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Loneliness Can Be a Great Opportunity to Be Creative.

Passionate about matters that touches the common man and that brings out the best and worst out of him.

Creativity in action

Creativity in action

Bliss of solitude

Loneliness is a painful experience of self isolation that could strike people of any age and in society. The outcome of such an experience could be depression, which could lead the depressed person to be dependent on anti depressants. In some cases the matter could become worse leading to suicide.

Loneliness has the power to open doors

Taking all the pitfalls of loneliness into consideration, however, there is another aspect of solitude that can be blessing. Loneliness opens up the frontiers of creativity. There are ample examples to prove this point. Famous writers, thinkers and inventors can thank loneliness for their achievements.

Way to self discovery

Shakespeare personified loneliness in his works like Othello, Hamlet and Macbeth at various points of the play. Wordsworth in his poem Daffodils drew upon the freedom enjoyed by the lonely cloud which is accountable to none and has the privilege to move around as it wished. Loneliness is not a sad aspect of life being left out by others but a way to stand out in the crowd; a way to define individualism and catharsis.

Value of catharsis

The concept of catharsis is a much of a spur for the solitary mind to nurture the thoughts, relieving of the repressed emotions and leading to the ultimate creations of artistic excellence.

Loneliness coupled with poverty give zeal to excel

Loneliness along with poverty could not be a worse experience. However, the case of Charles Dickens was quite different. Charles Dickens who was born into a crowded family was left poor and lonely when his father was sent to prison for defaulting on repayment of debt. Dickens had to leave his school and had to work in a rat infested dirty factory of that produced a substance to clean fireplaces for mere 6 shillings a week. The poverty that deprived of his childhood was one more aspect of pain on top of his loneliness.

Although he was put back in school but had to fend for himself sooner than usual. He started reporting from the English law courts as a free lance writer and that gave him all the chance to write his one of his great works “The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club” and this became his starting for his writing career.

Loneliness emboldens oneself against social repression

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Jane Austin was one of the great novelists who was born into a wealthy family in England but was repressed because of her gender. At that time it was expected of the women to be indoors and refrain from any outdoor activities. Jane was not fond of her neighbors and relations. Lonely and repressed, she made acrid remarks about them in her letters to her elder sister. Trained at Oxford she took up writing at an early age about the society and the condition of women at her time. At a later age she had to publish her novels anonymously. Loneliness and repression made her writings masterpieces.

Loneliness allows the mind to to explore one's own passion

Michaelangelo who was one of the famous painters and sculptures of the Renaissance was partially lonely. His mother died when he was young and was raised by a stone cutter’s wife. Not interested in schooling he spent time with marble and the art of carving out figures of art out of those. His talent was noticed in Florence during his apprentiship to a painter who was engaged to decorate the Sistene chapel. The frescos are still visible to the public till date. Apart from painting he sculpted many biblical figures like the statue of David, a masterpiece of the renaissance art.

Allow creativity to bloom in today's all pervasive loneliness

These are few instances of many creative people who gave their best due to their loneliness at some point in their lives. In our modern society where rat race and the zeal to climb the corporate ladder is all about success, one can feel lonely even when surrounded by people. Some succeed and some do not make the cut. The feeling of being let down and left out is over whelming.

This is the time when one can isolate oneself and think about starting afresh. The available creative activities like painting, or terracotta art or gardening or creative writing to alleviate boredom and the feeling of being left out. We all must allow catharsis to happen to give a new meaning to our lives.

gardening, the great stress relief

gardening, the great stress relief

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