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Milk in homeopathy, a spiritual perspective of the homeopathic lac remedies


Lac Homeopathic Remedies - the nourishment of the soul


Human Milk: the link between spirit and matter

The maternal milk provides the baby with the necessary fatty acids for physical development and integration of nervous and metabolic systems.

Above as bellow, at a physical level communication is established between the upper pole, the nervous system, and the lower pole, the metabolic system. Through the heart, the rhythmic system, as mother feeds child there is an energetic exchange between the mother’s heart chakra and the baby’s thymus gland in his upper heart chakra.

Milk, our first food, sustains and nourishes us both physically and emotionally. At a unconscious level it is our connection to the mother archetype. And although it brings us closer to our own mother, it also contains the first impulse towards independence.

In the spiritual world there is no need or want: we feed ourselves. During our gestation period we are fed on an ongoing basis without having to experience any need or lack. At birth, we have to make the transition: we are no longer at unity with our mother, we learn separation, and we encounter need. Need for completion, need to be physically fed. At the psychological level it is this separation that enables us to eventually develop our individuality. Without it we wouldn’t be aware of our own existence as individuals.

In the Lac remedies we have individuality versus collective. In the human milk remedies, Lac Humanum, Lac Maternum and Colostrum the mother’s milk is providing the baby with the necessary etheric and warmth forces for the newly incarnated soul to feel safe and protected in order to further incarnate and to bring his/her individual spiritual blue prints into the physical world. The connection between mother and infant is heart/thymus based, with the mammary glands being located in the upper part of trunk suggesting a more spiritualized connection then the gut, instinctual connection of most mammals.

In the animal Lacs this connection is more earthly, linking the new life to the herd instinct and the Moon forces, the animal soul is collective not individualised, and the mamae is generally located at the abdomen suggesting the link to the lower chakras.

On the history of the human race we have progressively been shedding our animal nature and working towards our spiritualisation leaving the density of matter and moving towards the light, this ongoing process, which has begun with the fall of men into Earth, involves the releasing of mineral, plant, and animal codes which were grafted into us. A disease manifests when there are blockages to this shedding process.

Since we humans are mammals, we have an emotional connection to the other mammals, and the shedding of these particular codes can bring emotional imbalances, depression, feelings of abandonment, eating disorders, and sexual dysfunctions that can be healed by the Milk remedies.

Lactation process in different species

There are many idiosyncrasies when it comes to breastfeeding among the mammals, not all the lactating species have breasts and nipples, and although feeding is normally undertaken by the female this is not always the case either.

In the female platypus the mammary glands are underneath the chest, it has neither breasts nor nipples. The youngster pushes against the chest wall with his soft, pliable bill, and then licks the oozing milk off his mother’s skin and hair.

In whales the milk glands are below their thick blubber layer, thus protecting the milk from cold.

Hippo’s calves are born underwater, and nurse underwater. The mother puts her head under water and boosts the new-born to the surface to breathe. When feeding the calf instinctively folds down his ears, closes his nostrils, and comes back to the surface every twenty to forty seconds, to breathe and to swallow the milk.

In the Dyacopterus spadiceus, a species of fruit bat, lactation can be undertaken by both parents, although the male will produce less milk than the female.

Male goats have also been known to produce milk on occasion although the reasons for this are not yet understood.

In the human species, the secretion of the mammary glands by the male is also reported in some cases but this is normally due to a hormonal imbalance, although there is a minimal but increasing report of cases where males have been able to successfully produce milk when determined to breastfeed their babies.

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If we define milk as a secretion from the adult of species to feed their offspring, we may want to consider that some birds also produce milk to feed their young, such as Emperor Penguins, Flamingos, and Pigeons, it would be therefore interesting to conduct provings on these bird secretions to establish which characteristics in the Lac remedies are specific of the mammal nature, and which are shared with the bird milks.

Whatever the variations in the milks, there is a strong link between parent and child, the vulnerability and innocence of the youngest versus the parent’s love, wisdom, and desire to protect and to feed.

We may not all be parents in the physical sense, but we have all been children, and the way we were fed has left a strong imprint on our psyche. Ultimately we are all children of mother Earth, and the way we relate to her, and whether we feel that we are being properly nourished by her or not, will cause us much healing or much illness. So there is an important place for the Lac remedies in making us whole, and in helping us to integrate our spiritual and our physical nature.

Milk composition

Milk is composed of sugars, protein and fat, there are variations in the percentages of these from species to species, depending on their specific requirements. It can also be altered even in the same individual to fulfill the developmental requirements of the offspring. Species with rapid growth requirements have a higher protein content in their milk than the ones with slower growth. Species who need insulation to the cold, have milk with a high content of fat so that the young can rapidly form a thick coat of fat.

