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The Master Cleanse - Myth or Miracle?

If you've ever been desperate to lose weight, chances are you've heard of (or tried) the Master Cleanse Diet. First conceived of by Stanley Burroughs in the mid-twentieth century, this regime for detoxification regained popularity in the early 2000s, with a book by Peter Glickman touting the health benefits and especially the alleged weight loss results of the Master Cleanse.

But does Master Cleanse work, or is it just another diet scam, part of the mass deception that comes standard with the multi-billion dollar industry?

What Does Master Cleanse Do?

The basic principle behind the Master Cleanse is a detoxification fast, drinking only a mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in specific proportions (recipe below). It's this concoction that gave rise to the popular aliases "Lemonade Diet," "Maple Syrup Diet," and "Lemon Cleanse."

The premise is that drinking this special beverage aids in ridding the body of toxins from pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals in our everyday environment, as well as clearing out built-up material in the colon. Drinking senna tea (a laxative) and performing daily salt-water flushes is also recommended.

The testimonials of die-hard Master Cleanse fans report positive results such as weight loss, increased energy, improved acne, and sharper vision. However, there is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence indicating that the Master Cleanse actually provides health benefits from detoxification.

Master Cleanse Ingredients

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup



Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

How To Do Master Cleanse

Master cleanse kits regularly sell for $50 each, sometimes over $100! For something that's supposedly so simple, that seems like a lot to shell out. The basic master cleanse lemonade recipe is as follows:

Master Cleanse Recipe

  • 8 cups filtered or distilled water
  • 3/4 cup grade B maple syrup
  • 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

Sound disgusting? It is. Now imagine drinking that entire recipe over the course of the day, with no other food, for 14 days. Feel ill yet? Lemon juice and cayenne pepper both irritate the digestive system, while maple syrup provides just enough calories so that you don't keel over. Add to that a daily dose of laxative tea and/or a salt water flush (1 tsp non-iodized sea salt in 4 cups of water), and you better be near the bathroom.

The Dangers of the Master Cleanse

Not only is this program hard to follow, and the drink hard to swallow, it is potentially dangerous as well. You are inhibiting your immune system, as well as your ability to process food.

Purposefully irritating your gastro-intestinal tract is never a good idea, but salt water flushing actually removes healthy, helpful bacteria from the lining of your colon. By engaging in this practice for an extended period of time, you are effectively wiping out one of your first lines of defense against infection and sickness.

In addition, prolonged fasting has many negative side effects, including all the symptoms that go along with malnutrition: insomnia, cravings, nausea, depressed mood, hair loss... the list goes on. Proponants of the Master Cleanse will tell you that these are signs that the toxins in your body are being eliminated, but you would experience the same symptoms on a water-only fast.

Once you start eating again, you may suffer bloating, constipation, and/or acid reflux, as your body is unused to processing food and has to re-learn how to digest it.

Like modern-day diet scammer Kevin Trudeau, creator of the Master Cleanse Stanley Burroughs was plagued by accusations and lawsuits for his entire career. One patient, whom he convinced to ignore his doctor's advice for 30 days, actually died under his care. Burroughs was convicted of second-degree felony murder and felony practicing medicine without a license.

Master Cleanse Guides

So Why The Hype?

After all of this, one might wonder why an outdated, groundless formula for a revolting spicy lemonade would enjoy such success in this day and age.

Part of the rejuvenation of this concept comes from the hubbub around colon cleansing to rid the body of so-called "mucoid plaque," which is actually a term coined by a naturopath/entrepreneur who sells, what else, colon cleanse products.

Affiliate marketing on the internet has also served to propogate many a diet myth, and this is no exception. The large number of "testimonials" for Master Cleanse speaks more to the high pay out for the person singing its praises than to its actual efficacy.

The "Lemonade Diet" got a boost from celebrity Beyonce Knowles, who used it to fit into her costumes for the film Dreamgirls. However, Beyonce herself has said she does not condone it as a diet plan, as quoted in a 2006 interview: "I wouldn't recommend it ... there are other ways to lose weight."

The fact also remains, people do lose weight on the Master Cleanse Diet. The only calories you take in on this plan are from the maple syrup in the lemonade drink, which constitutes a starvation diet. Anyone on this sort of fasting regime for more than a few days is bound to lose weight--but not permanently. Doctors agree, weight lost on this sort of crash diet will return, often with the company of a few extra pounds.

More Master Cleanse Critics

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Georgiana from London on June 27, 2017:

I stopped after 5 days, when he heart palpitations kicked in. I agree with you Maddie, I never quite felt that side effects were "proof that I was cleansing". It was so rough on my body, it didn't feel like it was working towards anything good. I've also written about my experience when I tried it in 2013: https://caloriebee.com/diets/Master-Cleanse-Diet-R...

Remona on October 22, 2014:

I have had major stomach issues since I did the Lemonade Diet, which started immediately afterwards. In addition, when I went back to GNC shortly afterwards, the premixed solution had been taken off the shelf. I would advise against this diet, personally.

Joanna on April 08, 2013:

Loving the Master Cleanse. on day 6 right now. Day one was killer, headache, nausea, vomiting. After that it's been pretty good. I'm not a big water drinker, and find it tough to drink water in between glasses of lemonade, but when I do my energy soars. I have lost 10 pounds already, going for 20-25 total for my daughters grad in June. But mostly wanted t0 do the cleanse to help with my chronic fatigue, so far so good.

As with anything that is good, cheap, easy and effective, there will always be sheeple who are brainwashed by modern medicine into believing that it's harmful, and cite "no studies" and other random BS to dissuade people from making real progress, rather than staying sick and taking hundreds of dollars worth of harmful prescription medicines with some seriously disastrous side-effects. Just remember folks, your brain is like a parachute, it works best when it's open

LadyC on February 06, 2013:

Well, interesting - all of these comments supporting the Master Cleanse. I guess I'll add mine. I'm on Day 18 of the MC and have had no ill effects. I was on two long-term meds when I started - one for migraine prevention and one for GERD. I found that I do not need them and am hoping that I will be able to stay off of them when the fast is completed. I'm going for 30 days. As others have noted below, the article posted by this author is misinformed. My experience with this fast has been really positive - I feel energetic, healthy, and have no regrets. I'm planning for a long-term eating and exercise plan, after my 30 days, and intend to repeat this cleanse later this year. Don't be scared away from trying it, if you're looking for a good detox plan - this works. Give it 10 days.

Holly on February 26, 2012:

Just noticed this article. Whether this is healthy or not Maddie, trying to convince people with your ignorant and rude attitude is not the way forward!

Wow... on February 18, 2012:

First of all Maddie, you should get over yourself; your opinion is severely biased and ignorant, and you don't even try to hide that fact. Asking one or two doctors about something like this is not accurate "research". You should've actually done real research and found people who had ACTUALLY DONE THE CLEANSE. And of course doctors are going to despise natural fasts and remedies, because they cant MAKE MONEY, and these types of remedies KEEP PEOPLE FROM

HAVING TO GO TO THE DOCTOR.. Duh.. You are just as bad as those doctors.. Making anything alternative out to be bad for no real reason.. It has never been said that fasting is not good for you. You have to do it CORRECTLY. Also, it is not marketed as anything but a CLEANSE. It's also free to do at home and the book is free. WHO is making money off that? NOBODY. It's in the name for God's sake. People who think it's a diet didn't do their research either... It's not the Master Cleanse Diet.. It's the MASTER CLEANSE. The other pseudonames came from people like you.. Great job turning all these ignorant people off of alternative medicine because of your biased and unresearched display of opinion.

evergreengoddess on January 29, 2012:

It DOES work for weight loss!!!!!!! I can't emphasize this enough. This is the second time I have tried this diet. The first time in July 2011, I wanted to test it. I did it for 5 days, and lost 10 pounds. Now I am going to try for more than 5 days. I am now on the 3rd day as I write this, and have already lost 6 pounds. I am not exercising yet, either. I plan on eventually losing at least 50 pounds. This is a good way to start. I will do it at least for the 5 days again, and possibly try for 7 days. On the day that I end the diet, it won't really be over, as I plan to stay as much as I can on liquids, like tomato or vegetable soup. I will start adding protein powder to the lemonade cleanse drink at this time, as well as kelp granules for iodine, which is missing from this drink and diet, as well as the protein, which will be added by either the hemp protein powder or whey protein powder.

After I lose the first 20 pounds, then I will try to exercise everyday, for one hour doing a simple repetitive dance step to music that I like. Doing this dance routine in the past every day had allowed me to lose 5 to 10 pounds a month in the distant past, before I heard of the lemonade cleanse.

I will also, after I am partially off this diet, incorporate the African Mango powder or pills into my eating plan, as long as there are no side effects with this.

I am deciding to use this lemonade cleanse drink as a lifetime drink, and use this diet on and off a few days at a time as my results are so positive and I can gradually lose my 50 lbs, with an on the diet and off the diet lemonade cleanse a few days at a time during each month.

Note that the lemonade cleanse is an electrolyte drink. Look up electrolyte drinks on the internet and see that this drink is very good for you. As I said before, it DOES lack iodine and protein so I will add this as stated above when I am partially on this diet. Also note that for fecal cleansing (eliminating body waste), I am using prune juice instead of the recommended salt or tea drink. Also note, that I DO cheat, when I get really hungry and can't stand it. The cheat is ORANGES !!!!!!!! During this diet, if I crave food, I will have two oranges, eating them out of the skin with some of the pulp. This has halted my appetite, and allowed me to stay on this diet !!!!!!!!!!!

Mattie on January 18, 2012:

People who do this for weight loss probably wont benefit all of the rewards this cleanse has to offer. this isn't a DIET it is a CLEANSE. And if you haven't read the book by the author than you really don't know what you are talking about. I am on my 5 day and I feel fine I have never slept so well nor had so much energy in the day, It is ridding your body of years worth of damage which is a good thing. I could go on and on about this and the good that comes from it, there is nothing dangerous about it unless you do it wrong, ie. not reading the book before you do it or creating your own recipe. If you follow it word for word you will reap the benefits greatly.

FrozenYoga on January 12, 2012:

This is my 3rd fast. I've started doing them twice a year. is it for weight loss? I wouldn't think so.

