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My Friend, Murdered at Terrell State Hospital; in Terrell, Texas

Jason Evans, Murdered At Terrell State Hospital

The more I travel as a "human pinball experiment" the more I find that the jails and institutions of the world are not on the same page, medically, as the free world Doctors are with their clients-the sad case of Jason Evan's death, and he was murdered, overdosed by staff, at Terrell State Hospital, in Terrell, Texas; is obviously the far end of this sick situation-but I've encountered many another sick situation elsewhere.

Kaufman County Jail, I had just been transferred out of the suicide tank to a population cell-the only other inhabitant of which was a man named Gary Don Marrs. Gary Don's family and me go way back, so I consider the medical affront that he encountered particularly offensive. Gary Don is a diabetic, and while living with this disease through much, if not all of his adult life he finally found a way to feel okay. A doctor in North Carolina had prescribed Gary Don a new blend of insulin not usually prescribed, and it made him feel better than he ever had with the usual stuff.

What happened though, is this: when Gary Don found himself in the Kaufman County slammer the house doc, who also happens to be the mayor of Kaufman, Dr. Fortner, changed his meds-he didn't seem to see the point in Gary Don having a clean bill of health and a positive attitude. . . . . .and he also was saving the county some cash. In other words, his and his counties co-working members getting a bigger pay raise at the end of the year was more important than a county inmate receiving the better medications prescribed to him by what was, no doubt, a superior physician. . . . . . . . . .greed is the root of all evil, no?

Now take the time to review the sad case of Jason Evans, a friend who'd been hospitalized for care, and was murdered by what more resemble prison guards than social workers, or health care staff.

Terrell State Hospital


The Death Of Jason Evans

What follows is the report of the death of a friend, no, we were never close friends. Jason Evans was always in the class ahead of me in school, and because I, and he grew up in smalltown Kaufman, Texas, we all knew each other to one extent or another. Jason was always a "wild one," and reports of his behavior were troubling to me at the time-I'm past all that now, and I'm hoping that Jason will rest in peace, despite the fact that he was murdered.. My late friend John Lane's father told me about Jason's death, and I was shocked that I had not heard of it yet-what I found out later was FAR more shocking. . . . . . .They killed him at Terrell State Hospital, a place where I once spent three weeks, as a local cop had said,

"wanna go to jail, or do you wanna try the state hospital out this time?"

Jason was a rare talent, and one that I will never be able to claim to share. He was, besides being an intellectual of sorts, an amazingly talented musician-no, you'll not have heard of him, his temperament didn't allow for much cooperation with anyone, but WOW, what an ear he had-he could hear something, and play it, near perfect at an instant.

As for me, and my three week stay at the place we all in this county have heard of from our earliest days, I told the doctor that medicating me was fine, but there wasn't any chance that I'd be sleeping for the next several days-but what they hit me with knocked me out before the night was over, Jason Evans, however, never woke up again-I'm aware of how lucky that I've always been.

Kaufman, Texas; will never be the same place without the possiblility of his return, and the Terrell State Hospital, and the many shitty employees that I knew there, will kill again.

Jason Evans, My Friend, MURDERED At Terrell State Hospital

  • Rad Geek Peoples Daily 2008-05-05 Texas psychoprisons
    Jason Evans called 911 in November during a bipolar meltdown and was admitted to the Terrell State Hospital. Days later, the 34-year-old was dead and his parents still dont know why. State officials told the Kaufman couple that their son, who was


Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on August 25, 2018:

Hi there, J.S.

I'm also a person from Kaufman, and I live there again these days. I was in the grade behind Jason. I was much more easily forgotten, however.

Hey, this was published long ago before I realized folks using hyperbole should be shot the same instance.

Well, it is never acceptable for staff to administer a fatal overdose of something. Not that anyone questions that. Also, I've been a ..ahem, visitor, of sorts, to the place in the past. I never ran into anyone who I thought would intentionally harm someone.

Guess it was kind of like a case of drunk driving. Someone got killed by someone, in this case, driving a needle.

J.S. on August 24, 2018:

Hi there.. I am a long time resident of Kaufman High School. Went to school with Jason and he was an overall great guy. I have worked at Terrell State Hospital for the last 11 years. It is quite unfortunate that this ordeal happened, but i do not personally believe that Jason was MURDERED. The hospital in fact has improved over the last several years. My co-workers as well as myself treat all the patients with kindness and respect, but I cannot speak for everyone.

The problem with mental health is that there is never enough funding for it. We are provided as a State Facility with what we are given and run the hospital to the best of its ability. Most of the patients at Terrell State Hospital receive better medical treatment than I receive and I have insurance. They get glasses, dentures, medical care and psych medications when they leave the hospital. I'm hoping as everyone else does that more funding will be available one day, because MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL! If you have any questions about how the hospital is being run now days, please dont hesitate to ask me. A lot I can share with you and none of it is bad.