Percentage of protein and fat present in the milk of a few species:

  • Human

0.9 % Protein

3.8 % Fat

  • Talapoin monkey

2.1 %Protein

3.0 % Fat

  • Goat

2.9 %Protein

4.5 %Fat

  • Cow

3.4 %Protein

3.7 %Fat

  • African elephant

4.0 %Protein

5.0 %Fat

  • Black bear

7.0 %Protein

25.1 %Fat

  • Little brown bat

8.5 %Protein

15.8 %Fat

  • Grey seal

9.2 %Protein

59.8 %Fat

  • Domestic Cat

10.6 %Protein

10.8 %Fat

  • Blue whale

11.9 %Protein

40.9 %Fat

  • House mouse

12.5 %Protein

27.0 %Fat

Common denominators to the Lacs as homeopathic remedies:

When we look at milk remedies we are looking at pathology caused by the lack of nurturing, especially in the first 7 year period, with the emotional body feeling deprived of a normal development and unable to move on from the physical needs expressed during the first seven year period when the individual is developing the physical body through the mineralisation process in order to develop their etheric body during the next seven year period: seven to fourteen years old. From this situation many psychological issues arise of abusing or being abused by others, and each one of the proved milk remedies expresses this theme coloured by the characteristics of the animal that produces the milk.

At a physical level, there is a common tendency for lactose intolerance, skin diseases such as eczema which denote a lack of proper boundaries and an avoidance to being touched or held, general assimilation and digestive problems, poor self-image perception often with the idea that the person is impure, unattractive, inferior to their peers, etc., giving raise to issues about being bullied, and generally abused by others.

Human Milk

Lac Humanum

Human milk has low casein compared to most other milks, less than 40%. All mother’s milk is consistent and almost identical in quality no matter how malnourished a mother might be, the variation is more on the quantity than on the quality of the milk produced. There are however subtle differences in it’s constitution to allow for the specific requirements of each infant and for the particular immunoglobulin profile of the mum, reflecting her own disease history.

Human milk helps to strengthen the baby’s physical body preparing it for incarnation of his/her unique spiritual blue prints, at the same time as providing a safe platform for creating a sense of community, understanding and integration with all humankind on the planet.

In the proving there is a sensation of floating from the waist up like a hot air balloon on waking, which reflects the lack of grounding, absent-minded difficulty in concentrating, two wills, too sensitive to other people‘s energies and to their own surroundings and yet unsympathetic to others suffering, delusion as if in a dream, mood swings, dependence/ independence issues with fear of being alone, lack of self-awareness, anger, weight fluctuation, PMS, sadness during menses, post natal depression. A lot of the symptoms reflect a lack of integration within the group, and a lack of awareness of one’s own physical body.

Their physical complaints alternate sides. They crave sweets and starches, chocolate, salt, bacon, ginger, and they can have eating disorders. They are often thirstless and chilly. They tend to have cracks in corners of mouth, and experience nausea from odour of food. Pain in chest from sternum to back is a common symptom.


The first milk secreted after childbirth. This remedy has not been fully proved and is lacking its psychological dimension; we only have information from Clarke on its effects on the digestive system in the treatment of diarrhoea, bilious colic and vomiting.

Lac Maternum

Milk collected from nine lactating women at a various stages ranging from the colostrum and the involution phases of lactation, all the way up to the 10th month of breastfeeding.

Although there are many similarities between Lac Humanum and Lac Maternum when it comes to the digestive system and the sensory awareness, there are also great differences in between the two.

In this remedy there is a great struggle with coming to terms with having to be incarnated into the physical body. There are modalities that recreate physical sensations of the birth process, such as intense pressure on the head, neck and upper back, aggravated by bending the head forward and turning it, ameliorated by extending the head back and straightening up the body. Pressure first on one shoulder then on the other, dislocation of one shoulder. Headache ameliorated by rocking back and forth, photo-phobia, lack of appetite and desire to sleep.

In this milk the individual feels hindered by their physical body on trying to experience their spirituality, and they tend to alternate between engaging and disengaging from it, in a constant dilemma of Shakespearean proportions of “To Be or Not To Be“, as Hamlet puts it. Even in physical terms, there are symptoms of poor incarnation, showing a lack of solidification, with a tendency to easy bleeding, and to watery stools.

According to Tinus Smits this remedy has improved eating disorders and craving for sweets where Sacharum Officinalis has failed to help.

Apes’ Milk

Lac Primatum

Chimpanzees mirror in their life what is the evolution process of the human race. As babies they are quite bright, have good memory, they develop and even look similar to a human baby. As they go into adulthood their animal nature becomes more evident as they prefer to walk on fours, losing their intelligence and becoming more aggressive and violent.

They have a domed skull with strong jaws that extend upwards, and which they use for cracking nuts with their teeth.

They represent a body about to receive the human soul, around Lemuria time, the ape like body we fell into deliberately to densify our soul and to go beyond the veil of forgetfulness. This body was prepared with animal genetic codes and extraterrestrial codes, and from then on we had to progressive let go of these animal characteristics. The bodies not used for the humans were transferred into the animal kingdom.

The animal kingdom is bound in a prison; it is connected to the Moon’s energy, its group soul and its animal nature.

The sad expression in the chimpanzee’s eyes represents the missed opportunity, a sense of despair and loss, a sense of entrapment that we don’t see in any other species.

Chimp remedy is indicated when people are not properly incarnated into their body at the fall and need to clear out previous stages that are still there.

