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Methadone Take Home Doses. Federal Regulations on Clinic Reporting; Get the Take Home Doses You Deserve!

Morning Coffee (and Methadone) at Home...Very Nice

Everything You Wanted to Know About Take-Home Methadone Doses

Take home doses are the salvation of a patient on methadone maintenance, and if you show a history of appropriate methadone use and avoid drug abuse, eventually you should be eligible for a full month of take-home doses on a 30-day reporting schedule.

The regulations governing take-home doses were changed in 2001 by SAMHSA, which is the federal agency governing opioid treatment programs. In 2001, SAMHSA eased regulations on take-home doses, and although states and even individual clinics can enact more stringent regulations, each methadone clinic must apply for SAMHSA certification, and if SAMHSA thinks that any clinic's procedures vary too far from federal guidelines, it will not endorse certification renewal.

Basically, although there is a little leeway – clinics must stay close to federal suggestions if they want to keep their license to prescribe methadone (unless state regulations preclude them from following federal guidelines*).

*Most states have changed their regulations to match Federal recommendations.

How to Get a Take-Home Dose as Soon as Possible

So, if you want your take-home doses as soon as possible, toe the line well on these six evaluatory conditions.

  1. You must show (through random drug testing – a minimum of 8 instances per year) no evidence of drug abuse.
  2. You must attend the clinic on your appointed schedule.
  3. You must show appropriate behavior.
  4. You must not engage in criminal activity.
  5. You must show a stable home and stable relationships that are not drug-related.
  6. You must promise to store take-home methadone appropriately and safely.


  1. The doctor must believe that the risks of diversion associated with giving you a take-home dose of methadone are overshadowed by the benefits of easing reporting demands.
  2. You must meet the minimum time in treatment regulations. (see following)

Essentially, you must prove to the medical staff at the clinic that you are serious about your recovery on methadone and that you can be trusted to use methadone safely at home.

Time in Treatment Requirements

The following are mandatory minimum standards for the allowance of take-home doses. You will not be allowed take-home doses in excess of the following.

  • Days 1-90 – A maximum of one scheduled take-home dose per week, as well as a take-home dose for one day if the clinic closes on Sunday.
  • Days 90-180 – A maximum of two scheduled take-home doses per week as well as a take-home dose for the one day a week the clinic will close.
  • Days 180-270 – A maximum of three scheduled take-home doses per week and one for days that the clinic is closed.
  • Days 270-365 – Up to six take-home doses per week.
  • Year Two - Twice a month reporting.
  • Year Three – Once a month reporting.

Local Variations on Take-Home Doses

Local regulations may call for slightly more stringent protocols, but they should also be basically in-line with federal regulations. No patient will be allowed take-home doses unless the medical director of the clinic believes they are at low risk to divert the medication.

What Do You Do If You Aren’t Getting the Take-Homes You Deserve?

  1. If you feel that your clinic is unfairly restrictive, you can meet with your doctor to discuss your compliance with federal guidelines. These guidelines are in place to allow individual clinicians the flexibility to reward "good behavior" with take-home doses.
  2. If that doesn’t work, you can inquire at any other local clinics about take-home regulations, and perhaps find a clinic that allows for greater flexibility.
  3. You can also file a grievance at your local clinic. Your clinic is required by law to have a patient grievance mechanism in place and to respond to grievances within five days. (From SAMHSA's Opioid Drugs in Maintenance and Detoxification Treatment of Opiate Addiction; Final Rule (42 CFR Part 8.4.(e))

Dose Caps?

SAMHSA does not endorse dose caps. Research has found that clinics that operate with maximum capped doses are operating outside of best practices guidelines.

100mg Take Home Limit?

SAMHSA does not cap take home doses. There is no federal regulation against take home doses in excess of 100 mg per day.


smoothie on November 20, 2018:

do they have to put water in our take homes on March 04, 2018:

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have a question. my niece is coming down for 650 mgs daily of methadone and i notice the difference in her actions, she is now at 161 mgs and some days she is straight some days she is sick and some days she looks like she is melting before my this common when coming or are they playing with her meds.

Samantha Hicks on September 08, 2017:

Ok so just to start I only use this medication AS NEEDED, I DO NOT USE IT ALL THE TIME!!! I have never been in trouble for anything and I follow the rules to a T. I take Claritin D and it shows up in my UA as a false positive for amphetamines. I show my my receipt, my credit card transaction, and at first this is what they wanted all of a sudden the receptionist was going thru my personal file saying ohh we hafta put a stop to this, I told her she didn't even have a right in my file. Next thing I know the old counselor gone and the new one took all my take homes. The pseudo ephedrine helps my sinuses and I need it. How in the world do I ask a doctor for a script for an OTC medication??? I hate being on methadone, I openly welcome any suggestions or advice.

James Kimble on January 22, 2017:

Sounds like they need more clinics in Kentucky and Tennessee

dnixdorf on November 06, 2016:

I went to see a new Dr. for methadone today. I'm on disability, the new Dr. Told me he has to take away all my carries because I wasn't working, volunteering or going to school. I have never ever heard of this before. He told me I don't deserve the carries because I'm on disability. Even though I'm clean for 10 months. Is this true? Do you have to be working, volunteering or attending school to have carries? Thanks if anyone knows. This Dr was very abusive to me verbally and made me cry when I left. I'm actually tapering to come off methadone and he just treated me like a pile of crap. I'd love more info on methadone rules in BC Canada if anyone knows.

Joey on October 14, 2016:

I'm amazed by how strict so many places seem to be. I go to a private clinic here in WA state and at 2 years, with clean UAs and all obligations met, you get up to 1 month takehomes. They used to it test for pot but now they do if you need a step increase & they won't increase your carries if you're dirty for pot unless you have a medicinal marijuana card... which is not easy to get here in WA... not at all... I just got mine... you'd think it wouldn't be difficult given that pot is recreationally legalized here, but you have to have medical records showing mainly chronic pain stuff. It's dumb. Anyways, I love love love my clinic. It's the best in the U.S. I swear. Top notch. Best thing I ever did for myself. I love everything about the MMT program here. That's unique...most places are contracted with government insurance and suck bad! Good luck in your opiate travels!

Francisco on October 14, 2016:

i have been 4 straight years giving clean urines, and i have 6 pick ups only go ones a week and i have been going down on my dosage from 150 to 100 and my plans was to be off it in 1 1/2 years more,this week some how they are letting me know that i gave dirty urine for opium, and am trying to wonder how this happen,and she told me that she is going to take all 6 days alway for that one dirty urine, and i have to start all over again from crash and she will try to stop me from getting of it to, there is some how a way i can fight this issue, in court or something,because in my understanding if you been clean for so long and you slip ones after so long being clean and am not saying i did this by saying this , ass long you don't give them 2 strait dirty urine,you will only get probation or loss one day for four months and get back after the four months probation, they can not do that in NYC where am from, i work so hard to get those days, because it's hard for me, to go to work and the clinic every day at the same time if they do this to me i will loss my job for shore, well this was the people that been there for years was letting me no my rights, i do not know what i can do if some one can please tell me if they can really do that to me, this week if they do that to me i think am going all out again after being 12 years clean my clinic worker has put me in relapse and this lady is some mean lady i always when i do see her have to be like good morning hows yore day because she has a crazy attitude with everyone in that clinic, can some one here please help me and let me know what can do I'll be appreciated,

Christina on September 24, 2016:

I have been on Suboxone for two years and don't like it at all. Before I was on methadone for 7 years and was allowed 30 take homes.(north Carolina). The clinic changed their policy later and the most they would give for take homes is 13, but luckily I was grandfathered in and got to keep my 30. I found this was the only way I could actually live a normal life where you can actually travel and not worry about getting back to the clinic every day. The bad part is my boyfriend and I both were on methadone and is was $14/day for each of us= ,$28 per day really adds up, but it was worth it!! I am hoping to switch back to methadone, but now I have to start all over from the beginning... And I now live in New York and assume they won't give as many take homes here?? The biggest negatives with methadone for me were: it ruined my teeth and I went from 110 lbs. To 170 lbs.!! I lost a bunch of weight when I switched to Suboxone, which is the only good thing about Suboxone!! And, of course the fact that my doctor prescribes it and I don't have to deal with "the clinic" at all. Overall I just felt a lot better on a day to day basis on methadone...

Aberdeen21001 on September 02, 2016:

I lost my take homes for 40 days for a positive UA test. today 9/2/16 was my 2 week having them back. i have saturday and tuesday take homes.( come in friday get sat. and sun. come in monday get tuesday. then come back wed. thur. friday.) before now if a holiday fell on a monday i would get sat. sun. mon. and tues. now all of a sudden i was told there was a "new law" saying that i had to come back in the day after a holiday. i have now searched for 30 mins or so but cant find anything stating this new law the nurses says is in effect. normally this isnt a "big" issuse, but its just the point that i have worked to get my take homes for it to be taken back so quick in a sence. i planned my holiday weekend of staying gone until tuesday night. now i will be traveling back on federal holiday night to make it to the clinic first thing in the morning.[ basicly im wanting to know if in fact this is a law as is claimed or is the clinic having its own new law itself. even my counsil who said i would get the 4 days jsut 2 weeks ago, didnt know about this "new law" . i welcome all valid comments.