About a month before starting this one, i was looking forward to it, almost like my body was craving it. When i finish, not only has it reset my appetite for healthier, cleaner foods but the discipline of fasting makes a change in diet feel a bit more natural.

of course this may not be for everyone but this was a poor written article. anything else i could say, i think Collin H has already covered.

Collin H on January 11, 2012:

Maddie, the reason why you're getting so many heated responses to your article and to you...is because your attitude, both in the article and in your responses to the commentators, was juvenile.

For example, calling the combination of maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper "disgusting" is hardly an objective statement. Besides that it's simply not true. The concoction actually tasted good...like spicy lemonade. Does it get tiresome after 10 days? Of course. And any old joe can go out & buy these ingredients on his own...there's no scalawag "industry" that reaps untold rewards, 'cept maybe the maple syrup cartel. lol

Likewise, when you call people who believe strongly in this fast "fanatics" or "cult-like", you're again showing your own lack of skill in debating skillfully, maturely, and gracefully with people with an opposing view and experience.

Furthermore, you may also want to do more in-depth research on the master cleanse & fasting in general. There are several books written by MD's which very much support fasting & the master cleanse. Go even further in your research & you'll see that the Soviet medical community did a substantial amount of studies on the efficacy of fasting...with beneficial findings.

Me on January 10, 2012:

I have done this cleanse several times, once for 26 days. I had huge benefits, however it does need to be followed up with a probiotic every time no question. I believe cleansing has risks to...you have to clean out your body slowly if you never have before. Try just drinking one glass per day as your morning or evening meal for a couple weeks before doing a fast. Also I think the baking soda lemon cleanse is easier to drink and gives the same benefits.

Ryan Tyler on January 05, 2012:

I am a 30-year-old, male, 5'10'' writer who is still quite skeptical of holistic methods...and I couldn't be happier that I went through the Master Cleanse.

I used this diet as a means to cleanse my body after back-to-back 20-credit hour school semesters over which fast food, soda, and sugars kept me awake and functioning test after test. In my defense, I can only say that I ate this way to maximize sleep and avoid energy drinks/pills. I weighed 195 lbs in September 2010 and 208 lbs by July 2011, when I began the Master Cleanse.

I asked a doctor before starting the diet, who told me that the recommended 10 days was "not ideal for the human body but not dangerous either." Over the 18 days (including a 4-day ease-in and 4-day ease-out), I lost exactly 25 lbs. At my pre-diet weight of 208, most exercise was too strenuous for my joints and knees. At my post-diet weight of 183, the Master Cleanse made it possible for me to begin a healthy exercise routine.

Of course I craved certain foods during the diet (particularly eggs and chicken as I had no protein in my diet), but I never once felt as though I was run down or starving myself.

The reason people usually gain weight back is twofold. Dieters should be aware that the continual flush of water through your system will cause the body to shed some water weight that will be regained due to water retention when the cleanse is over. For me, I rose from 183 to 189 lbs while exercising in the two weeks following the diet. Also, the loss of good bacteria makes it hard for your system to digest everything after the diet, causing you to regain weight. This is easily remedied. I began drinking 2oz of strawberry Kefir (delicious goat's milk with good bacteria in it) every morning on day 1 of the ease-out. I am now holding steady at a healthy 190 lbs and have recommended the cleanse to friends who are too out of shape for routine exercise.

There were also physical and psychological bonuses to the cleanse that I had not foreseen. After the diet, my stomach (the organ) had shrunk enough that I had a smaller appetite and didn't feel compelled to eat as much as I normally would, which helped immensely in keeping the weight off after the cleanse. Psycholgically, for a man with my appetite to accomplish what I would have theretofore considered impossible (not lifting solid food to my lips for two weeks), the cleanse was accompanied by an incredible feeling of pride and self-worth that branched out into every facet of my life.

With a good amount of forethought, preparation, and will power, the cleanse can be a decently healthy way to help people cleanse and lose weight. With research, it doesn't have to be the horror story described in the above article. Of course it shouldn't be attempted over and over again, but once produced fantastic results for me. I finished the cleanse in August 2011, began a new semester in September, weigh 188 lbs as of January 2012, and still feel healthier than I have since my mid-20s thanks to the Master Cleanse.

jerry on January 04, 2012:

so funny people are praising this article as gospel after only reading 1 source (bias at that) on the MC.

Clearly shows who the sheep are

Kassie on January 01, 2012:

Hi all,

I'm a 21 year old female on day 6 of the MC. I have a sinus infection, which is mostly just annoying at this point. I've been sleeping propped up and drinking lots of water, which helps. This morning I sort of rushed through the salt water flush and my first glass of lemonade. A while later I got extremely dizzy. I was just wondering if this is normal/ok. I feel better, but still a little weird. I'd like to continue the cleanse to day 10 if I can do so without putting myself in too much danger. I've heard lots of positive things about the cleanse, but I thought I'd try it for myself to see how it worked for me. I haven't been too happy with suggestions from my doctors. I am not diabetic, but I do occasionally have low blood sugar.


Paula on December 04, 2011:

My sister swears by the MC diet. She bought the book, followed it from beginning to end, lost 10 lbs, and claims that she feels great.... However, do you know who else claims the same statement? A friend of mine who is a Vegan dieter.

In my opinion (I am allowed to give opinions right? Some of you seem to take it so personally): Anyone who embarks on a healthy diet and exercise regime will feel great afterwards. Occasional 1 or 2 day fasting is good too. Much like the lifestyle of our ancestors, our body is designed to walk miles and miles each day and eat only after a successful hunt (which doesn't happen everyday.)

There is a saying: "correlation does not imply causation".. if you've been eating crap all your life and suddenly start a strict regime, OF COURSE you will feel great! But is it a reason to swear by this particular diet? Or should you give credit to the fact that you finally stopped eating crap?

A couple more things that I wanted to address:

Toxins - Before you guys start Googling your answers, do you even know what these "toxins" are? Are you talking about air pollutants? Or the natural metabolic wastes such as ketones and acid? People are so afraid of toxins when they don't even know what it is. The truth is, you are CONSTANTLY ingesting toxins. Walk out your door, and you will already inhale a lot of it. Skip a meal, and you are already making ketones. Drink water, and you are already ingesting chlorine. So unless you live in a bubble, you will never protect yourself from daily toxins...

.. the good news is, that's what the liver is for. With added exercise, your heart can pump blood even faster and therefore promote faster filtering. The idea of your body storing toxins is a myth. Every single cell in your body excretes waste, EVERY SINGLE ONE. If it doesn't, it is considered dead.

Not feeling hungry after 3 days during the MC diet - That's what happens when you starve for days. Your stomach shrinks into the size of a golf ball. From personal experience, I am also having a hard time eating as much as I used to whenever I jump out of any diet.

Forceful purging out of stomach and colon contents - I am very leery about this. Unnatural purging of contents such as diarrhea, enemas, laxatives, etc force out too much potassium from our body and can cause serious heart defects. The slightest change in natural potassium levels causes heart dysrhythmias. It's a serious problem with bulimics.

Comparing your diet with celebrities - Come on guys, you HAVE to be smarter than this. Can you afford a team of medical professionals to constantly monitor you? Also, there is no indication that 100% of their statements are truthful--ever heard of Star Jones and her "High protein diet and Pilates" regime?

People who are so afraid of western medicine - the Prime Minister of India and the King of Saudi Arabia, both from the Eastern world, went to America to get procedures done. Anybody who can afford it travel far for this. Please educate yourself before you lambaste anything. Ignorance is bliss, but it is harmful in the long run.

susie phil on November 25, 2011:

to thoes who haven't done the clens cant really say if it is good nor bad,

i did the clens to clean out my system and a big part of it was to lose weight because nothing worked.. i did it for 2 weeks and it really wasn't that bad the drink taste fine and you get used to it. the first week for me was easy but the second week was when it got hard, i started dreaming about food :P and bye the end of the clens i lost 15 pounds. i told myself i would eat healthy after the clens to keep the weight off but the first few days after i went crazy on the food and was bloded for like a week :P due to the fact that i was starving before. so i did end up gaining the weight back,... which is why im doing the clens again but this time a bit different im going to have at least one piece of fruit a day just so im not completely starving and im going to do it for 3 weeks this time..(and actually keep the wieght of after) i dont no if i would recommend the clens because it is hard, but it is a fast way to lose weight. good luck to who ever decides to try it :)

Nadira on November 18, 2011:

I love the Master Cleanse its a great way to re-set my eating habits, clear and re-focus my mind, improve my skin and make my pores smaller. I've done this cleanse several times in my life and I feel like a better person every time I do it. Oh yeah I lose weight too, hello six pack! I love the lemonade I don't put the cayenne in it I take that separately. Remember people it is a cleanse , not a weight loss cure. Its a great way to gain control of yourself. If you can fast you can do anything!

Guliana on November 14, 2011:

I found the Lady Soma Detox to be the best complete colon cleanse that I could find. I tried 5 different ones and ended up throwing most of them away but this one was very effective. I used it for 7 days and find that I am definitely feeling better & i lost weight as well.... I feel much more energetic now and dont have to worry about unexpected bathroom trips. I study herbs as a hobby and have found this to be an excellent formula.

Dorina on November 13, 2011:

I am a 24 year old girl who weighs 120pds and I'm 5"2. I played sports in college and after graduating and getting into the "routine" of life I can't say that I gained that much weight but I did stop working out and wasn't happy with the way I look, so I looked up different things I could do to fix this problem.

I did run into the Master Cleanse while doing some research and had never heard of it and was really intrigued by it. I love food and assumed I could never do such a thing!

After reading more about the Master Cleanse, I realized it was NOT intended to help me lose weight, but to clear the toxins out. I decided to try out it specifically for that goal. I was aware of the fact that I would lose weight but was also aware of the fact that it would come right back so I repeat that I decided to try it out to give my body a break from all the toxins!

This was just a month ago and I feel wonderful now. I will say that I only did it for 8 days because of the fact that my birthday was on the "10th" day and I wanted to go to diner with friends on my birthday, so I quit 2 days early so that I could ease in.

I did get sick while doing the Cleanse, but I had been sick prior to it, which I'm assuming was the true reason of my weakness during the Cleanse. The drink tasted great. I loved it! And I got used to doing the Salt Water Flush, even though it tasted nasty each time.

My skin was extremely soft (like a baby's butt lol) on day 7 and I got a nose ring (the day after ending the Cleanse...day 9) and I'd been so scared of getting it done but not only did it barely hurt, it also healed extremely quickly! Which I was quite happy about.