I also sense that the fact that monkeys, and particularly, but not only, Chimpanzees have been used for decades in scientific experiments, would have filtered through their collective memory and will be passed down to their offspring in the milk. Not only they came into existence to serve us humans as vehicles for our incarnation without having had themselves to opportunity to escape their collective karma and to gain individuality; but they are still being enslaved today through horrific, painful and terrifying scientific experiments for the benefit of humanity. I sense there must be an existential conflict in this Lac remedy, to some extent, between having to be bound and servile to the one who offends and frightens them. It is a good remedy for destructive life styles, and for addicts due to its action on the nervous system and the co-dependence theme.

Cows’ Milk

Lac Vaccinum

Pasteurized full fat cows milk, the largest source of dairy products and commonly consumed by humans, unless when they opt for the skimmed version, Lac Defloratum which has also been proved as a homeopathic remedy.

Nervous System:

When we compare animals with antlers such as deer to those with horns such as cows, we see that the antlers are projections of the nervous system from the skull of the animal acting as antennae and helping the animal to be on constant alert to any changes in its environment as this can spell danger, whereas horns numb the nervous system making the animal more dull, and living a dreamlike existence. Sadly we don’t have a Deer milk proving to confirm this theory as far as the milks go, but we have Moshus, the deer sexual secretion, which has many hysterical symptoms.

It is interesting to note that cows produce milk with a higher level of serotonin in the evening; this has a calming, soporiferous effect on the calves. This milk high in serotonin is being marketed as beneficial to nervous children, with ADHD and hyperactive individuals in general.


There has been great manipulation and abuse of cattle fertility by the dairy and the meat industry, with the result that in the last 10 years the food industry has been able to increase the daily milk production of each individual cow by 25% to 30%. Cattle has also been subject to all sorts of genetic manipulation in order to select breed tender meat at the same time as shortening the growth period of a calf in order to reduce the age at which there are able to reproduce. All of this has caused a dramatic increase in cattle infertility both in bovine sperm count and in uterine and ovarian abnormalities. These remedy is appropriate to treat both male and female infertility issues, where other symptoms in the case match the general characteristic of the remedy.

Throughout the ages, the cow has represented fertility, abundance and nurturing, the best known cow deity being Hathor in the Egyptian culture, and yet through the progress of science, we have now dispensed the cow natural cycle of reproduction, and created a false illusion of fertility with the cattle being artificially inseminated, increasing the infertility rate of this species.

The fact that we humans are the only species who carry on consuming dairy products after our childhood, and that our main source for this is cows’ milk, might be significant, both in physiological and in karmic terms.

There is an imbalance on our own fertility rate, with high fertility rate in cultures where the fertility goddess, mother earth is still venerated and low fertility rate in cultures where nature is no longer honoured as we attempt to manipulate it through technological and scientific advances.

Physical symptoms:

Rubrics found on the homeopathic proving of this remedy include anxiety, irritability and depression. Symptoms appear on both sides simultaneously. Frequent discharge of large quantities of clear urine, diabetes, blindness which comes and goes, rheumatic pains in knee, flat white ulcers on tongue, also slimy mucus, sharp pain on either side of sternum, pain that appears simultaneously on both sides.

Lac Vaccinum Defloratum

This is cow’s milk where most the fat has been removed, leaving all the other nutrients, but making it a more watery, tasteless drink, with a lower caloric content.

It would be interesting to analyse in detail the symptoms of Lac Vaccinum and Lac Vaccinum Defloratum to establish which symptoms have been altered, intensified, diminished, removed or added by the simple fact of removing the fat content of the milk. In spiritual terms the fat is the vehicle for the Astral body, the body of emotions and desires, fat facilitates de warmth of the soul to permeate our physical body, thus the removal of the fat in milk corresponds to the artificial disembodiment of the soul leaving the Astral body without an outlay for its expression.

Some of the symptoms of this remedy are fear of narrow places, aversion to company, sadness ameliorated by conversation, delusion that her friends are dead and she will have to go to a convent, suicidal, planning on the easiest way to kill oneself, aversion and aggravation from milk, chilly. All symptoms are made worse from cold and draft, loss of sleep, noise, and motion.

Cat’s Milk

Lac Felinum

There are emotional and psychological issues to do with having to compromise one’s integrity and even dignity in order to integrate with the other individuals of the group, be it one’s family, or more in general, society. They can be morbidly conscientious with every little fault judged as a crime. There is a distorted perception of their sexuality, either abusing or being abused, manipulative or being manipulated. The sexual issues are about incest, about being subjected to inappropriate physical contact, and in some cases of having accepted that in order to keep the peace, or in order to live a comfortable material existence as in prostitution.

The physical symptoms include fear of pins, and of pointed things. The illusion that pointed objects will run into their eyes. Sharp pain through the centre of left eyeball. Headaches with pain in left eyeball extending to vertex are characteristic of this remedy. Desire to eat paper. Worse lying on left side.

Dog’s Milk

Dogs are perhaps the earliest animals to have been domesticated, with some prehistoric findings of human and canine skeletons lying next to each other. Some experts even think that humanity had no yet the necessary skills for domesticating animals at such an early stage and that dogs chose to domesticate themselves and to live closer to the human, for companionship and to be of assistance.

Dogs are unconditionally loyal to their human master. We have mastered the genus of the dog, breeding them according to their natural abilities to assist us in various tasks, such as as pets, guide dogs, racing dogs, guard dogs, sheep dogs, hunting dogs, and fighting dogs.

