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My Five Favorite Gentlewhispering Relaxing, Tingly ASMR Videos


A brief explanation of ASMR

The Urban Dictionary defines Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) as "a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs."

ASMR can be triggered by certain sounds, sights, smells, thoughts, or touches. Individual people have their own triggers. Some people enjoy a haircut, others get tingly listening to paper crinkling.

YouTube has millions of videos catering to ASMR-atics (my word), but my favorite ASMR videos are made by a woman whose YouTube name is "GentleWhispering."

Who is GentleWhispering?

GentleWhispering, who also is known as Maria, is an ASMR superstar. Her YouTube channel has over 550,000 subscribers and her videos have been watched more than 170,000,000 times. She now makes her living exclusively on revenue from her videos.

Originally from Russia, she has videos in both languages. She has a very pleasant voice with a slight accent and a sweet, unpretentious demeanor. Though she is beautiful, she doesn't remind you of it. A few ASMR stars ruin the moment with their "I am beautiful" hair tossing and eye batting.

Whatever your ASMR tingle trigger, from fingernail tapping to unwrapping gifts, GentleWhispering has a video for you.

Fan responses to GentleWhispering

Fans credit Maria's video's for curing their insomnia, depression, heartache, even post traumatic stress disorder!

One fan says, "ASMR videos have changed my sleep for the better so drastically. I've always had a hard time falling asleep, and it's pretty amazing what difference just some whispers and gentle sounds can make."

Another writes on her page, "I've had OCD for many years which becomes so bad I go through periods of depression which also gives me insomnia. My doctor has referred to see specialists .... but none have worked for me in the long term. ... I can honestly say that your videos have help (sic) me more than anything. My mind becomes totally clear and I become extremely relaxed. ... it's the only way I can sleep

#5: A Gentlemen's suit fitting.

Although this is more of a role play for a man, I enjoy all aspects of this video.

The premise of the video is GentleWhispering helping "you" to select a suit style and fabric. I love the page flipping of the magazine as she explains the different suit fits. She measures and fits the suit all the while talking in her soothing voice.

We even get to watch her cut out the suit, crinkly paper and all! The video ends with her helping you try on the finished suit.

#4: Relaxing tea tasting ceremony

Bringing back memories of Karate Kid II, this tea tasting includes crinkling paper, pouring water, clinking cups as well as soothing descriptions of the tea. A variety of teas are described, opened and steeped for your viewing and auditory pleasure.

Although this is one of Gentlewhispering's older videos and the production isn't as polished as her newer videos, it still made my favorite list.

#3: Origami show and tell.

While this video is not her most popular - it has fewer than 1 million views - this is a great video if paper crinkling or "show and tell" are your triggers.

GentleWhispering shows us her collection of beautiful and intricate homemade origami and demonstrates some simple paper folding techniques.

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#2: The good witches ways

In this video GentleWhispering finds you in the woods after you have been put under a spell. She takes us to her home where you are treated to an aura cleansing, tea she makes from scratch, and a story as she tucks you into bed.

Lots of crinkling paper, ear to ear whispering and energy healing. An ingenious touch at the end is a night bird calling off in the distance as she relates the story.

#1: Relaxing haircut

This is my absolute favorite GentleWhispering video; it is my go-to relaxation video when I cannot fall asleep.

As the title implies, you are the recipient of a haircut, hair coloring and shampoo.The video starts with her flipping through a magazine showing you hairstyles and ends with a blow dry of your hair.

Page flipping, foil crinkling, running water, and scissor snips are some of the ASMR triggers.

What is your favorite ASMR video?

Do you have a favorite GentleWhispering video? Or a different ASMR artist entirely? Comment below and let me know.


Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on January 30, 2018:

I love ASMR so much. :)

Kenneth Avery from Hamilton, Alabama on September 08, 2017:


Sorry that I took so long to comment on this fantastic hub.

Life sometimes takes a master when I think that I have mastered some obscure area, but that being said . . .I am having health issues, but that is of non-consequence.

I am glad to be alive.

Glad to have a follower like you.

Love YOUR work.

And Love whispering.

Gable Rhoads (author) from North Dakota on January 17, 2016:

Thank you for stopping by, Larry. :)

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on January 17, 2016:

Interesting overview.

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