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Melodies of Nature — Essential For Improving Mental Health


I decided to go for a walk the other day, as Autumn is my favorite time of year. Something about me is that I always listen to music on my walks. However, on this occasion, my music suddenly stopped playing. As I fiddled with my earphones, the luring sound of the wind and subtle crunches of leaves under my feet stole my attention. It didn’t take long before I got absorbed into the natural world, feeling the sun on my skin and hearing the birds sing their tunes. It took that moment to realize I felt more at peace listening to nature’s melodies than I ever did listening to my music.

Unfortunately, many today lack inner peace due to mental health issues associated with anxiety, depression, and much more. To them, the inside of a doctor’s office is not unfamiliar. However, there is a helper that often goes unnoticed by one suffering from uneasy mental health. That helper comes in the form of the natural world!

What The Facts Show

While many may scoff at the idea of using the nature around us as a form of medication for mental health, the facts tell a different story. In a study by Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Science, a variety of natural-sound recordings were used on participants to measure the effects it had on their overall mood. Notice this quote:

“The recordings were played for participants in lab settings in 11 countries. The most significant outcome linked to the recordings was decreased stress and annoyance. Many participants also reported decreased pain and improved mood, and they performed better on cognitive tests.

Though many other studies show that being in nature is good for health and well-being, this review more specifically points to the benefit of natural sounds…”

These results are not surprising. Many studies make it clear that the sounds of nature can have a positive and healthy effect on those who listen to it. While you may frequently be in and out of doctor’s offices, it can be comforting to know that you can make your own “doctor’s office’’ outdoors!


How To Fully Benefit From The Melodies of Nature

Just as you can’t benefit from a song without listening to it, you cannot fully benefit from the sounds of nature without putting yourself out there. It is vital that you take the initiative to find time to go outdoors and experience the many sounds it holds; thunder, rain, chirping birds, and so much more.

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Talking about connectedness to nature, notice this quote from Mental Health Foundation:

“There are ways that we can develop our connectedness with nature. Activities that involve the senses can help to develop our connection with the natural world, as can activities where we feel emotions such as compassion, perceive beauty or find meaning in nature.”

Do you have activities that you enjoy doing outdoors? Things such as gardening, hiking, walking, or watching the sunset? The truth is you will never be able to experience the help nature offers to your mentality unless you allow yourself to be absorbed by the natural world. The decision is yours to make. So the next time you decide to go for a walk, take off your earphones and turn off your music. Let the tunes of the birds and soothing howls of the wind create their own song, a song of mental peace and tranquility.

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