There has been much abuse to canines in general, both at a personal level, with people mistreating this animal and taking advantage of its loyalty, and through genetic manipulation, with much distortion to their genetic codes, to the extent that some dogs are unable to see or to breathe properly.

Dogs have mythical links to the underworld as a guardian and in healing it is historically associated with the cult of Asclepius.

Lac Caninum

Spiritually people who need this remedy carry with them a strong imprint of the fall of humanity from spirit into matter and with it an overwhelming feeling of shame.

This is the milk remedy for individuals who have been raped in childhood.

The Lac Caninum individual feels at rock bottom, having suffered all sorts of abuse either physical, psychological or both, and has not been able to remove themselves from that situation. Often they start to blame themselves for the abuse they have suffered, carrying the shame of past traumatic events, finding it difficult to talk about it. Normally these individuals have a distorted perception about their body and about what a healthy sexual relationship should be, choosing to close themselves instead so not to be hurt again.

They have dreams of snakes, and in general fear them. They have a sensation of floating in the air when lying down in bed. Fear of falling downstairs.

Physical symptoms:

Their physical symptoms involve throat chakra, their expression being blocked or distorted and their sacral chakra their sexual energy and creativity having been violated. Their complaints start normally at left side to change sides repeatedly.

Dolphin’s Milk

Lac Delphinum

Dolphins are very sociable aquatic mammals which constantly communicate among themselves. They have a vocal wide range of sounds to express their emotions and to warn the group of danger.

They are both very playful and very sexual, often mixing both activities. Their sociability extends to humans and they will readily mix with humans, and have been known to help them when in difficulty swimming, but they have also been known to attack and to pester them for sex.

All the individuals in the school display a strong maternal instinct by undertaking the protection and rearing up of the calves. Nursing can last for as long as 12 to 18 months. If one in the group is sick they will take in turns to look after it, keeping him at the surface for breathing, sometimes for days until he either recovers or dies.

Dolphins use echolocation energy or sonar, this energy releases endomorphine hormones that produce deep relaxation and wellbeing, as well as stimulating T cells to fight infections. Their only predator is the shark and they are on constant alert and use their sonar to locate a shark up to half a mile away.

Rubrics of this proving include an action in the nervous system particularly the synapses, sacral chakra clearing, connecting baby and mum during pregnancy, promoting lactation.

This remedy benefits conditions where communication is impaired from a mental point of view, such as in autism, selective mutism, and learning disabilities.

Individuals who do well on this Lac tend to be clairvoyant; either with a love of fun and play or having lost it, and are empathetic people who enjoy communicating with others.

Donkey’s Milk

Lac Asinum

Donkeys are of the horse family and are one of the earliest domesticated animals. They are associated with the underworld in the folklore, known for their strong sexuality, stupidity, docility, reliability and endurance.

In the proving the feeling of being taken advantage of, being made a fool, a peaceful feeling despite being harassed, and indecision are prevalent.

Physical symptoms:

Tend to be right sided. There are a lot of symptoms of imbalance of the astral body, with a lot wind, tingling, numbness, dizziness, a sensation of being drunk. No desire to eat, a feeling energized followed by extreme tiredness. Oedema with water retention, difficulty urinating, excessive sweating. Back ache which is ameliorated by movement.

Elephant’s Milk

Lac Loxodonta Africana

No house, and no food are a common theme. Individuals who do well on this remedy have a sense of homelessness, and that there isn’t enough food. They have no boundaries. The house as a unconscious symbol represents the physical body, on feeling they have no home, the individual is less aware of their physical body. Combined with the notion that there isn’t enough food, this can bring a habit of overeating, and with it associated disorders such as bulimia, diabetes, and obesity, arising from the lack of feeling nurtured during the early years, and the lack of parental guidance in the teenage years, physically their hunger is felt at cellular level.

There is a strong family connection in their soul group, respect for their male elders wisdom, and their matriarchal society. Teenage male elephants who are orphaned are known for getting drunk on fermented banana juices and to rampage into villages, destroying everything in their wake.

There is rage and rebellion against pre-established unquestioned values, everything needs to be uprooted, re-evaluated, and yet the individual craves order, discipline and boundaries.

This is a remedy appropriate for the treatment of teenage gangs, paranoia, misunderstandings lead to hurting or killing, homelessness, murder, brutality, lack of food. Also for split personality disorders, suicidal tendencies, and depression.

Goat’s Milk

Lac Caprinum

This individual has a rampant sexuality that can have issues of confused gender identity as in homosexuality, trans sexuality, and sexual promiscuity in general, although most individuals will try to keep this a secret in order not to lose their status, or in some cases will try hard to suppress these urges only to have the occasional outburst.

This resonates with the Saturnalia festivals in ancient Rome, where once a year all the values were subverted, there were no rules, and the slaves were allowed to behave as kings, people were free to engage in their physical urges such as indiscriminate sex, binge drinking, and excessive eating without any further consequences or punishment.

It is not unusual for male goats, particularly Billy goats to go through gender confusion, phantom pregnancies followed by lactation. If well indicated by other confirmatory symptoms, this is the remedy for phantom pregnancies, and milk production without an actual pregnancy for females, also for male’s sympathetic pregnancy symptoms.

