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Moderna COVID 19 vaccine better for T&T


COVID 19 Vaccine


Moderna part of COVAX programme

Trinidad and Tobago’s Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has revealed the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine will be more ideal for the country than the Pfizer vaccine as it’s a part of the Covax programme.
Speaking at the Health Ministry’s virtual news briefing today he says the Moderna Vaccine is approved by the WHO and his Ministry has set up a team to go over all aspects of vaccine storage and distribution.
Minister Deyalsingh notes the advantage of the Moderna Vaccine is that it can be stored at much higher temperatures (-20 degrees) than the Pfizer Vaccine (-70 to 80 degrees).
Minister Deyalsingh further explained 33 percent of the population is to be inoculated against Covid19 , he says in the first phase the first group would be all front line workers (Sanitation, Army, Police, Health Care workers etc.) – the second group would be the elderly, over 60-65 with comorbidities - Immunocompromised (Cancer patient regardless of age).
Meanwhile, Trinidad and Tobago’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roshan Parasram is reporting a reduction in the COVID 19 virus in the Sangre Grande district.
Dr. Parasram notes that the area is still remains a concern as the cluster of cases have decreased significantly over the last two to three weeks.
However, he says that this gives the indication that contact tracing being done is successful in that area.

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