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Menox Carospeed Hand Controls with Installation and Price Info

Menox Driving Hand Controls

The Single Menox Hand Control

The Single Menox Hand Control

Menox Carospeed Hand Controls Review

The disabled driving control by Menox is one of the best assistive aids around, and in this section I’m going to review how it compares to its rivals. Please note that this is purely a product comparison and I’ll move onto the installation and costs involved below.

Now if you’re reading this I’ll assume you already know a fair bit about hand controls so I won’t go over the basics of what it can do.

Just remember that my in-depth information is on my Menox hand controls page on my disabled driving equipment website.

Ok so let’s get started.

One thing which separates this from its competitors right away are the in-built secondary car function control buttons which are placed onto the handle at the top of the lever.

From here you can both operate its push pull driving system, pushing to brake and pulling back (gently in both cases) to accelerate. It utilizes mechanical linkage so the amount of effort required for both actions is smaller than most of its non-mechanized competitors.

As well as being able to use the car’s pedals from the handle you can operate functions such as the turn signals, radio, lights and around a dozen other functions.

  • This allows complete control of every aspect of the vehicle aside from steering which you have your other hand for.

These programs are programmable (and re-programmable) so you can pick those which suit your personal preferences and physical condition.

It’s worth pointing out at this point that unlike its competitors which produce dozens of different models (sometimes very similar such as MPD) Menox only has a single model.

The placement of the lever, its angle and finally the aesthetic appearance are all highly customizable but you’ll have to read my full page which I’ve linked above.

Ultimately it’s a great product and similar to Viegel in many ways, but superior to MPS Monarch, Drive Master (although everyone’s superior to them) and Mobility Products and Design too.

Two of the Most Important Websites for Portable Driving Controls

Firstly it's worth checking out the cheapest and most popular set of portable driving controls here, you can read other people's reviews before making an informed decision.

Or you can check out my own website on Portable Hand Controls if you want to find out a little bit more and see if portable or permanent are right for you.

Mechanical Linkage Technology


It Features a lot of Customization Options...


Installation of the Menox Hand Control

The installation requires permanent modifications to your car which is going to significantly lower the value of your car and be a irritating sight should you seek their removal.

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The price of installation is always including with total price for the device too because the disabled car dealership you purchase this from must have it installed by a mechanic trained specifically to install this type of equipment.

You cannot purchase this online and try to install it yourself, it requires expert knowledge and deep integration with your car’s systems.

The Cost of Buying the Menox Driving Controls

I’m not going to beat around the bush; on average you’ll be set back around 2,000-2,200 dollars for the device plus installation.

You’re not going to be able to find cheap knock offs on sale and if it’s too expensive than your best bet is to look at portable driving controls.

If you’re not interested in portable driving aids than MPS Monarch and MPD both offer cheaper (and slightly inferior) substitutes.

  • MPS Monarch’s hand controls are preferred by most people.

An image I was sent by a disabled driver


Is it the Best Handicapped Driving Control for Cars?

This is a question I’m asked but have difficulty answering because the answer will be different based on your condition which itself is different from person to person.

In some ways it probably is the ‘best’ because of its secondary button functionality, customization options and easy usage.

On the other hand it’s certainly not the best compromise between price and functionality and it’s very much a premium product.

If you have the money to spend go ahead and buy this and enjoy a relaxing driving experience, perhaps watch some videos on YouTube first to get a feel for it (there are several online).

But just remember that unless you have specialized condition this won’t necessarily make driving much safer and the extra money you’ll be spending is going on style and comfort as opposed to necessity and safety.

What hand controls do I recommend?

I personally recommend portable hand controls for the casual driver who has a low budget – they cost around 300 dollars or perhaps even less.

I recommend MPS Monarch or MPD for permanent installations which offer extra functionality – these are around 600-800 dollars.

For comfort or those with conditions which require extra assistance then I recommend Menox, Veigel and GuidoSimplex.

  • Read my other hub to find out more about hand controls and driving equipment.

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Hamzah on February 08, 2017:

I need the Menox as soon as possible. Please email me at

Thank you.

potentialvictim on February 18, 2015:

Who does any safety testing of these hand controls? Can't find any for these or those electronic deals. DOT did significant safety testing on manual and portables, but I can't find anything on the floor models or the electronic ones. Any back up safeties on the electronics if they fail or is it lights out?

yasir on September 22, 2012:

sir i want Carospeed Menox in pakistan plz infoam price to my email id plz reply as soon as posibile

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