Goat’s milk has ten times more fluorine than human milk, and we can see the fluorine theme coming through this milk, with the competition among this species, the need to affirm their status, the need to climb through the complex hierarchy of the herd, while having a feeling of expansion, limitlessness, the feeling that they can get away with anything.

There is a contradiction about safety, goats in the wild climb high on a mountain ledge to keep away from predators, particularly wolves, however the higher they go the more the risk of falling if pushed by another goat. There is a lot of aggression, with both male and females constantly fighting to attain a higher position within the group.

Physical symptoms:

Physical symptoms are left sided, with wondering and ascending pains in the bones, stitching and shooting pains, generally cold. Cold aggravates ailments from fright.

Horse’s Milk

The horse has overcome its own survival instinct and nature in order to be of assistance to human kind, physically it has a great power and it can easily overcome its master, but its obedient, disciplined and docile nature bounds it to us.

Horses have been taken to war, being made to charge through battle fields in bloody combats where they were very likely to be hurt or killed.

They have been made to draw the plough to farm land until they collapse from exhaustion; they have pulled heavy carts for transportation, performed at show jumping; made to perform minute choreographed dance steps in front of a charging enraged bull in bullfighting shows; they perform high speed racing and showjumping, all for our amusement, to satisfy our greed, or for our personal pride.

Lac Equinum

The psychological issues are about keeping one’s freedom while being of service to others.

There can be a reluctance in taking the lead, not because they lack the ability to be leaders but because they sense this would upset others.

They can go to great lengths in order to be accepted by their community. Afraid to disappoint, they work hard at whatever profession they choose, they feel they can never do enough, they can never be perfect enough at what they do, so they keep trying.

They are loyal individuals, and even when frustrated they are more likely to take their frustration inwards then to turn against others.

Their pent up energy, also but not only their sexual energy, if thwarted can lead to all sorts of pathology.

Physical ailments include diseases of the nervous system, the reproductive system, heart pathology, and allergies.

Lioness Milk

Lac Leoninum

The Lion might be considered the king of the animals, but it is the lioness who rules the pride. They are in fact a matriarchal society, with a fairly large group of females doing the daily run of the pride, undertaking hunting and the rearing of the cubs.

The lion has the power status; its function is to protect the group from the advances of any other adult males who try to infiltrate in the group, and to mate. The rearing of the cubs is undertaken by any of the females in the pride indiscriminately, with the cubs breastfeeding on any lactating female who happens to be available at the time.

Whenever a lion is defeated by another male, he is either killed or cast out of the pride, and the new ruler kills all the existing cubs, and mates with all the lionesses to ensure his progeny.

Whenever the lion of the pride is challenged by another male it is a very stressful and uncertain time for the females, and it is apparent that the existing ruler might lose the fight, they will start hiding their cubs in the vain hope that they will not be found by the new ruler, but they are invariably sniffed out and killed. This killings not only insure that there will be no offspring of the previous lion to challenge the newcomer, but also, to stop the females lactating so that they then become immediately into heat and available for mating.

Rubrics on this proving are problems with authority, women feeling they have to work too hard, that there is lack of balance in task share with the men in their lives. Theft, irritability, an unconscious felling of being naked and over exposed. People who need this remedy can oscillate between being dictatorial, or allowing others to take advantage of them. It is a good remedy for females empowering each other in a group.

At a physical level it is a remedy to consider for cystitis brought on by sex.

Wolves’ Milk

Wolves form close knit communities which are matriarchal. They have an organized hierarchal structure where every member has its function and knows its rank. Only the alpha female is supposed to have offspring and if any other female in the group breeds they are normally cast off the pack and left to go away and to try to form another pack. Elderly or sick members are well looked after by the others, and the pack will not abandon a frail wolf unless in extreme danger to themselves, often being the injured or old wolf itself who chooses to leave the pack in order to heal or die alone.

Wolves have for hundreds of years being subjected to a concerted propaganda against them, which has caused fear and resentment amongst the people and has resulted in near extermination of their species.

In fact wolves tend to keep away from humans, they don’t attack them, and when hunting they prefer to take prey which is already injured or weak.

Even in the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, where the wolf is portrayed as an awfully canning creature that the innocent little girl alone in the forest must avoid, the wolf could have eaten her right there when they meet, but instead he talks nicely to her and then goes and takes the old and frail granny who was sick and possibly at the end of her life. Even then he doesn’t really kill her, as the woodcutter his able to cut the wolf open and rescue the old lady, the only one who is butchered is the wolf.

Lac Lupinum

Concerned about children. Feeling trapped and that there is no way out. Dreams of fences, enclosures and tunnels. Feeling unprotected, having no boundaries. Likes taking risks, and is fascinated with fire. Likes colour and music. They have such a strong connection with their friends at a mental and emotional level that they can be telepathic. They dream of meteorites. They enjoy speed and fast cars. They like spicy food although this can often upset their digestive system.


Unlike the mammals where milks are generally produced by the female, in the birds the milk production is undertaken by either both parents as in the case of the pigeons and the flamingos or just by the male as with the emperor penguins.