Another huge effect from the Cleanse was my ability to quit smoking. I started smoking right out of college, and though I never got hooked to a pack a day or anything like that, I still smoke a couple of cigarettes a day, pretty much every day for 2 years and I only had 1 cigarette during the 8 days of the Cleanse and now I smoke socially and sometimes one a day, which is a big improvement.

I did loose some weight, and gained some of it back, which was fine to me. I actually was expecting to gain all of it back once being done so hey i'll take those 5 pds off!

One of the negative effects of the Cleanse was my constipation. I was constipated for about 2 weeks and to spare you details, let's just say it was very unpleasant.

SO there you have it. My experience in full. Good. and Bad. I noticed that most posts are either ALL about the Cleanse, or completely AGAINST it. I wanted to give you a little bit of both!

I want to say that even though I was originally looking for a way to lose weight, I came out with far better results than that and am glad I did the Cleanse

Basically, from personal experience, I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. It is a personal decision that one makes and I viewed it more as a challenge and a discipline for myself than anything else. I told myself that if I could have self-control over eating, which is something that my body needs daily, then in the futur I could hopefully have control over any other type of addiction that might come my way!

Gladys on November 11, 2011:

I love how for the past 3 some years this article has continued fostering comments. Maddie's article bashing on the master cleanse evolved into a master cleanse testimonial resource! There isn't anything I can say that others before me haven't written already. I'm not a "fanatic" master cleanser but I will say, if something shows positive results, I'm going to continue to do it. I do it for health reasons, not to lose weight (we all know that's temporary). You don't have to be a Dr., a nurionist, holistic whateverrr to know what works for your own body. Its not for everyone or for the weak. I do have friends who are nutrionist, doctors, etc and they are not biased towards it. Are there other options out there? Sure, tons. Everyone is free to choose what method of detoxification they want to take. I wouldn't have minded the article so much had it not been laced with attitude. My friend has a widely followed health blog and she keeps it pretty neutral, fact -based and professional. Blessing and Health to all! G-

Maria Gray on November 02, 2011:

The Lady Soma Detox is great. The appetite suppressants really work. I didn't experience any side effects. Taking the pills are really worth it. I lost 6 pounds in those 7 days I was on this program. And I kept it off. It's been about two months since I took this product and I am continuing to lose weight. The Lady Soma Detox a great way to jump start a new healthy regimen. Despite that I lost weight fast and cleaned out my system. I noticed that my bowl movements were very quick and easy, which made me realize that my colon was completely cleansed. I will definitely use the Lady Soma Detox again

anon on October 28, 2011:

Losing 'weight' should never be the goal. Losing 'fat' should always be the goal. We gain 'fat' because we eat fat (and you know it). The goal is to lose fat by gaining muscle via exercise and a low fat food regimen. Only essential fatty acids in fish should be consumed (salmon, sardines, tune) and in EFA supplements.

Muscle burns calories and ustilizes fat for energy through exercise. A proper detox must always incorporate citrus pectin, kelp and normal amounts of water, otherwise the released toxins will travel throughout the body (hence the headaches and blurred vision).

Foods to cut out? White bread, potatoes, all junk food and all the night-shade vegetables (which are toxic).

Use tumeric, milk thistle, Chromium GTF and a good coffee substitite (eg. Krakus) to clean out the liver at least every other day while exercising.

Also recommended: Irvingia from the Life Extension foundation (lef.org) (vitacost.com)

Lose 'weight' by losing fat by gaining muscle.

Best of success for good health (John 3:3 and 3:16)

YO'MOMMA on October 04, 2011:

Although its not the healthiest way to detox or lose weight it works! i felt lighter had more energy and it set me up for a healthy diet as i lost my taste for sugary/fatty foods. I did five days and although i felt sick as a dog im glad i did it. Would not recommend it as a long term diet though!

Pam on September 20, 2011:

lol the author if this article is so narrow minded. It works as a CLEANSE. People feel better after trying it. True that it's good to eat healthy etc, but this is more for your body to catch up.

Moody on September 14, 2011:


1-why are u abbreviating ur name down to one initial?

2-I don't see how Leonard's grammar is poor.... it passes as "conversational"

3-If he has some spelling mistakes, it's probably becoz he was typing fast as he his mind was racing to deliver his point across

4-Why are u only focusing on grammar (trivial) and mentioned or acknowledged nothing about the CONTENT of his comment....

My friend,

i hate assuming,... but if i would,

then i would say you just don't like his opinion and are trying to bash him anyway you can spot, just to feel better about yourself!

J on August 25, 2011:


I find it curious that, as a doctor, you struggle so much with grammar and spelling.

Leonard on July 03, 2011:

1. "No peer review". There are rarely any "peer reviews" unless it's for a drug. Those are usually ill conceived and slanted to produce the results the drug company is paying to researcher to produce. If you had actually attended a real college you would know that colleges routinely sell their souls for "grants" from drug companies for "studies". In college I was a TA and although the Professor oversaw the study I was the one who actually created it. I had no idea what I was doing when I started creating studies.

2. You intentionally confuse the "Master Cleanse" protocol with "cleanse" kits. There's no kit to buy. You buy the lemons and maple syrup at the store.

3. You're mislead your readers into believing that this is all they do. There's more to it than this as others have mentioned. If you had actually done your research you would have known this.

4. Actually the drink isn't too bad. I've had a lot worse. Taste more like spicy lemonade than anything. Again, you mislead your readers.

5. Your statement, "inhibiting your immune system, as well as your ability to process." Upon what fact are you basing this upon?

6. "Wiping out first line of defense". If you knew what you were talking about you would know your first line of defense from infection would be in your saliva and nasal system. Before it even gets to your digestive system.

7. "Negative side effects" are not negative. They are positive. Because this is the releasing of the toxins you've been holding. You get headaches and flu like symptoms from the toxins not from the fasting. Drink lots of water and the toxins exit the body and the headaches and other symptoms disappear.

8. "Once you start eating..." yes, if you don't come off the fasting correctly and start stuffing yourself with pizza this will happen. You have to ease back in. Same thing as you would with a "Medical Fast" or if you've been on Iv's during a hospital stay. They place you on a liquid diet and gradually introduce you to more solid food.

9. Strange that you site Kevin Traudeau as a scammer. This is your OPINION. If he was a "scammer" he would have been off the air a long time ago and the FTC and FDA would have shut him down long ago. I'm no fan of his but I do know how fast both can act to legitimate complaints.

10. I believe you ended the article with the reason why you believe this is a scam. You're clueless that this isn't a DIET. It's a detoxification of the body. It's not a "crash diet". What others may be marketing it as is not the subject of your article. Your article is on the "Master Cleanse". If you were unbiased you would have stated it as a detox protocol AND addressed the issues of it as a protocol. Your own bias got in the way.

11. Doctors would agree? Really? These are the same doctors who prescribe toxic medication which cause health problems? That's our "health source"?

12. You're showing your ignorance of holistic health by stating, "..there aren't any special properties to ingredients.." "...only bowel irritants". Water is an irritant? Salt is an irritant? Syrup is an irritant? Cayenne Pepper is an irritant? Really? What school did you learn this from? Aromatherapy?

13. Again, you're showing your ignorance if you believe the only way to we get toxins is through food. It's also in our water, the air, and is absorbed through the skin.

14. "Trained holistic practitioner". Again you're misleading your readers. You're a massage therapist. You have no credentials in nutrition or weight loss.

15. You don't "condone"? How are you any better than the scammers promoting remedies? Who are you to condone or give permission? Medical doctors, who you are so fond of also prescribe fasting. Jesus himself fasted. Are you saying that he was wrong?

16. The reason for the detoxification is that not only are we inundated with environmental pollution. We're also inundated with genetically modified and contaminated foods. Even our water is contaminated. Our bodies were not designed to detox fake foods, GM foods or water with concentrated levels of poisons in them.

17. MD & Nutritionist source: MD's have very little experience in nutrition. They get about one to two classes while attending school. I can cite you many quotes of doctors who say that food has nothing to do with health. As for nutritionist, I can also find many who will cite that fasting is good. I am a CN and a CNS as well as a REAL certified Holistic Practitioner and I would recommend it. Basically, it comes down to this, you'll find what you want to find. If you're a negative person who is looking to find fault in everything. You'll find it. I'm a CAM ( Complimentary Alternative Medicine) and have many doctors who send their patients to me to help them with their dietary needs.

I noted that you're only a certified "massage, aromatherapy and health education". No mention of medical degree or certification in nutrition or holistic health. So your opinion really isn't as informed as you would like your readers to believe it is.

People, like yourself who are clueless about physiology and only know what they read on the Internet are more dangerous than the scams you attempt to expose. Most "scam exposers" , like yourself are scammers when they mislead the public with their misinformation.

The truth is that people cure themselves not doctors or wannabe critics like yourself.

Daniel on May 19, 2011:

This is article proves definitely something; it's something that Albert Einstein found out long time ago:

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity (read ignorance), and I’m not sure about the former".

Before writing a strong article, please DO FIND EVINDENCE AND FACTS FIRST!

Tamiami on May 15, 2011:

Today is my 6th day on the MC. I stopped drinking caffeine and soda November of last year in an effort to get rid of my headaches. I've also had chronic sinusitis for over 10 years, and have tried antibiotics, nasal flushes, and nasal steroid sprays, along with homeopathic remedies. It was while researching possible cures for my sinus problems that I came across the MC. If you read all of the reasoning behind each ingredient and step in the process, the MC makes a lot of sense. I was happy to to find on day 4 that the bursitis in my shoulder is gone, and I can take deep breaths through my nose. I can even smell, which I haven't really been able to do in over a decade. I still have a slight headache, but hopefully that will leave by the end of the MC. I don't know how long I'm fasting for, as I'm just extremely proud that I've made it this far. I have to cook for my kids and I find myself putting things that look really yummy in the freezer for post-fast. :) I grew up on cheeseburgers and fries but have adopted a healthier lifestyle since I've been in my 30s. I'm curious to see how long I can last and what other good things happen to my body. (my skin looks really good and even feels more alive) Good luck to anyone who has the constitution to complete this fast! I'm reaping more self confidence from my accomplishment.

