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Attract And Embody Prosperity

Alnajda is a forever learner and explorer about History, Ancient Archeology and Mythology, she is graduated in the field of History as well.

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity or abundance could vary and be quite subjective for many of us.
Some people refer to it with material wealth, possessing a large sum of money, while for some others prosperity is only possessing good health.
While all the dictionaries explain it as a flourishing good fortune, wealth, health and happiness.

Understanding Prosperity

We can attract prosperity.
Because Universe has enough for all of us.
Life always gives us, what is absolutely inside our hearts.
You can ask whatever you want or need, you only need to believe it also you can have it, just stay open to already accepting what's coming to you.
One of the causes why people fail when it comes to prosperity is the wrong programming of the mind such as... Life is designed to be a test,

Life is designed for suffering

It is never enough

Money is evil

It is fair and righteous to be poor and so on.

But what you have to know is that all of the beliefs above are false and all of these false beliefs attract the lack of prosperity to us.
These beliefs do not serve us anymore, these beliefs just limitate us and our potentials to understand the real and natural state of prosperity and abundance in all the levels of existence.
There are indeed many poor people suffering from hunger in this world, but let's not create it anymore.

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If we can change, let's just do it because the truth is that there's a lot for everybody.
The universe has an unlimited abundance for all, we are all designed to live in full prosper.
It is our natural right of living abundantly since we were born as for the materialistic abundance also for the spiritual one in a very aligned way with the planet we breathe.
All of us are responsible for our realities, so let's start also small by enjoying the simple and little things in life.

The abundance experience is more related to creativity than spending unlimitedly.
The truth about Earth is that it is a very nice, beautiful and nurturing place and all of the lack comes only by this misunderstanding.
Now l just want you to take a look at your beliefs, can you imagine yourself as a pleased, successful and complete person? Can you see all the abundance around you? Can you imagine this world already a prosperous and inspiring where anybody can live happily ever after?

One important thing to know is also to believe powerfully that what we want is for the good of all that we want to have in life, is for the collective good.

The Simple Technique on Manifesting Prosperity

Sit or lie down, take six breathes, and relax.
Now, start seeing yourself with the eyes of your mind like being in a beautiful and relaxing environment. Start appreciating anything in that environment surrounding you, feel the joy and the freedom of the moment. How does it feel? It feels exciting.

Sit or lie down, take six breathes, and relax.
I want you to imagine yourself doing the work you love or already working in the company you desire, or possessing your dream job, feel again the joy and the freedom of the moment. See yourself feeling finally free, complete, and loved in the new states imagined by you.

Accept You are Worthy

To get what you want from life, you also have to accept that you are worthy, that you deserve it.
I know many of us, do not find this easy at all, again this is due to the beliefs inherited since childhood. Such as I am not that good to deserve the best, or l can never have what l want from life.
But this kind of belief is also mixed with other feelings in general that are controversial to each other.
In this case, all that we have to do is, to take a look at ourselves and see how we feel about ourselves.
To do this, start questioning yourself with total honesty: How do l feel about myself? How do I feel about myself exactly now? If you feel like you are ugly unworthy, fat, skinny, big, or whatever...then this is exactly what is not allowing you to accept the best from life including here the prosperity as well.
Once you discover this, start the positive inner talk about yourself such as I am beautiful, l am worthy, l can do anything, l am creative l am talented and l allow myself to have all the good from life.
Once you notice that you're more critical or harsh with yourself, start immediately using the positive self-talk.

Affirmations for Prosperity

I find prosperity in simplicity
I deserve being happy and prosperous
I am now ready to accept all the joy and abundance that life has to offer
I deserve all good because l am worthy of it
I deserve all good because l am an amazing person
I deserve all good from the Universe
It is my natural right to live abundantly
Prosperity is everywhere for me
Only prosperity lies in front of me

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