There is also a quality of sacrifice involved in the birds milk, with the adult who produces the milk going either through a period of fasting like the pigeons and the emperor penguins or in the case of the flamingos whose secretion contains some of their own white and red blood cells as well as fat and protein.

The secretion originates in the digestive tract, either in the oesophagus or the in the crop, it is associated with the Solar Plexus, and willpower. It is a thick secretion similar in consistence to cottage cheese and it has a high content of both fat and protein, revealing a physical need for the chick to develop quickly, and a need for the strengthening of the astral forces.


In the case of the pigeons there is crop milk, produced by secretion glands in the crop of both parents. They can start secreting this substance two days before the eggs hatch, and they tend to stop eating, so that their milk doesn’t’t get contaminated by seeds that would be impossible for their newly hatched chicks to digest. This crop milk is a thick yellowish substance that contains a lot more fat and protein than the typical mammal’s milk, and provides all the nutrients required for the chicks in their first two weeks.


The flamingos also feed their chicks with a similar substance for the first two months until they develop their specialised filter feeding system. They however don’t have a crop, so their secretion is produced in the upper digestive tract. In comparison to pigeon’s milk, theirs contains more fat and less protein, as well as white and red blood cells.

Emperor Penguins

An explanation for the unconventional breathing behaviour of the Emperor Penguins with the male being the one who solely provides the warmth for the incubating egg, is that in the harsh environment of the Antarctica with very low temperatures the expenditure of energy required for the female to form and lay the egg is so great that she wouldn’t be able to produce enough warmth for the incubating of the egg.

She barely has enough energy to travel the long distance back to fishing grounds for feeding, before she returns in time for the hatching and to bring food for the new chick.

The male fasts and stands for two months while he incubates a single egg on his feet. Once the chick hatches the male can produce a milky substance secreted on his oesophagus to feed the chick for a couple of days while they wait for female to return.

Myth as Milk

Myth is what feeds the collective consciousness. In a way it is the milk of humanity, the primordial food that lays the foundations for its development giving us a collective identity where the individual is not lost but knows his origins and his role in society.

Myths feed us by supplying the building blocks that later will be used in ever increasing chains of communication as we develop, mature and consolidate our role in society.

Sphinx Milk:

Half animal half human, she is the link between our animal and human natures. The choice of animal, a lioness makes her the earthly precursor to the Leo forces in the Solar Logos. Man needs first to know himself, hence the riddle that Oedipus as the representant of humanity must answer. That the answer to this riddle is “Man” is significant. It acts as a mirror held by the Sphinx at Oedipus, will he be able to recognise himself in it or not? Who will win this match between the Moon forces represented by the animal half of the Sphinx and the silvery/ mirror process, or Oedipus through reason, ego organization, and solar logos? As Oedipus solves the riddle, the mirror is shattered, the Sphinx commits suicide, the animal nature no longer needs to be part of humanity, and the Leo forces can be fully activated.

The “knowing thy self”, as the riddle posed by the Sphinx to Oedipus is reflected in Lac Humanum: “what has four legs in the morning, two legs at midday and three legs in the evening?“ the answer being the human.

The Sphinx had a female human head, a torso with breasts and a lion’s lower body, reflecting the human aspects of the individualised ego through the impulses of the Leo / Sun forces, having to balance animal needs such as feeding and reproduction of the lion with the divine aspects of the solar logos.

Destroying, taking apart in order to understand, or shall we call it de-constructing?

In the myth of Oedipus and the Sphinx, there are different layers of consciousness, at the root of them all; it is the human being, anchored through those various layers deeply into being. It is more than just the incarnation and the grounding of humanity on Earth, it is the entire structure of coming into being from divinity into humanity, encompassing all the different stages of the being in cosmos, it is the entire biography of existence being relayed through the Sphinx unto the human being. There are spiritual layers, mental layers, and astral layers, and only once those have been anchored can they reach the etheric and physical levels, once this is achieved there is no more need for the Sphinx being.

In the Greek myth the Sphinx is the guardian of the city until Man has reached autonomy, until he has anchored its own divinity and is responsible for his actions, as it is personified by Oedipus, who answers the riddle correctly unlocking the mysteries of being human to then fall in what appears an inexorable twist of destiny rather than an act of free will.

But in this myth there are also animalistic aspects that the being must enter on becoming human. Oedipus, on being allowed in his home city, and hailed a hero for having answered the riddle and freed the people from the Sphinx, is crowned king and made to marry unknowingly his own mother with whom he then has children. The city represents the human genetic pool.

The Miasm

If in Lac Humanum we find indications of the Psoric miasm, the fall from grace into earthly incarnation and having to learn one’s own boundaries, hence the skin diseases that are present in the proving, and the survival issues about caring or being cared for, In Lac Sphinx we find the syphilitic miasm.

After the anabolic comes the catabolic process, first we have the creative, generative forces of coming into being, and then the destruction of all the mental and emotional boundaries.

From the immense constructs of information about the origins of humanity, from the divine impulse of creativity to coming into being, with all the cosmic impulses up to its incarnation on earth, all is anchored into humanity’s unconscious, only to be de-constructed again.

