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Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas - Healthy, Easy, Low Fat Breakfast Recipes

By now, you've probably been told, time and time again, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We all know this, but lots of us don't eat it. The problem with breakfast is that it's in the morning. Most of us are rushing around, getting dressed, gulping coffee and maybe cooking the kids breakfast, too. By establishing some breakfast time rules, you will be seriously impressed by the benefits of these low calorie breakfast ideas.

This article will cover my personal favorite low calorie breakfast recipes/ideas and some motivational tips and tricks on how to make sure that you eat a healthy, well-rounded breakfast every single morning. I'll also de-bunk some breakfast dieting myths that I've disproved from my own experiences. Hopefully, you won't make the same mistakes that I did and will realize why it's important to eat a low calorie breakfast every single morning, no matter what!


Fast Food Breakfast Is Ruining Our Health!

McDonald's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, etc., have created widespread, affordable, convenience and paired it with taste explosions that make breakfast time an event to look forward to for many.

However, have you ever stopped to look at what is actually incorporate into a McDonald's breakfast? Have you ever felt like you are about to roll over and go to sleep around 10 a.m.? It's because of the content of the breakfast food. Yes, it typically tastes good, is cheap and very convenient, but is the outcome of a sluggish metabolism, blurred thoughts and pure exhaustion worth it? I think not. There are many quick, easy and delicious low calorie breakfast ideas that you can make at home.

Cooking Breakfast at Home

Here are some tips and tricks on how to easily prepare lots of healthy breakfasts every morning before the start of your day:

  • Schedule it in. What do you do in the morning before you leave the house? Check e-mail, watch the news, etc? Breakfast should be the priority over checking e-mail or watching part of the today show. It's possible to multi-task with these things, just make sure to get breakfast in.
  • Plan ahead. I'm going to give you a list of foods that you can mix and match to make satisfying, low calorie breakfasts at home. If you don't have time to cook scrambled eggs in the morning, make them the night before. They aren't terrible heated up on medium heat in the microwave.
  • Keep it New and Exciting - Breakfast fast food is very addictive because chains are always introducing new and exciting products. They taste great and if you constantly buy fast food breakfast, you probably look forward to eating it every morning. It is possible to get that taste every day at home!

My Realization That Breakfast is KEY to Weight Loss, Success and Overall Health

Everyone always tells you that breakfast is important. I've always known but never thought that I needed to eat it. First off, I am never hungry at breakfast time. It's rare if I'm hungry. I used to think that if I'm not hungry, I shouldn't eat. That is typically true, but not at breakfast time. You need to eat as your body burns the most calories upon waking in the morning. If there is no fuel to burn, you're going to get exhausted...fast! Always eat breakfast within one hour of waking, even if you're not hungry!

I used to spend literally 15 minutes every morning simply getting up, showering, getting dressed and running out the door for my one hour commute. I literally had no time to do anything, let alone eat. I finally realized that my brain simply could not function at full speed and do all sorts of multi-tasking without breakfast. My old job required lots of instant decisions that would affect a lot of people. To feel 'fuzzy' because of lack of eating was simply not acceptable anymore. Not eating breakfast causes you to lose mental acuity and greatly reduces your ability to quickly process situations at school and in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the realization that I needed something in me to increase mental acuity turned my attention to fast food and I became a fast food breakfast addict. At first, I enjoyed everything about it, but after time, I saw weight gain, headaches and started experiencing exhaustion. This led me to having to have a pick-me up cup of coffee at 10 a.m. Fast food breakfasts taste great, are convenient and cheap, but are not a good substitute, regardless of what the commercials say!

At this point, I was eating breakfast almost every day but truly was feeling miserable. One day, I decided to 'indulge' (like I hadn't already been doing that already) and tried a sausage McGriddle. I had to pull over on the side of the road because I felt so ill, in the middle of a 9a.m. conference call. This was the day I realized what all this fast food was doing to my body. My body was literally starting to reject the fast food!