Again, I'm sorry about Jason and knew him personally and hope he rest in peace.

Livinginterrell on June 03, 2017:

I also worked at TSH in the late 70's and not once did I ever witness the abuse i'm reading here...

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Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on September 13, 2016:

How can I help you?

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on January 04, 2016:

Hi John. I've been back there, just last year. I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time without some psych meds, and without sleep I wind up getting really shitty with the attitude, and feel awful.

I had a much better experience this go round. There are still some employees who clearly shouldn't be there, as they don't seem to have anyone's best interest in mind, save their own.

I guess it is kinda like the situation with the nations police forces, surely, I think, most of them are at least decent folks. There is no excuse for the rest of them though.

John loftin on June 02, 2015:

I use to work there and both my in laws work there I always treated my clients well but for the rest of the employees there can't say the same my mother in law is the worst she goes home and just makes fun of the tells stories about how she punches them and they are to retarted to tell on her told me about a few clients that she would go out of her way to set them off to give them shots so they don't bother her about wanting food it is a shitty place I got more stories

Rosemary Amrhein on May 05, 2013:

Hi I may have seen you around before, not sure, but I just wrote a hub about hospitals...Sad story here, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 14, 2013:

AllisonS - Pleased to hear that! Maybe they've got their act together nowadays at the Terrell State Hospital! I sure hope so!

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 14, 2013:

Kate, I've been the rounds in Dallas in sobriety circles. I've lived in the homeless shelters and the sober houses, and none of them were ever the slightest bit pleasant.

The places I've been were...very uncomfortable places The Dallas Life Foundation (I do know people who loved the place...I hated it) The 24 Hour Club...that's a better place, it's non religious, but it is specifically aimed at alcoholics.

I stayed at a place called Rhema Ranch for nearly two years, and now most of my memories of there are fond...but I do not know if it is still in existence.

Those places were all very inexpensive...I never had the funds to go to one of those really upscale rehabs, one can spend an entire fortune on a drug rehab.

AllisonS on February 12, 2013:

I think this is a horrible story... I may not know much about these things as I am only 17 but I know a few months ago, my uncle was in Terrell State for about 2 weeks and he said they were all great. He is schizophrenic and they gave him medicine that temporarily made him better until he abused it once released. I have been looking for some insight about what goes on behind the scenes and this is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

kate on February 12, 2013:

Hey - I agree - I'm looking into finding transitional living 4 my dual diagnosis. I got into trouble w the laws te earlier this fall. I truly want to stay sober but need support/help. I can't afford relapses at this point. I want out of big D. U know of any good resources - they would b greatly appreciated.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 12, 2013:

Howdy Kate, I wouldn't check myself into Terrell State Hospital if I were you....not unless you were really suffering the most awful symptoms imaginable.

I can pick a guitar a bit :)

kate on February 12, 2013:

Was looking into Terrell...I greatly appreciate the info & insight. I have redirected. I have a dual diagnosis. R u a guitar picker? I'm a singer, picker n songwriter. Cheers 2 love light - life!

kate taylor on February 11, 2013:


Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on January 29, 2013:

Thanks very much, C.D. Bowman, and I very much hope you are right.

I'm sick of the mentally ill being treated no better than criminals..and while we're at it, I can't think of anyone who ought to be treated as though they are of lesser value than the next person.

How did mental illness become punishable by death in this country? I've never heard of any cops or state hospital employees going to jail for "accidentally" killing someone they were too ignorant to deal with, or possibly...even worse, they simply chose to abuse for knowing the victim wouldn't likely be able to represent themselves well, or get away from the situation.

C. D. Bowman on January 29, 2013:

Thank you all for your comment and personal experience via this hub. I personally had a "friend" who passed some time ago due to similar consequence. After much research into this "facility," and "red tape" in good time all should be brought into light.

Keep up the great work, and "never hold back."

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on October 10, 2012:

Thanks for the information, Sir or Madam! :)

Employed at TSH on October 10, 2012:

I am currently employed at TSH. Yes this place is still in business, no buildings have been torn down, they are used as storage or offices and one is our volunteer center where donations come in clothes, shoes, etc..alot of that is used for patients who have none. A few buildings are empty. Yes cemetary is still here and people can visit. I just started this year and I have not heard of any abuse/mistreatment of patients. I have been to meetings held by dr's /staff on certain patients and all show concern for the treatment of their patient. Some are court ordered here, within 48 hrs they are looked at by a dr to determine if they need to stay longer or be released. Many come here hoping to avoid a prison sentence acting as if they do have a mental illness when they dont. Nowadays parents or spouses cannot just 'commit' someone just on their word like they did in the early 1900's. Dr will evaluate you and determine if infact your hae a mental illness and need treatment. There are 4 childrens wards , divided into age groups.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 19, 2012:

You hand in there, Ms. Unknownfemale!!!!!!!!!