Keli on May 12, 2011:

I'm on the cleanse right now.Day two.I'm using organic maple syrup,organice cayenne pepper,and organic lemons and filtered water.It is important to not change any of these ingredients and to follow the cleanse properly.Do not use inferior products like bottled lemonade or molasses.This ensures that one will feel well during the cleanse.One friend does the lemon drink but eats salad during the cleanse this does not work at all everyone makes up their own ideas as they go along that is why it is important to follow the exact instructions.And another thing dont tell people you are on the cleanse you would be surprised how many try to sabotoge you!!!

Jessica on May 04, 2011:

I find that the spiritual awakening that occurs through fasting is almost overwhelming. Being a chronic emotional eater and overeater makes it diffucult for me to have a clear mind and light heart.

Taking a break for even just 24hours from numbing myself from food allows me to feel alive again.

I just completed 24 hours of fasting and will continue until I feel ready to safeley transition into a raw vegan lifestyle!

stephied on April 30, 2011:

every time i have done this cleanse i have been symptom free from my autoimmune disease every time. i wish i could live on it. it helps me relieve/release the burden of caffeine/sugar/carb/alcohol over consumption in times of stress. some of us need a nice break like this to start fresh. even the meals i make for my family WHILE i am on the cleanse are healthier. i can't wait for my first meal of vegetable soup when i am finished.

i am on day 5 and as usual, feeling so amazing... i haven't read any posts of people who didn't where it was a bad experience, only supposition. i would only recommend it to people who talk to their ND, and who have severe symptoms that they need to test foods against.

all the best!

Darvocet Lawsuit on April 13, 2011:

Hi Maddie,

I'd like to quote this from your article stated above "Purposefully irritating your gastro-intestinal tract is never a good idea, but salt water flushing actually removes healthy, helpful bacteria from the lining of your colon....."

I have read articles and specific studies that inflammation of the GI tract could lead to surgical removal of colon. Did this product also see the potential it can cause to the users? Anyway, thanks for the post Mad.

2GeekE4U on March 20, 2011:

@OPTOUT - The author quite clearly states her name at the beginning of the post - Mattie Huud (who's not doing their research now?). And the article's title "Myth or Miracle" actually inspires the debate, for which I am very grateful. I have been considering and researching this diet for some while and find this blog to be especially informative because of the wide number of opinions.

@ all - Having read so much and being overall healthy but with some aches & pains I think I will be doing this cleanse/fast. What I am reading mostly is that the first 2-3 days are the most difficult, with real benefits being experienced in the following 4 - 14 days. My goal is to try the cleanse for 5-6 days, with a 1-2 break in between then another 5-6 days. During this two week time, I want to rearrange my pantry and my life to accommodate a vegan diet. To those of you who are veterans, what are your recommendations for beginning and ending a cleanse of this length and your thoughts on soy products? I have very little dairy in my diet currently and soy is my only milk alternative. Also, I am aware that the cleanse will help to remove toxins, but without choosing an organic diet (too expensive and inaccessible in my area), how frequently would I want to do a cleanse for maximum benefit?

Valerie on March 01, 2011:


Its not a diet, its a cleanse!! Were you doing the lax tea every night and salt water flush every morning?? If you were, you would have kept eliminating. The first 4-6 pounds you lose on the flush is all water weight the rest you should have been able to keep off with proper diet and exercise.

f.b. on February 21, 2011:

People also have kidney failure from taking Tylenol. It's frustrating to see an article written by someone who is so closed minded. I don't believe the master cleanse is for everyone, but to read some of these posts by people who are so freaked out by simply fasting is weird. I've done variations of the master cleanse (yes, substitute ingredients if you like, use common sense) for many years. I have always had irregular cycles and the cleanse fixed this virtually overnight. When I feel my body getting out of whack, I will always consider a fast of some sort to set things straight. I am not overweight, have never been overweight and never "diet."

A friend of mine was considering back surgery because of chronic pain. Obviously, we're not talking about a major injury here, (please don't respond to this that I'm suggesting a cleanse takes place of a serious medical condition) but I suggested that a cleanse might be something that would benefit her before considering surgery to alleviate some weight from the strain on her back. It would also help with a tendency to overeat and be inactive. Her response was, "I don't think I could do something so drastic!" However, back surgery would not be drastic. This way of thinking is so backwards to me. And if someone is truly interested in helping people, they would not dismiss everyone with good results for this cleanse as "fanatics" just to save face.

Jon on February 19, 2011:

I decided to try the cleanse about three years ago. I did the ten day. I stopped having bowel movements about halfway through the first day and never had them again until I started eating solid food again. I didn't get any miraculous feelings or glowing skin or any of the other touted benefits. I lost 18 pounds, but they crept back on over the following months. It's basically a very-low calorie diet, and I guess since I had no bowel movements then I had nothing to cleanse.

Annie on February 16, 2011:

I'm on my third day of this cleanse. I'm doing this because of a many year addition to Xanax and over the counter aids for sleep problems. So far, so good. I am falling asleep naturally and deeply, having lots of night sweats though and strange dreams, the first night I ran a significant fever, the second day an intense headache, but I feel healthier and think this is working great. I did my homework before starting and read much more positive about this cleanse than negative. To me that says a lot about this process.

Valerie on February 14, 2011:

I am still waiting for a negative comment from someone who has done the cleanse. It seems to me EVERYONE who has completed the cleanse (the full 10 days or beyond) loves it and those who have not tried it somehow hate it.

Maddie (and all other non supporters),

I challenge you to find someone who has completed the cleanse and hates it, and what it has done for their bodies. When you do, your article will gain some credibility. Until then its a crock.

PS. Johnathon, your friend will be fine. Better than fine, great!

Johnathon on February 11, 2011:

This really is a shame that people believe this sort of thing, my best friend wants to try this diet, but not for the reason of losing weight, as they actually need to gain weight. Simply in order to "cleanse" the immune system, im currently trying to explain how this diet is dangerous, im very worried.

Melanie on February 11, 2011:

I just wanted to add two things. 1) I did the MC for ten days, loved it, loved the results and I am not even close to overweight nor was I when I started. I plan to start again on the 14th of February. 2) Mr Burroughs was convicted of second degreee felony murder after a cancer patient that subscribed to his care died. They ruled that Mr. Burrough's abdominal massage technique aided in this individuals death. Now whether that is true or not I do not know, but I do know that his death was not contributed to the Master Cleanse. In addition to the MC he also was credite for reflexology and deep tissue massage.

Kenya on February 01, 2011:

Wesley....bravo! I could not have said it with more eloquence. I was a victim of what doctors commonly do to vulerable, sick, and mostly uneducated people. They prescribe all types of medicine without ever trying to investigate the cause of the medical problem. They are so lazy, if they can't prescribe you some pill in which risks outweigh the benefits (if there are any), they have no idea what to do for you. They have no knowledge of healthy living, and can't give you any advice as to how to improve you condition without the use of prescribed medication. I had a kidney transplant 8 years ago, and it was absolutely embarrassing how little the doctors knew about how to treat or diagnose my condition. You must be your own advocate for your health. This Master Cleanse has been the best thing that has happened to me. I have done several detox cleansings with just these ingredients and it's amazing how wonderful you feel after your body has rid itself of all the terrible poisons introduced to your body in the name of immunosuppresives. The medical industry could not make money from giving good sound advice for healthy living which is why you have nuts like this one trying to discredit the benefits of the Master Cleanse. You must do if for yourself and witness the health benefits. Every year the people from the Emory Transplant Clinic give me a call to "follow-up" with my organ transplant. They do this mainly to find out if I have cancer because so many recipients of transplants end up with cancer because of the body's inability to fight free radicals in the body. I'm happy to say that I do not have cancer neither do I have any other health problems. The Master Cleanse helped me rid my body of toxins therefore helping me to keep my organ in great condition and my overall health. Don't listen to people that have negative things to say about something without offering any solid evidence of the so-called dangers. Read, study, and become informed for YOURSELF!!!

wesley on January 30, 2011:

re the comment from "steve" 9 months ago who claims he is "in the psychology field" and writes: "…more harm then it is help...". Really?!!! Where in this field are you? Left field it seems. You are certainly not a PhD, equivalent or anywhere even close as amply evidenced by your 4th grade writing "skills". There is a word in the English language known as "than". It has a very different meaning from the word "then". Perhaps you should investigate. Likewise, anecdote after anecdote is, according to you, all attributable to "placebo"?! I'm not sure what your motive is but if you hope to ever persuade anyone with even half of a brain, learn how to communicate in writing.

Maddie’s claim that no “scientific” evidence exists merits a big “so what”. There probably never will be any. The medical industry cannot profit from the sale of citrus fruit, peppers, maple syrup and water and can profit little servicing healthy clients. Therefore, we won’t see any stakeholders sponsoring such research.

Others have made foolish comments regarding toxins residing in the colon. They ridicule the idea that such toxins even exist in our bodies. The colon is not where the body retains these substances. The organs are primarily endangered. Anyone who believes that lead and the accumulation of other heavy metals and mercury and similar poisons do not adversely affect the body, are foolish beyond description. Lipitor and other such “miracle” drugs may help to a degree but such help comes with a price in significantly detrimental side effects. Still other comments, for example, regarding how our government would never permit us to be exposed to harmful substances is so far beyond ludicrous that responding to someone who holds such a belief would be futile.

Also, while the walls of the colon can accumulate sludge, it can be removed fairly easily and indeed the pre-colonoscopy laxatives will remove nearly all of it. And while occasional colonic hydrotherapy can be beneficial, it is rarely needed. Hydro-therapists generally overstate the degree and incidence of build-up the colon wall. However, the master cleanse is not about cleansing the colon per se. Its purpose is to help the body rid itself of accumulated toxins wherever they reside, regardless of how deeply they may be stored or the locations in which they have been hidden. And with regard to application of mathematical formulae to weight loss: what a joke. Yes, in general, an individual must be negative approximately 3500 calories to lose one pound. However, our bodies are so complex that such formulae often fail. Some people are behind many bowel movements. When they begin to catch up, the math does not “add-up”. The same is true for people expelling various junk during detoxification. It is not uncommon for some overweight individuals to lose 3 pounds after a single bowel movement. And water, which comprises most of our body weight can obfuscate amounts of weight gained or lost depending upon our varying levels of hydration.

Finally, anyone who believes we westerners are just fine with regard to digestive system issues should perhaps make note of the stench one too often encounters upon entering a public restroom used by someone else who used it for a bowel movement (not to mention some of the other nastiness to be witnessed).