Denise on July 02, 2016:

Over a year ago I transferred to center for change in Lawrence, Kansas from Topeka treatment center,only because it was more affordable. They agreed to my dose(180mls)they agreed to letting me keep my 2wk take homes &the aprn.agreed & signed off on all my medications. In February of 2015 I had a stroke/heart attack. I had open heart surgery for a pacemaker &medications, I having had a problem w/either since. I went on to be approved to receive monthly take homes, I have complied in everything that was asked of me,bottle recalls,checks to determine if I was over medicated,showing all my prescribed meds each month,my fees were paid all at once on time,my urines are always drug free,meeting w/ my counselor once a month,at the time they weren't having any groups,etc. I was informed on May4th that I had missed a bottle call back,my 3rd one,so they took all my monthly bottles &put me back to phase 1. They forced me to sign blank release of info form,then without me being present for a staffing put me on administrative detox,taking me from 180mls down to 120mls & when I objected Megan Sykes(the new supervisor,the old when stepped down to become a counselor because he knew that what was being done was wrong &against even their own policy,regulations &rules. Other staff just quit,good staff)So I have filed grievances w/SAMHSA,CSAT,OTP,etc. I'm not the only one that this has happened to &it all happened to us around the same time period. If I had my way I would travel to all these clinics to let clients know what their rights are. Center for change is violating are rites,using our meds as a behavioral control tool,threatening to detox or bring us down to a dose that will not be comfortable &even cause people to relapse.

kerri on May 24, 2016:

Does anyone have experience with not being able to give urine? My husband has been on the clinic for about 6 years now. He had ONE positive test over 4years ago. They refer to him as the "model patient". He is a part of the patient- run advocacy group and he also runs their men's group every week. He has a medical condition and is unable to do urinalysis. He has documentation from his urologist stating that he is unable to. Although a cotton swab test is enough for his clinic to test him with, they will not allow him to have any take homes strictly because he can't give urine.

Virgil0601 on March 05, 2016:

Ok let me try to clear up some of what people are saying. First off I'm from Michigan and I'm on mmt methadone treatment as well and the way it take home doses work is every 90 days that you have clean drug screens you get 1 take home dose plus the Sunday dose if the clinic is closed on sunday. EVERY 90 DAYS YOU GET 1 TAKE HOME DOSE THERE IS A MAX OF IN ANY STATE OF 30 DAYS. BUT YOU MUST HAVE CLEAN DRUG SCREENS AND SEE YOUR COUNCILOR. THESE ARE FEDERAL LAWS NOT STATE LAWS SO THESE APPLY TO EVERY US STATE. HOPE THIS HELPS FOR THE PEOPLE WONDERING ABOUT TAKE HOME DOSES THAT ARE FROM ANY US STATE. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE FEDERAL LAWS NOT STATE SO EACH STATE MUST FOLLOW THESE LAWS.

Clean for 8yrs on March 01, 2016:

Does anybody know of a methadone clinic in ky that gives more than one or two day take homes at a time? I attend an out of state clinic and get 2 week take homes... I need to change to try to get my ins to corner my methadone! I have medicare and medicaid and neither wanna pay for my treatment!!!!!! It makes me sick to know they pay for dr shopping And tons of pain pill scripts but yet won't pay for an honest person trying to better theirself and stay clean!!!!

Anonyamous on January 04, 2016:

All these rules sound insane. In mont. Ala. You go to the clinic for 90 days and test clean and you can get 30 days of take home. And i know plenty of people who get more than 100 mg a day.

brad on November 08, 2015:

I live in the balt/wash area and have been on 30 day take homes for a number of years ,have never strayed and had a dirty urine, I started the program in texas at a clinic with no dose caps and came to east coast and had to drastically reduce my dose because of clinic cap,i don't understand why these clinics want to violate samsha guidelines and impose there own regulations but they do,i am reaching out for information on any clinics hopefully in the balt/wash corridor that do not impose there own dose cap,any info would be appreciated. thanks

angelia on October 21, 2015:

My question is at the clinic in Georgia do they completely seal their take home bottles cause I know someone who goes an the seal easily peel off and sometimes is in the cap when opened? Anyone know I think its northwest clinic in Georgia.

katherine on September 22, 2015:


It is an opioid agonist. You will not test positive for opiates if taking methadone. I have been on it for many years. It has saved my life. Methadone actually blocks opiates.

Susan on September 15, 2015:

Im in a methadone program in Colorado. Marijuana is legal recreationally and medically. I have my medical card. I was told

Regardless of the state laws, marijauna will prevent me from

Additional take home priveledges . Fortunately, I live 1 mile from

Clinic and it opens at 5:00 am.

Heather again! on September 03, 2015:

And who cares of it's an op or not! The only thing vicious about it is if you junkies keep using & kill yourself while you're a methadone patient! It blocks you from getting high so people tend to od because they use too much searching for that high. Benzo's are another thing to stay away from. Just be cool & do the right thing. I think I'm done now....

Heather on September 03, 2015:

Methadone helps people get off the drugs that will eventually kill them. I read a comment that the clinics want to make a lifer out of you & that's bs. We put ourselves in a situation & receive help & people are bitching about the rules & shit. Shutup! I am working with the Dr to get off of it. I am going down 1-2 mg's every 2 weeks. I want off but am a mom so i do it real slow & it takes me an hour so get there everyday. We should be thankful. I have been going to a clinic since Dec '14 but switched clincs after 7 months dur to a move & i have to start over but I will never complain because it's a whole lot better than any alternatives. I always treat the staff with respect & try to show my thanks every single day. I'll get my take homes soon at 2 a week but whatev's. I can't complain about the gas either cause $300 a month is better than $2,000! My child has his mommy & that's what matters to me. I will spend all my time & cash for my little boy.

Nee on August 24, 2015:

The whole thing is nuts. I used to get two weeks take homes in MA, but can get only one week in Maine. I have had 21 years of clean urines, for all the good it has gotten me! One should be able to get a prescription for methadone after so many years of compliance. The laws are outdated, make no sense, and only contribute to the general ignorance and stigma that have made methadone a scapegoated drug. I give up!

EL on July 28, 2015:

Yeah to everyone giving people dumb advice and basically telling others the reason for why the clinic is doing something: clinics are all different. The one I'm at only allows a one week take home (6 bottles) no matter how good or long you're there. Also, they allow you to smoke weed and there is no ill consequence. Alcohol is a different story since it contradicts the methadone's effects and can very likely be deadly. Same with Benzo's. But when it comes to what clinics punish or reward for what, ask you state drug addiction agencies about the law or your clinic, if you can trust them, as the rules vary from facility to facility.

amie on July 27, 2015:

So I'm on subutex i go in once a week to pick my script up. last week i took a roxy on sunday morning bc i had a very bad ear ache if it comes back positive will they take my meds away? I live in IN

Tania on July 17, 2015:

This message is to Dr John Doe along with all the other absolute morons out there that think it's an opiate! Methadone is not an opiate! Just because something acts as something, doesn't mean it is! For instance, just because "Dr John Doe" here is "acting like" a little girl by crying and throwing a fit here, doesn't mean he is one! Use your common sense people, an opiate is exactly what it's called, an "opiate" because it comes from the opiate plant. Methadone, however, is a synthetic man made drug that "acts" as an opiate to the brain and actually is an opiate agonist. Definition of agonist: Agonist: A substance that acts like another substance and therefore stimulates an action.

And again, just because something acts like something, doesn't mean it is!

Another paragraph I enclosed is from WebMD that specifically explains again that it is a synthetic drug it doesn't say it's a synthetic opiate people!

Methadone works on parts of the brain and spinal cord to block the "high" caused by using opiates (such as heroin). It also helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms caused by opiate use. The action of methadone is similar to other synthetic (man-made) medicines in the morphine category (opioids). Substances that are derived directly from the opium plant (such as heroin, morphine, and codeine) are known as opiates.

It says synthetic drug that again "acts" as an opiate but nowhere does it state it is in fact an opiate because why? Because it's NOT! It is NOT derived from an opiate plant, therefore, it is NOT an opiate! And actually, in this article, it doesn't even say it's a synthetic opiate, it says it's a synthetic medicine!