Yes the drugs aren't necessarily the slightest bit "good," but seldom are they anything like what our society at large sees them as.

No matter what they do - criminalizing an inanimate substance that won't "blow up" anything, and won't cause some sort of "dirty bomb," will never stop people from using it...and the criminalization/prohibition has only over thrown every single government South of the USA...leaving people so brutal in charge that Al Capone would have been scared.

I'm truly thankful I didn't get too lured into....getting anyone committed!

There just aren't that many folks I ever see that I'd personally make a move to have locked up in Terrell State Hospital...but the short time I was there, I saw folks that absolutely needed supervision and care all day every day...but most persons there were just...random people, no different from the lunatics in offices, plants, bars, houses, and on the streets.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 19, 2012:

Hello Titus!!!!!!!!

I've delayed responding here as I hoped to find out the information you are looking for...but so far, I've found nothing.

Seems Mason Evans (Jason's Dad) and his wife no longer live in this town, and my friend that was always really close to Jason has also passed away.

I bet I find the information for you sooner or later, and I'd be pretty surprised were Jason and his older brother both not buried somewhere here locally.

I had my twenty year high school reunion last week, and me and several others talked about Jason, but none knew where he was buried at the reunion either.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 19, 2012:

Hi H1B...I think Terrell does some treatment and diagnosis...especially with the persons in the wards that someone that just passed through there for a three week stay never see.

I recall seeing a doctor the day following the evening I wound up there...and after about fifteen minutes he wrote "short stay" on his documents so he'd remember that I needed out of there in three weeks.

I think three weeks was there standard....minimum for looking someone over.

Yes Green Oaks has no place to put I'd imagine Terrell State takes in a lot of people from there, and is in the habit of taking whatever was told to them as all they need to know.

Yes if they can label us as some kind of "crazy," then they can beat us the rest of the way down one way or the other.

I stopped taking any psych meds at all...just having those prescriptions made me feel like I wasn't on the up and up.

unkownfemale on July 19, 2012:

I read the comment from "Mom" and it seemed eerily like my own mother who had me committed at the age of 8 yrs to 13 yrs old. She even used the terminology "sweep her under the rug". Interesting as she indeed did that when I was a child, and recently she hacked my computer and read an autobiography in "My Documents" which used the term "sweeping me under the rug" in it.

Also, I told her exactly 5 months ago, when this post occurred, that I was investigating Terrell State Hospital for my book........coincidence? I think not. She had a virus attatched to my computer at the same timing....five months ago. Now I have to use the computer at the library, good thing I had paper copies.

Incidentally, I would like to say that she is elderly now and I am grown, yet she is still very mentally ill herself (covert aggressive manipulator, bi-polar and borderline personality disorder) and she is still trying to make my life a living hell. She knows I plan to leave Texas soon and she wants to have me locked up again, under the guise that I am using illegal drugs and suicidal. So.........glad I checked this page today...I do remember she was questioning me about how to find this article about Terrell State Hospital.

I have learned how to forgive this woman, my mother. She has indeed made my life a living hell in the past and she still torments me by driving by my apartment, sabotaging my car, stalking me, planting strangers in my life to "befriend " me with ulterior motives of harming me. She recently called the police here in texas and tried to have me committed again , accusing me of elderly abuse.

Despite my awful childhood and her terroristic tactics throughout my life, I am a successful writer and retired nurse. I love life and have absolutely no intention of committing suicide.

Thanks for having this page up. I appreciate all the stories.

P.S. Thank you Wesman for sticking up for the people who use whatever drug they need to cope in a world like today. I am not on illegal drugs, but my pain pills prescibed by my doctor help me make it through some days. *

titus on July 02, 2012:

I've been searching for a while now about exactly what happened to my dear friend Jason Evans. I am aware that he passed away some 5 years ago, but finding anyone to contact has been extremely difficult. He was a great friend of mine and considered him an older brother to me. If nothing else, I would just like to visit his grave for personal closure. If you have any additional info, you can contact me at . I always looked up to Jason, the things I've read are not how he always was. He was a great person, kind soul, such a talented, gifted musician who's dreams were bigger than he realized, and a great friend. RIL

H1B on June 09, 2012:

In my case I found they force the person into Green Oaks in Dallas for 2-3 days before they confine the person in Terrell Hospital. Green Oaks starts the process and sticks a person who is otherwise healthy with a mental disease (they are backed by the courts and the state and most people are less likely to have the means to fend off Green Oaks Claims). I found that Green Oaks does not conduct an ethical and competent diagnosis of people forced in its facility. Terrell Hospital did not appear to do diagnosis or real medical work, they mostly make sure people confined there take the drugs prescribed by Green Oaks.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on May 28, 2012:


I had an interview to work there once - but I got hired for another job before then.

