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Music and the Human Body


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A Dose of Music Eases Pain

Ever wonder what would give you relaxation after a stressful day? Why not try to sit comfortably and play a nice jazz or a relaxing bossa. It might answer that question of yours, instead of taking a dose of that pain reliever.

Science Says

A dose of music, this simple remedy would help ease the pain of your body from a whole day’s workload. Believe it or not, it really works. Some researches suggest that music may promote the brain's ability to create new connections between nerve cells. Another idea is that it works its magic through its rhythms because humans are rhythmic beings just like the heartbeat, breathing, and brain waves are all rhythmic. The human brain and system are hard-wired to tell apart music from noise and to retort to rhythm and repetition, tones and tunes.

1-hour non-stop slow beat songs for an afternoon.

1-hour non-stop slow beat songs for an afternoon.

We can say that when an individual suffers from a minor pain due to fatigue and muscle cramps, by only listening to music, will lessen or even remove the feeling of uneasiness and discomfort. Sounds like magic, right? We all knew that our brain tells the body that pain should be felt upon a certain area of the body. With the right tempo, you will feel that you go through the music and carry you with the notes. The ups and downs, and the flow of rhythm will make you and your brain feel like it's releasing your body off the day’s pain. People who were born “music lovers” will experience it more effectively than those who just treats music as an MB in their music pads.

With this remedy, you can save money from buying pain killers or even save your health with the side effects of the drugs that we buy. Many people prefer to have a bottle of beer with peanuts, either roasted or plain, for past time just to lessen the uneasiness inside but it’s not a good idea. Just plug in your earphone, select your song and voila! There goes your music doctor.

Personal Tip

You should try listening to the songs with slow to medium tempo, preferably guitar songs. Instrumentals and acoustics will be better, just like the tunes played in massage clinics and spa. Any genre would do but I suggest to minimize the bass and treble for songs that were accompanied with drumbeats. You can change them in your equalizer option of your media or gadget. I would suggest too, that you get a cup of tea, either iced or not, and have that very time to relax.

Professional is Still the Best

Now you got a free relaxing tip for yourself after your hard works for the day. Surely you will get a nice and refreshed morning, ready for another day. Still, as a reminder, if symptoms persist consult your doctor.

Visiting a doctor is not a bad idea. The tips above about music is just a way to lessen or remove stress from your mind and body that causes other complications.

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