related Facebook group. Reading the post, I got to know I am not the only one taking inspiration of cents.

What is my inspiration that has influenced my life?

Becoming a better writer is not just good at a singular task or skill. I need to learn adjacent competencies to complement my writing. I need to work on multiple skills–mental toughness, nutrition, self–discipline and perseverance.

My Affirmations to become a better performing writer & in my career

I can figure things out what success is in Hubpages & in my career.
I need to be mentally, emotionally and physically energised.
I need to provide value to my followers.
I am committed to improving my writing.
I consciously condition and strengthen my habit.
I need to do physical exercise to keep my brain and body fit.
I need to enact a specific set of practices.
I fully immerse in writing and enjoy the process.
Cents I have earned in the last three months doesn’t affect my ability to perform as a consistent writer.
I believe in me and know no one can fix my gaps except me.
I am not alone suffering from these gaps, and I am ENOUGH.
I have high confidence and self-esteem

Mind believe the words I tell to myself

What to do right now?

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Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going–Jim Rohn.

1) Clarity on what I want?

I looked within, observing my behaviours and assessed whether I am on track. A better writer and how to drive content creation.

2) Remove Mental Fog and fatigue

I need to generate energy to stay in this competitive platform with expectations to produce good content every other day. For this, I need active care for my mental stamina, physical energy, and positive emotions. I do exercise of my mental toughness every day. I cannot effort to neglect my brain. I didn’t trust my instincts and would spend my time overthinking.

Ordinary Brain To Super Brain Mental Gymnastics

3) Productivity

Enhance my productivity hours by better managing my morning hours. I exercise every day. It makes me more focus, confidence, and energy. So I now do daily workouts. Overcoming procrastination is my focus habit to overcome.

4) Consistency

Diligent to follow the daily routine of journaling, reading, setting my top 3 priorities, and filtering the useless information.

5) Clarity Checkpoint

Am I on Track? Did I live fully today?. I record “Am I on Track” and set this as an alarm at 8 am (to check my morning productivity), at 2 pm, and 6 am to ensure I am taking corrective step if possible and then before sleeping “Did I live fully”. This simple practice gives me clarity.

6) Planning

I plan my days, weeks and months on my outlook with a clear understanding of what skills I am gaining and when? It is like an hour block for online training, another one for coaching, reading and journaling. It brings clarity with a system to follow. And also how to dial in the skills that will turn my passions into proficiencies. I subscribe to the online course to excel in writing and a shift on how to market my writing skills.

7) Identify Skills

I looked at my career aim and see my future like, and then I identify key-skill. I started investigating and learned Python that will provide me with an edge in my career. I invested money equivalent to the cost of a meal (online course is affordable) and hire an online mentor. I finished an online course in Data Science.

8) Connect to the Future

I know Data Science is critical for my career and learning this sooner rather than later will help. I made a plan to remain connected to my future aspirates on, and how I can tune myself to remain to perform. My thoughts are stagnant at “How can I deliver beyond what I expect?”

20 Amazing Ways Your Daily Life Will Be Different in 2030

9) Willful Feeling

What is the primary feeling I want to bring to this situation, and what am I want to get from this situation? My automatic emotions do not have to in charge. My feelings are my own. Fear of not earning on Medium or not getting the next promotions suddenly do not feel so bad anymore. I trained my brain to how to deal with it well. It has helped me to reduce distractions and immersing myself in what I am doing.

10) My Shower Question:

What can I get enthusiastic about today? New exciting content for my writing and new skills use case for my career. This simple question has changed the way I walk each day. I keep defining the meaning of life to me.

Meaning of life is whatever you ascribe to it — Joseph Campbell

11) Bring the Joy

I was keeping the hard work at an insane pace. I just become utterly, tragically miserable. My life does not feel the way I wanted to be. I started building a full spectrum of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

In Conclusion

Introspect and bring in positive transformation. Make your failures as your inspiration for a new beginning.

My core belief becomes Confidence and Self-esteem come from within. I believe I am better at writing and in my career.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 kiran khannas

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