Elizabeth on May 26, 2015:

What happens too a client if they give their take home dose to another person and that person overdoses. Im talking about my son and he was taken too the hospital and a police report was filed and I called the clinic and told them and they ask me too mail the report along with a statement from me

Jill on May 26, 2015:

Thank you for this informative post. I just want to share a good source for legal templates and tutorials - PDFfiller. It has a ton of legal templates and Insurance Forms. It helps me fill out a needed form neatly and gives me the option to esign.

sherry on May 18, 2015:

i live in washington and want to know if i go to done clinic for opiates abuse whether or not it will suffice for drinking- while- intoxicated treatment. there is a clinic in everett and one in island crossing. When i go to jail I wont be able to handle methadone prescription withdraws . I am hoping the judge will allow me to use the clinic in replacement of some treatment center that wont allow any opiates or dones as well as them being rejected by the jail, whereas methadone clinics will deliver to the jail. Anybody understand my predicament and have any answers?

Helen on May 06, 2015:

Rochester metro treatment center are giving all the new patients take homes and leaving the people that have to drive 100 to 120 miles to get there and have been patients there for over 5 yrs with only 2 dirty u/a that meet which the call the eight point criteria and above and beyond. We tried everything I don't know who we can contact. We do everything they ask and some

Kevin Holmes on April 02, 2015:

I am in NC and have been in the program for 7 years. During those 7 years of regular attendance I have not had a single confirmable dirty urine. I also had the maximum number of take-homes which was reduced from 14 to 6 recently. I have had call-back checks before, three times, once in 2009, once in 2013 and the last one was in November 2014. Around the middle of January my clinic switched to a new type of tamper-protected bottle. The old bottles had a very unreliable seal and it was common that the bottles would not seal properly. The new bottles have a sealed metallic like film that is tamper resistant. Three days after these new bottles were incorporated I was called in for a diversion check. My phone was not on and I missed the call. They did not leave a message due to the fact that I did not give them permission to do so. Apparently the form I filled out acknowledging my understanding of the take-home rules and agreed methods of contact and message leaving was extremely ambiguous. Without getting into too much detail I was not properly informed when I was completing the form so there was a misunderstanding on my part as to which boxes I had to check when it came to notifying and leaving messages when a call back was issued. The result of me not getting the request for a call back was that I PERMENANTLY lost my take home privileges. I have no other options for my methadone treatment where I live other than switching to Suboxone. I think that myself and others are being treated unfairly and quite honestly I have been thinking of leaving the program.

Anna Sams on March 26, 2015:

Just got back from my clinic and of course I was right! I was a computer mess up. So I got my 2 weeks worth of done. I really don't thino I'm going to go back. I think I'm going to start really detoxing myself off. Any suggestions? I've been taking bout 35mgs for bout a month,but they give me 60 when I have to go in twice a month and I really can't tell the difference.

Anna Sams on March 25, 2015:

So I go to get my two weeks worth this morning and I get told that I didn't call on my call in day so I'm getting dropped down to 1 week. I'm like wtf. I did call. I've never in 2 years had a dirty ua. I would not have a reason not to go in. I drive 30 miles why would I screw up n not go in if I was supposed too. I'm pissed don't know what to do.

Sam from SC on March 19, 2015:

I live in SC, have been on MMT for almost a year now. (This time) Im in recovery for H, a user for over ten years. I spent the last 5 of those years trying to get clean, this is actually the 4 or 5th time I've gone to this clinic. BUT this is the first time that I've ever been truly committed and ready to get clean and stay clean. I even talked to my best friend( who is my brother) about it, last year when I first went back to the clinic, and he decided it was time to clean up too! He still smokes pot, which is not legal here yet. So he doses Mon-Fri and carries his Sat & Sun doses. I quit everything, only drink maybe once a month, if that. I've not had one single dirty UA, but have had 2x where I couldn't provide the required (30ml) of urine. But as long as you make two attempts, and provide a little something in ea. bottle, they don't NC you. Which I was able to do. I will have been there a full year mid-June, and I currently go in 2x a week, with 5 carries. I go in on Tues. and carry W & Th, then go in Fri and carry Sa, Su, & M. I had a (Male) Bilateral Mastectomy (Gynoclamastia) less than a month ago and my clinic was fantastic at helping me work out my rx's. As long as I brought my rx in, the nurse counted the pills, verified the control numbers and such, then I was ok to take them. The Dr. ok'd me to have my Percocet for pain, advices me to just be mindful, pay attention to how I was feeling and not to overuse. My counselor is wonderful, we've built a repore (sp?) over the years. She says she can tell a huge difference in me over this past year. Oh! I'm down to 35mg. I had met a wonderful woman in 2013 who bared with me out of love for almost a year before she gave me the ultimatum to go to the clinic, which btw I had purposed to her after knowing her for only 4 months. She married me 1 week after I started the clinic. And we are still happy as can be. We have 5 rabbits, have both gone back to school, and are following our dreams, together. She is my world, and this is only possible because methadone has helped me stabilize my life. After we got married, my past life caught up with me and I had some legal issues. I'm now doing federal probation, but only for one year, which ends in December of this year. My wife stuck with me through every step of the process. If I had not been on MMT, I don't know what crazy sh*t I would have done. When the legal stuff came up, I almost lost my mind. (Especially since I am truly innocent) But I was able to see it from the legal side and say that even though I was not the person who physically did wrong, the laws here could still hold me accountable and, by proxy, I was responsible. So I talked to a lawyer, the prosecutor, and the judge. 1 year probation is what I got for being honest and showing that the decisions I made in my past were poor and that I have changed for the better. The alternative was 15 years in federal prison! And through all of that, not once did I crack or waver. I was able to keep my head on straight by talking to my counselor and my wife; and by sticking to my routine and following the rules. By May I will be able to have 6 days of carries. I am not proud of myself than I have ever been before and I know I owe it all to my wife and methadone. Sometimes the rules can seem unfair, but as long as you are honest and you do your best, methadone can help. Your counselor should become you best resource. If I need anything at the clinic, she is who I go to. (I know it's cheesy, and I'm not affiliated with these groups m, but...) Just like AA and NA say "It works, if you work it." YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK, BUT IF YOU DO, THE PROGRAM WILL WORK FOR YOU.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this, I've been so fortunate and it feels good to share with a community that understands. I am available to talk, for anyone who needs assistance. Go to and send me "Fan Mail" and I will get to you ASAP. I will answer as many questions as I can, and if I don't know an answer, I will research it and do my best to help!

To All The Whiners... on February 20, 2015:

I live in Texas, one of the most anti-drug states. I've been on methadone over 3 years, and switched clinic's once. I've never had a dirty UA, or any drama. After 9 months at the first clinic, I got weekly's. After 14 months, I switched to a closer clinic, and still had weekly's. After 18 months, they set me up for 13 take homes. I go twice a month. There's rarely a line, they are very quick. When I was on dailies, or scheduled to travel on a day I was supposed to dose at the clinic, and I traveled OUT OF STATE for work and recreation, my clinic simply called whichever clinic I could find online in the town I was traveling to, and arranged for me to guest dose there. I've never heard so much complaining and whining in my life! If you aren't pleased with the rules at your clinic, find one that follows Federal Guidelines. In the last 40 minutes, I found clinics in 9 different states that all go by the Federal Guidelines. I'm sure I could find one in every state if I looked. If you get "lied about" because so and so reported you as a seller, because you wouldn't sell, you're a fool. Be smart, don't make friends at the clinic! I don't talk to Anyone except the staff. I've NEVER had "drama", been "singled-out", had false lab reports, or gain weight. If you're serious about getting clean, research and find a good clinic. I found 2 in a 10 mile radius. Keep to yourself, no one there wants to hear your sob story. The minute you tell it, you Make Yourself a Target! If you don't want to gain weight, eat healthy and work out. If you need extra attention and someone to listen, go to counseling, not the methadone line. If someone suggest you buy or sell methadone, Report It Immediately, and you can't be held responsible later. If you're "afraid of 3 thugs", dose at a different time, switch clinics, or call 911 when you dose. The biggest problem you have is Yourself. It's not that hard people! Buck up! Be in charge of your life. We are all 100% responsible for ourselves. If you're in a bad situation, go elsewhere! They even have free methadone programs here. I pay 10 dollars per dose, but they have a MHMR program that costs nothing if you make under 30k per year for 1 person, no children. They give you the paperwork on your first visit. Quit complaining about how hard life is, we've all been through some sort of Hell and back, and you're Hell is no worse than mine, just as my Hell is no worse than his or hers. The only difference are the choices we make every minute of our life from this moment forward. Do you really want to be cowering in a corner when the next Katrina hits, the next terrorist attack, or when the next loved one dies? Screw That! Take just a second to be thankful for the fact that you can get methadone. Men, Women, and Children live and die in pain every day! I will NEVER understand the people that whine and complain all day about things that are easy to fix! It's disgusting! I will be Living Happily, long after the ZOMBIES have eaten all you Fat, Lazy, Complaining, Self-Centered Whiners!

