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What Rules Your Life?

My passion is to inspire and coach people to achieve what they want to get out of life.

Mind Code and Your Soul

Healthy mind code insures a healthy Soul

Healthy mind code insures a healthy Soul

"Mind Code" is your brain driver

Have you ever wondered about why you act, believe, feel, think or react the way you do?

What is it that controls your mind? What drives your brain? I must admit that until very recently I had never really given it a great deal of thought. Like most people, I just adhered to the stereotypical reasons research presented about why. But think about this, how many times you have said "I will not say __________" and you said it anyway. How many times you did promise yourself - “I will never do that again," and bam, you did it, not knowing what made you do it again.

Keep thinking. Have you ever made promises to yourself and for some reason you are unable to keep them? Was it all due to poor self-control? You always thought you had control over what you believed, did, said, feel or how you reacted. But nothing is further from the truth.

Ask yourself, is it your self-control that animates your life? No, it is not. Then what is it that animates your life? Is it possible that it is a reservoir of self-messages, beliefs or rules, which formed and now resides in your subconscious mind? I believe it is these self-messages, beliefs, and self-laws which scroll silently in your subconscious mind and directly influences and govern everything you believe, do, feel, and think as well as all your reactions. These self-messages, beliefs, and self-laws are what I termed "mind code." It is your mind code that directs, influences, govern, and regulates your life.

It is truly your mind code hidden from your conscious mind and animates yourself and life.

Mind Code

Mind code silently governs your whole life.

Mind code silently governs your whole life.

Ever wonder what controls your conscious mind?


Daily Importance of Mind Code

Through the course of your life, your brain accepts and imprints code into your subconscious mind from your experiences. You are not conscious of the acceptance and imprinting of these codes, yet it is forming every moment you are alive. Mind code is powerful and is the origin of all the self-laws, procedures, standards, rules, and regulations which govern your life.

The strength of your mind code directs the formation of and influences how you believe, then governs your behaviors, emotions, reactions, and thoughts you have at every minute of every day. Your code regulates the formation of every core belief buried in your subconscious mind about your relationship with yourself, others, and the world. Mind code directs how you will function as humans in your daily life, involuntary and supposedly voluntarily. It also determines the development of your identity.

Then the question arises, do you have any degree of free will in regards to how you react to life? Unfortunately, the answer is no. In the deep reaches of your subconscious mind, there are self-messages, beliefs, or self-rules, what I term core beliefs that are hidden from your consciousness, and are silently running all the time, determining your responses to everything in life including how you respond to yourself. These self-messages can be motivating, encouraging or inspiring. On the other hand, depending on your life experiences, these messages can be barriers, self-limiting and self-defeating which cause you to view yourself, others, and events in a negative light.

Recent and extensive brain research has found that 99% of all decisions and emotions you make as a human is generated and regulated by your subconscious mind. That means you are only aware of 1% of your beliefs, behaviors, feelings, reactions, and thoughts in your consciousness.

Also, the clinical research found out 93% of all people who self-sabotage themselves in one or more areas of their lives do so as a result of the way their subconscious mind has been coded. That includes you. Fancy that.

So it is true that your subconscious mind rules your life by directing and influencing how you manifest your reactions.

A short comment about your subconscious mind code, it functions and acts just like computer source code. Therefore understand just like a computer your "mind can only do what is written on it."

Do you control your own mind?

Reality is the result of your mind code


Types of human code

There are different kinds of code in human beings.

In outside life, there are coding used every day;

Code symbols that allow a person to write quicker (abbreviations).

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Code that transmits secret messages (morse code, secret code, ciphers).

There is also code used to produce the operations of a computer program called source code. Without source code, a computer would not know how to operate. The source code is very structured and rigid. If a virus is introduced, then the source code becomes corrupt.

There is also two internal code in every human being;

1. Innate Code

The first type of personal code termed innate code. This intrinsic code automatically begins to function once a human sperm and egg fuse. This code determines the physical development of the human body, all the organs, and how it will work. This code can't be changed and independently operates on its own. Functions such as breathing, blood pressure, digestion, respiration, height, hair and eye color are under the domain of innate code.

2. Mind Code

The second type of code is called mind code. Mind code operates on the same principles as computer source code but on a human level. By definition, mind code is a systematic collection of beliefs, instructions, laws, messages, procedures, regulations, and rules which continuously run silently in the background in the subconscious of the mind.

It is essential to know the more significant the emotional charge of an experience during a life situation, the more profound and stronger the belief which formed about self is, and the higher the influence it has on your reactions in the future.

To help you envision better what I am saying, think of how a computer operates. There is what is called "source code" that regulates how the machine and its programs will function, operate, run, and how everything manifests on the computer’s monitor. Source code continually runs, unseen. It is running unseen, in the background, behind the programs. Even though entirely in the background, source code governs, influences, rules, and dictates everything in the foreground. Meaning all the pretty colors, sounds, and movement, etc. you see on the monitor.

Mind code functions the same way. Mind code operates from deep within the subconscious mind (background) directing, governing, influencing, ruling and dictating a human being's reactions (foreground) on all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and environmentally).

"Our mind is all we have." Steve Harris


Where does human behavior, emotion and thoughts come from?

To help you understand more about where human behavior and feeling come from you first have to understand the influence and power of what is running in the back of your mind. It is your mind code expressing itself through your core beliefs.

Mind code contains all the data collected, formed, accumulated, and imprinted through your lifetime. All mind code data was accumulated from your life experiences then is converted into core beliefs, core values, core expectations, rules, standards, self-messages, promises, and procedures. Mind code expresses its data directly through your core beliefs, Your core beliefs then instructs, influences, regulates and governs the manner you feel, perceptive and react, and think which in turn is manifested in your behavior, emotions, and reactions.

