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Living With Covid-19, the New Normal.


The new strain

If we take a look back into our history to see how much we have progressed over the many years gone by, Generations before us fought deadly diseases in a similar way we're fighting covid-19.

The new strain of Coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan, China on the 19th of December 2019. Now labeled Covid-19, the disease has quickly spread across the globe. Many people have lost loved ones, while some have survived or are currently recovering.


The race to find a vaccine

Going forward into the new year of 2021 It's still considered uncertain times, where Covid-19 is still of great concern.

Battling such a deadly pandemic has taken on a unified effort. Our scientists and doctors are in a race to save as many lives as possible.

Finding the ultimate cure is the key for us to get back to our normal way of life and livelihood. Quite a several vaccines have been created; some are currently being used while others are being tested to find out their effectiveness.

The people's concern

Due to the fast paste at which some of these vaccines were created, there have been mixed reactions amongst people because it is known and documented that the manufacturing of effective vaccines usually takes about five years.

Some people would argue that they’d rather the medical professionals get it right before distributing it. Their main concerns are side effects, but that has always been the case when it comes to medicines, our bodies will react to them differently.


Learning to cope

Our lives have taken a different turn since 2019, adjusting to a new normal has not been an easy task. Going about our daily life in this “new normal" is going to take quite some time. As the days go by, every one of us will adapt.


What we've learned about this pandemic

1. To have proper hygiene
2. Wash our hands before we eat
3. Appreciate the little things.
4. be grateful.
5. Take better care of yourself, eat healthily.

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Wear a mask and practice social distancing; these protocols are still going to take some time for everyone to obey. We are humans, we love and care, and we are a hugging, handshaking community.

Some of us will most definitely feel as if our God-given rights and freedom are being robbed from us daily, with all the new rules and laws being implemented by the people we’ve elected to govern our country.


Disrupted our life

Covid-19 will not be going away anytime soon. Nobody wants to hear that, it’s a sad reality. Looking at the number of lives already lost is enough to deal with; it’s not so easy to cope.

At times it feels as if our hands are tied! But the reality is life goes on, we
are still moving forward. With and without some of the things we’d enjoy,
Drinks at the bar, dinner with the wife or husband, family game night, picnic at the park, and camping.


Making use of technology

The digital age has saved us somehow!

In many developed countries, the usage of online platforms has been a huge success, especially during this current situation.

Some kids are getting along fine with online classes whilst exercising and developing their technological skills, the same goes for teachers as well. Working remotely is for the safety of everyone. We must keep in mind that the disease is no joke.


Keep in touch with friends and family

Utilize the Smartphone; call someone you haven’t seen in a long time. I once came across a video in a news feed of the Jamaican Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton.

He emphasized that we must come together, call our friends, call our families, especially the elderly. Find out how they are doing, bring them some groceries if they are in need, run some errands for them since they are vulnerable at their age.

Acknowledge our front line workers

In times like these, we should always be thankful for our men and women who are front-line workers. Those brave men and women are risking their lives to save the life of ordinary citizens' homes and abroad.

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