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More On The Laurels at Walden Park

Life Here In General, and Living Conditions..

Conditions here are good , actually, it is kept clean, the building is in very good shape, and someone is always cleaning something. Most of the patients are very good with co-operation, and doing what is expected of them. Of corse there are those who go off into left field and cause trouble, you'll have that anywhere, but eventually, things calm down, and get back to normal. most of the time it is people not getting their own way. But it all works out. I basically live here now, no body at home can take care of me. That is to say, lift me in and out of my various chairs.

Staffing and Employment.

As with any place of business where you have a mix of employees, you have the people who are honestly trying to make a living with their skills. `Then you have those who are only there for the money. They don't care about the patient'ands feelings, or how they care for them. They rough them up, handle them poorly, and just don't care. Hurry and move to the next one. Make that money, collect that paycheck at all cost. don't worry about how that patient feels. However, eventually, these people are caught up with,, and handled with accordingly.

In a Group Environment Pilfurage is Always A problem

On a short personal note, a few of my things went missing, but after a while, everything turned up. I got everything back. The thing is ,in a relaxed space such as here, you have people walking or in wheelchairs, people with walkers, roaming the halls. it's all there is to do. There are at times, different activities to take part in. Then you have the people that purposely go looking for stuff to take. I've never heard of anything going missing from the kitchen, such as food or anything, so I can't a. test to that .

Staff and Management.

As in any controlled environment, someone has to be in, that would be the various nurses of the various shifts and areas. Here is where you have the power struggles. Usually about nursing procedures, or something like that. It may be something simple, maybe not, but it always seems to work out for the best. At any rate, the patient usually prevails, as should be the case in the first place. There are employee problems here, to a point. Understaffing, knowledgeable people,, those willing to go the extra mile, that sort of thing but it works.

Covid and Patients.

Well, Covid continues on, and so does the testing. Patients in, patients out. I have been fortunate. My tests have all come back negative. Here when you come in off the street, you are tested, then quarantined for around 2 weeks. After that you are usually considered ok. No mask needed. However, the testing continues. Patients are allowed to receive visitors at this time but must wear a mask till in the room.

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