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Health & Mental Benefits of Meditation

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Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply in silence, in order to make the mind calm.


Meditation is the practice of thinking deeply in silence, in order to make the mind calm.

Meditate on what you can do and how you can benefit from meditation.

✓ The side effects of meditation are positive and innumerable Studies have shown that people who regularly meditate reduce their need for disease, stress, and rest.

✓But the most compelling reason to meditate is that the meditation process itself is excellent Meditation does not depend on the results, but the work of meditation is a pleasure for oneself, not only at the end of training, but also sends oneself to satisfaction and calm awareness during meditation training. In fact, because money is the same as the end, education has no beginning and it never ends.

✓In the modern age we are all constantly under pressure We are bombarded by invited forces such as television, noise pollution, arguments, and angry or jealous things. To counteract this excessive force of negativity and sorrow, we need a better power, united within us; And meditation connects us to this inner reservoir of clean, radiant energy that can keep us away from it.

✓ In the past, nature surrounded people in their daily routine and existence. There was no artificial sound vibration from the telephone or equipment; There was no pressure or disease due to the complexity of the urban industry There was the sound of water, the sound of the wind blowing, the beauty of the stars in the sky and the scent of the earth. Every aspect of life had a natural sense of smell, as people sowed seeds, nourished them with food, and when they saw the cycle of nature, they felt a connection with them, and now we are sitting on the artificial rather than our nature. We live in an artificially controlled climate, we collect food from fast food restaurants or stores where it is packaged in a factory. We are keeping ourselves completely away from our natural origins and our organic, life-changing trajectories that are endangered.

✓ Meditation allows us to enter an easy, convenient, portable method into that lost natural song and beautification, shutting down the world around us, leaving our bodies, and cleansing the mind of all kinds of artificial pressures that we are knowingly or unknowingly accumulating. Happiness is found in the pace of life.

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✓ Meditation costs nothing, it has no harmful side effects, and it will not add calories or cholesterol to your body. It is not an addiction like drugs and alcohol But it gives the practitioner a higher sense of well-being, often more powerful than a natural “high” than the one produced by medicine, and this element of meditation can be fully accepted for positive, healthy benefits.

✓ The human body is a complex creation, and the body naturally produces drugs in the brain that are hundreds of times more powerful than pharmaceutical narcotics. When one meditates, the body secretes secret hormones and chemicals that provide an incredible speed of true energy and happiness, and it has a wonderful side effect of meditation practice.

✓ Meditation is different for different people Some find it in place of psychotherapy or use it in many other ways Others consider it more valuable as a tool to enhance the performance and memory of the sport or work and other mental activities. Some people rely on it to help them cope with grief or injury or tragedy, and to find satisfaction and praise for the beauty of life. And there are some people who use meditation as a creative tool to inspire them in the arts. Meditation gives us more powerful and more lasting energy, sexual energy and peace of mind, as it provides a comfort that is comparable to deep, very comfortable sleep.

✓ There are countless reasons to meditate, and one way to make the world a better and more peaceful and harmonious one is to meditate, we all need to bring the mindset of meditation practice and stay away from our stressful lives for a happy life. Meditate and live a safe life.


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