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Meditation - An Extremally Powerful Tool

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Meditation is the only way that connects us with ourselves

Meditation is the only way that makes us feel the power of God.

Meditation is the only way that tells us why we are

Meditation is the only way that makes life easier

So when we know that in this short life if we want to understand the truth and essence of this life, then the only accurate way is meditation.

Nowadays everyone is understanding the importance of meditation, this is also true, then where is the problem?

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This article has been presented only after taking the answer to this question, where we are telling, after all, when we are not able to meditate or cannot get to that destination of meditation, then what to do which will prove to be effective.

The most important thing for meditation is concentration and control over thoughts - This is not true. Meditation never says that you should stop your thoughts, but thoughts are just a process to come and go, don't bother yourself for it.

Some helpful tips are being shared here to do meditation in the right way, try once, maybe it will work for you -

  • First of all, just relax and keep your focus on your breath, you will feel calm After calming down, relax the body and sit completely straight.
  • After this, take any one flower in your fist, close your fist, and feel that this is the flower that will merge you into meditation.
  • Whatever power you believe in, in which you have complete faith in you, keep remembering that Supreme Lord in your mind. If possible, chant a particular mantra. You should chant the mantra according to your ability. Chant the same mantra every time.
  • Many times, this happens to anyone, in the beginning, it seems that their body is moving rather lightly. As soon as you close your eyes, many thoughts will come to your mind. Don't stop those thoughts, they will automatically put your mind at ease.
  • It is difficult to sit for an hour at first by taking some time out from routine work, then you sit for the first 15 minutes and keep on increasing.
  • Always remember five elements of life are always important and they play a very important role in every stage and every step of your life. So, if you light a lamp (Diya or Jyot)in the room where you are doing meditate. One of the five elements is fire and when we meditate in front of the flame, nature also helps.

You know that meditation is useful in many ways

  • When the mind is disturbed, its dormant organs can be used.
  • One process for healing of your experience is meditation.
  • If you have a habit of forgetting then meditation is very useful for you.
  • Meditation can calm the mind of people with an angry nature.
  • Those who are not able to take decisions can also include them in their life.
  • There is no such thing as the best medicine for the prevention of heart disease.
  • Controls the restlessness of the mind.
  • Peace, strength, contentment, peace, scholarship, and fulfills all needs meditation or dhyana is the best way.

Keep Noted –

If you want, keep some flowers around at the time of meditation, sprinkle some fragrant items, and light incense sticks.

As I have mentioned that five elements of life are very important and they play a significant role in our life, so if you will meditate with any of these elements you will find a different aura around you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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