Come Down From Your Crosses,

We Really Can Use That Wood!

hollyrock04 on December 21, 2014:

After participating in the methadone program for almost 3 years and not having 1 mark against me for almost 18 months, I missed a diversion call last week. I recently lost a roommate and was advertising on Craigslist for another and the same day ad went out and calls started coming in, I received the diversion call. The clinic I dose at is in my iPhone as the name of the clinic so I avoid missing any calls for testing, diversion, appointment reminders, etc The diversion call I received came from an unrecognizable number and I assumed it was another person calling regarding my listing for the rental. When I started returning rental calls I heard the message from someone I didn't know in another city stating I was to go in for a count of my methadone within 24 hours, I missed this by 12 hours and the clinic bumped me from going in twice monthly to daily's again at the very beginning. My counselor said there was no discussion, this was the rule and my case won't be considered? Any advice? I did have 2 members of my family, my sponsor in AA/NA & a current client write letters of reference for me, printed the ad for house placed, printed out messages at same time as diversion call, etc.

Anna on November 30, 2014:

I have been on Methadone for 2years, not consecutivly. It is the best thing that's happened to me. I can live a normal life now. My counselor genuily cares about me and is never hesitant to tell me what the next right move is. These people that talk sh*t about it and wine because the clinic isn't doing what THEY want them to do, follow the rules! They tell you from the beginning! They tell you all the time! If you are bitching and moaning about them not doing they're job right, YOU, my friend, are not doing it right.

Malone on November 12, 2014:

Hi I've been on methadone for about 17 years I started because I take pain pills for bad headaches. And the doctor just took them away . I have been clean for 15 years I get 14 take outs and could get the month but I don't want to.

I till you I think it's very unfair that you can't get more then 28 take outs when you leave the country! I don't understand how your showing the patitent he's doing the right thing when he can't even get more then he's worked up to over the years" I thought since I've done so good so long I would be able to go out of country and bring my family back home from Philippines! I'm leaving in Dec and want to be there for a couple of months so I can finish work on her mom and dads house I feel like I deserve this! I'm a good person I do all the right things I pay I just feel its wrong and it should be changed! You pay 2700 hundred to fly around the would . You want to spend time there!! it's not like going to a different state where you can just goto a treatment place in a different state you can't do that there cause they don't have it there it's Againest the law really. I'm just want 45 take outs. Oh and I was at 125 mg I'm down to 70 now. It's so wrong?!!

DezTroy on November 08, 2014:

Our Michigan clinic, has a no benzo policy, I've taken them in the past but no longer do I get that taking xanax with met can cause death when taken in excess, the thing that bothers me is some people can have seazers if they don't take them, witch I think can be just as deadly also people with bad anxiety need these type of medications do you all think it is right for a clinic to not allow prescribed meds like that?

StephLG82 on April 15, 2014:

In CT you can get up to 2 weeks worth of bottles if you have private insurance or pay out of pocket(they just changed it, everyone was able to earn 30 days worth previously) . If you have state insurance, you can only get up to a weeks worth. You just have to have clean urines and go to a group once a month and you get a bottle every 30 days. If you test pos to

Hey take away 1 bottle for 30 days. They don't test for pot here but they do have you on a breathalyzer for the first 30 days and if they suspect you of being drunk or drinking they will give you a breathalyzer and take your bottles if you come up pos. Hope it helped

Deadeye95 on January 24, 2014:

My clinic has a max takehome limit of 13 doses regardless of number of years. I have been a patient/client here for almost 10 years with no, NONE dirty drug screens, never missed an appointment, counselor session, group, doctors appointment or any other rule violation. NEVER, in ten years. Then last week my asshole counselor calls and says because they "are worried about my health, mainly blood pressure" they are cutting my takehomes down to 6. I exploded. WTF has BP got to do with takehomes.. I am not only going to ask for my six to restored but to have thirty doses as federal regulations allow. Nothing in my state (NC) rules prohibits the clinic from giving me thirty. I have been quiet while they jacked me around for the past six months on other issues but this time they went too far. This clinic is all about money and nothing else. I have 14 other clients who are willing to go to the state board with me to testify as to the attitude in this clinic towards patients. We are treated like inmates. It all started within the past year after a new "director" was installed. She not only has pissed off most of the clients but many staff members, some of whom have left. Stay tuned for more.............

Jay on January 18, 2014:

It's funny how people think u can't smoke pot and being methadone matinence and get take homes I have 6 and smoke pot daily and my counselor knows I smoke pot and I live in Cali ...they don't test for pot

somebody 2 on March 25, 2013:

@ confused..please stay away from that horrible stuff! trust me you will not want your child on it! my husband has been on it for 8yrs and does not want off. its just another drug for them is all it is! im so sick of the one he goes too! this is the 3rd or 4th time they have over charged him which is over a $100. they do not care about them but only the money. please do not let your child go there. let your child sweat it out or try to come off what they are already doin slowly.

confused on February 03, 2013:

How long does it take to get off of methadone after you have started it to get off of other drugs. It sounds like you just switch from an illegal drug to a legal drug and continue on the methadone for as long as you want. Is there any hope for my child who goes to a methadone clinic to really be drug free?

Michael DuPont on December 04, 2012:

In Massachusetts Habit Opco does not have a medical doctor and uses a psychiatrist who has only written three papers on Herpies sexually transmitted diseases, so because this shrink Doctor Lukonis doesn't actively practice medicine he made up an unwritten policy requiring every client's medical doctor fill out a six question opinion form on the regular everyday meds the client gets saying they will not cause a problem with methadone, thereby limiting Lukonis' liability if he screws up overdosing some kid. All take home meds are denied until the personal doctor fills out the form, but Habit Opco FAX's it with a letter not addressed to the doctor and not containing the client's name, and also not requesting the perxonal doctor to fill out the form FAX'd with it that probably goes into trask basket. The forms are not sent until way after 60 day elligibility for first take home, and for seven months my doctors have not reqsponded (probably because my counselor used wrong FAX number for two out of three of them) and Habit Opco refuses to do anything while Lukonis says I shall never get take home medication and he shall never correct the flaws in his system that previously denied first take home for a year to a couple of kids in my group who had clean urines and met all requirements, only because their counselor had no prior training and not even a counseling certificate for the job they gave him (which amounted to holding bs session for one hour and fifteen minted out of one hour and tweny minute group when he passed out a single piece of paper saying what we were supposed to be discussing that day (mind you never mentioning anything concerning drug rehabilitation in groups at all). The Program Manager Edied to me falsely claiming take home requests were all processed within 15 or 16 days, but my counselor let me in on the paper trick that Habit Opco uses a new updated date every month upon resubmission of a take home form so SAMSA would only see the false and misleading statistics and not the real delay of 2,4, 6 or more months processing the original take home request. Ed also claimed they get pain the same money for take home doses at getting a dose in person (which is $10.17) but the only regulations I could find said take homes were for $2.15 payment, obviously because there is less work for nurse who already pulled up computer file, checked records and dosed you once in person) so Habit Opco might be making an extra eight dollars per week for every take home dose they delay or deny x more than a thousand clients, comes to four hundred dollars per year per patient times more than a thousand patient amounts to at least four hundred thousand dollars a year if Habit Opco can delay take home doses for a year which is a nice piece of change for Doctor Lukonis and his take home unwritten policy to split with his partners in that for profit organization. If anyone reading this knows whether take home doses are paid at a lower rate by state insurance, please let me know, Mike DuPont and since I am working to force positive change, anyone who needs free legal assistance to sue your methadone program and get the real fact in discovery, just email me anytime.

marina, tucson AZ on August 29, 2012:

If being methadone keeps me off the streets, gives me a place to live, gives me my child back and keeps me from prostitution, ill stay on it for log. Methadone saved my life, truly.

deb on July 17, 2012:

KENTUCKY- u must go to ashland... they are stuck on the "5 days after 2 years" thing, but pikeville gives a MONTH.. check with pikeville

Jeanne on July 05, 2012:

I've been on methadone for about 10 yrs, I'm from CT. I'm on 75mg. Here the most you get is 13 bottles take home, but the law has changed for CT, now you can only get 6 take home bottles,i worked hard to get to that level, it feels like i took a step back. I've been coming down for the past year from 90 mg. I'm taking my time to detox, my husband is doing the same, we would like too nice out of CT but are stuck here for now, I did a study at Yale for suboxone before it came out, it is an amazing day hopefully will be off methadone.

connie on June 18, 2012:

i have been on methodone since 2004 when i was diagnosed with cancer and the morphine was to much for me to take. in florida they make their own rules i can only get 2 take home at a time so i have to go to clinic 4 times a week and i have been at this clinic since 2007. when i get kemo i miss going to the clinic and they tell me they are going to take all my takehomes if i keep missing. i cannot get a doctor to prescribe it for me. So, i am stuck. alot of you have it much better than some of us and yet you still complain.

cori on June 12, 2012:

LOL Opiate or OPIOID, same thing pretty much. YES, morons, they are chemically different, their effect however is not that different at all. Claiming it is tells me you're in denial. Im on MMT for a year now, and Im not pathetic enough to act like or tell anyone Im "drug free". Im not, and neither are you. Its a replacement. It eliminates the "addictive behavior associated with illegal drug addiction and replaces it with physical dependence" which we all had beforehand anyway. The only difference is we do it legally now.

anne on May 30, 2012:

THS has taken my holiday and sunday carries away for a prescription violation. they also dropped my dose down 25 mgs. They have done this to everyone who did not register thei r percsriptions. How is this healthy? I am in a continual state of whithdrawl,

Mark on May 12, 2012:

Methadone is not an opiate. It is synthetic. It does not register as an opiate on drug tests that test for opiates. Do your research people before you argue with someone about a topic you know nothing about. Yes it has the same effects as opiates but it is not a true opiate.

