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Using Melia Azedarach Meliaceae Tree to treat Measles


My son of 3.5 years was recently attacked by Measles. It started as small rashes on his back and being that he is allergic, I thought the rashes would end as all the others have in the past. The following day the rashes had spread and covered almost the whole of his body, he had high temperatures, foul smell from the mouth, they were itchy and he kept on crying asking for help on itchy areas.

Since it was dark in the house, I took him outside to examine the affected areas. This attracted my neighbor who wanted to know what was wrong with the kid. She was a bit elderly and experienced having raised many kids.

Like an expert, she held him on her laps, looked at the rashes, opened his mouth and drew her nose closer and felt his temperature using her palm.

Her diagnosis was that the kid had an onset of measles and was hesitant when I requested her to help me dress the kid as I prepare to take him to the hospital.

Suddenly, she reached a nearby tree where we usually rest on a sunny day, plucked a few leaves from the tree and split the leaves into three bunches; gave me the first bunch to boil, another one to crush and dip in his bathing water and the last one to mix with petroleum jelly that he normally uses.

Gave her the benefit of doubt though restless about the idea considering the number of patients who had succumbed to illnesses that would have been better handled in hospitals.

She bathed the kid rubbing his body with the pound leaves in the water then applied the jelly mixed with the pound leaves as the last bunch was boiling.

I poured around twenty (20) milliliters and tested to confirm if it was cool enough. We then administered it and put the kid to rest on the bed.

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In around 20 minutes the fever had reduced though the rashes were still itchy. It was a sigh of relief when I noticed a slight change in his temperature.

After 3 hours his temperature had stabilized and he could play around with ease.

She advised me to administer the drugs for seven (7) days though at 3 days he was completely ok and back to normal health.

This is a personal experience. I am tempted to advise anyone to use it but also understand that reaction to diseases manifest differently. Probably, the chemicals from the leaves that counter Measles may be investigated and benefits made known.

From her lessons, the most common and notable symptoms for diagnosing Measles are:

  1. High temperature
  2. A sudden unusual foul smell from the mouth.
  3. Fast spreading rashes on the body.
  4. Itchy rashes
  5. Drooping eyes

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