Form that point on, I arranged to have breakfast available for me at work every morning. For days I knew I'd be in the office, I had it delivered automatically from a local cafe. I got other staff to do this as well and it was really not much more expensive then buying McDonald's or Burger King. I also kept a large supply of healthy breakfast items on my person so the days that I wasn't in the office, I'd have plenty of options, too. If I wouldn't of been able to have those options, I would have simply prepared my breakfast the morning before so I could eat it on the road. Within a week, I felt a huge difference and I honestly feel I was more productive at my job because of eating a healthy breakfast every single day.

Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas

Here are some ideas for planning easy low calories meals at home! Females should pick one item from each of the following lists, for a total of three items per breakfast. Males should pick 1 protein, 1 fruit and 2 carbs.

It is important to always have protein mixed with healthy carbohydrates. Simply eating a piece or two of bread is certainly going to spike up your blood sugar, causing you to be extremely hungry before lunch time. Same with eating just a banana for breakfast. It's great that you're eating something - but just eating fruit (sugar) or carbs are going to make you hungry very fast. Protein is very important and will help keep you fuller for longer.

Pick 1 Protein

  • Two Hard Boiled Eggs (You can buy these pre-boiled or make them the night before)
  • 3 oz of low sodium ham
  • 3 oz of turkey bacon (2-3 slices)
  • 3/4 cup of egg whites or egg beaters
  • 1 oz of low-fat string cheese or shredded mozzarella
  • 2 oz of low-fat cream cheese

Pick 1 Fruit

  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • 2 small slices of melon
  • 1 sliced tomato
  • 1/2 cup of salsa
  • 1/8 of an avocado
  • 1 orange
  • (Obviously there are many more fruits out there...just make sure to always include one fruit serving at breakfast time!)

Pick 1 Carbohydrate

  • Whole Wheat 8" Tortilla
  • 2 Slices Whole Grain Bread
  • 1/2 cup of Protein/Fiber Rich Cereal (Kashi Go-Lean is the best!)
  • 1/2 of a Whole Grain Bagel
  • Kashi Whole Grain 'Fruit & Grain Bars' (My favorite is Dark Chocolate Coconut - only 120 calories!)
  • Other low calorie, whole grain, breakfast bar

I know for certain that you will be able to find 3 items under each category that you like! This is enough to add lots of options to a quick and easy breakfast. Rotate daily for lots of low calorie breakfast ideas!

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Breakfast Burrito/Wrap Recipe

There are tons of recipes out there for breakfast burritos. They are fantastic because they give you the ability to make a breakfast item that includes your entire breakfast into one conveneint on-the-go breakfast treat!

I actually eat a breakfast burrito almost every single morning. There are tons of variations:

The two main ingredients are an 8" tortilla and about 1/2-3/4 cup of scrambled eggs. Simple scramble the eggs, assemble with the other ingredients and roll up your tortilla as you would roll up a buritto.

Mexican Cheddar Breakfast Burrito

  • 8" Tortilla
  • 1/2 Cup of Egg Beaters
  • 1 oz of low calorie shredded cheddar cheese
  • 2 tbsp of mild salsa

'Fast Food' Breakfast BurritoThis version tastes almost exactly like something that would be sold at a fast food chain. It has lots of flavor (is pretty salty) and delicious!

  • 8" Tortilla
  • 1/2 Cup of Egg Beaters
  • 1 oz of low calorie shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Bacon Chive potato seasoning (cook the scrambled eggs with this seasoning. It's found in the prepared foods section at the grocery store.)

Ultra Cheesy Breakfast BurritoThe avocado in this recipe gives a great texture and taste that is similar to cheese. When paird with mozzarella cheese, it gives you a very satisfying cheesy breakfast!

  • 8" Tortilla
  • 1/2 Cup of Egg Beaters
  • 1 oz of low calorie shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 3 avocado slices (about 1/8 of the avocado)

What are some of your favorite low calorie breakfast ideas/recipes?

Elena@LessIsHealthy on May 25, 2011:

I like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries...at breakfast.

lwells on March 06, 2011:

Very informative. Just what I was looking for. I have never been a "breakfast person" but I need a life change> After having my baby I can not seem to find my waistline and so I am starting with breakfast.

beautifullife on January 19, 2011:


Str8up Hookups on January 08, 2011:

Great hub!

Thanx for sharing!

Holly on September 06, 2010:

Great advice! Good ideas!

