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Mental Health Is Way More Important Than Physical Health

Mental illness is a taboo in our society for a very long time and no one wants to take it seriously or want to talk about it. Most of the time, people mock and make fun of the people who are suffering from any kind of Mental Disorder.

Where on the other hand, Physical illness or disability is taken way more seriously than Mental illness. People will show sympathy and more concerned if they see someone with a physical disability. But we need to understand that about 90% of the physical disabilities are because of our Mental Health.

Mental disorders are becoming more common day by day. There's nothing that can stop that. According to the conducted survey by WHO, it is found that every 1 in 5 people suffered from severe mental disorders.


Mental illness or mental disorders are the rapid changes in emotions, behavior, and way of thinking. It doesn't affect people based on their ethnicity, status, or skin color they can occur at any age, to any gender.

Nowadays we've normalized living with few things like:

  • Without peace of mind
  • With the constant fear of not living a luxury life
  • Depression
  • Feeling hopeless whether it's about financial status or problems related to personal life.

Because today, we see these things in each and every person so we think it's normal to have these symptoms. I agree it's a human nature to feel these things but, when living with constant fear or depression becomes a part of your life that's where you know there's something wrong with your mental health and you need to get serious about it.

Relationship Between Physical And Mental Health:

Physical Health or disabilities affects your way of looking but, your Mental Health affects your way of living. Many people have been seen with physical disabilities but, living a happy life with peace of mind… similarly, there are a lot of people who are physically fit but, they lack mental peace which affects their both social and personal life badly.

No doubt that being physically fit is one of the greatest gifts from God that a human being can ever have but, at the same time being mentally healthy is as important in fact, more important because it affects both your mind as well as your body.

Causes Of Mental illness:

Many symptoms and causes of mental disorders are still undiscovered but, there can be a lot of causes of Mental illness some major of them are as follow:

  • Genetics
  • Substance Abuse
  • Trauma

1) Genetics:

A person with mental disorders may have genetic roots, these disorders tend to run in families. However, they do not follow the typical pattern of inheritance.

Many disorders are caused by multifactorial inheritance; it is a mixture of environmental factors and multiple genetics.

2) Substance Abuse:

It can be simply defined as the over and harmful use of any substance that can be alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Mental disorders that are caused by substance abuse are termed as "Substance abuse mental disorders".

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3) Trauma:

Any traumatic event in the past or witnessing abuse, violence can lead to serious mental illness. Furthermore, it can leave a great impact on a person's life for no good. Disorders caused by any kind of trauma are mostly found in young children and stays with them for a lifetime if not treated on time.

There could be many reasons for that example: A child might be abused at a very young age, he/she may have neglected in childhood, financial issues, family problems, etc.

Some Common Mental Disorders:

There have been classified 250+ types of mental disorders. They can be with you from childhood, sometimes a person who suffers from any kind of disorder has no idea about what's wrong with him/her.

Mental disorders can affect your relationships, job, your social life in short it prevents you from living a normal life.

Here is the list of some mental disorders that are common these days even in children too and should not be taken lightly.

1) Depression/Anxiety Disorders:

It is one of the most common types of mental disorders and according to one of the American reports about 265 million people suffer from Depression/ Anxiety (of age about 18 to older adults).

The constant pressure of this society on us of doing well and always be number one can develop this disorder. Its symptoms may not look strict at the start but if not treated on time they can get worse from time to time.

2) Schizophrenia:

Schizophrenia is a most common thought disorder, causes of this disorder are still yet to be discovered. Many people linked this to "multiple personality" or "split personality" disorder. This disorder can occur because of any traumatic event in the past, witnessed as a child, or may have been a victim of it.

A person who suffers from Schizophrenia faces symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, and seeing unreal things. These people are unable to show their emotions completely.

They kind of live in their own world of imagination and false perceptions, if a person who suffers from this condition not treated on time then he/she can be a great threat for themselves as well as for others.


3) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD):

A person washing hands in every 10 minutes because of fear of being contaminated by germs or cleaning his/her room even when it's clean… that's what came in your mind when you heard OCD? Well... it's a lot more than that.

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder which kind of forces you to perform unwanted and stupid things repeatedly. Now, it's a human nature to double-check if your home door is locked or not, appliances are switched off or not.

But, if you're checking or doing these things again and again and still not confirmed whether you closed the door or turned off the switch, that's where things get worse and you need to consult a psychiatrist.

Symptoms of this disorder probably start showing up from childhood but 95% of the time it's not taken seriously and the person starts growing up thinking that whatever he's doing is normal. OCD is a curable disorder if the patient is treated on time otherwise, it can take time probably years to get cured.


For over the past decade's Mental health is extremely underrated and sometimes it is considered a shame to go to psychiatrists for check-up. A common person lacks basic knowledge of Mental Health which is very wrong and can be dangerous.

The reason why Mental Health is called more important than Physical Health is that a human being's whole body is dependent on their mind if your mind is healthy you are Healthy but, if you are mentally sick than your body will become eventually sick too.

There can be a lot of things that you can do to gain mental peace or to stay mentally healthy l prefer these:

  • Meditation
  • Daily revise positive Affirmations

As you are concerned about your Physical Health and goes to a doctor once in a month, start concerning about your Mental Health too and visit a psychiatrist if you observe any unusual changes in your behavior.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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