The bad memories from some places sometimes stand out the most.

phsiciatric nursing assistant on May 28, 2012:

It wasent that bad i worked there for 4years from 2005 to 2009 and i helped quite a few folks it was aa good job if you actully liked to help people or just liked to play dominoes

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on May 18, 2012:

Well I could hardly sleep at the TSH, too much noise, etc - and they just don't leave you alone.

Oh it was plain that most of the workers weren't educated much, not all of them were mean spirited sorts, but some were just the dregs of South Terrell, and hated everyone, it seemed.

sister on May 18, 2012:


Mental health facilities that employ techs (MHT) attract a lot of people that have violent pasts or have been in JAIL. Mental Health Techs don't require much education at all. They can and mostly DO, do the most damage during someones stay if interacted with. Mental Health Techs only need, in some states, as little as a high school diploma to work in that job even in private facilities. I live just outside of Dallas. Been to a few different places in the metroplex, unfortunately. I had to learn from experience sadly about the employees in the system and how it worked. NEVER got told what to expect. IN FACT, psychiatrists and therapists painted the freaking picture of mental hospitals as a place to relax like a freaking vacation spot. It only took 30 minutes in the first one to see WHAT A SCAM LOAD OF BS. And I STILL hear it played like its a nice place to rest.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on March 13, 2012:

charlene, I'm very sorry to hear that.

When I was there for just three weeks years ago...I saw nothing like that, but I did see some truly shitty employees that acted like they were prison guards.

I think that a big part of the problem is that in the unstable economy years....there aren't a lot of people to choose from to hire. A place like T State Hospital doesn't pay much, but it does give a ton of benefits.

charlene on March 11, 2012:

I wan sent to Terrell when I was 13 after an overdose. I spent 3 years there being tortred physically abused sexually abused. drugged

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 20, 2012:

Thanks very much, James Poppell !!!!

I've lived in Tyler several times, and was there to visit my brother just a couple days ago.

Not far away here in Kaufman, Texas - the county Sheriff a decade or so ago ran the entire methamphetamine distribution business!

Oh I'm told the feds investigated him a time or three....but very likely, they were in on the whole thing too.

JamesPoppell on February 20, 2012:

Great hub Wesman Todd Shaw. As a current resident of Smith County, Texas, I am not surprised this has happened. I moved here from California six years ago and it has been somewhat of a culture shock to see how the judicial system works out here. It seems as though not a month goes by when the local evening news reports on wrong doing by one law enforcement entity or another. I believe there was a story just last week that reported three Constables were arrested for operating a Security business without a state license. I never saw these kind of stories on the news in California, but it seems like the norm here in East Texas. The point I am trying to make is that people in a position of authority seem quick to cross the line for one reason or another. I was also surprised to learn that the Sheriff has been in office for over thirty years (30 years). My heart goes out to your two friends and their families for having to endure such senseless acts. I cannot imagine the power a mental institution has over an individual and the thought sends shivers down my spine. Thank you for sharing your story.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 16, 2012:

I wish I could help you Pastor Angel...but I'm only acquainted with criminal lawyers. I'd give you some good local names of those...but I've no idea what kind of lawyer one would need to ...contend with the Terrell State Hospital.

Oh there's lots of sane people at Terrell State...and there are insane people on staff, and everywhere else you go.

If someone is given the label "mentally ill," then that person can rest assured that ..there's very few on the planet, if any...that everyone would agree to being sane should they have the opportunity to voice a contrary opinion.

Pastor Angel on February 15, 2012:

I have a friend at Terrell mental Hospital, and he is not "Mentally sick" don't know why Parkland hospital took him there, but now they wont let him out but with a lawyer. I'm trying to help him. any one knows a lawyer that will be helpful?

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 09, 2012:

To be perfectly honest with you here....I'm going to guess that (possibly) you have persecuted you daughter due to her drug use?

Listen, that doesn't work, and every single last meme implied by the federal government of the USA concerning illegal all nonsensical corporate propaganda, or lies.

Listen, I don't advocate drug use - it's a personal choice, but I've lived with people who condemn illicit drug use as a moral flaw.

This is BULLSHIT. I can honestly tell you that I know people that to them, methamphetamine is the CURE for what was wrong with their lives...NOT the problem.

I've known people who should they drink one single beer...they then morph into some chemical monster that is nothing like the person that they were sober.

So don't condemn anyone for their use of any drug, be it an illegal drug or a legal one. I trust the illegal drugs more than I do the legal ones - because I know that the laws of the US federal government are merely fascist profiteering of criminals. The CIA has sold cocaine in Los Angeles, and locked people up for buying what they were selling....all the while the media plays the whole thing up to sell or imply a "crisis" in the minds of the populace...which allows for nary a whimper when some lawmaker who got elected due to corporate campaign donations....gets a "get tough on crime" bill in the house or senate.

All the while....ever so quietly the American Legal Exchange Council and Dick Cheney are planning for more private prisons to be that they can warehouse slaves in America for profit.

