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Manifestation - How to Believe in Your Own Creations!

You Have Always Been Manifesting Reality!

Generally people are unaware of this consciously, but they are always feeding our reality individually and collectively with energy created through intention stemming from their own thought forms. We have all heard of 'mind over matter'!

Individuals contribute to this reality by manifesting their own creations into existence as well as fueling the collective manifestations that occur within this world. Majority of the time this takes place without an individual knowing or even being fully aware of the process.

The closer an individual comes to attaining the skill of being able to manifest consciously, the more synchronisations they will start to witness in their everyday lives. This pattern has always been around them, they just never noticed it or paid attention to it.

Many have witnessed spooky occurrences throughout their lives that they cannot explain or make sense of. Anyone can notice these spooky events by just paying attention and being aware that all is synchronised in an almost clockwork manner coinciding with individual and collective thought forms.

Think back, how many times have you said "I had a feeling that was going to happen!" or "I knew that was going to happen!". Is this just blind luck you had a predestined feeling of something manifesting before it happened, or was it just a lucky guess? If you thought about it, fortunately or unfortunately you probably assisted collectively in the manifestation of that particular situation or outcome. Whether good or bad, it was an experience created individually or collectively for the purpose of learning and gaining new knowledge.



"Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create."

— Jana Kingsford

The Balance of Reality.

One must look at these experiences non-judgmentally as some can be trauma filled or on the contrary absolutely blissful. This is one of the hardest pills to swallow, as most people have had intense or traumatic experiences at some point in their lives, often crying out at the time "Why Me!". These manifestations are most likely pre-agreed upon too and you probably helped create them on a deeper level of existence for a group, individual or for yourself to learn from, witness or experience. Accepting this allows one to take responsibility, which opens up a whole new level of understanding.

From the aspect of our higher level of being, the hidden side of you, or your soul/spirit self. Many cultures have many different names for this part of your being. For clarity in this article I will refer to this aspect of you as the higher self. The higher self often wants to test its ability and experience a variety of situations in this plain of existence. Thus, what appears to be often brutal and demanding is most likely created for you, by you, to learn from that experience. One cannot know ones true strength without some form of pain present. Mirroring this, there are the most beautiful experiences and connections that you get to experience too, as you journey through life.

Due to the duality of this world and its polar opposites, for one to have one thing, another must have the opposite. For example, in material wealth, for a group or individual to be filthy rich in fiat currency, another must be in extreme poverty in terms of fiat currancy. This example is another hard truth, but that is how dualistic realities work. If all fiat wealth was shared equally, then no one would be filthy rich and no one would be in extreme poverty. Also to clarify, extreme fiat wealth does not make someone happy, many wealthy individuals will accept and confirm this. There will however, be genuinely happy rich people in this world. Just as there will be unhappy and happy people in extreme poverty.

Those in poverty may experience more genuine love and stronger connections with their peers. Where the wealthy may not get to experience these types of connections as much due to paranoid or parasitic relationships. Those wealthy, will confirm this as well, many of their relationships and connections are there solely due to the other party wanting to gain some of the wealth they own. Again this isn't always the case, but one can see the different types of relationships and lessons available from both sides of the fiat wealth scale.

It is us, human kind as a collective that determines the balance of this current reality and of ones own personal manifestations. There is a lot of wickedness present in this plain of existence at this current time and that is to do with the exact opposite also existing in the same plain of existence. The less extreme the poles between the two sides of any opposite, the less extreme the perceived good side and bad side of the particular opposites in question, whatever they may be.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

— Paulo Coelho

Manifesting for Yourself!

Once you become aware and accept that you are manifesting and creating through your own thought, mindset and action. Then you will begin to witness the connection between you and this reality in its many forms and synchronisations. You may also be able to see how some events or situations played out in your past, if you can remember how you were focusing your thoughts at the time or before the given situation occurred.

At first when you become aware and witness this hidden skill you have been utilising your entire life. It may feel like some sort of magic or sorcery. The synchronisations that you may witness will no doubt be connected to one of your manifestations in one way or another. How fast one can manifest into this reality, depends on several variables.

These variables include how strongly you actually believe in the manifestation occurring. How big of a change the manifestation is that you desire to take place and what self limiting values you have put on a particular outcome. The ability to overcome self doubt, self sabotage and having the ability to trust yourself. Having trust allows the manifestation to take place by letting go, while knowing the final outcome will be achieved.

