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Morphée: How to Get More Sleep Without Blue Light

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There is no doubt that 21st-century life has seen a change in behaviours due to the increase in 24-hour technology available to consumers. Twitter, Facebook and the rise of smartphones in the first decade of the Millennium certainly pushed all the right buttons in terms of advancing communication. However, there is a cost to switching on which often means switching off becomes harder and harder. The lure of the blue light can be the unwelcome bedfellow to our night’s sleep and the security invasion that infects our dreams. Or nightmares.


Morphée Created by Sleep Experts

There is now a product on the market that acts as a form of meditation when our head hits the pillow. The Morphée sleeping aid is not some floaty aid that has been thrown together generically in the hope of creating a restful soundtrack. This is a product that has spent months in research and development, looking into the reasons people cannot sleep and also working closely with a team of sleep experts and sophrologists. The latter is a form of therapy used to relax the mind and dissipate constant worries and future anxieties by returning to the present moment. The creators are serious about the benefits of sleep and that has been reflected in the product.

Modes of Sleep Aid Include Visualisation, Breathing, Cardiac and Nature

As winter draws nearer and the days get shorter, there is a natural association with mood swings and even Seasonal Affective Disorder. The Morphée is not a cure for adding on summer hours, but it does serve a durable purpose for a better structure as the clocks change.

Every aspect of the tool has been looked at through a specialist prism which has given rise to eight different modes to choose from at night. For instance, there are movement and visualisation sessions created to contract certain muscles or maybe take the listener away to a soothing environment. Moreover, the sounds from the beach or other life-affirming elements are set against the backdrop of a voice that has been carefully modelled for intonation.

There are also breathing and nature modes, the latter consisting of a thunderstorm that is more relaxing than stimulating. For those that miss the cat on the bed routine, there’s an effective feline miaow instead without the hairs. There are sessions built around cardiac coherence designed to slow inhalations and exhalations. The mood music to life at rest is all here.

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Catch a Nap During the Day and Wake up on Time

There’s even a session for catnapping during the day which is a novel way of stopping what you are doing. The session starts with four minutes of relaxation and then up to 20 minutes of silence follows, broken by the sound of birdsong to provide you with a perfect wakeup call to refresh and gather yourself.

The Morphée's design is so refreshingly simplistic and in line with the back to earth nature of the product itself. It comes as a beechwood shell, a Toy Story design of keys that can be twisted like an old-school toy. The Morphée is non-digital, wave-free, screenless and overall offers more than 200 combinations so that you can change the setting depending on mood or feel.

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Morphée is the Flagship Model for Understanding Sleep

There may be some who question the price tag of the device. After all, the collection of white noise can be garnered from elsewhere for a snippet of the price. However, it feels like the Morphée is very much an investment in health and wellbeing and not just a beautifully presented box that claims too much. There is an accompanying blue book of sleep that comes with the box and it is clear that this is not a race to the bottom with another sleep aid. This one is as thorough as they come in terms of a philosophy that underpins sleep patterns with emphasis on physiological rhythms and the importance of disconnection. Personal idiosyncrasies will ultimately shape exactly how effective it is for the individual.

The sessions are between eight to 20 minutes long and if your sleeping partner does not want to hear, there is a headphone attachment to make this more personal. The male and female voices are as soothing as the sounds sourced from everyday nature that we always pass but rarely stop to notice. It is one thing for books to suggest that we stay still in a fast world. The Morphée is the actual tool that can make that dream come true.

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