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Mold the Silent Killer Inside You


For years I was suffering with symptoms I played off as different things. I had no idea what they were or that they came from the same source. Later on I thought, maybe it's due to planetary changes or Wi-Fi 5G radiation. I also thought it could be from peri-menopause, all different sources occurred to me even ADHD.

The candida that I thought I had years ago wasn't maybe candida after all. It was literally something else. I recently watched a podcast with Dr. David Friedman, who interviewed Shemane Nugent, who prolifically goes on to explain how she almost died from mold.

So, I started to do some research after watching, the information playing in my mind and lo and behold, I found other people speaking about the same symptoms I was experiencing, some worse, some a little bit different, but not so much different.

My life has been declining for years in many ways, because I didn't realize that this was really doing a job on my body and my mind and my energy levels and all sorts of things. Slowly but surely, it's getting to the point where I literally can't do anything. I literally cannot write my stories because my brain is so fogged and not cognitive as it used to be and I'm very sharp. I'm forgetting things, it takes me longer to put things together, and I can't connect them well and it's getting worse.

I puzzled together another piece, and after having consumed plant-based Quorn products my issue worsened severely, not realizing I had a mold allergy nor that this so-called "mushroom" plant-based product as the label claimed, was indeed made from "fusarium" a known mycotoxin producing mold that is fermented.

Fast forward to the past few years, I've been extremely fatigued and exhausted to the point where sometimes I just have to stop everything and lay back until I can literally get up again. I've found at times, many a times, that I'm dizzy and I remember one incident where I was at the top of the stairs thinking, "I really shouldn't be standing on the stairs because I'm so dizzy and out of it, I can just fall." I didn't know whether it would knock me off my feet or not. Besides being dizzy, I often feel high or as if I'm in another dimension, so half the time don't realize what is going on around me or where I am.

It does create a feeling of sadness or a depressive state and you find yourself more that way than happy, which doesn't help.

I realize I'm falling behind on many things I was supposed to be doing and not even doing the things I needed to be doing. And it's because it was becoming a literal handicap sort of thing, and I've never felt that way in my life. I remember living in Italy in a very mold-infested cavehouse where I developed a bad case of what I thought was candida. I was scratching my arms until they literally bled. I wasn't feeling right and chalked it up to drinking too much espresso. Not understanding exactly what was going on and never dreaming that mold spores were growing inside me.

Shemane Nugent: Mold

I did a lot of protocols for candida, but it kept growing and didn't stop. I was caretaking for my grandmother for eight years and her basement and garage were loaded with mold. I started at that time to develop a really bad sinus condition, which I've never nor ever had trouble breathing, or allergies in my entire life. At the same time, I started to get a weird sensation in my lungs. I thought it was from the new wood stove smoke.

It felt like something was in there, almost like smoke, but it wasn't. It was a weird sensation and I knew something was off. But I learned to live with it. You know, I thought it would go away like everything else, but it never did. With all of that, I started to get heart palpitations with on and off fever, but fever without being sick, it was just a fever and would go away in a few days. Then heart palpitations started, now this was unnerving. I've been dealing with that for the past six years.

Recently, I've noticed my muscles have become very weak and needless to say, I've been tired and sitting a lot on the computer, but too fatigued to get on the trampoline, what's more concerning is that it's not normal to walk up the stairs and have your legs literally shake in weakness like they can't carry you up. I was shocked when Shemane said she couldn't climb the stairs to save her life.

I'm starting to realize something is very wrong, but knowledge is power and I feel better knowing what is going on. A few of the worst nights were episodes of not getting enough air into my lungs, my lungs refusing oxygen, it felt like they were closed off. Add that to the sinus issue with only one nostril clear, and I felt like I was suffocating to death. I had the heart palpitations during those episodes and it scared the living hell out of me.

So now, after listening to Shemane, thank God I came across that podcast because talking to other people, they will say to me, "you know, this sound like symptoms that could be from anything."

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So, it's difficult to really pinpoint things unless you go to an MD, which I try to avoid at all costs, because they misdiagnose and make a mess by giving you all sorts of synthetic drugs and I'm not into that at all. I think at this point, I have enough brains left to do my own research and get out of this myself, because that's what Shemane did, and that's what another bunch of people did, and that's what I've been doing all my life.

SuperGreen Metal Binders

Zeolite for Internal Mold Issues


Listening to Dr. Axe and a couple of others, I've come to the conclusion that I need binders that bind to metals to detox the metals out of my body, which we all have because of the chemtrails and chemicals in the water and in the food and everything else.

Somehow mold thrives on mercury and other metals, so we want to get that out of the body a.s.a.p. The following things will bind to the metals and bring them out of the body:

Activated charcoal

Clays: Benonite clay

Zeolite mineral

Chlorophyll; anything with chlorophyll like chlorella

I take the spirulina and will link the greens that I use. I use a green powder that contains wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa. These are binders. These you want to use to draw the metallic toxins out of the body and also for psyllium husk, which you need to detox the colon. Then, to address the mold, there is oregano oil or oregano spirits. I'm not a fan of garlic because I find it toxic. It almost killed my bird, so I avoid raw garlic, but for those that want to use it, you can. You can also use grapefruit seed extract. Tea Tree oil is pretty good if you want to use it topically, even under the arms or under on the bottom of the feet or even in a nebulizer, you could breathe it in. I'm still doing research as we speak, and using these protocols. I'm also using things for the immune system because mold will tear up your immune system. So, Quercentin, vitamin C, Zinc, melatonin, and vitamin D3.

People don't understand what a threat this is. People think they have allergies. They think they have asthma. The doctors will dismiss this as fibromyalgia or MS, or lupus, or some other auto immune system problem or tell you it's all in your head. But it could be just mold and people won't figure it out because doctors don't diagnose you for mold and it can literally kill you.

Mold will affect your liver, your kidneys, your heart and your brain. This is not a laughing situation. I'm learning the hard way and thank God that I'm still here to be able to do something about it. I thought for years I had fibromyalgia because it sounded similar, but that's not the case.

Now, that I'm on the protocols, I will add more information as I see improvement. I hope this has helped someone become aware, just like Shemane and Dr. Friedman have helped me because this is not a laughing matter. I honestly now believe that that is what killed my beloved cat Nero.

Do you have mold infestation symptoms?

Listen to Dr. David Friedman Podcast with Shermane Nugent

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