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Miss Negativity Is Not Welcome in My Orbit

Miss Negativity Should Leave the Premises

This is about one of my friends who is always negative about any and everything. She would not still be my friend if I had not known her since she was four years old.

I rise above all things negative, and I do not socialize with people who are negative. When my friend was ill, I was there to help her, care for her, take her to the doctor, and administered her medication. I also prepared meals for her and cleaned her house. She complained when I wasn't there for her 24/7, because I had a family to feed and care for also.

Think---Do---and Be Positive

Think---Do---and Be Positive

My Negative Friend

Now, I consider a negative person a big waste of time--- so I said to her, "If you say another negative word, I will walk out and not return. You have to stop being negative, because you will become a sponge for all things negative."

Of course I didn't stop there, I began to talk with her to find out why she had such a bad attitude. Before our conversation started, her mother walked in---and my word, what a petite bundle of negativity--that just came into my orbit.

Well, I had half of my answer--her mother. In the ten minutes she was there, she tore her daughter's confidence apart, and made her almost cry. Finally, she left--thank God and green apples--.

I told my friend for every negative word that floated or rushed out of her mouth she would pay "The Attitude Jar" a dollar. I made a jar and labeled it, and put a big $ sign on it. I told her that I did not appreciate, nor, did I want to be around negative people.

Number One, on the agenda is learning to love you. You need a quiet place to be alone, take a pad and a pen. Draw a line down the middle of the first page, and write Positive at the top of the first half and Negative on the second half. Start with all the positive things you say or think and do for yourself. Then write all the negative things you say or think and do to yourself. After you have finished count the positive and the negative comments.

Love Youself First---Then You can Love Another

Love Youself First---Then You can Love Another

Positive vs Negative

Now I told her, at this time it is the negative side that will be the longest. And your goal will be for the positive list to be the only side you will have comments on, and it will grow as your positive attitude grows.

We worked together for weeks every day, and she grew stronger in her health and attitude. We talked about how she should be good to herself, and appreciate what life has given her, and how to enjoy the beauty all around her---feeling happier, kinder, and how she should count her blessings, and to remember to respect herself and others.

After she got well , and returned to work, positive forces from her attitude got her a promotion. She now loves her self, and made 84 dollars from "The Attitude Jar" that she made her mother.

I love my friend , but now I like her, and I enjoy being around her.

Positive Update on My Friend

Since my friend has chosen to be more positive in her outlook in life, she now has a boyfriend. And her smile is more often and brighter. She enjoys going to work and meeting new people and being more open to new relationships.

It is not what life gives you to work with--it is how you work it. And that means do not sit there and take it--make something good out it. Be more social able--do not hide in your apartment after work and on weekends. Being a mole will make anyone depressed.

Shake that baggage off you are carrying and get outside--- walk in the sunshine. If you don't have fun in life---when will you have it?

You should not regret what you have done in life---but what you have not done. Leave this world as one who has fully lived life, with joy and happiness.

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Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on October 25, 2012:


Thank you for your visit and comment. Have a great week-end.

Bobbi Purvis

Janellegems on October 25, 2012:

Great hub and excellent advice on loving yourself. It does change your life in a positive way. Thanks for sharing your friend's story.

Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on April 21, 2011:


Thank you for reading my Hub. I noticed you have written so many in a short time--it took my breath away. I am going to read some of yours, as I know they must be great as you have so many followers.

You have a Great Weekend,


Hattie from Europe on April 21, 2011:

Awesome! Very right and true! :)

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