You can see evidence of this throughout life. Some blatant examples of this are in our current society today. These particular examples can be seen within sales and marketing departments of businesses and organisations all around us. Within these departments they have a collective desire to sell goods or services. They also have a collective desire to create goals, targets or end outcomes. They set a deadline to achieve this. The deadline and target are always within or just beyond the boundary of what the collective sales team believe is possible to achieve. Thus then, employing a collective desire fueling the manifestation process, they are able to let go of the end goal knowing its the end result and begin work or action in order to achieve this set target. In sales, when someone in the team doesn't believe the end outcome is possible, this has a ripple effect throughout the collective team, jeopardising the success of the creation/manifestation process. There is often a higher turn around of personnel in sales teams compared to other departments in businesses for this exact reason, when a team comes together and works collectively, naturally staff retention increases as do sales.

A large number of company directors, owners and sales managers know this technique, maybe they don't know how it works exactly or maybe they do. Either or, it doesn't matter, they are aware of the simplicity and effectiveness of the process. Thus tending to hide it from their base level sales staff. This is to prevent them working out how easy the process is, leaving and becoming competitors. This is especially the case if a sales person is naturally adept at manifesting sales, but is also not aware of his/her manifesting capabilities. Personalities that are joyful, confident, open and genuine improve the manifestation process as these emotions give off higher vibrations and energy to fuel the process. Those on the opposite spectrum with personalities that are depressive, anxious, closed off and dishonest will have lower vibrations. Ultimately hindering the collective manifestation process.

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Create Your Future Now!

Create Your Future Now!

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

— George Bernard Shaw

Learning How Manifestation Works!

Manifestation and the way to create has been briefing touched upon in this article so far. Which consists of desires, ideas, intentions, permission, trust and most importantly belief!

Everyone has desires, whether that be sub-consciousness or conscious desires. Meaning that we are either aware of our desires or we are not. Those not aware of their true desires have most likely been programmed by society and follow the desires of others. Programming of the populace has been conducted for hundreds if not thousands of years, for the purpose of steering the collective mind towards a particular outcome. The most recent forms in the last century have been via technology such as computers, televisions and radio broadcasts. Prior to this it was through newspapers and the printing press. Before the printing press it was conducted via written books. It has always been conducted through speech and the use of language. Organisations are part of this mass steering too, this includes many types of organisations such as governments, education centres, religions, businesses and secret societies to name a few. Today we have them all! Some working towards steering their followers into one particular direction, whilst others attempt to steer the collective mind of their followers into another direction. Money and selfish gains tend to be one of the largest drivers of the present agendas at play today.

Manifestations start with ideas or desires. Ideas are closely related to desires, and for which comes first is like the argument of 'the chicken and the egg'. If a desire for something arises, an idea generally presents itself on how to achieve this desire. This would then be followed by an intention, which is initiating the manifestation into action and setting the end result of what one wants to achieve. If an idea is thought of first, then the desire will present itself, the want to achieve the idea. Its then up to the individual to create the intention of receiving/achieving the end outcome of the desire or idea.

When you create or discover a desire that you are wanting to pursue, you then have to apply an intention of receiving this desire. By focusing on and visualising the final outcome and how it makes you feel when you have achieved the given desire. If one cannot see the final outcome and how it will make you feel, you have failed to resonate with the frequency of the desires intention via visualisation or thought form. This is essential and very much like programming a destination into an automobiles sat-nav. The higher self doesn't know where its going without a clearly visualised intention. Examples of this can be seen in sports, those who win gold medals have visualised the feeling and moment of receiving that gold medal prior to them winning it. In boxing, those who win often confirm that they saw the knockout long before getting in to the ring for the bout.

After this, one has to now give yourself permission to achieve the desire and intention. This ties in with belief, as do all stages of manifestation. Without permission, how can you and your higher self work towards a desire. This is why it is important to have self worth and self respect, for a lack of self worth and a lack of deserving, the opposite is invoked in the manifestation essentially self sabotaging the whole process.

Unfortunately, today's society and modern competitive culture breeds worthlessness, through techniques and beliefs that have evolved over time. Such as being poor, having a weak job title, body shaming, sexism, racism, hair colour and status. All is proportionally measured in some way or form, those at the top of perceived measurements gain more confidence, those at the bottom, generally the opposite. This results in all sorts of division and gives society permission to step on each other, rather than celebrate the diverse range of unique beings that we have here sharing one space.

