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Happiness Is a Choice. Not Being Miserable Is a Choice. You Choose the Life You Want to Live!


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Happiness is a choice. Not being miserable is a choice; your life is your decision. You can choose to consider things that bring you joy and master depression, and live a happy life, or you can continue struggling for so long not taking care of yours

Happiness is a choice. Not being miserable is a choice; your life is your decision. You can choose to consider things that bring you joy and master depression, and live a happy life, or you can continue struggling for so long not taking care of yours

What kind of life do you want?

We all probably heard the phrase. “Happiness is a choice,” but is it any truth in the idiom? Some would say yes, while various might disagree. I believe we have a choice whether to be happy. It is in our control. Saying happiness is a choice implies even when events out of our control happen, we get to decide how to deal with the situation and make a conscious decision to choose happiness.

Some people think happiness results from a stroke of luck. I believe in luck, and research has linked to an association between good luck and living consistently for contentment.

The role of the precise way to opportunities is far more inclusive than having fate to live happily. But in reality, you cannot be pleased until you accept it. What I am implying: Happiness is a choice. Not being miserable is a choice. You press the life you want.

Giving that happiness is a choice. You can choose how you want to live. You can make poor decisions, resulting in sadness, or use your authority to make a sound decision and be happy. You rise every morning with decisions to make, and the more you perform. It drains your ability to determine the best choices following a long, hard, stressful day.

Happiness does not have to happen. It is a constant work-in-progress. We root it in all our choices, so it is useful to remember that happiness does not come with getting more money but by figuring out your problem. You can not become happy in a moment. A quote explains life is 10 percent what is the case with you and 90 percent how you respond to it. Indicating: We have NO control over the inhabitable.

The only thing in our power is our attitude to how we handle a crisis. You can not be happy until you want to become. Happiness comes to connect with choices, and you have full control of whether you find it. You can embrace it as an intentional choice or refuse and live miserably.

We leave happiness all for the taking, but finding it starts with the desire to change and a little effort. Remember, your peace will not come to you until you decide to get it. Happiness is a choice. Not being miserable is a choice. You press the life you want.

Imagine an array of traits attributes to how you were born. If it exists, a baby stands to be birthed in the world a perfectly cheerful baby or a sad and depressed infant. In reality, you’re not born happy or unhappy. Life is a work in progress, and you choose to be happy or unhappy. Happiness is a unique gift that waits to come to every human being. With that gift, you can craft the right path toward a lifelong filled. You make a lot of choices every day, options like eating, clothing, loving, selecting your job. Some of your decisions make you happy, and various don’t. But you make these decisions, advancing your inspiration to be happy.

You can be happy at this very moment. It’s all about deciding and choosing the right thing. And the decision has to be a firm one like “From now on, I will work to be a happy person,” not, “I wish to be a fortunate person.” It is hard to stick to a decision made to be happy as you are traumatized by your surroundings and situation.

If you possess a sound mind or capable of achieving the impossible to set your mind to be happy, you can easily ignore those external influences constantly beating your emotions. Happiness is your inner feelings. The surroundings and the situations, the people around you have nothing to do with it. When you are happy, nothing can change that.

Happiness is a condition of being. It’s not an emotion. Emotions change, but not your life, but when you are utterly spell bounded by other temporary thoughts, emotions, and feelings, you also believe that even happiness is transient too.

You do not know your actual state of being, existence, and reality. If you could free your mind from your temporary emotions, you can realize your real state of being to breathe. Also, carrying out your life is itself the greatest happiness and not money, as money is material and temporary.

What is your state of being right now? Close your eyes and think about the universe. You will be happy to perceive that the world is endless and enormous. You feel peaceful and continue enduring happiness. The happiness which you derived from other people and things is transitory, and that happiness is imaginary. So it is a state of being. It’s not an emotion. At this very moment, you need nothing to be happy. Your mere existence is all you need.

