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Liposuction Alternative - Natural and Medical Non-Surgical Alternatives to Liposuction

Finding a viable liposuction alternative is the wish for so many people who want the instant results of liposuction, but are afraid to undergo surgery. This is understandable since liposuction can be costly and comes with risks that some aren't willing to take. Liposuction alternatives are also desired by those who have inadequate skin elasticity (doctor determines the skin isn't elastic enough to shrink after liposuction) and by those who have diseases such as edema, emboli, thrombophlebitis, or other infections. Being on a medication that may affect clotting or healing is a factor as well.

Fortunately, cosmetic technology is rapidly improving and there are a few nonsurgical liposuction options available. Of course, there are natural alternatives as well. This article will discuss both options.

Natural Alternatives to Liposuction

The most obvious alternative to liposuction is eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. This will naturally boost your metabolism and allows the body to get rid of fatty tissue naturally. Of course, the results vary by individual based on body type, and sometimes diet and exercise can only go so far.

There are other natural alternatives that will not only help to get rid of the fat, but promotes relaxation as well. Lypossage is a body contouring treatment performed by massage therapists who are specifically trained for the modality. The Lypossage treatment blends several massage modalities including Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage. It works by clearing stagnant lymphatic fluid that creates lumps and bulges and breaking up the adhesions underneath the skin that contributes to the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Lypossage also helps to tone the muscles to firm and lift sagging tissue.

Another relaxation lipo alternative is body wraps. A number of spas offer body wraps (i.e. seaweed wrap) that claim to "melt the fat away". However, there is no scientific evidence or FDA approval to support these claims. But, it still may be worth a try, just for the relaxation and rejuvenation alone.

The most natural alternative is acceptance. You can either conceal your body flaws with clothing, or you can simply ignore them.

With the exception of diet, exercise, and acceptance, any natural liposuction alternative may only prove to be short term.

Would You Try an Alternative to Liposuction?

Nonsurgical Lipo Alternatives

Constantly improving technology and medical advances provide ways to get liposuction results without the surgery. Many doctors offer the available services below.

Thermage - Thermage is a non-invasive technique that uses radio frequency energy to heat the collagen in the skin. This technique is designed to literally melt the fat away with the use of a laser. The result is a tighter appearance in problem areas. Thermage is frequently used as an alternative to face-lift procedures and is virtually painless.

Zerona Laser - The Zerona laser treatment is another non-invasive procedure that uses a low level laser that does not heat the body tissues. Instead, the laser attempt to stimulate the body's biological function and helps the body to absorb the fat. This procedure has little to no side-effects and pain-free.

Lipodissolve - Lipodissolve is a nonsurgical liposuction alternative  in which mild medications and enzymes are injected into the problem areas. The chemical mixture causes the fat to literally dissolve, which is later expelled through the urine. Lipodissolve is especially effective for cellulite reduction, facial toning, and toning other parts of the body.

Mesotherapy - Mesotherapy is a popular alternative used in Europe and South America. There is no surgery involved, but tiny needles are used to inject medications, amino acids and other holistic substances to dissolve fat tissue. This treatment requires several appointments and is performed over time.

Other Laser Alternatives - Other alternatives that involve the use of lasers include Smart Lipo and Cool Lipo that is similar to the Thermage treatment.
There are also new procedures developed that deserve an honorable mention. Ultrashape and Lysonix are non-invasive techniques that use external ultrasound devices for fat reduction. Unfortunately, these are currently unavailable in the U.S as they await FDA approval. However, Ultrashape is approved and available in Canada, Mexico, and some parts of Europe.

All of these procedures have a low to no downtime and minimal complications. They are also less expensive than traditional liposuction ranging from $350 to $2500. However, non of these treatments are designed for large areas of the body.

If you've tried to diet and exercise without success, some of these alternative methods are worth a try. Please note that liposuction and liposuction alternatives are not weight loss tools, and cannot replace a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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