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Common Migraine Symptoms and treament


I used to have Migraines since I was a teenager. My doctor used to tell me that it will be over once you got married due to hormonal changes and I quiet believe on him as well. But! Let me tell you that nothing like this happened. I used to have migraine even when I am a wife and a mother as well.

Migraine Symptoms

I have noticed that every second or third person around me is complaining about migraine but surprisingly none of them take any migraine medication or simple pain killer. If you are lucky not to have it as yet then I tell you its a lot lot pain. It makes you vomit, nausea, sensitivity with sound and noise etc. Other symptoms of migraine include severe pain on either one side of head or both side of head. In some types of Migraine pain occurs on the forehead or eye area only. The intensity of pain is far more than ordinary headaches.

Migraine Triggers

I used to take a pain killer as a medication to get rid of migraine but doctor always ask me to find out what triggers your migraine?. In my case; it’s nothing but ‘stress’. However, stress is not the only cause of migraine, there are other reasons as well. For instance one of my friend told me that sharp light coming directly into her eyes triggers her migraine. Another said that air conditioner cooling coming directly into her head tiggers her migraine. Somebody got affected because of sharp noise or continuously loud noise and so on. My brother used to have migraine after having black coffee. I am sure all you having his/her own reason of this problem. But there are lots of other people who actually don’t know the reason at all.

Migraine Relief

Having migraine since last so many years I found out its actually stress of all sort which eventually causes migraine, anything which you are bearing hardly and not liked by you. So whenever you are tolerating anything out of choice it triggers your migraine whether sharp light, too much cooling, loud noise and too much work etc. So in order to relief from migraine just don’t bear anything which you don’t like. Just get out of it. You can also get relief from migraine in quiet and dark place. Maybe your bedroom.

Migraine Treatment

No specific treatment of migraine is available however, I used to take pill (prescribed by doctor), which is a pain killer but have sleeping effect as well. So when I get up after taking few hours sleep; I am fresh and happy. However if you do not want to take pill try to vomit and go to sleep, I assure you it will give you an instant relief provided you do have vomiting symptoms.

As I said everybody have his/her own causes, so I believe everybody should have his/her own migraine treatment as well. So feel free to use this platform to share your migraine causes and treatment it might help somebody else …

Take Care…

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Cristina Ferreira on April 18, 2014:

I used to have daily migraines. Some would be stronger and send me to the ER, others I would endure with painkillers. I didn't know what it was like to live without pain.

Some migraines were caused by a specific trigger, like a strong odour (perfume, Earl Grey Tea, etc.), getting irritaded with something, social gatherings. The majority, however, had no apparent causes.

On June 15 2013 I changed my diet. I started following the guidelines of the Paleo Diet. My overall health improved immensely, but what I still can't believe happened: I stopped having migraines.

I've lived with them for 50 years!! Daily! Since June I've had 4 mild ones.

I still can't believe it. Every morning is still a surprise to me waking up with my head clear.

I since found out that migraines can be a symtom of gluten intolerance.

Donna on April 13, 2014:

Fragrances / chemicals plug in deodorizers Why r we masking our rooms specially baby's room with chemical sprays. We wonder why every time we visit we learn somebody else suffers from migraines or worse cancer

maria sial (author) from united kingdom on April 15, 2013:

thankyou 'theorangepath' for your comments ... migraines reals sucks... true

The orange Path on April 15, 2013:

Migraine really sucks, the pain is really terrible and once can understand only if he/she is going through. I am a migraine patient since long, extreme pain , vomiting as well as blur eyes i have experience all these and it really hard to live with. Its good that people like you share their experience, it helps other to realize that there are other people like them. I have share my migraine experience here... i believe we have almost same symptom :)


By Lori from USA on December 07, 2012:

I get migraines -- to handle the vomiting the only thing that works that I know of is a phenergan suppository. What a thing to talk about,right ?! But anyone who has thrown up with a migraine would do just about anything to not have to go through that ! So yeah, it works because you can't throw it up and the phenergan will not only stop the vomiting but it will help you fall asleep - and your nervous system needs that when you've had a migraine.

So overall, it is basically a life saver for me. Esgic-plus is good as a migraine medicine and will also help you fall asleep and you can use both meds together. Just watch that you don't start to over-use the Esgic-plus since it can be addictive {for some people}. I tried Imitrex once, and I had to go to the E.R. , it affected my heart !

maria sial (author) from united kingdom on November 15, 2012:

You are absolutely right about posture specially if you are using high pillow your neck and head will definitely effect. :)

Mary Roark from Boise area, Idaho on November 15, 2012:

My husband was having problems with daily headaches for years. I learned that some headaches can be brought on by bad posture that puts strain on the neck, such as holding your head up with your hand with your elbow on the desk. Though these are actually tension headaches, he started to pay attention to these things and has less issues with the headaches.

But migraines can may be triggered by changes in weather, hormone fluctuations, strong nauseating scents, certain foods or caffeine intakes, bad air circulation in a room, or some medications. Narrowing down what may cause the headaches can be the best remedy. Thanks for sharing your own remedy.

maria sial (author) from united kingdom on October 27, 2011:

very true LL Woodard

maria sial (author) from united kingdom on October 24, 2011:

yes "letscithappen' i do have floating signals like you ahead of pain and maybe you are right about the fact that some people call normal pain as migraine. Thank you for your comments :)

letscithappen from letscithappen.blogspot.com on October 21, 2011:

I suffer from migraines also. I get the aura also which are zig zag lines that float in front of me. I have learned to notice the sign that a migraine is on the way. I will get a twitching below my eyes like a nerve jumping or my thumb will start twitching. There are sometimes where I only get the floating lines and no head pain. Im told these are called eye migraines. I noticed that a lot of people use the word migraine a lot. Some I think just have a regular headache but use the word migraine. These people have no idea what a true migraine is. And I hope they never do. The pain is unbearable. You mentioned a few things that can trigger a migraine. Food can also trigger them. I found I have to stay away from anything peppermint. I found that when I would eat peppermint candy or anything that had peppermint in it I would get more migraines. It took a while till I figured that out. But I no longer eat peppermint now. I still get migraines now but eating peppermint makes me have them more often.

L.L. Woodard from Oklahoma City on October 20, 2011:

Migraine headaches can be nearly unbearable, especially if they are not headed off before nausea turns to vomiting. Great hub topic.

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