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Medicinal flowers of India – health and therapeutic benefits

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Use these spices to lose weight

Indian Spices that help you lose weight, spices warm body, Bird's eye chili, Indian green chili, avoid spices in summer

Spices used in Indian dishes to lose weight. Bird's eye chili and other spices

Kashmir Saffron

Kashmir Saffron

Saffron (Kumkumapoovu or kunkumapoovu in Malayalam), the Indian secret of fairness

Saffron is considered as the beauty secret of ancient Indian women. Eating saffron flower is believed to give fairness to skin. Saffron flowers are powdered and mixed with milk for drinking. Drinking saffron added milk is considered to be good for skin. Even though saffron is expensive people buy it and use. Pregnant women who eat saffron flowers is expected to deliver a fair baby. Pregnant women in India therefore make it a practice to drink saffron added milk. Adding kukkumapoovu to milk and drinking is a practice during pregnancy. Saffron is found to have several other health benefits. Saffron is believed to bring down nervousness and anxiety problems. It is also found to be a stress-reliever. Saffron is found to be contributing to emotional health also. Saffron also has the therapeutic abilities to give strength and vitality to human body. It is also considered as a good blood purifier. What makes saffron special is its ability to improve skin color. Saffron is grown in Kashmir in India

hibiscus flower

hibiscus flower

Hibiscus (chembarathi in Malayalam) for hair and body

Hibiscus is famous for its ability to improve hair. Hibiscus when applied to hair promotes hair growth and gives black color to hair. The beautiful flower of the hibiscus plant should be rubbed against head and hair and washed off after 15 minutes. Hibiscus would cool head and promotes hair growth. Hibiscus would also prevent hair graying. Applying hibiscus regularly would ensure good health for hair. In Kerala women regularly apply hibiscus flower (chembarathi poovu) and leaves on hair. Kerala women are traditionally having long beautiful hair. Hibiscus is the secret behind the long beautiful hair of Kerala women. Hibiscus flowers are used to prepare oil that promoted hair growth. Hibiscus flowers should be cut into small pieces and boiled with oil. Boil till the flowers are cooked in oil. This oil has great medicinal value. This oil would cool head and eliminate headache. It would prevent graying and ensure hair growth. Hibiscus oil also fights off dandruff in hair. If you experience hair loss, dandruff or baldness you can try hibiscus. Hibiscus flowers should be applied on hair (paste of hibiscus flower). Hibiscus can fight skin infections also. Allying hibiscus on hair would clear off any skin infections. Rubbing hibiscus flower paste on skin infections would also be good.

A home remedy for stomach pain, diarrhoea and indigestion for adults and children

Keep nutmeg at home. The best remedy for stomach pain and diarrhoea. See how to use nutmeg for children and adults.

Nutmeg, the remedy for stomach problems in adults and children

Hibiscus leaves (chembarathi ila in Malayalam) a natural herbal homemade shampoo

Hibiscus leaves is the best natural shampoo. In Kerala women use hibiscus leaves as shampoo. As long as I lived in Kerala I used only hibiscus shampoo. I never used synthetic shampoos. Hibiscus leaves should be grind and applied on hair. This would thoroughly clean your hair. Using hibiscus shampoo also promotes hair growth.

Hibiscus for weight loss, mouth ulcer, heart problem, constipation and hypertension

Hibiscus (chembarathi chaya in malayalam) decoction helps lose weight. Regular usage is found to help shed weight. Hibiscus flowers is a home remedy for canker sores or mouth ulcers. Apply paste of hibiscus flowers on canker sores. It will be healed soon. Eating hibiscus flowers is found to be strengthening body’s circulatory system. People with high cholesterol and heart problems would be benefitted by hibiscus flowers. Boiling hibiscus flowers in water and drinking this water would be beneficial. Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C. Consuming hibiscus decoction would prevent cold and fever. Being rich with vitamin C hibiscus would boost the immune system. Drinking hibiscus decoction is found to be benefiting hypertension patients also. Hibiscus can refresh people by lessening the feeling of stress.

A cool sherbet recipe for cooling stomach

Indian herbal drink that cools body - A natural drink with medicinal properties. Forget soft drinks and artificial squash drinks. Use sarsaparilla drink

The best home made squash drink to cool body. Herbal root drink with therapeutic values

Hibiscus prevents cancer and cures constipation, bronchitis, coughs and urinary infection

Drinking decoction made of hibiscus or chembarathi is found to be preventing cancer. Hibiscus decoction aids digestion and prevents constipation. Hibiscus decoction can cure headache and ward off sore throat, cold and cough. It would also treat diarrhea and urinary tract infection. Those with bladder infections can also take hibiscus decoction as a herbal remedy. Hibiscus would cure cold by helping body expel mucus. Hibiscus decoction is also a good drink for headaches and fever. Skin infections, abscesses and skin itching would be cured by applying hibiscus. Grind hibiscus leaves or flowers and apply on boils and abscesses. It would cool the affected area and bring a relief. Hibiscus has a cooling effect that soothes skin.

