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Mineral Monsters

Aydasara Ortega Torres is a Faculty Member of Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics.




Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser,
in your closet

but never look up,
she hates being seen.”

I don’t call them monsters. Why would I if what I see is liberation? A duality of horror and emancipation. The core of transformation. The shedding of socially accepted skin.


Don’t call them monsters. Why? Or have you never considered what would happen if your ‘imaginations’ leave you (or take you) and become autonomous entities with which you interact?


What if suddenly we live with something ‘abnormal’ and ‘monstrous’? That alarms us at first. And that over time is normal. Because it always was.


No. I don’t call them monsters. I call them mine. Mineral. Naturally occurring inorganic elements (or compounds) having orderly internal structures.

“There are no mineral monsters.” Georges Canguilhem

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© 2021 Aydasara Ortega Torres

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