OPTOUT on January 30, 2011:

What a shameful hit piece. How come the author is not listed? Whoever this person is, they have obviously not read the benefits of fasting, water or otherwise. Do your own homework, investigate the facts for yourself and decide for yourself. The doctors will be out of business and the drug companies too if we no longer need their cut, burn, and poison methods.

Karlie on January 06, 2011:

I just started doing the lemon detox drink my first night was yesterday and I used an enema (you are supposed to be doing salt water flushes with this detox) and then i took a herbal laxative. The point of this diet is that humans can have pounds of old fecal matter lying in their colons which is obviously not healthy, this detox is supposed to get the remaining matter out of the digestive track and boost your metabolism. I will say today was the first official day, & I was starving, i drank 6 glasses of the lemonade and finally around 8pm my stomach was hurting, so i ate yogurt and a spoonful of peanut butter. I think from now on I will be replacing breakfast & lunch with this concoction, but eating a lquid or close to liquid(yougurt, smoothie) for dinner so I don't pass out. This diet probably isn't the best but that's because the main objective is to clean out your body, a flush of the old bacteria so that you're body can start over again, new, without harmful fecal matter buildup..also the fact that you can't eat solid foods right away after using this, makes incentive to eat healthy meals from now on. Enjoy!

TROLL on January 06, 2011:

Haha, I dont even know how I found this page but it is kind of funny to note while the article completely thrashes the diet, most of the comments are from defenders of it. I personally am going to give it a go just to see if I experience any of the added symptoms (negative or beneficial.) While the claims of the cleanse do seem like that of a miracle-cure, reminds me of a snake oil salesman or a religous-healer on day time television. Hell, who couldn't use some extra energy and a clearer mind.

Stay healthy everybody

GUEST3 on December 28, 2010:

I've gotten so much great info from this page! Thank you so much for having it and answering all of these questions. I'm finishing my 2nd day and not having any problems aside from how terrible the salt water flush is. I'm finding that I really only need between 2 and 4 glasses of the lemonade though-partly because I'm really not that hungry or feel that I need it and also partly because I'm trying to spare myself from spending the money on the syrup which is kind of expensive for a college student around here. I'm wondering if drinking less than 6 will be a problem though. Any thoughts? Thank you so much!

Megan on November 27, 2010:

Hi everyone. It is called The Master CLEANSE for a reason. This should not be used as a diet, or be altered or cheated in anyway. It is a cleanse, to eliminate years of bad build-up in our bodies so that when the cleanse is through, and you've came off it safely, your body is back to ground zero. This is the time for a new DIET in our bodies. Fresh greens, fruits, nuts and beans etc. For anyone planning on doing this cleanse, and then the day after jump right back into meats, processed foods etc-I don't recommend it. But if you're looking to take life and your body seriously-then it truly is for you! Sharon, for the first couple of days you may feel a bit off from the massive changes taking place in your body but, depending on how much energy you burn will say much for exactly how much syrup you need. No matter what the first couple days you'll b feeling different, but after three days your memory, energy levels will go through the roof. You can drink as much of this per day as your body tells you that you need. If you find that you're burning through too much energy, just add an extra tblsp of syrup. Make sure its the Grade 3, or Amber #2 works well and is easiest to find. The laxitive tea before bed and salt water flush in the a.m's are important. Make sure you have an extrea hour in the a.m-you will be running to the washroom! Listen not to the skeptics, this is a cleanse-to bring your body back to healthy so that you can take care of it. I'd suggest a vegetarian diet as well. 2 of my friends do this cleanse twice a year. My girlfriend lives in Maui, shes 55...looks 28. Seriously, beautiful...but, after cleansing she does take care of herself. The other plays professional water polo, great shape, sick athlete...and swears by it.

Sharon on November 27, 2010:

Sarah, I'll be watching for your posts. I am committed to doing the cleanse with a friend, starting in a few days. I am curious to know if I will have the energy and stamina to continue taking care of my horses through the cleanse. Can you comment specifically on your energy level and ability to continue normal daily exercise and activity? Thanks

Sarah on November 26, 2010:

I find this forum a little strange. I see many comments from people who haven't tried it. These people seem to hate the MC. I see many comments from people who have done it. The people, with experience, seem to think it is a wonderful program.

I am starting my cleanse today and plan on posting my experience afterward. The Senna tea was AMAZING. Before my salt water flush I had a bowel movement that took about 5 seconds to get out. The sea salt was not delicious (I promise you that) but it was much gentler than I had anticipated. I just tried the drink for the first time and it is O.K. (I accidentally used too much cayenne, though. lol)

I think the important thing to remember here is that some people can't take challenges like others.These are the same people who refuse to exercise. Anyone who has called this an easy way out is out of their mind! Sure....Pooping for ten days strait is MUCH easier than the 2 miles I run each and every day. (Did I mention I am not doing this as a diet? I feel that choice is very inappropriate. )

I think the important thing is to listen to your body. Most of my research has shown that the full program is most effective but I know many people who have skipped the salt water flush and it was totally fine. I am following it to the "T."

Thanks to the experienced friends who took the time to encourage me before I started.They knew that the MC worked for them and had nothing to prove here so cheers to them.

If I feel unwell *at all* I am going to stop and I will post as soon as I figure it out. 10 days here we go!

Also, Here is a link to the Master Cleanse forum. Anyone can post on there so the comments are pretty varied. Perhaps some independent research...If you are truly interested in this.


Jennifer on November 22, 2010:

Maddie, you really do need to try it before mentioning another single word about it. If you are a holistic doctor, then this shouldn't be any more foreign than prescribing fenugreek to breastfeeding mothers. Your ignorant and confrontational use of cocaine and limb cutting are just bullshit veiled attempts at propping up your opinion... which.. is completely f'ing wrong. The MC is absolutely the BEST way to detoxify your body and rid of it of the toxins we take in even in the AIR let alone organic foods. Don't be fooled into thinking that all organic foods are freaking magic, because they aren't. Unless you grow yourself from third or fourth generation seeds, you really have no true idea of what you are eating. THe MC allows you to rid yourself of the habits you've acquired and create a new baseline for your body. And, 10 days is literally nothing. I only urge those to truly do it right, or like anything.. don't do it at all.

Fontrella on November 19, 2010:

I have not done the master cleanse but I have researched and listened to others that have done it and they have no problems because it's to detox your body. You shouldn't be doing it to lose weight. I will do mine after Thanksgiving for 6 to 10 days for detox so I can start going raw.

Nick on November 12, 2010:

I'm on my third day and I feel really good. The first day was easy. The second night I got a headache and it lasted till morning, but I stuck with and drank more water. I think I was dehydrated. I do notice the aching in my thumbs are going away. I have friends who have done the MC and love it! It's quit normal to be a litte afraid going into something new especially when your body is envolved. DO something great for yourself and read the book!


Brian on October 19, 2010:

I’ve been thinking about trying the master cleanse myself. It's a good idea to clear out all the junk once in a while.

carol on October 12, 2010:

Please do not trash something you have no experience in. This cleanse has helped me tremendously. One major benefit was the end of pain in my legs which seemed unbearable during the winter. Your input may stop many people from trying the cleanse and reaping health benefits. If I had read your article years ago I am sure I would now be in intolerable pain and on strong pain meds instead of enjoying my life.

How is that for irresponsible?

jerry on September 24, 2010:

It seems like it's always the people who couldn't finish the diet or had the willpower to stick to it who talk bad about this diet. God forbid that for all the abuse we subject our bodies to and our bad eating habits that we should sacrifice some to be healthy. Well i am a 6' 198lb body builder who was deathly ill with Chrohns disease and got all the way down to 142lbs. When doctors and all their medicine couldn't help me i turned to this diet and guess what IT WORKED!!! I was losiong my hair, my eyes bothered me, had no energy, chronic muscle pain and a laundry list of other things. But when you get sick of being tired and tired of being sick you have to be willing to do what you gotta do in order to be healthy. I am now back to 190 very healthy pounds and do not experience the symptoms that i had 7 years ago. i for one find it very hard to believe that anyone that has actually stuck to the whole ten days did not feel 10 times better than before. But for all who are wondering, it does work if you have it in you.

Chase on September 16, 2010:

After reading about the master cleanse diet on over a dozen websites, NOT ONE, I repeat NOT ONE single site referred to it as a weight loss diet. Every single site referred to it as a detox cleanse and that weight loss was just an added benefit.

Kaiviti on September 15, 2010:

Today is my third day.

When I started my

Weight: 224 lbs

Blood Pressure : 134 / 84

Sugar: 200

Day 2

Weight: 223

Blood Pressure 131 / 80

Sugar : 175

Day 3

Weight: 220 lbs

Blood Pressure: 117 / 79

Sugar: 157..

I feel great. Am taking my blood pressure and metformin while drinking the Lemonade... Will do one lot of 10 days with meds. And then 11 days without meds..am keeping a journal will see how things go...

So far am happy with the results... I am not on a diet, I am cleansing my body, removing all the toxins before I start a new way of Living...and Eating...

Blobvious on September 09, 2010:

Those who still call it a diet are too funny...it's not a diet if you don't eat. I've done it several times and while it's not for everyone, it has been a great "reboot" for me. Benefits included major improvements in circulation & energy, and when done I've got all the motivation I need to change my diet.

ratsnrays on September 05, 2010:

I have tried the master cleanse and it is tough to stick to. I wanted to do it properly but you really need to spend time and reflect on what you are doing this cleanse and my busy lifestyle didn't allow for it at the time. I try to do the cleanse but my will just doesn't cut it. I spent 5 days on the cleanse before I broke it. I felt fine and after the flushes I felt relief. I just couldn't stick to it. I eat healthy, play soccer, and practice yoga. This is what works for me, right now. Bottom line, it's about YOU and what YOUR body can handle. We are all different and what works for one may not work for the next person. Talk to your doctor and come up with a plan of action.