This Indian herb can cool your stomach and body in summer

A wonder diet for summer - Arrowroot. Arrowroot can cure stomach heat, loose motion, stomach pain and urinary tract infection. Know how to prepare arrowroot in the below article

Arrowroot, the best food for stomach - Have arrowroot porridge in summer - Arrowroot the best food for Kids

Pandanus flower

Pandanus flower

Pandanus flower (Kattu Kaitha in Malayalam) and its therapeutic benefits

Kattu Kaitha flower or Pandanus flower has medical benefits that are not known to many of us. It is also known as Kewda plant. The flower of the plant gives out a sweet aroma that has healing effects. The oil prepared from Pandanus or Kewda is found to be having healing effect on respiratory system. It is a kind of aroma therapy. The aroma from the oil refreshes mind and soul. Put Pandanus flower in water and boil. Bathing in this water is good for treating chicken pox, skin irritations, infections and leprosy. Extract of this flower can also be added to bathing water. This would give a relief from drowsiness, headache and body ache. It is beneficial to bath with Pandanus water during fever also. It would help bring down body temperature. In South India Pandanus was used to relieving ear pain also.

For gas problem, digestion problem and diarrhoea try these remedies from kitchen

Cumin seed, fennel seed, Nigella seed and Purple fleebane, effective remedies for gastric problem

Rose flower in Kerala

Rose flower in Kerala

Rose flower (rosapoovu in Malayalam) and Rose water (panineer in Malayalam) health benefits

Rose water is famous in South India for its medicinal and religious significance. Rose water is an ingredient of several natural beauty creams. In natural method of skin enhancement rose water plays a major role. Natural herbs and other beauty improving powders and pastes are mixed with rose water to apply on skin. Natural acne remedies and face packs have rose water as the major ingredient. Rose is a symbol of purity. Even eye is washed with rose water believing that rose water is the most pure and fresh liquid. It there is an infection, redness or swelling in eyes, rose water is used to wash eyes. Rose water is believed to be having a cleaning and soothing effect on eyes. Turmeric, sandalwood powder, red sandalwood powder and other skin enhancing natural powders are mixed with rose water to apply on skin. Rose water is believed to have soothing, cleaning and nurturing effect on skin. For making cheeks rosy, rose water is mixed with rose petal paste to apply on skin. Rose water is abundantly available in Indian markets. Rose flower petal is used for skin whitening. Rose petal is found to be giving redness to skin.

Why vayambu or vasambu is given to infants in South India

The medicinal properties of Vayambu. Vayambu is given to infants in South India. Vayambu paste is mixed with honey and given to infants.

Vayambu for infant colic, gas problem and indigestion. Why infants are given paste of vayambu or vasambu

Fragrant yellow flower

Fragrant yellow flower

Fragrant yellow flowers therapeutic benefits

Fragrant yellow flowers has good effect on skin. Paste of the flowers when applied to skin would cure skin problems like leprosy, itching, skin infections. Powder of the dried flower can be preserved so that it can be mixed with water and used.

dried anise flower

dried anise flower

Aniseed flowers therapeutic benefits

Aniseed water is beneficial for teething babies. Boil aniseed flowers in water and give you children who are in the stage of teething. Aniseed water is good for stomach also.

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The wonder herb for Jaundice - Keezhar nelli

This herb in South India can heal jaundice. Using this herb would cure jaundice in few days. This is a wonderful natural remedy for jaundice. Know more in the article below

Keezhar nelli for jaundice. How keezhar nelli cures urinary infection, jaundice, kidney problems, gallbladder stones and tuberculosis?

Lotus flower in India

Lotus flower in India

Lotus flowers (thamara poovu in Malayalam) therapeutic benefits

Lotus flowers, leaves and seeds have several medicinal benefits. While you open up a lotus flower you can find seeds inside. These seeds can be eaten raw. This is believed to give strength to body. Leaves of lotus can be grind and applied on skin along with turmeric powder. Lotus leaves have excellent effects on skin.

marigold flower

marigold flower

Marigold flower (Jamanthi poovu in Malayalam) health benefits

Jamanthi flower is a traditional remedy to treat skin diseases and liver diseases. Jamanthi was an important medicine in ancient nature treatment.

Jasmine flower

Jasmine flower

Jasmine flower (mulla poovu in Malayalam) medical importance

Jasmine is a blessing for women. South Indian women are fond of jasmine flower. They adorn their hair with jasmine flower. But many of them do not know that jasmine flower when eaten would regulate their menstrual periods.

Raat ki Raani flower

Raat ki Raani flower

Raat Ki Rani flower (in hindi) Cestrum nocturnum (in English)

Cestrum nocturnum is the synonym of fragrance. Flower gives fragrance at night. This fragrance is believed to bring mental refreshment and good sleep at night. Aroma of the flowers is refreshing.

neem flower

neem flower

Neem flowers (Azadirachta indica) (aryaveppu in Malayalam)

Flowers of neem has medicinal value like neem leaves. Paste of flowers of neem can be applied to skin for skin infections, boils, insect bites and wounds. It would relieve infection and heal wounds.

Parijata flower

Parijata flower

Parijat flower for skin (Parijat or parijatam in malayala)

Parijat flower or coral jasmine is known to have good effects on skin. It can be grind and applied to skin for fairness and softness. It is also found to be relieving joint pain.

Swallow-wort flower

Swallow-wort flower

Swallow-wort or Aak (Chuvanna erik or chuvannaeruk in Malayalam)

Chuvannaerik is traditionally believed as a herb that can bring out mucus or phlegm from body. The herb also treated jaundice.


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