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Lockdown Workout -the Pingshuay Arm Swings

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Master Lee the originator of the Ping Shuat arm swings

Master Lee the originator of the Ping Shuat arm swings

The arm swinging routine

The arm swinging routine

The Pingshuai Arm swings

Whenever we rave or rant about something new, we realize that the other person is not so impressed as we have gone overboard in our praise.

Well, keeping that perspective in mind I am going to write about the Ping Shuay arm swinging technique. I am a die hard yoga enthusiast and a yoga teacher. So when I discovered Ping Shuay I was very surprised to read all the rave reviews written about Ping Shuay in curing major illnesses like cancer, skin disease and heart ailments. I am someone who has travelled 7 countries and have a broad perspective on appreciating anything that is good and wholesome irrespective of caste, creed, religion or nationality. I am myself a teacher of yoga

As recommended, the technique is to be followed and practised regularly for atleast half an hour in a day when you first commence the practice.

My observations were quite different. I found that if you did the arm swinging for fewer minutes but many times in a day the results were better. The exercise builds concentration and focus. It definitely helps in balancing the "pranic" energy of the body. I found that it prevents the build up of lactic acid after a rigorous exercise routine. It brings in a routine of a simple do-able exercise and mobility in the life of a bedridden patient, elevating their mood. It probably cures disease but that did not work for me.

I first did my research on the technique- I built up my practice to about an hour but noticed no visible benefits. I challenged myself to give myself a thorough workout for the heart while being quarantined at home. However, personally I did not see any visually noticeable benefits. But, I would recommend the Pingshuay arm swinging technique to bring mobility and balance the chi energy. I tried it out as an agnostic but through this period of lockdown I think I can see it to be a simple technique that helps you get a fairly good workout. It does help balance the 'chi' energy. It works as an excellent warm up technique and helps enhance focus.

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