Karen on August 25, 2010:

I've done the master cleanse several times and I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it to anyone who is already in reasonably good health and can tolerate it. If you have any health problems or taking medications then talk to your doctor first. If you are physically addicted to alcohol, got off that first because alcohol withdrawal and sea salt flushes is a recipe for disaster. Anyway, the water/syrup/lemon/pepper concoction does not taste bad at all. And it's not really a true fast. About 8 to 10 drinks a day is about 800 to 1000 calories. The purpose of the drink is to give you some calories and something to ingest to sustain. It is the sea salt flush and laxatives that move any built up waste out of your system. Plus you are not ingesting any "real foods" or solids, so you just continue to cleanse out over the course of 10 days. You should also hydrate with plain water in addition to the drink concoctions, because the sea salt flush and laxatives can potentionally dehydrate you. More than anything, IT IS A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, and a great way to kick start a new healthier way of eating when you are done with the "fast".

KEV KILLUM on August 20, 2010:


CommonScensical on August 11, 2010:

Too bad this whole food fasting cleanse was taken for a diet. Maybe instead of rebuking it as such, we can call it what it *is* and write about what it was *originally intended for* so people researching ways to lose weight can *really* know what they are *really* getting themselves into.

Just by increasing the amount of water one drinks, an individual could get a headache from flushing. That's what drinking water is btw, a flushing/replenishing of the liquid already present in your body. We need to constantly keep the fluids flowing to keep our system clean and moving.

I am wanting to do this cleanse, however, I know that I can expect to feel ucky for at least 3-4 days while my body is purging/flushing. So, for me, I will probably need to get some time off work, especially if I am going to be doing the salt water flush in the morning.

I appreciate the idea that just eating whole, organic foods is good for us, but not everyone is able to make the switch so easily; especially if they've lived since children on the average American diet and have been ingesting chemicals and artificial preservatives their whole life. Just making the switch won't be enough for all. Some people need more. Everyone is different and so each person should be doing their own research as well as speaking to professionals from all chairs of the medical round table. First and foremost, people should understand their conditions (if any) and listen to what their bodies are telling them if they want to participate in a cleanse. Easier said than done? Maybe. Nothing, in my opinion however, can be taken as "drastic measures" after proper research and body-mind conditioning.

The man who died following Stanley Burroughs' advice did NOT die from the actual cleanse, but from complications due to neglect from his mortal disease. He chose to follow, was not forced to. He chose to listen to Burroughs because modern western medicine had continually failed him and he was desperate. Probably he chose wrongly, but also probably if he felt that terrible he should have gone to the ER. It's sad. These things happen in all aspects of any treatment. I've had some pretty terrible and uncalled for treatment put on myself by Allopaths. I suffer from their mis-diagnosis or lack there of...

People who need someone else to tell them what is right to do, regardless of what their body is feeling/telling them, will latch on anywhere they see hope again.

To "condone" or not "condone" this flushing of your digestive system is utterly and ultimately your own decision.

Be safe and happy!!


Trey on July 30, 2010:

Im an athlete. I weight train and do cardio 3-5 days a week plus play baseball on the weekends. I also work in a large restaurant where I'm constantly walking around for up to 7 hours at a time.

ZarkoZivkovic from Serbia on July 30, 2010:

Sane Human Being :) nice, "This diet was born when people thought cigarettes were healthy too." Straight to the point!

Sane Human Being on July 27, 2010:

"The "have you actually tried it" argument is a common one. I'd respond that I don't have to snort cocaine or chop off a limb to know that that's not healthy either. What would me doing this cleanse really prove, other than that I, too, can be manipulated by hype?"

Could this have been put any better!? 90% of the people responding to this article are out of their god damn minds!! Diet or detox, who cares!? THE MAN WHO CREATED IT WAS CHARGED WITH MURDER BECAUSE THE PROGRAM KILLED SOMEONE.

It seems most of the people thumping his book are the same people thumping bibles...extremism is a very dangerous thing. If you like the program and "successfully" enjoy it 30 days at a time then shut up about it and enjoy your own fate too...but don't sit there at your computer and encourge a highly impressionable new generation to join in on your insanity. This diet was born when people thought cigarettes were healthy too.

Laurie on July 21, 2010:

I'm currently on my 5th day of the CLEANSE/DETOX and feel great! I set my goal for 3 days and once I passed that, I decided to go the full 10 days. When I feel hungry, I drink more of the mixture, which by the way the amounts are noted incorrectly. The actual actual mixture consists of:

8 - 10 oz filtered or purified water

2 Tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice NOT 3/4 C as indicated)

2 Tablespoons of pure maple syrup

NOT 3/4 C as indicated)

1/10 tsp of cayenne pepper.

I personally find the mixture easy to ingest, including the cayenne pepper. The salt water flush on the other hand is a bit rough, but it does work as instructed.

Use this as a CLEANSE/DETOX. Weight loss is a nice bonus, but everywhere I've researched clearly states that one should expect about half the weight to return once the cleanse is completed. Use it as it was originally intended and there shouldn't be as many nay-sayers.

Pauline M on July 17, 2010:

I am a value-conscious, comparison shopper, and busy mom/ homeowner. I have used many cleanses and diet products before, but the Dr. Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse had the best detox and felt the healthiest for me. Its good for dropping a few pounds, no side effects since they are natural supplements.

I usually do a cleanse every 2 months. Not the watery laxative type of cleanse either. Recommended if you are super busy, and do not want to risk being unhealthy with some of those other cleanses.

Hilary Jane on July 17, 2010:

Hilarious that the nay-sayers here continually reference "false" weight loss claims, while the folks who write in about the benefits they've reaped mostly talk about detox. Are you folks reading the other posts or just going on and on about what you THINK this diet MIGHT be about? Anybody who reads the actual diet plan knows that it's mostly water weight and that at the end of it you have to cultivate new probiotic cultures in the intestines. If you're not into that, don't do it. Figure out some other way to learn healthy eating. I love maple syrup. And adding a kick of cayenne makes it feel more like a meal. Peppy.

I love the way my body rejects processed food each time i go on a purge like this. In my late teens and twenties i regularly went on purges when i ate no processed sugar for 30 days at a time. Taught myself how to eat wholesome foods by cutting the crap. So hard to do in this culture where everything comes from a box or can and is loaded with corn syrup. Have never enjoyed sodas since those purges. How un-american of me. Amen.

Then about 5 years ago my friends started raving about this 10 day lemonade fast. 3 years ago i finally tried it myself to deal with back pain that hadn't been responding to any other treatments. The pain went away and i felt great. Am now on day 2 of another cleanse, this time to deal with weird allergy symptoms I've been having.

Oh, and the only folks making money off my cleanse are the folks at the same grocery store I go to every week, with some of that going to the nice folks in Canada who collected my maple syrup and the nice folks in CA who grew my lemons. I'm sure there are lots of bad things we can say about the money-hungry diet industry, but not in my case. And not in yours if you don't want to give it to them.

Mellissa Marie on July 12, 2010:

The author is the one being hoodwinked by the "multi billion dollar industry" not I. The author of this article probably has absolutely no discipline at all to resisting constant pleasure of over eating at every meal. (which is the norm taught in our society).

This cleanse is amazing, im on day 13 and no problems at all... i feel great! It's not a market scam either i dont need to buy a "kit" to add maple, cayenne and lemons together. no one is making money off of me cleaning out my body.

Alida Rodriguez on June 29, 2010:

Hey has anyone does this while nursing? I am nursing a 1 year old but need to cleanse. Thanks. 4GodsGlory4@gmail.com

Madazo on June 27, 2010:

Sorry, but my friends have done this and I can't justify how it's worked for them. 4 of them went on it and did lose 15 lbs on the scale


Basic math tells me otherwise.

even assuming a very generous BMR of 2500 per day (they are about 200 lbs, male, 26)

over 10 days, we have a deficiet of 25,000. You take 3,500 calories for a pound of fat and the result is 7 lbs of FAT loss max.

But they lost 15?

SO they lost alot of water (i'm sure the sodium they're hardly consuming will release much of their water due to the old retention). and I also think they are losing muscle mass since muscle can be converted into a better energy than fat when body requires this energy.

also the food in the system that wasn't digested when they first weight themselves probably weighed about 2-5 lbs.

It's hogwash.

I watched what I ate last week (intaking 1800 cals/day) and lost 10 lbs.

jeanie on June 23, 2010:

I heard about this cleanse about 5 years ago & have not done it yet.

Read most of the posts from day 1 through 17 mos ago, some of them after- it started to get redundant. Interesting though, that most of the initial posts were from people that were not in favor of the cleanse, & it has changed to most people defending the cleanse.

Steve posted that as a psychologist he thinks it's a placebo effect. Hey, if it works even from that perspective, the person has gained something.

I've heard both sides. I don't think fasting for a few days is equivalent to cutting off a limb or snorting coke. Jeez, Maddie. I can't believe you even got sucked into that one. You do yourself no favors. It seems this post has turned on you. Even you stopped commenting. Why is that? Is it possible that people who have done this cleanse may be sane, rational people looking for another avenue towards owning & improving their own health? How about those who haven't? We all have different beliefs and needs for ourselves.

I'm sorry someone may have died & perhaps Mr. Burroughs was charged with practicing medicine without a license & manslaughter. That doesn't mean he is wrong & it doesn't mean he killed someone. (Innocent people are convicted in the court of public opinion or the court of law on a regular basis.) Obviously that person made a conscientious choice to seek his help- perhaps after seeking traditional methods that failed- nobody talked about those details, or how sick he/she really was... Many of us go to the doctor or other healer for the same reasons & some come away better, some worse & some dead. Who am I or you to judge any of these instances without knowing all the facts?

Is it possible that neither western nor alternative medicines will cure everything, that sometimes either could be harmful? It's all individual, all circumstantial. It also seems most people in the USA start out with western medicine and when they have exhausted this avenue they seek other options.

Instead of attacking each other, why are we not attacking the food industry, chemical, drug & petroleum industries, etc. for putting these toxins into our environment & bodies to begin with. Do you really think the tens of thousands of chemicals and simple elements that have been released into our lives since the early 1900s without regulation can be battled by our bodies without a little help? We just don't adapt that quickly.

So if someone wants to drink lemonade why should it bother any of you?

nb on June 15, 2010:

I am ending day 6 on my third cleanse in 3 years. Do not have to lose weight but started smoking again and was disgusted with myself. I have lost only a couple of pounds and will surely gain them back once I am done. BUT my craving for nicotine is GONE and I feel really good.