They must be really high on dope to think that they will be able to enjoy anything for those hypocrisies...or that the great cosmic justice system won't bring it on home like the chickens coming home to roost.

Suicide is most often a terribly selfish thing - but I'm not philosophically able to make a "firm comment" about it, as we all, indeed, have the right to do with ourselves as we please.

I think that twelve step recovery programs truly work some amazing miracles in the lives of millions and millions of persons the world over.

Twelve step programs do often....teach some things as "absolute truth" that I, personally, do not see that way. The problem is that anyone that tells you of a monorealistic way that things either ignorant, or lying.

What is true for one might not always be true for another.

I think that Terrell State Hospital has some great employees...people that truly care very deeply for those in their care. I also know that there are some ...not so good employees that make the patients of the hospital feel as though they are in prison.

I think that by and can be a good place for someone to "chill out," and "get their head together"...and I truly hope that is what happens for your daughter.

Mom on February 09, 2012:

I am currently going through my beautiful daughter being placed there because of years of drug abuse induced suicidal thoughts and attempts. I sincerely. Want the best for her and am not trying to brush her under the rug but am horrified she may succeed. In her attempts. I need some honesty here from anyone who has recently experienced this place. HELP!!"

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on December 16, 2011:

hey Confusedsoul - whenever someone is put into that Hospital, the next day or so they see a Doctor, and the only thing I know to tell you is that that doctor basically ....determines all of it.

When I was there and talked to the doctor he wrote "short stay" on a paper after talking to me for a few minutes - and I got out three weeks later.

They do have visitation, of course - and you can bring some things to the person you know there, and go see them too.

confusedsoul from Dallas Tx on December 16, 2011:

please help me i have a friend that is in there because they think he is mentally ill, or insane but he is not we have big beliefs that he is under a spell of black magic please help me do you know what we can do to get him out? Anybody??

lost_friend on December 16, 2011:

please someone help me...

they send my friend to the Terrell state hospital, because he is "supposedly" mentally ill. But he is not, he is just going true something hard in life right now we believe someone did black magic on him and are making him act bad and do all this not normal things.

We asked for them to release him so we can get the bad spirits out of him, this is what we believe and i know he ha rights but what should we do please help, so he wont be a lost soul in there

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on December 12, 2011:

Very sorry to hear about that, Sir - and no, I do not doubt you at all.

I'd be interested in knowing about what year you are talking about...and whether it was in the old jail, or the much newer one that they've built.

Michael Shafer on December 12, 2011:

I was held in solitaire for 4 days and they would not transfer me or give me my medications during this time. Then I was transferred to maximun security where it still took 4 days to give the the medications that they decided that I needed, despite what I was prescribed at MHMR. So a total of 8 days without my bipolar medication, ptsd medication was never given to me. I have never seen anything as cheap and pathetic as Kaufman County Sherrifs Jail.... Something has to be done about this....this story is the discriminating story i have ever heard...

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on November 22, 2011:

I don't know. I suspect that the problem is that everyone is preoccupied with their dreams of wealth and other mass media bullshit - instead of paying attention to the important things that are right before them.

Gypsy Rider on November 21, 2011:

This place still exists.. my aunt works there as a nurse. Unfortunately, she is a person who is so messed up herself and who truly has no empathy or understanding of others pains. Why is it that these places seem to either attract the worst in employees or just don't care? Not only in state hospitals like this one.. I was put in a private facility which my insurance paid for.. not one of the nurses, the social workers, or the phychiatrist (who slept through the sessions with me) noticed that I was overloaded and having side affects on the medication that they were giving me. My head was twitching and jerking (for example.. this is ONE of the more noticeable ones I was having) and not a one of them did a thing. My mother noticed after visiting a couple of days later and they listened to her.. not to me or the other patients. And this was $7,000 a day they were making off of my insurance.. and this was in 1994... WHY do they not care to watch very closely the employees that they get and the lack of caring that goes on?? Our lives are in their hands.. we are at our most vulnerable at these times. Its beyond irresponsible.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on September 28, 2011:

Hey Kim - you have my permission to put your links if related in comments on any of my hubs.

I surely appreciate your compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've lost count of how many rehabs I've been in - perhaps I'll try to count all the jails, rehabs, shelters, and hospitals that I've called "home" at some point. It's quite a pinball trip.

Nice to have a bit of a home these days!

Kim Harris on September 28, 2011:

I know Wesman Todd Shaw. I've been working in the field of mental health and addiction for quite some time. It is complicated, and yet so very simple. I started to say more, but ended up deleting a lot, because I didn't want to take over your whole hub. Maybe I'll write a hub about my experience working in the forensic unit at the county jail. I really liked your style here, and if I do decide to do that hub, I'll come back here and get immersed in your style again:) The link is below, but I didn't want to break a rule and get kicked out of hubpages or go to hubber jail! If I do, I won't post anymore links on your hub's comment space again:) Cheers.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on September 28, 2011:

I LOVE ITALIAN DISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzie from Carson City on September 28, 2011:

awwwww SHUCKS. That's the least I've ever had to do to be someone's favorite lady! WOW....I didn't even make you any of my famous Italian dishes! Thanks cutey. wink wink!