The syphilitic miasm is expressed by the Sphinx who kills all those who don’t know their divine origin, and who then kills herself once the riddle is solved by Oedipus and her existence is made redundant.

In order to anchor this more deeply several codes and programming were used.

There were links to the indiscriminate copulation of Lemuria when humans were still developing their sacral chakra and knew neither sexual constraints nor taboos about mating with their own family members. At this time however this occurred unknown to both Oedipus and his mother Jocasta. At this period, the Greco-Roman sub-race when humanity was learning to further incarnate into their physical body, ignorance is no longer excusable, and sex had become linked with the fear of committing incest and of being punished by the gods. Before this period, these boundaries had not been firmly anchored in humanity. For example when we look at the Egyptian cosmology and mythology, incest is a constant and is not regarded as a sin but as a means to keep a blood lineage pure and free from the taint of outsiders and to preserve the divine powers imbued in them, such as the Pharaonic dynasties.

In the Greek tragedy the only person who knows about the incest is Tiresias the blind wise man. It is significant that in the end, once Oedipus finds out about his personal history and the crime committed, he also chooses to blind himself. Knowing is deeper than seeing, to know is not to see. The physical eyes hinder the spiritual knowledge.

The sphinx has a woman’s head and a lion’s body, symbolises the union of the constellations of Leo and Virgo. In Great Britain Virgo was worshiped as the fertility goddess, known as “The Lady Who Rules The Lion”, earlier in Egypt she initially represented the fertility Bast-Hathor and later transmuted into Sekhmet, the Lion goddess of great power, the daughter of Ra the Sun.

Virgo has always been associated with fertility, and the lion with protection, the Sphinx being a symbol of protection of our genetic codes.

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Valeria on August 31, 2018:

Hello, I would like to start taking Lac Humanum as it seems the more suitable for me. Unfortunately I don’t know in my city a homeopath who works with lacs. There is a quantity that you who suggest to start taking it?

Thank you so much


A.K.Sahu on January 16, 2016:

very remarkable and uncommon information about milk remedies used in homeopathy.Madam,I really thank you.

Mary on May 02, 2015:

I don't see any mention of Lac Suillinum (lac suis)? on May 18, 2014:

Thank you .

Steph on December 11, 2013:

I would be quite happy to apply the idea that 'the animal soul is collective' when considering social insects. I wouldn't think that was automatically the case with the vertebrates. Having the 'herd instinct' doesn't have to imply their soul has no individuation.

Just something to ponder.

Wonderful article, though. Thank you :)

(Graduate Homeopath/Zoologist)

Claudia Dias (author) from London on November 24, 2012:

Hi Yenneti,

Potentially all the milk remedies could be used for asthma, but so could any other homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy is not applied to any illness in particular, but to the individual with whatever illnesses they suffer from, as well as all their other personal characteristics, even their personality traits - this is how a homeopathic remedy should be chosen.

So basically, if you one of the milk remedies that you found here seems to fit your particular case, taking that remedy could help your asthma, as well as any other ailments you might suffer from.

If in doubt it is better to consult me, or another homeopath, for a full medical and personal history to be taken and to identify the correct remedy for you.

Contact me on Skype if you like.

Best wishes,


YENNETI UDAY KIRAN on November 24, 2012:

any milk remedies for asthma?

Claudia Dias (author) from London on November 16, 2012:

Hi Catherine, thank you for your comments, they show a wonderful insight into your own life journey, and how far you've come since that time when you as an infant were left to cry yourself to sleep. You've become a person able to help others through bio energy healing and I look forward to reading your hubs.

Yes, I think you could do very well with a milk remedy, although I wouldn't be able to recommend one with a full consultation.

If you like contact me on skype undercover_homeopath for an informal 5-10 minutes discussion.


CatherineDublin on November 15, 2012:

Hello Claudia, thanks for a very interesting article! I found it when I googled 'milk remedies' -- a friend who studied homeopathy for a year or so suggested I research it and try to get some. Here's my story in a nutshell (well, a rather big nutshell ...)

I was lucky enough to be breastfed at birth for 2 months or so. However, my mother put all of her 6 children into a room on our own all night long from when we were first born. She said we screamed and roared for hours, but eventually, after a week or so, apparently we 'settled down and were none the worse' for our experience.

I only discovered this 6 years ago when I was 42 and had just had my one and only baby (who was breastfed to Kingdom Come, I'm happy to say).

I suffer badly from insomnia, and have done so for at least 15 years if not longer. I fall asleep easily only to wake up 3 or 4 hours later. Then I have terrible trouble getting back to sleep. As often as not, that's it for the night, and I am shattered tired so often. Sometimes I take out my exhaustion on my little boy, which is worrying. He is such a pet, I hate to be angry with him. He is very spiritual and I want so much to be there for him rather than to be in a fug of tiredness.

I don't have much contact with my mother. She's a victim of a victim, as so many of us are, but even still, I feel angry and hurt in my bones for being abandoned in this way when I was an infant. I know it's still there in me, because I can feel it as I type this to you. All of my siblings have troubles in relationships, whether with each other, their partners, children, our parents, etc. Most of us are permanently in panic mode, as if we're constantly fire fighting or trying to avert chaos. I think it's called 'on top of the burning building' syndrome.

