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Milestone Chart: 3-5 Years - Provided by the Office of Child Development


Seeing a child grow up is an amazing experience for any parent. However, the physical and psychological changes can be rapid, leaving parents quite astonished. The development of a child takes place in different stages, with fine motor skills, sensory awareness, language development and social skills occurring at various times, known as the child’s developmental milestones. An article published by Psychology Today stated that a child’s environment, genetic makeup and cognitive skills have a significant impact on their development.

Here are the various milestones a child achieves between the ages of 3 and 5 years, based on a report provided by the Office of Child Development.

Baby Milestone Chart for Kids Aged 3-5 years


It is important to know that not all children achieve the developmental milestones at the same time as mentioned in the baby milestone chart. Each child will grow at their own pace. However, if any milestone is too delayed, it is important to consult your paediatrician.

You can help your child achieve these milestones by ensuring proper nutrition. Add a fortified milk powder like Enfagrow A+, which contains DHA and other vital nutrients for holistic development, to your child’s daily diet.