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Man Needs a Quiet Sleep for the Brain

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This article is based on man's health issue i.e. sleep. Sleep is mandatory for every man. What is its disadvantage? Read this article.


About Man's Sleep

I recently read in the newspaper that oblivion complaints are on the rise among the 40-50 year old executives who have reached the pinnacle of their business. That said, there was nothing surprising about it. There are constant stress, insufficient sleep and eating no time will affect your body and mind. But the difference in this news is about the complaints of forgetfulness. Because we haven't heard much of such questions yet. Excessive brain fatigue is the main reason behind these questions.

In today's stressful life, insufficient sleep has become a daily routine for many people. The day is over, but the workload is not over, this complaint is common to almost everyone in the city. We feel useless to see the life of a student going to school also stuck in this cycle. According to a study by the National Sleep Foundation in the United States, there are 35% of people do not get enough sleep. Because the rapid changes in our social life, it is unlikely that we will have a very different situation. A person stays away from satisfactory sleep due to various reasons like sleep complaints, mental distress, health complaints, health problems due to old age.

In today's world of competition we have high expectations of ourselves. Everyone thinks that we should not fall short of others. Then we have to work hard to show that we are all good. It takes the same amount of time. Its price has to be provided by reducing sleep. Office work has become more, children's studies have increased, guests have come to the house, some events have been organized, but the first effect is on your sleep.


What Are The Side Effects Of Insufficient Sleep?

Humans have been getting insufficient sleep for months and years. They think they are a 'super human'. But studies show that sleep deprivation can have a direct and indirect effect on their brain. Lack of attention at work, affecting thinking ability, lack of creativity, and all these things are due to lack of sleep. Man does not remember names of any person, not remembering words start coming quickly. Sometimes we feel dizzy due to insufficient sleep, not being aware of what we are saying or hearing.

Many accidents on the road happen due to lack of sleep. Who knows how much damage is done due to mistakes in work? If a person does not get seven to eight hours of sleep every day and the chronology of this routine continues, the edge of the intellect may seem to be reduced and the health of the brain may gradually deteriorate.

Even those who get six hours of sleep a night have less ability to think with a pinch. Also, their performance in memory tests is not satisfactory. The mind cannot be stabilized due to insufficient sleep. So it takes more time to acquire new knowledge. It affects the storage of information in the brain. Inadequate sleep also affects situational awareness, suggestion, and expression. If you don't get a certain amount of sleep while learning new skills, those skills may not be remembered forever.

Not only that, but the information stored in the brain does not appear to be remembered when needed. Being always aware of man is considered to be one of the major pillars of our work style. It also affects sleep deprivation. In other words, we are on the path of weakening our overall efficiency. Students and their parents need to understand the relationship between sleep and education.

Effects of our body :

The body also suffers from the effects of lack of sleep. Without adequate sleep, your immune system is weakened. The number of white blood cells in the body decreases. Not only is that, but the function of white blood cells also disrupted. The production of growth hormone, which is required for the growth of our body, slows down. The process of using sugar in the body is slow. The immune system of disease-fighting cells is weakened by a lack of rest.

The body produces different hormones to overcome stress. This raises the blood sugar level. We are seeing an increase in the incidence of diabetes among the younger generation. Diabetes causes the brain to get tired quickly, scientists have found. Tragedy, trauma, irritability, frustration, unwanted changes in temperament are the result of stress and inadequate rest in life. It would not be wrong to say that lack of sleep causes the body to decline overall. This shows that everyone needs to think about where their busy lifestyle will take them. In fact, the brain cannot afford a single day's sleep.

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Why Is Sleep Essential For Life?

Everyone should be aware that whether you are a company director or a worker, life is impossible without adequate sleep. When does a person not want to work at a young age? Many ask such questions. While this question is simple, premature illness with overwork is not welcome. Your body desperately needs rest. During sleep, the senses and organs of the body move in a minimal way and they get rest from it and fill it with wear and tear. Not all the senses in the body need sleep to make up for their loss. E.g. Muscle body

Muscles can fill up even when they are resting by stopping movement. But in such a resting state of the body (i.e. not sleeping), the brain has to be alert.

Only when the body is subjected to sleep and gets complete rest does the brain get the rest it needs. Inadequate sleep lowers heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Sleep produces the proteins needed for the regeneration of neurons. The cells in the body fill in the gaps. New cells are formed in the body. Brain cells and neurons also replenish, removing unwanted chemicals from our surroundings. It produces the chemicals when the body needs.

Just like shops are closed for 'stock taking', stock taking is a daily requirement of the brain. Because you have an idea of ​​how huge the work of the brain is. If you rest like this at night, then the brain is ready to do the work of the next day with full force. Often when you wake up in the morning, you will have the 'Eureka' experience of answering yesterday's question. This is because at night the brain is working on it without your knowledge.


Sleep Is A Researcher's Favorite Subject

So much research has been done on sleep so far that much can be said about it. This research has been made possible by MRI technology.

The 'frontal lobe' of the brain is the abode of the imagination. Skill is a gift to man, but without enough sleep, the magic of this skill is lost. The language section of the brain, the temporal lobe, does not know how to stay awake. But this part refuses to work because of extreme fatigue. Even such a person cannot speak well and his words are not well spoken. The brain then assigns its function to a different part for a while.

The same is true of mathematics. The parietal lobe of those who sleep peacefully at night seems to be working on solving math problems. But in the case of those who do not get enough rest, the work of the parietal lobe is overloaded.

I understood a different story about brain work. The pre-frontal lobe is the most congested part of the brain. The first part of the brain is relaxed when you fall asleep to give the brain priority rest. After a short rest, it was refreshed.

If you think your memory has become unreliable, do you get enough sleep first? Ask yourself that question. Set your work routine in such a way that you get enough sleep. Researchers say that just when you will sleep seven to eight hours to night, then you can improve your memory and other problems by up to 50 percent.

Getting enough sleep will make you feel refreshed and able to work the next morning. But when it's time to go to bed and work, take a short five to ten minute break in between work. Go out for tea, go for a walk in the office, look at the trees outside, listen to the birds chirp, chat with your co-workers on lunch break, and listen to your favorite music while working.

But if it is impossible to get enough sleep after seven or eight hours, don't expect your brain to be your constant slave. Memory is declining, so don't blame him. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis to maintain your memory.

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