Pattycake on June 13, 2010:

I am on day 7 of the 10 master cleanse. I love it! I personally can't stand the taste of the cayenne so I put it on the back of my tongue and swallow it with water. Leaving the maple syrup & lemon juice & water for the rest of the day. My mom and I are doing it together. This is her 4th time doing so. I love it. The first two days were difficult for me because I felt tired, as can be expected. But I feel great now. I get hunger pains every now and then but if I just drink more of the lemonade I'm fine :) I found this article to be very misleading. Even with the Beyonce quote alone: " "I wouldn't recommend it ... there are other ways to lose weight." The person who asked her the question probably asked "Would you recommend this as a weight loss program for other individuals?" To which the obvious reply would be No! Not recommended because its primarily used for detoxification. To view it as a weight losss plan is somewhat unhealthy. The cleanse should be viewed as a detox with weight loss being a nice side-affect!

And let me just tell you, I am the most picky eater out there and am very sensitive to tastes this drink is not unbearable nor 'hard to swallow' as the writer of this article assumes. Also, this big "diet scam" as some people like to call it isn't making ANY money off me, I can assure you. Who purchases those kits anyway? its so simple to make! More simple than cooking 3 meals a day, that's for sure.

Overall, I love it. My skin is clearing up, my sinus' are clear, my headaches are gone, my aches away. I support it 110%

Kanelis on May 28, 2010:

I am starting on May 31st. Cant wait. hopefully I have the will power.

Hayley on May 26, 2010:

I am currently doing the master cleanse. On day 1 and so far so good. I tried this cleanse about a month ago and stayed on it for 4 days but stopped because i just got lazy with it. In that 4 days I lost 5 lbs and have only gained 3 of them back. I am doing it to boost my weight loss and to also rid my body of all the crap i have put in it over the years. The lemon drink really isn't that bad at all, I kinda enjoy it. The salt water flush on the other hand is a different story,, but im going to stick with it for the whole 10 days.

Beth S. on May 25, 2010:

I'm just finishing up 15 days on the master cleanse. I was not hungry, I've lost 15 pounds, but my main reason for doing it was: I felt like c_rap and was sick of feeling bloated, etc. I never diet, but I wanted to try it. The results: My skin improved (I must be allergic to something I had been eating), my body aches DISAPPEARED (I'm in my mid 40's), and I feel like a million bucks. The weight loss was a plus, too, but I mainly did it to feel better. The time I didn't eat was spent becoming more educated on my own nutrition. We are moving towards more healthy food choices, lots of fruits and veggies, and even less meat. To those who think you can't do it...if my husband and I can, you can, too. My experience has been great and we plan to do this regularly -- perhaps 2-4 times/year. There's my 2-cents! Hope it helps. Blessings!

Myrna on April 28, 2010:

This is my seven day on the Master Cleanse, Its a Miracle!! Period, I have lost 8 pounds, belly fat its shrinking! I don't feel hungry at all, I cooked everyday for my family, and I'm not tempted! So, I will continue.

steve on April 25, 2010:

three things...

First: for all the people saying this is a cleanse and not a diet and getting offended for "cleansing fasts" getting a bad name due to crazy dieters, you are all delusional and no nothing of nutrition. The body does not need a cleanse, if there is any build up of any unwanted material in the digestive system or otherwise, simply cutting out the toxins will be enough for your system to get back on course and cleanse itself. yeah if you eat crap, covered in pesticides, and block up your system a fasting cleanse followed by an improved nutritious "clean" diet will clear up your system, but hey here's a thought, so will just going straight to a clean and nutritious diet, skip the fast, it's a fad, it's hip, it's trendy, it's dangerous and/or unnecessary, always one or the other, usually both.

Second: anyone who knows anything about nutrition(and most who don't but have common sense) will tell you that any diet where you eat an excess of a limited diet consisting of the same thing every day for any extended period of time is more harm then it is help, period.

Third: As a person in the psychology field I can tell you that ANY benefit to doing these cleanses just screams placebo to me. all the "disappearing cravings", and "better skin", "reseting hunger", and "will power" are subjective and psychological, not real. If they are caused by the cleanse, they would be just as easily and more healthfully achieved by simply cutting down on the toxins in your diet in general, fasting is simply a sugar pill way of doing it(quite literally, a big wet cup of maple sugar pill).

In closing, take some initiative, accept responsibility for your own health, take the long road not the quick fix, realize how stupid all this stuff is to anyone with common sense, grow a backbone, and do the right thing just because you want to do it right.

radrazz on April 24, 2010:

I did the master cleanse 10 months ago for 20 days and lost 18 lbs and the weight has not come back, so for those of you who think you will lose all this weight and it will come back, it won't unless you are eating crap all day and everyday..

Barbra Waters on April 18, 2010:

Im a young early 30's healthy mom of 2 with a loving hubby at home and a part time job - so I am always busy!

I have been taking the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse (no, its not just for men as my dr told me) for approximately 8 days and they have worked wonders with my diet.

In the past 3 days I have lost 6 pounds of waste. My appetite is down and I feel great. I'm taking 2 pills a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. There is no stomach cramping, although my stomach has made a couple of growling noises at me..giving me a warning that it is time to go to the bathroom..but other than that..no real problems..I am going to continue using these pills. Looking forward to more waste (weight) loss...hip-hip-hooray!!!

drew on April 02, 2010:

What? that article....where did those details even come from?? 14 days? that is not even the minimum stated in the original book about the master cleanse. and keyword, its a cleanse. NOT a diet. all the people doing it as a diet are doing it for the WRONG reasons and more than likely will pick up their bad habits later on when its finished. Also, a person does not have a to buy a kit. that's silly. a kit?? last i checked in the grocery stores they sell, lemons, cayene pepper and maple syrup. oh what a world. who woulda knew that stores these days sell those items. And you dont need to buy someones book. the information on how to follow the cleanse is available for free ALL over the internet. This article is a farce. Cant believe people believe the first thing they read without doing extensive research.

omar on March 28, 2010:

I am on the MC currently for the 4th time. 1st 13 days, 2nd 11 days, 3rd 7 days. I am on my 14th day and plan to do it for one more week (21 days.) I just came in here to see if there were any negative effects of doing the cleanse for 21 days. I read half of the comments above and must say there is a lot of ignorance up there.

Why am I doing the MC? Because the first time I did it it helped me become a vegan for 6 months and a vegetarian for 6 more. I returned to eating crap again because I listened to my mother who tried to convince me to eat protein. I only ate chicken after that as red meat smelled like burnt flesh to me. It's really chewy and gross. I want to take care of my body again and am in the process of detoxifying it. I do recommend this to people who eat like pigs. After you get off of it you will not crave the same foods you did before. You will have a clean slate. You have to reteach your body what to eat. You then have a choice to go back to the way you were eating or to the way you should be eating.

I don't think i will become a vegetarian again. I will stick to fish and turkey. I will change my diet to eat 5 times a day instead and exercise regularly. I also got a juicer which should help.

One thing, keep busy. If you are idle you will think about eating.

Gina on March 23, 2010:

I am on day 1 of the MC and I think the lemonade tastes great! I will let you know in ten days or so how it went!

erouli on March 05, 2010:

This is my first time on the MC, I am on day 4 and I feel pretty good. The first three days were tough but today I have energy and don't feel hungry. I am doing this to cleanse my body and to get healthy. The weight loss is an added plus. I read a great deal about it before I started and so far I am pleased at how things are coming along.

Drone on March 03, 2010:

Elaina said:

But when you live in a toxic society, and people ,by and large, seem to be more and more unhealthy and suffering from horrible dis-eases, and the medical community seems to be able to help less and less



The medical community helping less and less?! Really?!

Despite a head start of THOUSANDS of years (on "Western Medicine"), Homeopathy (who think diluting substances actually makes them stronger!), naturpathic, and all other forms of woo have yet to CURE ANYTHING!

"Western Medicine" has cured smallpox, and put an end to measles, leprosy, plague, TB and a host of other ailments in the majority of the world. It has given A LIFE to asthmatics (just 30 years ago, bad asthma meant lifelong agony or forced relocation to a dry desert climate), diabetics, and sufferers of countless chronic conditions. It has fixed limbs, rebuilt faces, GROWN skin and given full lives to millions.

Despite this, WOO-belief is running rampant, even in our supposedly educated western world. Your statement is so full of bunk but it is so common, and there is no excuse for ignorance in the age of the internet (may sound harsh but its true). We are less healthy?! Then why are we living longer, more productive lives? Why is it that so many of today's 70 year old's are still enjoying active lives? Had you told the 70 year olds of 30 years ago that their future counterparts would play tennis and travel the world they would scoff. A HUGE PART OF THIS REALITY is owed to Early screening for common cancers and osteoporosis, and greater attention (and EXCELLENT Drugs) to cholesterol, and hypertension.

The drugs that have come out in recent years are nothing short of miraculous. SSRIs are almost TOO GOOD, so mild were the side-effects that there is a very real concern that they are now being prescribed for routine 'sadness' rather than depression or OCD (that WAS NOT the case with the last generation of psychiatric drugs! So bad were some of the affects (for some patients) that even those w/ severe depression often refused them). Crestor and Lipitor are also miracle drugs that will prolong life and allow us to be productive and happy into our old age. I can go on and on (and on and on and on) about the drugs that have come out in the past 10-20 years; the new treatment regiments for chronic ailments (HIV is an exciting one! prognosis for Quality AND Quantity of life are good for so many), new surgeries, devices.... The point is: Western Medicine is responsible for making us healthier, NOT sicker.

Don't jump to conclusions when you read stats. An increase in Autism does not mean what we are eating or breathing is leading to more Autism, it is actually a result of better understanding, an expanded spectrum and more screening (more doctors know about it, children that used to be labelled 'retarded' or otherwise are now labelled autistic, parents know the signs and are more likely to get help, even for those on the cusp of the 'spectrum').

An increase in Prostate Cancer diagnoses does not necessarily mean an increase in Prostate Cancer! If screening is expanded and/or applied to a different age group, you will see a difference incidence of diagnosis.

That's it for that...


One just needs to look at the continent of Africa to get a measure of what these WOO CURES result in. Despite their own brand of naturopaths, homeopaths, and 'spiritual healers' - millions of children die of diahrreah and other simple ailments. Infant mortality is abysmal. Life-span in much of the continent is HALF what it is in the West.

As for myself, I do not long for the days when a simple infected cut would mean a death sentence.

Drone on March 03, 2010:

Hey Karl - SO WHAT, it contains mostly trace amounts of some vitamins... I don't see reference to PROTEIN.