Barbie on May 03, 2012:

As many proposing here on methadone should ask there doctors methadone is NOT. A opiate it a pain kill and control substance but not a opiate. God I love no it all's that don't no shit. Good for u girl u being doing what u need so yes u r clean don't listen to any of them u did great hope u can get off it one day I get my wk and will have after wks after two yrs

Suffering-free-Sandy on May 01, 2012:

I have been on methadone for the past 4 years now. My life has gone from bad , not being able to see my kids , and practicly living on the streets to seeing my kids when ever I want , having a home , job, friends that aren't just drug friends , and havig a real life again , after being on opiates for over 10 years , so I praise anyone on methadone It saved my life !!!!!

Rebekka Smith on April 18, 2012:

I live in Queensland Australia and they don't give u more than 4 Takeaways a week regardless of how clean your urine tests are. I pay $21 a week for 4 dosings/3 takeaways at a chemists/drugstore. This year I have been on methadone for 14yrs and let me tell you I never thought I would be on it for this long. Everytime I start reducing down I get pregnant & have to go up again. I just threw up my dose 20 mins after having it and was told that I cant be redosed till tomorrow. Even tho Im 7 months pregnant and have a perfect urine test record. So by the sounds of it no matter what you do or how clean u are u will always be classed in the "drugo" basket!!

Tonya on April 06, 2012:

And Tim way to try to make someone feel like crap she has been free from opiates because methadone IS NOT a opiate it is a OPIOD get your info straight before you bash someone for being sober!!! Great job epifanny for being OPIATE free for 7 years and getting yourself of methadone you should be proud of yourself for doing that and don't listen to losers who try and make you feel like crap!!!

Meloddic on March 25, 2012:

I have been on methadone for 2 and a half weeks now, Im at 50mg (btw I live in Ontario,Canada) I am still using, because 50 isn't doing much, my tolerance to opiate is super high, since i have been using hydromorphone contin (10-12\12mg pills IV'd every morning and night) + Fentanyl Patches (1-2\25mg a day sucking on them) for 6 years (started IV'ing 1 year ago)I was clean for 17 days on March 24th, but on the 23rd I ended up in hospital because I slit my wrists because I couldn't deal with the Withdrawls anymore. I have tried every way possible to get off of the opiates (I am 24 yrs old). Hospital did nothing to help me, and becuz of being an addict didn't even give me ANYTHING, not even tylenol for my rists, I ended up with 1 stitches in each and they almost had to do surgery to repair my nerves and tendons.I hve nofeeling in my 3 fingers now either. The cuts were 2 and a half inches deep almost 3 inches the nurse said if I went any deeper I could have lost movement in all my fingers, and that I would have been looking orward to a lot of surgeries, without any pain meds because they would not give me anything that is a narcotic for my pain,because of my addiction. I thought that was ridiculous. Yeah I kno I did this to myself, but seriously, they would give pain meds to anyone who cme in there needin stitches that bad, I could have lid and said Icut them openon glass or w/e but because I was honest,I got screwed! The pain was horrible for the next month. So now Im worried, what if in the future I hurt my back, or have hurniated discs like my mom becuse she has back probles badly, or Iget MS like my sis has. I just wont be allowed any pain meds formy legitamate pain???Is this true???

Since I am newly on Methadone,I am unsure of what dose will probably work for me, i don't even know what the limit for methadone is. No one has told me. I just want my life back. I am only taking 1-3 12mg pills in the morning and at night now, which is a lot better than 10-12 instead.I am pretty proud, and have my whole family supporting me which is great, I don't live on the street, never have, an never willhave to. I am superthankful for that. So I am a chubby drug user and don't look like your typical addict because I am a voluptuous female addict, that wears new clean clothes and has a lot of expensive accessories, and handbags. A ton of Hats, from NBA new eras to snap backs and fedoras. I love style and dressing up I am a hip-hop gangsta chick at heart, and even have it tatooed on the back of my neck. Maybe that's why I get weird looks when I go 2 times a week for my appointments for my prescriptions and im in the waitingroom with 30 other people who i swear just stare at me, either thinking how is she fat and an iv user. Well its because I live at home and have A LOT of food to eat thatfree. Im not bragging at all sorry if it sounds like that . Just giving you an idea of my life and experience with methadone. Now that i am on 50mg my dr sid it will only go up by 5mg 1ce a week now, instead of 2wice a week. WHY??? I just want to get to my proper stable dose ASAP! Grrr! Anyway god luck everyone who is on it, it has saved my life so far. I would use Suboxone/Subutex if they had it here in Canada but they don't.

~MelODDic~ xXxEZxXx

John on February 27, 2012:

At zingy selbin - your wrong someone has died from withdrawal. you can watch the doucumentry on YouTube, it's called Ben : diary of a heroin addict. This guy Ben from the UK has been hooked shooting H for many many years and he actually video taped a lot of his use threw out what would be the last six months of his life. The video shows him using everyday, and his family knows, it's very sad. At the end, Ben has decided to go into treatment. 2 days into treatment he dies from his withdrawals in detox. Had a brain hemorrhage.

John on February 26, 2012:

Mike - If you piss dirty at the clinic the first day in, on opiates, you will be excepted into the program. That first time piss test they will not care what's in you. (must have opiate) you will leave with your first daily dose on the first visit. ( typically you should call ahead make appt. because new arrival are only allowed certain days. Depends where you live.) I'm in SoCal and the first month of daily's will cost 400$ the second and following months 300$. And Thc is allowed only if you have a med card for it use from another licensed medical doctor. However I believe they don't even check for Thc the following weeks ahead, and don't care about it.But that's a case by case place by place thing.

marion on February 24, 2012:

suboyex is the unigue to realy stop the heroin iam wos addictied 16years and now after 4 years with subotex iam perfect clean suboxone nobody realy helps

Mike on February 22, 2012:

How long does it take to start on methadone when u 1st go to the clinic , like will i be able to recive it the 1st day or not? also i have THC in my system will they turn me down?

Nichole on February 22, 2012:

I wanted I guess advise on the correct way to file a complaint. I have been on the methadone since July 2011 I am now down to 40 mgs and asked to just get off. I don't understand why they are allowed to treat people like garbage. I mean I have had all clean urines and earned my first bottle 90 days later and of course put in for my next and was approved how ever its been a month and a half. I go to ask about this and of course the nurse yelled at me. She is very nasty. I go to group . I pay my bill. I mean I really do follow the rules. How ever the way I'm treated and they way they don't follow thir own rules really upsets me. Are they really that untouchable?There is no one to complain to?Please advise. I am really honest there really terrible to people and its not right. I've even been late for work because of this clinic. Thanks ;)

Pharmer1 on February 19, 2012:

Hey lisa-med-dr... You might want to consider that some of your own receptors may have been affected. Not only did you misspell the second word in your comment, IE: accidently, I count five more miscues...IE: opoid, commited, yeild, thesarus and litature. Just goes to show you even a Duke medical graduate needs a spell checker. Your comment however, is compelling.

lisa-med-dr from Ashville on February 18, 2012:

