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My Real Event in the Days of Lockdown

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

The Real Story


There is still an outbreak of the 'Corona Virus' and the lockdown is also in the same condition. But sometimes it seems that human is much more dangerous than that. If the police charge by stick him for his irresponsible antics, they do nothing wrong.

It happened that I went to the Milk Dairy in last year's of any morning to get milk, then saw a man arrived at the dairy with his four-year-old child, who had no mask on both's face. I told him - you should not take any precautions in this serious situation. You didn't have a mask…...., Well.....leave it ...... at least you have to cover the face of your child. On this, he fretly said - "I have a my child. What does it matter to you? I should wear it mask or not. I should not wear it myself, what is it to you?" I could not stop listening to this much and I said with astonishment - "How will you take care of yourself? when you do not take responsibility for your child. Then what will happen to this country? Everyone has to face this situation together. If you have a hobby to take the disease, but do not be a participant in giving it to others." Hearing this, the person did not say anything and went to his house.

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Then he came back immediately. As there was no milk available on dairy, I stayed for a while. On seeing him, I was horrified thinking that he had come to fight me. But he did not fight with me and left with sorry word. Again I started thinking that when this person came back from home, why did he not put on the mask again. It seems that it is walking through the brain and the world is full of such the foolishs.


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