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on September 28, 2011:

Hey Kim - could you come back and leave a link to your hub here in the comments?

Addiction is WAY more complicated than just saying that "oh, I think I'll stop that" - if someone CAN do that, then they weren't an addict to begin with.

But addict or no - anyone on Earth could wind up in mental health hospital - the world we live in is so absurd that it's pretty tough to NOT have had some problems while trying to decipher it all.

Kim Harris on September 28, 2011:

Wesman Todd Shaw, I love this hub. You drew attention to some very sad and wrong things that happened , and as the discussion continued over time, it wasn't a totally bad place; there were some good people there.

You or your readers might be interested in my hub on shocking news about psychiatric medications and treatment. At the end of it there is information about a human rights group and a link to CCHRINT - citizens commission on human rights international. It's a mental health watchdog organization. There is information there about patient rights and responsibilities.

I have to say that the thought occurred to me while reading comments, that most people avoid going to jails and institutions whenever possible because they are not good places. If they were good places, we would all be standing in line to get in! I can't imagine doing something that would cause me to have to surrender my rights - civil and personal rights. If drinking or drugging caused me to get arrested, I would quit drinking and drugging. If anger got me there, I would be working on anger management. If the police just randomly run my plates, I would stay off the roads! If someone reported my doing something, I would 1) stop doing that and 2)end that relationship. If stealing got me there, I wouldn't steal.... and so on....

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on September 03, 2011:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Suzie from Carson City on September 03, 2011:

Wes, been meaning to ask....Is this a pic of YOU? If so, you're the cutest DANG cowboy I've ever seen....& trust me, I'm not flirting. This gal is old enough to be your Gramma. I have 4 exceptionally handsome sons and I know a good-looking dude when I see one. How many girls fight over you at the same time?? lol

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on September 03, 2011:

YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I salute you for the effort to do whatever you need to do to overcome things. :=D

unknownfemale on September 03, 2011:

Thanks for answering back again. I plan to visit there this fall when the temperatures drop. I will take your advice on telling the guard that I want to visit the cemetery.I will take photos. I want to be able to stand on the property and be on the OUTSIDE looking IN.I want to feel free and powerful while seeing that place in ruins,powerless and forgotten. Maybe then I will be at peace. Blessings to you. ;)

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on September 01, 2011:

Hey Unknown - I can't answer your question with real facts, but there are so many old buildings there still that I doubt that any of them have been torn down.

In other words - I'm pretty sure the ward you are asking about is still there, but is being used for storage, or something.

I would be completely shocked if the cemetery at Terrell State Hospital wasn't open to the public - but I'd imagine that to access it you have to pass through the guard shack, and just tell them that you would like to visit the cemetery.

There's going to be lots of that large facility that are public, but of course, lots of it is NOT public.

Maybe I'll get around to researching it a bit and writing a hub JUST about the history of the place, etc.

unknownfemale on September 01, 2011:

Hey, thanks for responding to my question. To the point of you saying that there are good people working there, there was one social worker that was really awesome. I was referring however to the OLD OLD Original Terrell State Hospital. The one that was built in 1883. It was Gothic and frightening in the seventies and it was closed down shortly after I left at thirteen, for being unfit.

When I was placed there, there was no " Children's Ward". I was put into an empty ward , all alone, the only child there amongst the elderly insane. Although there were plans to create a children's ward, one had not yet been created at the time of my admittance and the director or head doctor felt that the elderly would be safer than putting me with the younger adults. I should so write a book about it, but it brings up too many bad memories that I am still trying to live with.

One last question? Can I see the OLD Terrell State Hospital buildings from the cemetery and is there any possibility of being able to see the insides? Thanks again.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on August 31, 2011:

Thank you!

Suzie from Carson City on August 31, 2011:

Heck, Wes....I don't even really know you and I can clearly see (read) there's a whole lot more good things about you than your name and your folks!! Rule #1 when corresponding with me: Never belittle yourself. You are YOU and the ONLY you there is. That in itself makes you as unique as hell!

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on August 30, 2011:

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you like my name!!!!!! It's about the best thing that I've got other than the two that gave it to me :-D

Suzie from Carson City on August 30, 2011:

Wesman Todd Shaw....Now THAT is one IMPRESSIVE name. You must love it. I only stopped by to see WHO the guy is who sent Arlene the video clip of "The Exorcist." I'm very glad I did. This Hub is great...voted up & interesting. It will take me some time to get to read more of your hubs, but I intend to. I'm sort of a newborn Hubbie, just a couple months. You are so right though, about all the wonderful writers and all the many subjects they write about. It's starting out to be an awesome journey for me. Will be stopping by again, I'm sure. Do friends call you "Wes?"....I will, because I'm into shortening everyone's name! Take Care, Wes!