I accidently found this site. I'm amazed at the incorrect info/advice given by so many. First, I'm on Methadone (and a M.D.) Yes, the DISEASE of addiction which affects all professions, economical status, gender, etc. I was born with a rare genetic bleeding disorder involving the location of malformation of certain blood vessels. Due to this disorder, if I take any meds which have the potential to cause G.I. bleeding (NSAIDS, aspirin, Coumadin, etc) I can bleed to death. Therefore, the only meds I can take for pain are Tylenol and Narcotics. After 26 major surgeries, I became addicted to the Duragesic patches. I researched Methadone thoroughly. Yes, Methadone is a synthetic opoid. The primary reason many become addicted is due to the "high" narcotics cause. After reading some of these posts ( "no" spelled "know" and "allowed" spelled "aloud") I will not discuss the chemistry and the name of the receptors narcotics affect. Suffice to say, the ONE difference Methadone has is blocking the receptors that cause the "high" feeling, while preventing withdrawal. It also was orig. produced in Germany in 1937 as a long-term pain reliever for soldiers. It wasn't until the 60's it was used to treat heroin addicts. Synthetic or Natural, it is an opiate. Many times it gets it's bad reputation because addicts mix other drugs (esp. benzoes) after they are told the dangers. This leads to many deaths, as both affect the breathing center of the brain. Rules vary from state to state. Each clinic uses a different drug test. You CAN test positive for alcohol without being drunk. Drug tests measure the "metabolites" produced after the body has broken down the alcohol. Also, the mixture CAN kill you. I know one patient died as a result of the two one month ago. As for marijuana, it is also tested. It can take a few weeks to clear the body. Different drugs clear the body based on several factors, primarily the "half-life" of the med. If Methadone is taken as prescribed, clinic rules followed, take home doses should be allowed as dictated by state guidelines. If I'm Diabetic, my pancreas has stopped producing insulin. Therefore, the insulin must be replaced. I will take insulin. Long term addiction stops the body from producing the natural endorphins. Methadone works on that aspect without producing a "high." Sometimes it can take years for the brain chemistry return to normal. Some actually become suicidal. My best friend's husband commited suicide for this reason. Until society changes it's views, Methadone is the best we have in present day. Doctors need more education to stop prescribing addicting drugs when so many new non-addicting meds. have come into the market. My sister (also a M.D.) rarely prescribes narcotics. Unless people make the choice to change, take the rec. dosage, they can begin on the road to recovery. Unless someone truly needs to be on long-term pain meds, a SLOW detox with Methadone AND professional counseling to learn better coping skills will yeild a better percentage for recovery. Before anyone yells they can't afford counseling, prob. 98% of Methadone patients smoke. Hopefully, you can tell where I'm leading. Also, there are free mental health centers in most states. As for those who seem to only educate themselves by reading a "Wiki" definition or listening to advice from other addicts without training, I challenge you to get your info. from medical journals, etc. Sadly, I've seen and listened to many patients. It seems to be a "game" to so many. But, there are some who work daily, follow the rules and lead happy normal lives. One more remark, take it as an insult if you must. It is not intended to be an insult. Your computer may have "spell check." How about adding a dictionary and thesarus? Anyone out there with better education and can prove the above incorrect with legit. litature, I'm more than willing to listen. I'm not perfect. I wrote this with only one intent - just maybe, some of the info. will help someone.

charlie on February 08, 2012:

I'm from Wisconsin and have been on methadone for 4 1/2 years and I have never had a dirty UA since I started at my clinic. I was at phase 5 with is coming to the clinic every 2 weeks. They do call backs where they call you and you have to come in the following morning with your unopened does or you lose your phase. Well my councilor called my girlfriend's cell phone which I gave him for last resort and he never called my home number and I missed the message. My girlfriend's cell was dead and when she charged it she didn't check the voice mail. Well to sum it up I missed the call back and now I have to go everyday again. I have done everything my clinic has ever asked and now because of a missed phone call I lost 4 phases and have to travel a 100 miles a day round trip. If I wasn't at 150 ml I would just quit, but by the time I could taper down I will back at once a week. This Sucks! But the program has worked. I was on 300 mg of morphine a day and pot and alcohol and anything else I could find and now I'm graduated from college and clean for over 4 years.

brandon on February 07, 2012:

can i smoke pot at the methadone clinics in flordia?? im planning on using pot to ease my withdraw i get cause im planning on getting off the shit. im so damn ready but my fiancé takes it too and were worried about leaving indiana but we don't want to pass up this opportunity to move the hell outa here. i just want to no basically if they take away phased for thc?

ziggy selbin on January 22, 2012:

No one has ever died from opiate withdrawal; that is a fact. I have been completely sober from opiates, alcohol etc for over twenty yrs_ it can be done.

There is no disputing that Methadone is a narcotic pain reliever. There is no disputing that to beat addiction is tremendously difficult_ it can be done. Opiate addicts on Methadone are at least hopefully working toward complete freedom from substances.

jt on January 19, 2012:

Ziggy facts for you maybe but for sure not everyone. If it were that easy then there would be a hole lot more peps off the sh##! speak for your self. done saved my life. I know im not the only one who is sayin that. Everyones different. You say your not judgiing but read what you have wrote you are doin just that! Judging. Who are you? Just another junky!

ziggy selbin on January 09, 2012:

Methadone for all practical purposes might as well be an opiate; it certainly acts like one. You are not clean if you are on methadone. I have nothing against those of you on it but let's face facts it is a substitution and nothing less.

Opiate addiction is so... melodramatic except that it isn't. Myself I was uncomfortable and anxious for a few days.Certainly the flu or a bad cold or infection is much worse and more dangerous in terms of health risk....there is no risk to coming off opiates other than some discomfort.

So if you all really want to be clean stop the methadone.You will find you will feel better being completely drug free. Please remember I do not judge just pointing out some facts.

GRmichigan on December 25, 2011:

Methadone is NOT an OPIATE for all u very not so smart people who don't know anything about it,look it up dumb @$$.

J Miller on December 22, 2011:

FYI, there is a great forum for questions and issues surrounding MMT. If you want to get answers to your questions that's the place to go:

J. Miller on December 17, 2011:

Jake-done03, some clinics do allow you to take the 40mg discs dry. Mine does. It's all up to the clinic and should have nothing to do with the state (there may be exceptions). Some clinics only allow dry meds for people who have a lot of takehomes.

Federal regs used to require that water was added to every dose. This is no longer the case and hasn't been for over ten years but some clinics have failed to realize that and still claim that adding water is the law. Your clinic could most likely give you dry meds if they wanted to.

donedone on December 13, 2011:

Wow, this sh*t is NOT governed

Enough! Just wait till you try to get off that garbage! 190mgs cold turkey! Heals your brain BULL it causes more brain damage! 65days TRULY opiate free!

Jake-done03 on December 07, 2011:

Hey I'm from Kenyucky and I have posted on this site before and I check it recently. I was wondering about different states and if they give actual disks 40mg not watered down, or liquid, or watered down methadose disks. I was wondering because the only option at my clinic is the watered down disks 40mg. I would just like to know if any states give the actual disks for carry outs. -Thanks

Lj0727 on December 02, 2011:

Wow I'm from Canada and I cannot believe all the rules and trouble you guys in the U.S go through to get carries. I have been on methadone now for only 10 months and I'm already at the last level, which means I have 6 take homes and only have to go to the clinic once a week. Here for every month you have clean samples you get another carry, but the maximum is 6. So within 6 months of being on the program and staying clean you can have all 6. That is the only requirment for getting carries here. Doesn't matter if you don't have a job, doesn't matter if you miss an appointment every once in a while, there is no random check ins. I cannot believe that I was reading some of you have to wait like 2 years to get that much!! Also, they don't really care here if you have traces of weed in your samples as long as you have a steady job and are generally contributing to society. Plus if say I'm going on a vacation to Europe for a month I just have to tell them and they will give me a months worth of carries to bring with me, or they will just write me a prescription for a months worth to fill when I get wherever I'm going. The girls at my clinic are generally really nice and when I go every Thursday to leave my sample and get my next 6 carries we always joke around and laugh, and if I have a complaint or need an extra carry for some reason they'll just do it, no hassles. It sounds like the U.S is a lot stricter than it is in Canada. I couldn't believe some of the insane rules I was reading. I feel bad for you guys because they made it really easy and pleasant for me to quit and going to the clinic every week isn't a hassle to me, I usually enjoy it. If it was as difficult and cold and strict here as it sounds there, I don't think I would've been so successful in getting clean as quick and easily as I did!! It's really a shame!!

nana on December 01, 2011:

I'm on Methadone been getting 27 take homes for 3years. When I went to the clinic yesterday I was told that starting in january I have to come in once a week. I was told the state law in take homes changed. I live in Md and go to an md clinic.

Done lover on November 29, 2011:

I was in a clinic for 2 1/2 years about 5 years back and did so well with staying clean. I dosed out and started back on oxy. Well 1 1/2 years ago I enter back in the methadone clinic and I'm doin great. I have had clean screens all along and I get 4 carry outs a week. My clinic here in Kentucky makes you have a job or go to school before you can get take homes. I feel that methadone has played a huge part in saving my life and I would recommend it to addicts.

Naja on November 23, 2011:

I've been at this clinic in pennsylvania for 8 years now and you have to wait 3-6 months for 1 bottle 2 years for the 2nd one and 5 years for the third. It's really crazy the shit you have to go through just to get your take homes that's why i'm detoxing!!!!