Realise that at our core we are all equal, we are all deserving and all have within the power to consciously create for ourselves. This is why self love is very important in consciously manifesting what you truly desire. Without self love, worthlessness creeps in and of which, comes in many forms.

One must trust the process of manifestation and then let it go. You most likely won't know how exactly you are going to achieve the desire, meaning you won't for-see the journey to it. By trusting the desire is on its way to you and knowing the end outcome, you will allow the desire to begin manifesting. The path will begin to present itself with opportunities you must act on to head to your predestined desire.

Belief is required for all this to take place. If you believe its impossible, then you will in turn sabotage the manifestation and manifest that truth instead. In that case you have just manifested your reality and haven't even realised you did it. If you are impatient it will take longer, as you will be manifesting impatience. Same if you worry it won't take place, you would be manifesting that it should not take place because you are worried.

That is how manifestation works, it creates your desires from your thoughts and feelings. Those in the state of self pity, who complain, blame and refuse to take responsibility are in a never ending loop of creating situations where they can complain about something or blame someone. When it is in fact themselves creating these situations due to their present mindset.



Interpreting Belief Types!

One difficulty, many face when learning to consciously manifest their desires or ideas is being able to discern and be honest with their own beliefs. If an individual cannot be honest with themselves, then they are not creating a true platform to create upon. If they admit that something is impossible then yes, they likely won't manifest that desire. However, they are moving one step closer to turning that impossibility into a possibility, then that possibility can be turned into a certainty.

Being honest with your own being will always move you closer to conscious manifestation, as you would be taking responsibility of your own thought process and its affects by becoming aware you are in fact in control of them. Giving you the power to change them.

There are different types of belief in conscious manifestation. The four main stages of belief are shown below. Each stage improving the success of the manifestation process.

These stages are:

  • Impossible/non belief
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Knowing

Non-belief or the belief that something is impossible will create exactly that and your desired manifestation will not be allowed to be created by you.

Hope, is one of the most common belief mindsets in the world today. This type of belief has doubts present in ones own abilities, but it does possess an inclination that a desire is indeed possible. Hope, has a form of uneasiness lying within its meaning, the possibility that something may or may not manifest. This impairs the manifestation you would be focusing upon, the manifestation may or it may not occur. This is exactly the type of permission you would be giving to yourself and the desired manifestation, you would be hoping for the manifestation to happen, naturally creating a form of anxiety within.

Faith, is often used by several religions of today, this halts you at the threshold of conciously creating for yourself or if perceived another way, taking you to the door of conscious creation for you to walk through. Which ever way you perceive this, one must wonder why only a few cross that threshold to consciously create for themselves? Also, why do religions not teach their worshippers to cross that threshold into knowing? Religions seem to have become the middleman between you and yourself! For a religion to show its worshippers this, it risks losing its power over many of its followers. This type of belief allows for a higher possibility for your desire to become manifest than hope, increasing your chances of manifestation success but not guaranteeing it. Through faith, one believes the power of the manifestation is now out of their own control and they will receive their intention if something or someone else deems them worthy, opening up an individual to the possibility of doubt, guilt or unworthiness entering their mindset. All of which will hamper the manifestation process if this occurs, reducing its chances of success.

Knowing, this is the belief that will allow you to consciously manifest your desires no matter how impossible they sound to others. This is the belief one holds and knows that his/her idea/desire will come to fruition. No matter what anyone else says, the person who knows the manifestation is coming will receive it. This belief of knowing ties in with trusting ones self, letting go and allowing the intention of the original desire to become.

In the case of learning to manifest your ideas/desires on a conscious level, one must in most cases work through each stage of belief in some form or other. As one does this, the power of an individuals conscious manifestations increases as the individual progresses through the different belief types, the time taken to manifest also reduces.

Allowing this natural human skill to become conscious takes time, focus, honesty and self awareness. Starting with small manifestations is the best way at first and increase the size of consciously manifesting larger desires as your belief in the process grows. Consciously manifesting has no limits or bounds, it is the individual them self that creates these limits and boundaries within, through levels of importance, value and worthiness. The journey to a desired intention for the human mind to understand is completely illogical and that is why its essential to let go and trust. Take heed and listen to your inner voice and feelings, they will guide you to the manifestation you desire and to what actions to take. To note, some form of action is mostly but not always required to obtain ones intended desires.

Enjoy each and every journey.

Honesty Matters! Can you be honest with yourself when answering this question?

Thank you for reading.

James Annan

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 James Annan

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