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Living With Sarcoidosis - Autoimmune Disease


Sarcoidosis survivors need to eat right, relieve stress, lower sugar intake and enjoy clean air!

Sarcoidosis Lung Disease - My Story

There are many suffering with sarcoidosis and without a cure or proper treatment we all have to share what works and relieves symptoms in a healthy way.

When I first was diagnosed with the sarcoidosis lung disease I thought I was being punked. Why haven't I heard of this before? The seriousness of my condition with all of the pain in my spine and painful lumps forming under my skin on my legs concluded that this was very serious.

What I didn't understand was why the doctors knew what it was but not how to treat it? They told me they would treat me with prednisone and each symptom individually. I only recieved the steriod prednisone and painkillers which did not work.

The pain lasted every second of the day and night. I was so exhausted and unhealthy unable to eat or live properly.

If it were not for the fear of my children being alone and hell, I would have ended it all. I say this because when you are not healthy neither is your brain, my will to be here for my children and to reclaim my life was stronger than anything else.

I had no clue how to heal myself and have always been fortunate to maintain a healthy weight with the foods I did eat. This ignorance has changed.

Between the spider bite and the sarcoidosis I had lost so much weight the doctors warned me to prepare myself I may not make it. What?! Where am I going? I thought out loud with confusion. I just wanted some medicine and to be pain free and live happily ever after.Thank God they were wrong.

Our health society raises money for treatments (causing more symptoms) not cures; and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will do what ever you must to learn how to save yourself.

Healthy Solutions for 60 days to wellness!

  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Eat plenty of raw food
  • Eliminate sugar/fructose
  • Take omega 3 fats
  • Avoid processed fats/foods
  • Avoid pasteurized milk and dairy
  • Avoid aspartame and commercial fruit juices
  • Become a vegetarian if you can or eat minimum or grass fed meat
  • Optimize body with 25 minutes of sun exposure or D3 supplements

This was scary...

For the sake of my life and my awesome children I began to learn how to eat more healthy and become more knowledgeable about preventive health care which made me a more happier,healthier and more mobile person.

This is about 17 years later as you can see I learned how to write during this journey and enjoy my beautiful grandchildren among other things!

Bad news...

With this disorder you have people thinking your exaggerating and faking your symptoms. I have walked with a limp with pain in my hips and walked with a cane with pain in the bottom of my feet and back. These symptoms can disappear over night or last for months before the next episode.Strange but true.

My spine was very painful and my legs developed granulomas on the front of my lower legs. The biopsy confirmed that it was sarcoidosis. I was told that it may go away soon. Well this is years later and over time scar tissue had been growing in my lungs.

It was about 3 to 4 years later I began coughing and having a shortness of breath. Xray showed that the scar tissues have just about covered my lungs. I have been treated with 7 days of prednisone whenever I was inflammed some sort of way.

Many with sarcoidosis can tell you that you never know when you can get hit. I sometimes woke up and could not move because of stiff joints. There were days when the bottoms of my feet were too sore to walk because of water retention.

My scariest episode was when my right lung collapse It folded like a paper bag. My whole body went limp and I could not move. The funny thing is I felt no pain. I was sure I was dying. Then by the grace of God.

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The lung kicked in and I was moving around as if it never happened. Of course I went straight to the ER.After getting the results from my pulmonary function test I found out my lung function decreased by 20%.

Good News

I decided to learn how to treat sarcoidosis and get my health back in order and not except the fate I was being prepared for. I learned what foods and water would alkaline my body and what foods were Genetically Engineered or Modified Foods so I could stay clear. I had enough to worry about.

This is over 8 or so years after that episode and I still have issues but my heart is strong.Whenever I cheat on myself my pain and symptoms come back. Please read this and learn how to avoid unnecessary damage to your body.

Sarcoid of the lungs will cause you to loose lung function but you can fight yourself into good health by doing lung challenging exercises and deep breathing exercises which allows you to empty out your lungs and replace it with clean air early in the morning or after the rain when the air is the cleanest.

I have experienced many things with sarcoidosis. This disorder can take control of your body when you least suspect it. You can be in danger and think it is something else.

The symptoms of sarcoid come in many forms and is very tricky; it can be as subtle as itchy skin or blurry vision to chest pains and lungs near collapsing It will take very understanding and loving partner and family members to help you get through the hurt and pain you may experience.

I have experienced pain that will cause a weaker person to take their own life. Some of the painful symptoms can last months and resolve mysteriously. I still don't like taking pain medications but I have since realized that the pain lets me know to tighten up my diet and get my pH balance up.


After all of these years there are still so many questions surrounding Sarcoidosis. Like all things it had to happen to people in the spot light to bring attention to this debilitating disease.

I learned how to naturally treat your autoimmune or sarcoidosis just as others can learn to treat their disease or disorder; you can take control of their health by eating healthier and exercising or learning how to live life in spite of your illness. There are incredible people with serious issues that are great inspirations to us all.

When you have a disorder or illness don't thing "Why Me?" think "Why Not Me?" and be an inspiration to someone. You have been chosen and it is up to you to determine what your lesson to others is. Blessings


Jacqueline Ford on July 22, 2017:

Thanks for the wealth of information. Very informative and encouraging there is a GOD.

Darlene Matthews (author) on October 15, 2014:

Thank you for commenting and your love my dear Shawn P. You are the best treatment ever!!

Shawn P. on October 15, 2014:

Your article of your come back from the brink is truly inspiring for others whom are experiencing these same factors. Keep being an inspiration to others.

Darlene Matthews (author) on October 14, 2014:

As are you MsDora a true blessing! Thank you so much for this wonderful compliment but this is devine intervention. I move when I'm told . lol.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on October 14, 2014:

Darlene, you certainly are a blessing to your readers. By sharing your experience and your positive attitude through it all, you have shared inspiration for those facing similar health problems or more. So glad you took control and have seen good results. Good writing, too! All the best going forward.

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