Really? on November 18, 2011:

Methadone is a synthetic opiate, meaning it's not an opiate. You people saying someone isn't opiate free because they are on methadone are pernicious twit's. That's like saying someone who eats veggie burgers a.k.a. synthetic meat, isn't a vegetarian. Let me volley that ball of idiocy you call thought process, right back at'cha.

Jefe519 on November 17, 2011:

Help. Been on done for three years, and only have three three take homes at a time. I thought I should have been up to, at least, 13 consecutive. All my test have been clean, and I have not missed one appointment.

Now I'm being told that, in order to keep my three day take home privileges I need to provide proof of employment. I can not find anywhere in the Fed. or California regulations where proof of employment is required to have take home privileges. BTW, I own three businesses, but since I do not pay myself with a typical paycheck, they are asking for some type of proof.

I have given them my federal tax I.D., letters of incorporation, and other proof. Now they are saying they need to see my personal and corporate income tax returns.

Upon registering three years ago, I filled out all the required info, including income, which is relatively substantial. Within two weeks I had a counselor and office manager ask me for a loan. I was recently involved in a corporate law suit. I was deposed by defendants attorneys, and out of the blue I was asked, "why did you increase your methadone usage from 12 to 20mgs.? NO ONE, knows I have been on MMP, let alone that I had a dependency on scrip opiates. Along with my lawyers, my dad was present at the depo. Only way they got that info was by paying someone off to access my file, because opposing lawyers also had the exact date of intake, and all dose modifications, and results of all drug tests.

On another occasion, one of the patients offered to sell me methadone in the clinic lobby. Since it was in the lobby, I was worried that the clinic was TESTING me, since one of their requirements obligates the patient to inform someone on the clinic staff if you are offered illicit drugs on the property. I informed the counselor supervisor. Two days later I was confronted by three gang member type thugs threatening me if I did not recant my statement against one of their WIVES. The woman in question solicited around a dozen other patients that day along, so a clinic employee had to breach confidentiality.

Now the same clinic is asking for my tax returns. I DON''T THINK SO.

Does anyone know if proof f employment is required for take home privileges?

Courtney P. Parsons on November 11, 2011:

kiss my a(*)( lorib. You are a moron. People like you who are normies have no idea what it is to live with a depression so severe that untreated literally leaves you catatonic. Only mind-altering drugs offer any relief. And, due to the horror of buprinorphine, even 110 of methadone a day no longer offers any solace. Bupribullcrap has razed my opioid receptors, leaving me so tolerant that when I was suffering from post-op pain even 1000 mg of morphine barely made it tolerable.

Now my clinic refuses to raise my dose above 110. I need help... has anyone else had this problem?

I also suffer from an incurable anxiety disorder and PTSD, which Methadone used to fix but again thanx to the wonders of subullxshitone no longer works.

You pontificators and self-righteous big book thumpers simply haven't lived long enough, or had enough of a variety of experiences to understand that for some maladies, only a MIND ALTERING chemical will work. When your brain is as damaged as mine, you would want it altered too.

I am tired of being the

graebear on October 28, 2011:

check out ibogaine treatment

johnmike118 on October 20, 2011:

Can anyone tell me something about oregon,washington and/or Colorado as far as how many take home doses do these states 'usually allow' if clean and following all rules . I am moving west from pa where I only get 4 take homes a week at my clinic , some 'favored' clients get more , but very few . I have two plus years of clean urines , and am handicapped with progressive medical issues but also live very close to the clinic which to some extent lessens my need for more takehome doses per visit . Thanks all , take care .

G09 on September 19, 2011:

I go to a clinic in northeast WI. They open at 5:15am m-f and 5:30am sat closed sun. The reason Im writing this is because if you work a first shift job like myself (6am start) you need to be able to get in and get out asap to get to work on time. Its first come first serve so people get there at like 3:30am and park as close to the door as possible. By the time I get there at about 4:15am there is already 5-10 vehicles there. SO...the clinic has this rule that in order for you to dose from 5:15am-6am you have to be a first shift worker. The way they verify this is by placing a stupid green dot sticker on your laminated patient ID. Anybody can go to walgreens and get a pack of round green stickers. So anyway the real problem lies within the time that the clinic unlocks the front door. As soon as they open the door its like a STAMPEDE from the parking lot. On average i would say about 25-50 patients all trying to beat each other to the door running and pushing. Its like...if someone was sitting back watching this they would be like" look at these crazy drug addicts running for their fix". But if I want to make it to work on time I have to get there no later than 415am and run right along with them. I talked to my counselor about this numerous times and she says that probably 25% of these people are legitimate 1st shift workers and they are trying to figure out any way they can to deal with the problem. Any suggestions? The clinic rule is you have to stay seated in your car until the clinic door is unlocked.

Donald23 on August 14, 2011:

Ive been going to our local methadone clinic here in Charleston, WV and it is great!! I have been going for almost 9 months and i get 6 takehomes. When I am here a year i will begin to get 13 takehomes. Just as long as I attend group meetings, have clean urine screens, and visit my counselor at least twice a month they keep moving me up for more takehomes. I am on 50mg a day and i am stable. I don't get why other states are so strict on their take homes and only allow like 6 after being there a year???

cynthia on August 02, 2011:

sorry, also...the methadone has been a lot of help with my RA! it keeps the pain down and takes the edge off of my horrible pain...... Rheumatoid Arthritis stinks, but it does help me being on the methadone...the doctors also tell me it is either the methadone or pain pills. i am trying to get off the methadone and not take anything. i was on 165mg...but i have been going down 4mg every 2 weeks and i am now at 61mg. at 20mg they will take my 13 take-homes away and give me only 6 take-homes a week. Under 20mg they want to watch you closely they said. Anyway I just wanted to give that info in case it helps. thank you all :)

cynthia on August 02, 2011:

I have been at my clinic for almost 11 years and i get 13 take-homes. I do not work, but because i have not used drugs from the day i got to my clinic, and i am extremely proud of being clean that long.The lab my clinic uses has messed me up 3 times so far with 2 false positives and one time they said i had no methadone in my system! Now this morning i get a call and what do you know....your test came up positive for morphine?!? I have one of the best records at this clinic, but the lab they are using is really horrible! They want me to come in in the AM and i am getting only 6 take-homes for a month and after i show i am clean for 2 more urine tests then i get my 13 back. I am so far past pissed off about this! I have not used from day one and their response to me was that they have to take the word of the lab. Knowing that 3 times before (they admitted themselves)was the lab's fault all 3 times! how can they use this lab, and what can I do about it? the clinic is close to my home(10min away)and i get 13 take-homes, and love the people there, but how am i going to keep dealing with a lab that is doing this to me? This is a serious problem that can not be avoided, because i feel like this....what about the other people who no doubt are coming up positive and did not use? I have time and sobriety on my side as a pretty helpful defence, but what about the others who are probably getting screwed as well? The clinic took my take-homes the last time this lab messed up, and the clinic told me after i suffered a 2 week loss of my take-homes "we are so sorry this happened to you Cindy...there is nothing we can do now that it is all over" I get that, but my feels like i am now a prisoner to this lab and at the mercy of when they mess up again! I can not even put into words how horrible it feels to stay clean and stay away from drugs, and have a lab keep pulling up false positives on you. it is horrible, and it seems like i am stuck without remedy.I also know that so many do not consider that you are "clean" if you are on methadone, but if it is used properly period,you do not get "high" the methadone repair's the receptors in your brain while filling them with a synthetic opiate that lets your receptors repair themselves,and that is far far far from a regular opiate. i do not consider methadone users to be still using!(only if they are clean and not using drugs!)Because methadone is really used to repair your brain, not used to get high(if you are using it correctly)I feel. I was 20 years old when i got sick.i have RA..the doctors were giving me 13 different was percocet. I never even knew the difference between asprin and a percocet, and the doctors never told me they are addictive..the doctors gave me 86 percocet a week for 4 whole family did not even know what a narcotic even one in my family even drank and i never did drugs growing up..i was scared to death of is funny sometimes how not knowing can be the most horrible danger around. we are all now very educated about opiates, and doctors too! i was completely ruined by that doctor, and i know that i should have been better educated about drugs, but i just turned 20 and come from a very small town where drinking was the main thing people worried about. funny i hate gross tasting stuff! anyway....the point being what can i do about this lab/my clinic? I know for a fact that i have never used in 11 how is it even possible to get a positive result? Also, i looked on a list of things that make a false positive...i have not eaten any of them and i take no medications other than the methadone.......i do take those 5-hour energy drinks.but they are all vitamins.and the clinic told me that would not cause a false positive. sorry about this being so long.i do not want to offend anyone and do not mean to sound rude if i did i am sorry.....these are just my personal opinion about methadone or about being clean. i really do need help with the drug test is so horrible to have a positive come up..and you have not used in over 10 years. my clinic tests for drugs and for methadone i guess to be sure you are taking the methadone. thank you very much, and any help is kind :) good luck with your recovery :)

Jessica on August 01, 2011:

TO JACKIE, I know at my clinc when someone loses there take homes we are intitled to a meeting with a superiour to contest our problem. everyone makes an honest mistake. They should of looked at your track record and saw how good you were doing and gave you a second chance. You have a problem that your in a lot of pain at times. That's not right. I feel bad for you

little J on August 01, 2011:

In response to JAY. At one of the clinics in Ct, we can smoke pot. They don't check for THC in there DRUG TESTS. They are only concerned about opiates and benzos. SO as long as your clean with that your good. A lot of people smoke pot here. There are some clinic in Ct that don't allow you to smoke weed. They wont give you take homes if you test with THC. I wont say the name of the clinc I go to in CT but it allows weed. I couldn't believe it when I first heard about that. I thought a Drug is a Drug.