Cass on August 20, 2010:

Great post. I'm a firm believer of breakfast also. I can't live without having it in the morning. I used to hate eating breakfast when younger and only ate snacks out of my lunchbox when at school during classes cause I was so hungry by 10am and snacks weren't as good as the healthy cereals and fruits I have now. It's a feel good about yourself start and also good for people that are wanting weight loss.

Kishan Singh on April 16, 2010:

This is great option for All

friendly_guest on January 13, 2010:


You're too correct about those parfaits and salads at McDonalds. Professional nutritionists say that one should never eat fast food, EVER! I believe them. When I was young and stupid, I was living with my fiance's family who ate every meal at restaurants. I gained about 120lbs!!!!! I also developed type II diabetes! Sure, I was in excess, but I was eating salads with that high calorie dressing and I thought those parfaits were great. Ha! I never eat fast food now, and I've lost about 84lbs over 2 years without even trying. For those of you who eat fast food breakfasts and want to trim your waist line, just do what this hub is telling ya! However, we're all here for a reason, so I'm sure everyone is already on the road to better health. Cheers!

girly_girl09 (author) from United States on January 03, 2010:

Hi Nikki, thanks for stopping by.

McDonalds parfaits have around 300 calories (small $1 menu size) and 400 calories for the regular size and are filled with refined sugar; they barely have any nutritional value. To me, they're more like a dessert. You'd almost be better off having ice cream for breakfast. :) One of McDonald's soft serve ice cream cones is only around 150 calories.

As for their salads, they CAN be healthy if customers opt for grilled chicken (instead of crispy chicken, a savings of around 200 calories) and low-calorie dressing, such as Newman's Balsamic Vinaigrette. I'd like to remind readers that some of McDonald's dressings can run in the hundreds of calories alone, rendering a salad much more caloric in the long run.

nikki1 on January 02, 2010:

great hub/ however McDonalds has a lot of health meals.. salads,. Their parfaits are rather healthy.

Happy post new year

Shubhadevi on August 31, 2009:

Low calorie foods are always good for health.Thanks for listing them and it is very informative.

Nisha shan on August 30, 2009:

It is a useful hub. The low calorie diets not only make the digestion process easy but also provides more health supplements than fast foods. Nice hub.

Sylvia Van Velzer from Hawaii on August 27, 2009:

My hubby and I are big on breakfast. But, then again, we just love to eat! But, kidding aside, we're firm believers of starting the day right, with cereals, hardboiled eggs (omelette too) and fresh fruit. I love bread and butter, and can't seem to do without them. I would like to try your Burrito suggestion. Sounds yummy. Thanks for the info and tips.

girly_girl09 (author) from United States on August 27, 2009:

Oatmeal and blueberries is an awesome breakfast. Very filling! I love mine with a tiny smidgen of honey, too. :)

juliarg on August 27, 2009:

I am a big fan of steel cut oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. Oatmeal keeps the stomach grumbles away right up until lunchtime and the blueberries have been extra tasty this summer!

michelle.dragon99 on August 24, 2009:

cool hub!

Patti Ann from Florida on August 01, 2009:

My favorite breakfast is oatmeal with blueberries and a hard boiled egg. I have it almost every morning.

lafenty from California on June 20, 2009:

Very nice hub and so true that breakfast is important. Good recipe ideas.

R Burow from Florida, United States on June 19, 2009:

Great options for me, and for the kids. Thanks.

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on June 19, 2009:

These all sound very good and easy. I haave a reipe hub for cranberry bran muffins which has walnuts, sunflower sends and wheat germ for protien. I often used it for a quick, filling -make ahead breakfast when I was working.

I tried one of those fast McBreakfasts ONE time and it did literally make me sick-- I know what you mean.

viryabo on June 19, 2009:

Hi Girly_Girl,

This is good advice i should follow diligently. Ive never been a breakfast person (used to knock me out by 1pm), but as im getting older, im begining to realise the importance of breakfast. And i intend to age well.

Your tips makes it so easy for me to begin a daily routine of eating in the morning.

I'll start off with the string cheese, tomato and 1 slice of grain bread.

Thanks for the tips. You deserve a 5*****

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