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Mantras for Beauty and Fitness

Chanting for Fitness & Beauty


Enhance your yoga and beauty at the same time.

Mantras can be used to enhance your beauty and fitness routine. There are general maintenance mantras for beautiful skin and hair. And, there are also specific mantras for those suffering from psoriasis, eczema and other skin and hair problems. For general beauty enhancement, the mantra to chant is Om Chandraya Namaha every Monday night, 108 times. This mantra draws its power from the feminine energies of the Moon. Monday is the Moon-day on the calendar. The simplest and most effective way to use your beauty mantras is during your beauty routine. This mantra can be chanted while applying makeup, washing, conditioning or styling the hair, applying nail polish or by performing any beauty enhancing ritual. Om Chandraya Namaha beautifies and heals both skin and hair.

For healing skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and many others, a good mantra to chant is Om Khm Bhum Om.[1] This skin healing mantra is associated with Lord Shiva and should also be chanted 108x, daily. When chanting this mantra, it would be most effective if you would also hold your prescription medicines, creams and ointments in both hands during your chant. Then apply them. Another skin healing and enhancing mantra is the Sun Mantra Om Ghrini[2] Surya Namaha. This mantra is to be chanted 108 times while bathing in the tub or sitting in the Sun. Both of these mantras can be chanted at any time during the day or night for good results.

Unfortunately, there are those with extremely dry skin, hair thinning and significant hair loss who also suffer with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes and the medication to treat diabetes can be the cause of extremely dry skin, as well as hair loss. A good mantra to reduce the impact of diabetes is Om Hum Mudhana Swaha. Alopecia sufferers or those experiencing thinning hair, can use a mantra for hair growth, Om Kleem Keshay Dirgay Parsundaray Om.[3] Perform this chant as you apply your topical foams, creams and ointments and oils. See yourself with a full head of strong and healthy hair as you chant.

Another beauty factor is weight loss. Weight loss is also aided by a mantra. However, the weight loss chant is used with a more elaborate mantra meditation ritual. For weight loss, the mantra is Om Om Om Anant Mukhi Swaha.[4] This mantra is to be chanted on seven consecutive Sundays, for 108 times, facing East, and wearing or holding something yellow representing the Sun. By using this mantra with ritual, you are drawing energy from the Sun to aid in your weight loss. You may also use your favorite incense and flowers to honor the Sun Goddess Agni. Or, you may burn a yellow candle. Write your weight loss intention on a piece of white paper and set it near you as you chant. Chant and, of course, eat healthfully and exercise until you see results. By chanting a mantra, you are adding a spiritual quality to your weight loss challenge. Keep in mind that chanting a mantra does not replace eating healthfully or exercise. Mantra chanting could enhance your weight loss experience by guiding you to the best foods and beverages for your money or other opportunities for nutrition and fitness tailored just for you.

And, speaking of exercise, exercise is another critical part of your health and beauty regimen. Believe it or not, there are mantras to enhance your exercise experience. Chanting a mantra while doing an exercise, especially a soft spiritual exercise like bellydance, yoga or qi gong, will take your practice to another level. I would suggest in the beginning to use the simplest one word or one line mantra while exercising. One such mantra is Vam or Lam. While chanting Vam as you exercise, you are adding a clearing and healing energy to your emotional center located in your belly area. This mantra should help in clearing out emotional issues that have been sticking in your gut for ages.

Lam is a seed mantra that is used to clear out fears and financial issues. As you exercise with Lam, you are energizing your body and enhancing the mantra’s power to clear out any fears or financial issues.

If you are feeling comfortable with chanting while exercising, and have learned how to coordinate your movements with your breath and chant, then you can move on to the mantra for your well-being. Chant Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamumdaya Vichchay Namaha with each slow movement. By doing this you will have charged up your body with the energies that accompany good health.

Mantras can also be used with strength training. When using flyweights or rubber bands, you can chant slowly as you lift or release. You may also chant while doing squats. I performed108 squats to the money mantra, Shreem Brze. My purpose for doing this was to absorb the energy of the money mantra and run it throughout my body to make myself attractive to money. While standing I chanted Shreem and on each squat down, I chanted Brze.

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Chanting while walking is also a great idea. Whether you are on a treadmill, hiking a trail or on a city street, chanting while walking is an effective spiritual and physical exercise. Match the rhythm of your chanting to the rhythm of your walk. Try a 30-minute walk, 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back, while chanting. Not only will you have put in 30 minutes of chanting, you will have strengthened your legs and back.

Chanting mantras for beauty and fitness can bring tremendous results for the mind and body. It can help stabilize the nervous system, energize the cells, strengthen the organs, oxygenize the muscles, and beautify hair, skin and nails.

[1] Sounds like “oom ka him ba hoom oom.”

[2] Sounds like “oom gree nee sur ry a nama ha”

[3] Sounds like “oom kleem ke sha aye der ga aye par sun da ray oom.”

[4] Sounds like “oom oom oom a nant mu hee swa ha.”


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