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on August 27, 2011:

Hey, thanks for sharing that. There were and are a lot of kind and good folks working there - but there are some total human scum employed there as well.

I'm lucky to have got out in three weeks! Yeah, I hope it's a better place now, and it wasn't terrible when I was there - hopefully with the death of my former classmate, Jason Evans, they've made some changes.

I saw all kinds there - people that were never going to be able to function outside of that place, and people like myself, that I couldn't understand why they were there at all.

Hey, so far as your question is concerned - I believe it's all still there! Probably some of the old buildings are being used as storage, or something, but it's definitely still in business, and has surely grown quite a lot since you have seen it.

You can definitely visit the place - and the people there, but I'm not certain that you can pass through the guard shack or not just saying you want to visit, but you might be able to get into that cemetery, at least.

unknownfemale on August 27, 2011:

hey I have one question...I recently moved here to Texas after like thirty years...can you still go see the Old Terrell State Hospital? Was it torn down? Is the Wild wood cemetery accessible? I would so love to go there sort of like how the Jews visit concentration camps? Please let me know? Thanks again.

unknownfemale on August 27, 2011:

I found this article as I was surfing pics of the OLD Terrell State Hospital. My mother is mentally ill and she forced me in as a patient when I was 8 yrs old...I was the only child in an adult lunatic asylum. It was like living in the most medieval nightmare for five years and not being able to wake up. They had me zonked on Thorazine, I was a literal zombie. Today I am 47 yrs old and I still have nightmares. The old Terrell State Hospital was a snake pit. I was raped there by a black orderly in a padded cell late at night. No one believed me. He ruptured my insides and I was never able to have any kids. I wasn't crazy either, my mother just wanted to get rid of me. Life can suck, but we move on one day at a time, trying to find some beauty amongst the garbage. Best wishes.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 09, 2011:

Hi Sherry Holmes. I don't know what to do, but you could maybe ask a lawyer if you have a case to pursue.

The Mentally Ill and the poor are the new discriminated against class in America.

sherry holmes on July 09, 2011:

The guy that died.5 years ago I was put in a simular situationI still would like to pursue a law suit.This happened at Parkland mental.I wasn't doing nothing wrong.The employees decided they was going to inject me with three unkown injections still unknown today.I told them by law they was supposed to tell me what it was.They refused I fought with them.Five of them took me down.and forced the injections into me.They took away my rights.I would still like to sue.This could have killed me.My e mail is

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 12, 2011:


That's an awesome story, Tracy!

Yeah, Scandinavia seems to have every last detail of how a nation out to be run down so close to perfectly. I haven't read much about Norway, but Denmark and Sweden. . .have the modern world as close to "perfect" as it can be, government wise. I'm sure there would be tons of things that I'd bitch about there, but they sure take care of everyone. Compared those places to Rick Perryland, and we're a disgrace down here.

Tracy Savage on February 12, 2011:

This story made me so sad. I weep at the inhumane business of people shuffling. We try so damn hard to make a difference, and when I used to work for the lab as a phlebotomist, part of my duties included going to a place called Charter Hospital- a care facility for all sorts of people with a range of mental and emotional needs. There was the children, the elderly and then the wing I went to last. It was the lockdown wing. A few people I came in contact with there were very combative and I was attacked several times, and then there were others who seemed to be so far away. One girl had tried to hurt other patients and then herself, she was strapped onto the figure forms, and as I was allowed into the locked room, she would not look at me. So I did what I always do, I said what I was going to do as I performed each step, so she would know what I was doing before I did it- and she finally looked at me at the end. She said to me: "I wasn't always crazy. I have moments where I know what is going on, and the meds aren't making me cloudy. Thanks for talking to me. No one thinks I am human anymore. And it is a good thing they put me here. I don't like hurting people."

That was 12 years ago. I often wondered what happened to her and many others, and continue to fight for county mental health programs here locally. Its all we can do in light of the economic blight. In Sweden they were asked in a recent census what was the most important issue that they felt the nation and politics ought to address, and they said simply, "mental health". I wish we could get our society here to see this as being a crucial issue for the well being of our culture too.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 07, 2011:

Willie, I've never had the ways and means to pursue criminal or civil cases against jails, but not allowing someone to go to the bathroom for extended periods of time can be considered torture, and it's damn sure damaging to one's health. I'd like to see someone fry for that sort of thing, literally. Give someone a bit of power and they instantly abuse everyone they can. I've seen it too many times to count.

DoItForHer on February 06, 2011:

Todd, I'm glad you forwarded that. To be fair, though, I should have given more information. Not taking my meds wasn't the whole reason I felt that bad; it was a significant factor, but not the entire reason.

