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Mucormycosis Is a Post-Covidial Disease, Let's Look At It's Symptoms and Treatment.

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I am an English Writer from India. Today, we are facing mucormycosis diseases. So, Read this article about its awareness.

We can found fungus on trees.

We can found fungus on trees.

What is Black Fungus ?

Today we will learn about a disease that happens after Covid. We know about on TV, newspapers, social media and that disease is mucormycosis. It is called black fungus, but it is not black. But the fungus causes some parts of the rotten organ to turn black, so it is called black fungus.

Although you now know that mucositis occurs after Covid, the disease is not new to ear, nose and throat specialists. Before Covid, the disease used to affect people with uncontrolled diabetes and HIV. This means that only those patients with very low immunity get mucomycosis.

Simply put, myocardial infarction is a rare infection. The fungus is found on the ground, on trees, on rotten fruit and on rotten vegetables. When we breathe, the particles of this fungus get into everyone's nose. But you don't realize the existence of fungi in people who are healthy by body, mind and soul. Because their resistance power is strong. Now the question is why this disease is so prevalent among the patients of Covid? Let's see what the answer is.

Mucormycosis found mostly in Covid patient.

Mucormycosis found mostly in Covid patient.

What is the symptoms of mucormycosis ?

Two important things about this are found in Covid patients. The first is the reduced immunity in the Covid and the uncontrolled diabetes that increases. In some Covid patients, when they are sick or after the Covid, body sugar is uncontrolled.

Why are the next covid patients afraid of myocardial infarction?

(Infarction is tissue death (necrosis) due to inadequate blood supply to the affected area. It may be caused by artery blockages, rupture, mechanical compression, or vasoconstriction).

  • Irregular diabetes
  • Decreased immunity due to steroids
  • Toslizumab injected into the Covid.
  • Staying in the intensive care unit for more days
  • Give oxygen by inserting a tube in the nose for more days
  • Cancer or transplant surgery
  • Antibiotics are antibiotics that take many days

Why does myocardial infarction spread so fast in the body? What is the reason for this?

The disease is mainly caused by the fungus mucormycosis in the air we breathe through the nose. A person with diabetes and a weakened immune system. When the fungus gets into the nose of that Covid patient, why does the fungus grow?

Its origins lie in the sudden rise in blood sugar (i.e. what we call body sugar) due to Covid or steroid therapy during uncontrolled diabetes or Covid disease.

We can save our life from this diseases. If we increase our immune system.

We can save our life from this diseases. If we increase our immune system.

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How can we stop this?

When the body's sugar rises suddenly, iron comes out of the blood cells. That is the food of the fungus. This myerormycosis enters the blood vessels in the nose, initially it goes to the muscles inside the nose. At the very beginning there is a runny nose. This scab is the beginning of myocardial infarction.

If left untreated, this stage can spread from the nose to the skull. It then travels through blood vessels to the eye and finally to the brain. But the important thing is that when the fungus spreads through the blood vessels, the blood vessels become inflamed and as a result the blood vessels close and the blood supply to that area stops. Due to lack of blood supply, that part rots and the nose or eye area becomes black.

How can we stop this?

  • Those with the above symptoms should have regular ear-nose-throat examinations
  • Sugar should be controlled
  • Sugar should be monitored from time to time
  • A person should not be negligent in seeing a doctor immediately if any symptoms are found

Now what are your symptoms? Let's see

  • Constant runny nose
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Headache
  • Eye pain One side of the face pain or numbness
  • Tooth decay or pain
  • Trouble eating out
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Swelling of the eyes
  • The same thing applies to a couple of appearances or blurred appearances

These are all symptoms of this disease

So, don't be afraid of this disease. Think only positively.

So, don't be afraid of this disease. Think only positively.

How can we examine this disease ?

Let us now examine this disease :

First of all, endoscopy of the nose is required. This is followed by an MRI of the nose and eyes. If myocardial infarction is diagnosed, immediate treatment is required.

Most importantly, Amphotericin-B, an effective anti-fungal drug, should be taken immediately on the advice of a doctor. This is because the pressure of this drug is likely to fall on the kidneys. Therefore, patient can take this medicine by consulting a doctor, without consulting a doctor it can be harmful.

If the disease is in its early stages, no surgery is required. But if the disease has spread from the nose to the sinuses and the eye, then all the cells embodied with the fungus have to be removed completely. Without it the drug would not be effective. But this should not frighten anyone.

The disease can be completely prevented or treated with medication without surgery when it is in its primary form. All that is needed now is to be vigilant. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical advice immediately wherever you are and get out of the situation with positive thoughts along with treatment.

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