Vitamins support vital functions, proteins are used to build and support (maintain, replenish, repair) the organs and systems that drive and conduct these vital functions.

Without protein, such a diet is going to lead to muscle loss. Less muscle means your body requires less calories at rest (you are "slowing your metabolism"!). Again - metabolic rate is critical to weigh loss (and overall health) and most of the Woo diets completely ignore this basic fact.

4-6 meals a day, water, and regular exercise equals a healthy metabolism. A healthy metabolism means that your body burns calories at rest (more than a person with a slow metabolism). A person with a healthy metabolism will not have to go on 'diets' as their body is a calorie burning machine. Consider the fact that most of us do less physical work these days, the importance of resting metabolism becomes all that more important (we need this so that we maintain good calorie burn rate even when we spend 8 hours in front of a computer screen).

Drone on March 03, 2010:

Excellent articles... I can't believe some of the woo these commentors are spewing though...


Do you have any idea what you are even talking about?

Please, explain what a TOXIN is?! And what evidence you have to fear these so much that you'd ascribe to this unscientific woo!? The fact of the matter is that we Westerners are HEALTHIER THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN. We are living longer, more productive lives.

You know all that buzz about 30 being the new 20, or is it 45 now? Its a testament to our understanding of nutrition, physiology and medicine (and our prosperity and high intake of protein... the 2 go hand in hand obviously).

Heart disease, and cancer rates are on the rise because we are living longer. Obesity is no mystery, it's a result of more caloric intake than energy expenditure, expend more calories than you put in and you will lose weight. That's it (although that sentence won't fill a book, dvd or shiny pamphlet)

This idea that your colon and insides need to be 'squeeky clean' spits in the face of science. The best simple analogy I can give is that of an eco-system. These 'cleanses' essentially BULLDOZE a path through a thriving forest. Eventually all of the good bacteria you've flushed recolonize and your colon functions as it should (don't take it for granted, it took millions of years of evolution to get such a near perfect system). The idea that 'pesticides' and 'hormones' sit in your colon is bankrupt. If trace amounts of these substances would be found anywhere it would be bound tight in fat cells. There is no evidence that the trace amounts of these substances (that most of us are exposed to) is causing the general population any harm. If they were, they would have been banned years ago.

For those who "feel better" after these cleanses some free advice: Consider adding more water to a healthy diet. Also, do a 'diet diary' to see if you are indeed, eating a healthy diet. If several days of this fast make you feel better, I would be willing to wager that your diet was not all that healthy/balanced. Cut out heavy white starches, and stop eating big meals - 4-6 small meals, much better than 3 - you won't feel as weighed down & fatigued from smaller meals and more frequent HEALTHY eating keeps the metabolic oven hot; btw: that's why breakfast is so important btw, it starts the oven when you wake up. Exercise and more frequent healthy meals can boost resting metabolism, the biggest ally in the battle of the bulge.

Calvin54 on March 02, 2010:

I am on day two and have no problems so far. I personally don't like the taste of the laxative tea but that is it. The lemonade drink doesn't taste bad at all. My only problem is not picking at the food when my kids are eating. Hoping everything goes well for the entire 10 days.

Milafox on March 01, 2010:

I started the cleanse today,and I actually like the lemonade I bought some decaffeinated organic herbal tea to add to it and it did the job.I feel 10lbs lighter and have a lot more energy.

Annie212 on February 28, 2010:

I did the MC for 10 days around 5 years ago and I felt great, lost 7 or 8 pounds, and noticed that the texture of my skin was smoother. Not that I had a lot of cellulite, but after the cleanse, it was gone -- and I even tried to find it by grabbing one of my thighs. I really thought I wasn't seeing correctly because I didn't expect it from the cleanse and only made the association weeks later that the MC was responsible. Due to some injuries three years ago, I have been inactive as far as exercise is concerned and am 20 lbs up. I think my hormones are out of wack because of the inactivity and trauma stress (I was hit by an SUV). I've been on Chinese herbs for a week, but I'm going to hold off on them beginning tomorrow and start the MC again. I'll see how it goes. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE MASTER CLEANSE SECRETS? I'm not going to invest in the eBook, as I've never heard of it before an hour ago. The author mentions at his/her site that there is one common mistake people make that can actually cause weight GAIN. Does anyone know what that mistake is? I know a few people who either didn't lose weight or gained a few pounds and I definitely don't want that to happen with me. Also, I make the drink with cold/cool/room temp water and not as a hot tea. (That way, I make it at home and bring it wherever I go.) Does that make a difference?

Thanks very much!


Sam Mascari on January 26, 2010:

Wow! So many controversial opinions! I have done the master cleanse multiple times (no more than 5days) not to lose weight, but to get rid of a reoccuring sinus infection. I tried antibiotics once and when it came back I knew I had to do something different. On the second day, my sinus infectino was all but gone. During this cleanse I felt a clear, constant level of energy and even had some of my best Bikram yoga sessions. I recommend a healthy diet and enxercise to lose weight and also, try this cleanse to see for yourself. I think it actually tastes excellent! A one day cleanse, here and there wouldn't be a bad way, in my mind to give it a try!

Health to you all,


Tara on January 20, 2010:

I tried it when i was in high school because my dad did it and had me and my younger sister to do it too. I think we did it for about a week. I forgot about it, and decided to try it again recently. I can eat spicy fine, so I have no problem with the cayanne pepper. I think the lemonade tastes good. I also don't feel hungry. I don't like the seasalt flush, and I don't do it daily. Sienna tea does cause cramps, but it kind of feels good to have a really empty stomach. Some of my friends are against it saying that it's really bad for you etc., but I've tried it and it does make me feel pretty good.

I probably would have been more skeptical about the whole thing, but I've tried it when I was younger. I didn't know any better then and just kind of followed what my dad did without thinking much. I was fine, so I know that it's not as scary as it sounds. (Not eating for a week! that's crazy right? lol). I do notice that most people that have tried it for at least a week mostly feels good afterwards.

Get your facts rights on January 17, 2010:

Stanley Burroughs attempted to treat a terminal cancer patient using only the Lemonade Diet, color therapy, and massage therapy. The patient died anyway and the state of California unsuccessfully brought manslaughter charges against Burroughs in 1984. The court did convict him of practicing medicine without a license and unlawful sale of cancer treatments.

Karl on January 01, 2010:

Remember, you can have up to 24 tablespoons of this stuff a day. Look what one tablespoon provides:

* Serving Size 1 tablespoon

* Amount Per Serving

* Calories 52

* Calories From Fat 0

* Calories 52.00 kcal

* Carbohydrates 13.44 g

* Calories from Carbohydrates 52.00 kcal

* % Calories from Carbohydrates 100.00 %

* Fat 0.04 g

* Calories from Fat 0.352 kcal

* % Calories from Fat 0.67 %

* Monounsaturated Fat 0.0128 g

* Polyunsaturated Fat 0.02 g

* Saturated Fat 0.0072 g

* Ash 0.12 g

* Calcium, Ca 13.4 mg

* Copper, Cu 0.0148 mg

* FA 16:0 Palmitic 0.0072 g

* FA 18:0 Stearic 0.0008 g

* FA 18:1 Oleic 0.0128 g

* FA 18:2 Linoleic 0.02 g

* Iron, Fe 0.24 mg

* Magnesium, Mg 2.8 mg

* Manganese, Mn 0.6596 mg

* Niacin 0.006 mg

* Pantothenic acid 0.0072 mg

* Phosphorus, P 0.4 mg

* Potassium, K 40.8 mg

* Riboflavin 0.002 mg

* Selenium, Se 0.12 mcg

* Sodium, Na 1.8 mg

* Sugars, total 12.74 g

* Thiamin 0.0012 mg

* Vitamin B-6 0.0004 mg

* Water 6.4 g

* Zinc, Zn 0.832 mg

Also the added Vit C that the Lemons provide.

"Cayenne pepper is very high in some key vitamins, namely vitamins A, the B vitamin complex, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin K, niaicin, iron, and the minerals potassium and manganese. It is highly beneficial for the heart and its high concentration of potassium is a key component of that benefit.

Cayenne pepper's bright red color indicates its high content of beta-carotene or specifically pro-vitamin A. Cayenne is highly regarded as "the anti-infection" vitamin as its high concentration of vitamin A is essential for epithelial tissues and mucous membranes. The body's first line of defense against invading pathogens is the health epithelial tissues and the mucous membranes that line the nasal passages, urinary tract, anus, lungs and intestinal tract."

Karl on January 01, 2010:

I'm on day 3 and feel unbelievably good. I can't believe this article is so badly written. You obviously haven't got a clue what you're talking about and need to use stories of people dying or being injured on other diets, that are completely unrelated, to convey your bias.

Don't get taken in by this charlatan, try it for yourselves. Four days on this diet isn't going to kill you or even injure you in any way shape or form; so and give four days a go.

I am from Edinburgh, check my IP if you want, I have nothing to gain other than see people benefit from this great cleanse. I've lost my brain fog (which I didn't know I had until I tried this diet), I feel alive!!!

bearclawmedia from Mining Planet Earth on December 27, 2009:

How can you condemn what you have not tried yourself? How can you believe that you are so right when everyone is so different. For some this may be true what you say, for other it may not. You condemn authors with your save the world, self righteous, crusader talk. I find the surety that you use offensive. That is my right.

So many alternative health programs work for so many. Half the battle is in our heads. I do not mind your articles as they are well written, but not that well researched. In my view you have opted for the easy way out. Speaking from your high horse, you never get on the ground and shovel out the crap.

Try some of these programs and then tell us of your experience. Then heap dung on the authors or programs. No one hates a scum bag rip off merchant more than me. So good on you for being out there, enjoy being young and bullet proof and try some of these programs yourself before you comment. Oh ya I agree with you, the master cleanse does suck. I have done it myself. Bearclaw

anon on December 05, 2009:

I've tried the master cleanse and every time, I've lost 10 or more pounds and only gained back 5. My acne clears up and I usually feel pretty good while on it. I definitely don't recommend doing it for an extended period of time (more than 10 days as recommended) but if you can handle it, it's worth a shot. I plan on doing it again starting on Monday. :)

patty on November 24, 2009:

im going to try it cause i have been thinking about it for a while now...... i know a couple that have tried it who were not only successful but also now lead extremely healthy lives.... in everything we maust be wise

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