The foreground is your manifestation of behaviors, emotions, and reactions. The foreground or your conscious life is the direct result of what is written and running background. The background is mind code written in your subconscious mind.

Your foreground is what others see, hear and experience. Simply, who you are and how you express it to others. Sometimes you are aware of your inner rules, and you accept them, but other times you are completely unaware why you say, what you feel do and how you think. At times your human behavior is congruent with your wishes and beliefs. Other times your response is an involuntary triggered reaction totally out of control of your willpower.

If your mind is coded with negative coding, then your responses will be negative, limiting and self-defeating. If you are coded with positive code then your reactions, responses, and results in life will be positive. Understand that no one is 100% negatively or positively coded. How the percentage varies determines which negative or positive programming rules how you act, believe, feel, think or react.

Take Away

Does a person have the ability to change his or her mind code? The answer is a big "yes." Everyone can learn to change their mind code if given the right tools, knowledge, and support.

So you ask the question to yourself, what happens if I change my mind code? The answer is - if you change your mind code, you will change your brain's software. If your brain's software is altered then what? How you act, believe, feel, react and think will change. Isn't that what you have sought from therapy or self-improvement for years?

© 2013 Bill Tollefson


Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on March 13, 2014:

Hey mochirajackson,

I really appreciate you reading this HUB and making a comment. I attempt yo explain hard concept as simple as possible so everyone can understand it. Mind code is a very important concept on how the mind operates and influences our lives. I hope you watched the mini lecture on Mind code on YouTube.

Read this article to find out more about how the mind influences us. It introduces Inner Critic and how mind code feeds it and can cause us to sabotage our lives.

Please click the follow button on the top of page and share this with others.

Dr Bill

mochirajackson from Liverpool, United Kingdom on March 13, 2014:

Hi Dr Bill,

I enjoyed this article. I love learning about the mind and behaviour and I thought that using a computer code metaphor was a very unique way of explaining some of the more complex ideas.

Thank you for sharing.

Mochira x

Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on October 18, 2013:


Thanks again for your support and encouragement.

I hope that you watch the mini lecture on Mind Code and pass it on to others.

Thanks for the nice comments on my Making a Positive Change website. Did you download and read my 2nd book - Personal Philosophy. Good read and it is free.

The mini Challenge is good but the 30 Day Life Challenge available on that site is life changing. If you know of anyone who needs to change their code to change their life, please refer them to it. I test the 30 Day for 1 1/2 before I put it out there. Results were amazing in just 30 days. Sounds like a commercial, LOL.

I really appreciate your support. Keep doing the excellent HUBs and enlightening so many people.


Dr Bill

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on October 17, 2013:

Hello Again, Dr. Bill,

Your comment made me smile, and the last line made me chuckle.

Thanks for pointing out the mini lecture on Mind Code. I didn't realize when I first came to this hub that YOU were giving the lecture! I will pass it on as it was very informative and well done.

I also checked out your Making a Positive Change Website which is very cool, especially the free mini challenge test that's on it.

You are truly making a difference in this world.

God Bless You and Your Family,


Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on October 17, 2013:

Dear Gail,

I very much appreciate your comments and you taking your important time to read this HUB. You are such a great support to me and it warms my heart.

I am very passionate about this new theory and all the change it has brought to many people I coach. I hope you watch the mini lecture on Mind Code and pass it on to others in your connections.

Thanks for all the votes. You don't think it was "funny"? LOL


Dr. Bill

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on October 17, 2013:

Hi Dr. Bill,

Wow! This article is fascinating and, as your hubs always are, very well written and presented, including the beautiful baby photo.

I do believe that once we recognize our subconscious mind code it can open up a whole new possibility of change and that doing so, is an ongoing process.

Thanks for sharing this info on HP. I'm going to share it as it has the potential to help people improve their lives.

I also voted up across the board except for funny.



Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on August 21, 2013:

Thank you Sbangel1,

I find this interesting as well. I have dedicated my life to learning about the mind to help people grow and be successful in life.

Sbangel1 on August 20, 2013:

Very interesting!

Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on February 01, 2013:

sasiface - Thank you for your comment and sharing with others.

Blessings, Dr Bill

sasiface on January 31, 2013:

will keep tuned in and share on fb what I absorb

Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on January 30, 2013:

sasiface - Thanks you so very much for taking time to learn about mind code. I feel this concept is an important issue that will answer a lot of questions of why we do, think or feel what we do. After helping people for over 40+ years, I am now really understanding how the mind works and that changes can be made in a short period of time. I hope you read more on my Positive Change with Dr Bill Blog and pass all on to others. Blessings, Dr Bill

sasiface on January 30, 2013:

Amazing thoughts.....going to your blog for more. The mind has always been an interest of mine and I thank you for this insight.

Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on January 13, 2013:

vocalcoach - I am glad that you enjoyed the article and think it is interesting. To help you understand more you can go to my Blog and find out more on this subject and an article on tips in adjusting mind code - here is the link - Mind code tool can help you be a better coach.

Thank you for your interest. Dr Bill

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on January 12, 2013:

This is such an interesting read. I don't understand completely how the "mind code" works, however this fascinates me. Thanks and voted up.

Bill Tollefson (author) from Southwest Florida on January 12, 2013:

Tsmog - Thank you for your comment on this Mind Code article. Understanding this concept can help an individual recognize what is keeping them from achieving what they want. Mind Code was not been investigated till now.

I appreciate your interest and hope you read more of my HUB articles.

Dr Bill

Tim Mitchell from Escondido, CA on January 12, 2013:

I find this article to be very intriguing as well as interesting. Thank you for sharing your insight and experience. The website offers an avenue to many and will be ventured upon one day in the near distant future.


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