I was getting towards the end of my losing battle of trying to keep in contact with my daughter, so emotionally I was bankrupt and incredibly distraught. Going through the extended ordeal of having my child abducted screwed with my mind a bit.

I had also just been arrested for trespassing in my apartment. I'm not sure what the whole dealio was as I was never allowed to have the police report. I could have hired an attorney, but I was tired of spending my money on worthless attorneys only to lose anyway.

I wasn't allowed to use the bathroom for about 24 hours, either, so that alone was remarkably uncomfortable. I also hadn't eaten for about 36 hours or so and that didn't help.

I'm not entirely sure why I felt so horrible, but not having my meds made a bad situation much, much worse.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 06, 2011:

Thanks, Christopher, I certainly think so. I sort of refuse to sugar coat things. . . .unless I'm talking about myself, of course. . . .human nature is sort of hard to overcome :=p

Christopher Antony Meade from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom on February 06, 2011:

Thanks for just telling it as it is. There are some shocking stories out there , and they shouldn't be swept under the carpet.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 06, 2011:

Seeker7, outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, you know that if nothing is being done about something, then there is probably somebody somewhere who is profiting from the status quo.

I've one last grandparent, and she's in a nursing home right now, she "might" get to return to her home. . . .but I'm not certain about that. I go see her several times a week, and probably will this afternoon, while the rest of the world is watching that stupid game.

Helen Murphy Howell from Fife, Scotland on February 06, 2011:


What an absolute horror story abut that poor soul! As a nurse I have worked with 'colleagues' that I wondered why they had gone into the profession since they didn't give two shits about the patienst or anyone else. One nursing home that I got a job in ( I ahould have known better at interview cause the atmosphere was poison), they were suppose to look after frail elderly people. I lasted half a shift and walked out. Myself and two other nurses reported the place but nothing was done. We heard later that other people including families had made offical complaints but were always told 'it's being investigated', they found out later that one of the owners had high connections to the local government office. It was finally closed down when some of the former nursing and care staff along with families went to a big newspaper and told the story.

Claire Evans from South Africa on February 06, 2011:

So true.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 06, 2011:

Hippocratic oath got tossed and flushed with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; someone waved some money, and the money whores became warlocks.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 06, 2011:

Yeah Tom, when I could afford to live in Dallas. . . .I was working 70+ hours a week, all I could do on the net, or anywhere else was sneak a few beers in, and say "hello."

I think I'm actually happier now with no money, no ride, and lots of free time.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 06, 2011:

Tell us all your story, Ms. Johnson!!!!!!!!!

Claire Evans from South Africa on February 06, 2011:

Wow, whatever happened to the Hypocratic Oath?

justom from 41042 on February 05, 2011:

I know exactly what you're saying. It's nice not having to look over your shoulder all the time but I keep doing it too! Much larger and more populated here so I can get by with more.

Merle Ann Johnson from NW in the land of the Free on February 05, 2011:

Doesn't mean you are a saint my dear...just being a person feeling from your heart..I have a story you wouldn't believe of a G-Ma Life can suck and it can be is very involved...:O) Hugs G-Ma

justom from 41042 on February 05, 2011:

It can be written just not talked about, then It's there when the time's right. Just sayin'

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 05, 2011:

I've actually got a novel in mind, Tom; though it might never get done, but it can't be written while I live in this town. The characters would resemble the citizens a bit too closely :-D

justom from 41042 on February 05, 2011:

I gotcha' man. Some things are better kept to yourself!

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 05, 2011:

Tom, I'd not trade the experience; but I'd not make that decision again either. I'd pick jail, every single time.

I could tell that story, but it's . . . .not very flattering for me, to say the least; maybe someday I'll think of a way to present it.

DoItForHer on February 05, 2011:

I've been to jail only once, but when I went in, I wasn't allowed to have the medicine I was taking. In fact when I spoke to them, they did not acknowledge me in the smallest way. They only acknowledged me when they wanted to move me from one area of processing to another until I was in a cell.

The medicine was an anti-depressant. It wasn't like I was asking for narcotics or anything. Admittedly, not taking my meds would not have killed me, but going cold-turkey made me sick as hell; I had to be moved in a wheel chair when I got out. I don't remember all of it, but the bad part lasted about 3 days, and my system finally cleared after about 10 to 14 days.

Now I refuse to take any medicine because I don't want to go through that ordeal the next time I go to jail. I won't let the legal community hurt me like that again if I can help it.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 05, 2011:

Eh, it comes out here and there; I've got lots of stories about the place; but I'm not sure it would make for one big story, all I remember are bits and pieces; and a fella by the name of Chris something, . . .last I saw him was on the six o' clock news, he'd shot four, and killed three. . .dumbass.

justom from 41042 on February 05, 2011:

This sad shit happens every day. Have you written anything on your stay there? You're not depressing at all, you just tell the truth. I like those lyrics too!

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