KC1980 on July 09, 2011:

Hi I've been on Methadone maintenance since October 2009. I have been totally clean of everything except Methadone since November 2009. I live in MA and the take home limit at my clinic is 13. 45 days after you have been clean of all drugs and have provided a clean urine,you are allowed your first take home. Every 90 days thereafter you get another one, as long as all your urines are clean. What they do is as soon as you get to the 6th take home, you automatically get 13 and go to the clinic twice a month to pick up your doses. They can call you at any time to do a urine or bottle count. Since I have been there I never got a call for either. I had my take homes taken away for a week a year ago, because I got into a car accident and got hurt pretty bad. I ended up going to see a parade with my two boys, and from standing up for so long my lower back felt like it was on fire, due to my injury and I ended up taking a Tylenol 3 which has codeine. I had a random urine the following day. I didn't know the codeine would come up as an opiate, and it did. It was an honest mistake, so they retested my urine the following morning and did verify that it was codeine and my counselor got me my take homes back. When you do have them, and they get taken away it sucks, and in my case I need them for work because on the weekends my clinic opens at 7am and that's the time I have to be at work. I'm in the process of coming down on my dose. Every week I come down 2mg, and so far so good. The highest dose I was on was 111mg, and currently I am on 57. As soon as I get to 51mg I will stay there for a few weeks so my body can catch up to the lowering of the dose. If all goes well I can make a dose evaluation and continue my detoxing of 2mg every week until I finish. Honestly before the methadone I was sniffing about 5 - 6 grams of dope a day, and always knocked the done and did suboxone, which did absolutely nothing for me. I'd take a half at 7am and about 4 hours later I was sniffing up a gram and getting high. Methadone saved me. Since being on it I've finally remembered what life is really supposed to be like. People say ur still on opiate, but I see it like this. A diabetic needs their insulin, just like i take my methadone. Just one day I will not be on it anymore and will be clean of everything and just enjoy life!!!

Jackie on July 05, 2011:

I lost my 6 take homes becuz I had one positive urine in 3 years of going to this clinic. Prior to that I never had positive urines..always attended my counselling sessions...never missed dosing...always checked in my medications every month and met with the doctor when they made the appt. for me. Now Just becuz I had a Fibromyalgia Flare Up I took ONE Vicodin to help ease the pain and it showed in my urine. I lost take homes for 30 days..fine. But my counsellor said I would have to "EARN BACK" ALL 6 take homes!! That would be 1 take home every 3 months for a total of 18months. I feel this is a very harsh punishment (if u will). I'll take the 30 days but the "EARNING" all 6 take homes back is VERY VERY Questionable!! And unfair! I'm very upset. Now it's summer time and i also have a 3 and a half yr. old daughter. I cannot afford the gas either. I am disabled and on a measly SSDI check! No compassion from my counsellor. I know I messed up but I didn't want to go to the hospital AGAIN for my fibro flare up and wait 10 hours before they give me something to help with the pain. I feel trapped. I feel depressed even more so now. There is no way out of this. I can ask my primary care doc if he would prescribe the pills but I doubt he would do it. I was going to begin detoxing next week also.

What can I do? I'm so lost. Thanks for reading.

mike on June 03, 2011:

I live in eastern carolina and I am going on 2 years opiate free. Thankful to have a clinic 30 miles away that I now visit once a week and have 6 take homes now. Along with that I must attend 2 sessions, 1 doctor visit and a session with councelor each month. I never was so serious about my recovery or have had any interest in recovering until I found out about methadone. It has worked well and I also must work too to stay clean each and everyday. Its easy to fall off the ship, but as long as you have the desire to work your program everything will fall into place in your life.

Ryan on May 11, 2011:

an opiate is a substance derived from the opium plant. Since methadone is not made from opium it is therefore not an opiate. What it is though is a synthetic opioid. I know it sounds alike but it is a lot different. Oh and most likely morphine maintenance is not available due to the high production cost associated with opiates.

jojo on May 03, 2011:

Sorry my previous comments were cut off, probably by myself. Anyway, Usually in the UK if you have a letter from your dr you can pay a private dr to get your scrip. TY for a lot of info I was not aware of.

Jojo on May 03, 2011:

Thank you all, even those who don't know because they posted long ago - I am in California, been on done and testing free for 8 years. I have 2 wk take homes (supposedly only given because I was originally referred by my oncologist). I am going to Europe, a long-held dream - next spring and have been stressing on how to get my methadone over there, as I want to be there long enough to do things and see a lot (app. 5-6 wks). Now I know I really AM eligible for 1-month take-homes, and would only have to worry about dosing probably once in the UK, which is the easiest of the European countries to get a dr to give y

Jonnyboy13 on April 30, 2011:

I have been a client for over 16 years. My dose is 120 and stable. I have had no failed urine screens for 15 years, have not lost any meds, no AWOLs, basically perfect record. Also I have no criminal history. I've had take-homes for 14-plus years. Recently I was accused of threatening by a person I had let move in as a roommate without properly checking his background. I later found out he has a long criminal history and is a professional con-artist. He paid no rent and after 3 months I was close to getting him evicted, so he made a false claim, which got him two more months use of my home while I had to stay in a motel. Everyone involved realizes what he did, but the clinic says I cannot have my takehomes back til the legal issue is over. I'll be found innocent, but it may take months. The clinic doctor said he has no option to restore my takehomes due to the Fed. I don't see where that is true. Any help???

Jess127 on April 11, 2011:

jade.. Just be honest with the dr. tell him that 70 mg just isn't enough for you he is there to get you on a stable dose so even if he starts you lower which I doubt but if that's the case you wil be starting out going there daily and it shudnt be a problem going up pretty quickly id say about 10 mg each time u talk to him. Goodluck to you methadone saved my life.

missjade on April 10, 2011:

i have been on 400mg's of percocet a day. after being run over by a car i was placed on 6 eigh mg suboxone a day for pain and so i would not have to be on so many opiates for pain ( i have RSD a chronic pain disorder) i have been taking methadone for 2 weeks at 70 mg it is not enough however i can not afford any more ( i buy of street) i called a methadone clinic they just told me to come in. arent they supposed to give me an appointment> since i have been on 70 mg and that don't work can someone tell me what to expect at my visit. will they supply immediate methadone? i really want to get help. i have 3 kids and after much research and many attemps at trying to get clean i am ready. any info on the first day at the clinic will be great thanks~~~jade

Dr. John Doe on April 02, 2011:

This post is for__Sam- 6 weeks ago.

Your the one that needs to get your facts straight.


Methadone is still an opiate ! Reading your post,

you come across as a person who tries to split hairs.

I suggest you and the other person who questioned whether

Methadone is an opiate, do your homework.

ScottieBoy80 on March 28, 2011:

What the hell does it matter if methadone is an opiate or not??? If it helps you, use it. It still gets you high, just like any opiate would.

dwayne on March 04, 2011:

I took a drug test on feb 17th at my clinic.On march 4th they tell me the test on feb 17th came back positive for thc.They took me down one level.Then they said to get clean and pass the next two drug test and I would get my level back.They asked if I could pass a drug screen that day I said I didn't know cause its only been two weeks since I last smoked.(I last smoked on Feb 16th).But they test me any way and if it comes back positive I go all the way back to level 1.I feel like they should have gave me a chance to get clean first.Pot can take up to a month to leave your system.If I do fail could I dispute it.I been going to clinic for two years this is the first test I have failed.I had a bad tooth ache and smoked a joint to try and ease the pain.Cause methadone does nothing for pain or at least it doesn't for me.

louisem7642 on February 19, 2011:

Am from aberdeen in scotland and i think its terrible the way these doctors behave, am on 18mls of methadone bt i started on 45mls and my doctor is only to happy for me to start reducing and come off methadone. I go to the doctor once a month and go the the chemist everyweek, i give a pee sample every month. These doctors in america just want u to stay on it and only care bout the money nt the patients and thts just wrong. I feel bad for all u ppl who have to deal with this. U suld move to europe, where the doctors will help u and care bout u the patient nt just dollar signs.

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