My father was an alcoholic (another victim of a victim, and so it goes on through the generations), my mother a depressive. Co-dependancy, of course.

I was on 10m aconite for a while, once a fortnight, but it didn't seem to help the sleeping.

I've just started a bio energy healing course in Dublin, Ireland, and am loving it. I seem to be doing well in terms of helping other people, but sleep eludes me still. I'm wondering do I have a massive block that I just haven't been able to crack.

I've tried all kinds of treatment -- yoga, reiki, homeopathy, acupuncture, cranio sacral, etc, but nothing has ever resulted in my having even one peaceful night's sleep. Yes, coffea worked for a short while, as do various herbs, but they would only (eventually) give me an extra hour on top of the first 4 hours, but that'd be it. Nothing seemed to result in one nice long sleep of 7 or, god forbid, 8 hours straight, glorious sleep. I can only dream (when I'm awake, of course!) of such bliss...!

Do you think I need a milk remedy? Can you tell from the details I've posted here? I'd never heard of milk remedies before my friend mentioned them -- they make perfect sense to me.

By the way, hubpages is great, I'll be writing stuff up about my bio energy soon!

Thanks for all your sharing, Catherine

Claudia Dias (author) from London on October 21, 2012:

Hi Chantel thank you! I'm glad you liked this hub. Milk remedies address very serious issues at the emotional and social levels. I wish you all the best in your healing journey.

Chantel on October 21, 2012:

Great article, thank-you for posting this. It has helped me make sense of some of the milk remedies that I have taken and am currently on.

Claudia Dias (author) from London on May 06, 2012:

Dear Debby ~ Thank you for your comment.

Regarding your observation about goat's milk being the closest to human milk and therefore considered to be less likely to cause food allergies, Alpha-s1-casein protein seems to be the main reason why some people are allergic to cow’s milk. When this is the case, Goat’s milk can be an alternative since it naturally contains much lower levels of this protein.

As for being the closest to human milk this is not so much due to the ratio of fat and protein as for the type of protein: the casein present in goat’s milk beeing closer to the casein in human milk.

But this is only one of the factors to consider when dealing with milk intolerance, there are other factors besides casein that can make milk and dairy products difficult to digest, that is why only 40% of the people who have an intolerance to cow's milk are able to consume goat's milk.

Debby Bruck on May 03, 2012:

Dear Claudia ~ Marvelous collection of details regarding all the milk remedies. I was surprised to see the protein and fat comparison of mother's milk to goats milk as being what I consider far apart. I have always thought and been told that goat's milk was the closest to mother's milk; and we do know that children who may typically allergic to cow's milk seem to do fine on goat's milk. For the rest of this information I will have to return a number of times to take it all in. More fascinating facts about bird milk and the underwater sea creatures. Blessings, Debby

Stephen Cobb from Turners Falls, Massachusetts on February 22, 2012:


The Isis Milk proving is a wonderful example of using creative imagination through myth to find spirit in our human nature.

A fellow Heilkunst practitioner shared the milks article with our practitioner group, to which one replied, "I look forward to the article on semens!"

Heilkunst is the consummate marriage of the male and female principles in the Mensch, Christ and his Bride, Sophia. The Dynamis and Spiritis of the Divine above is mirrored in the radial and spherical forces below that engender the Cosmos - that's why we say that their common functioning principle, Love, makes the world go round!

Claudia Dias (author) from London on February 22, 2012:

Dear Stephen thank you for the excellent imput you gave me with your comment. I would like to know that you inspired me to publish another Milk that I've held back at the time I publish this page. It is Isis Milk.

Claudia Dias (author) from London on February 14, 2012:

Thank you Stephen!

Stephen Cobb from Turners Falls, Massachusetts on February 14, 2012:

Thanks so much for the wonderful article! - a great contribution in the dynamic legacy of Hahnemann toward "romancing the stone", i.e., discerning the Mind above Nature (Coleridge) and the essence (Wesen) of dynamic substances for the remediation (Heilkunst) of humankind. Hahnemann clairvoyantly discerned spirit in nature, and as a principled scientist, he gave us the key to our exodus from the Old School allopathic state of mind - the one-eyed, colorblind "onlooker consciousness" of the intellect. That key is to fully participate nature (provings), participate patients (discernment of disease), and participate the resonance between them (remediation). If we can do that, says Hahnemann, we partipate in the true remedial art of wholing - Heilkunst.

Chloe Foss on January 26, 2012:

I recently prescribed lac felinum to a patient who had an emotionally absent mother and only remembers her relationship with her cat.

Claudia Dias (author) from London on November 22, 2011:

Yes, the Homeopathic Milk remedies can be taken at any age. Just to give you an example, the youngest patient I have prescribed for was a six day old baby - her mother was not able to breastfeed her and was very concerned about the emotional and psychological implications this would have for her new-born daughter. The oldest patient I've prescribed a Milk remedy for was a seventy nine year old patient who never got on with her mum, and had felt unloved and un-nurtured throughout most of her life. These are just two examples, but I have prescribed these to many of my patients for various issues. It's never too late, or too early...

Maria Cavalieri on November 21, 2011:

...can these be taken at any age ... ?

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