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Love Is Not a Trade!

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


It may seem strange to you, but this is how it works:

When you offer without expecting anything in return,

undoubtedly, you will receive a blessing.

However, when you offer while waiting for a return (even one small "thank you") will probably feel deprived.

— Sean Dragon

A prevalent cause of frustration for most people is what we call ingratitude. How many times all of us have thought bitterly:

"I did so much for him (or her), getting nothing in return?"

It is a situation that profoundly hurts human relationships and creates misery and misunderstandings where usually there should be happiness. Because to offer is love manifested, it is love in practice. And love brings only joy, both to the one who accepts it and the one who offers it. And this is a Universal Law. So then, why does it not seem to apply in such a situation? The answer is simple:

Because it is not love to offer and wait for a return. It is a trade. And trade sometimes makes a profit, but sometimes it also has a loss.

A smile and a kind act, a little kindness, do not cost you anything but have enormous value.

— Sean Dragon


Unfortunately, this is how we have deteriorated the meaning of love in our minds. We think of it as a process of exchanging "products". So I offer you, but you must remember it and return something to me. In fact, it would be better for you to reciprocate more for me since I gave first; otherwise, you are ungrateful.

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But this is not love. Love means that I offer you because I care and want to see you happy. This is my only reward—your happiness. I do not expect anything in return. In this way, I free myself from any negative thoughts and sorrows, but I also release you from the heavy bonds of obligation and ingratitude. This is love. Freedom, not commitment. Because what is the meaning of offering something when it would automatically create obligations to the recipient? Then we should enter into a love negotiation. "Do you accept to offer you my love and commit yourself to reciprocate it?"


Gratitude is a virtue that we should all acquire, but we cannot demand it from anyone.

— Sean Dragon

No! Love is freedom! I can offer my love to whoever I want without waiting for any approval because I simply do not expect any return.

Let us restore the meaning of love in our minds. Let us offer without expecting anything, and then we will experience an incredible fullness and peace. The more we offer, the more we will be filled with blessings. Because this is the wonderful way in which the Universe works!


The magic of love:

You give generously, and what you have left is bigger than before.

— Sean Dragon

© 2022 Ioannis Arvanitis

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