A good deal of psychological research suggests that everyone has a happiness set point, but in reality, there is no mathematical formula or secret recipe for being happy in life.

It is a process of your mind, and what works with your mind may not work with others. But there are some basic rules that you can practice following every day, and it will amaze you to see the result. Some necessary steps are:

  1. Smile Always. Smile is the best medicine of all. If you can smile in every situation, no matter how bad it is, you already won half the battle. A smile will remove the stress and worry from you. You will feel refreshed, and you can march towards the problems with a clear head and mind to get them solved.
  2. Delete negativity from your life. We often fill our minds and soul with negativity. We become frustrated easily. After one or two attempts, we give up to think I don’t have any talent or ability; I can’t do this, and blah. We must free ourselves from this negativity. We must build self-esteem and confidence that we can face any situation, and we will win the battle.
  3. Be Positive. Build a regular habit of judging the glass that it is half full instead of assessing it half empty. Be positive in every situation. Don’t get frustrated and exhaust. Face every situation – good or worse - with courage. Always believe that what is happening is not eternal, and the worst of time will be replaced by a good one, eventually. Just work hard to make it faster.
  • 4. Learn to lead a balanced life. Leading a balanced life is essential. Early rise in the morning, regular exercise, eating healthy food, taking enough rest, controlling your anger and stress, and worries are the key to achieve a lasting happy life.
  • 5. Learn to overcome the fear of failure. Fear of failure has often restricted us to advance with a bold decision. We hold ourselves back and kept us stuck in a miserable situation. We must free ourselves from this fear. If we do not take the risk, we cannot learn and gather experience to make a better decision.
  • 6. Learn to ignore what other people are thinking about you. Believe it or not, what other people think about you is irrelevant for you to be happy. Don’t judge your action or your life through others’ eyes. If you think you can do a specific thing that will make you happy, then do it. Ignore what people will think or say. Consult with the people only who are significant in your life, like your parents, siblings, and wife. If you are confident that the decision you took is the best one and that will make you happy, then convince them to support you instead of restricting you from doing that.
  • 7. Get rid of worry and stress. This is very important. To be worried and stressed all the time will reduce our self-esteem, our motivation, our confidence, and we will end up in a frustrated and miserable life. Not to be worried or stressed is difficult, and it will need a sufficient amount of uncommon practice to master over your stress. If you cannot, you will never be the happiest person you wanted to be.

The significant detail is, happiness is a choice you must experience life to choose. Believe it or not, but you are the only one who is responsible for how happy you are.

Happiness is a reality. To be happy in life, you need to choose how to live your life. With regular practice, you can achieve your goals. Most important thing is to learn to ignore the influences made by the surroundings and people around you. If you always think that your friend has a big house, a good job, and a nice car and you don’t have one, then you are deliberately leading your life to misery.

But if you can ignore that fact and can rely on your small house and no car, you are the happiest person in the universe. Follow this simple but manageable guideline has been utterly complex. For that, you need regular practice. Learn from your everyday life experience that gives you the knowledge to understand what makes you happy, and then you can generate those happy moments frequently.

I’m not advising you to ignore the genuine problems we all face in life, but find out what works better for you, find out what satisfies you, do the things that give you ultimate joy, and turn it into your daily life routine.

No doubt that we all want to be happy. Then why not make happiness, a daily ritual? Choose happiness and live it. In reality, Happiness is a Choice. Not being miserable is a Choice. You choose the life you want to live.

Happiness is a Choice. Not being miserable is a Choice. You choose the life you want to live

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Happiness Quiz: Test Your Emotional Intelligence Quotient

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. You're either naturally happy or not.
    • True!
    • False!
  2. Which country ranks No. 1 in life satisfaction?
    • America
    • Denmark
    • Switzerland
    • Canada
  3. Negative emotions are more powerful than positive emotions.
    • True!
    • False!
  4. In general, happy people do NOT:
    • Express gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness
    • Get regular exercise, sexual activity, and good sleep
    • Have higher incomes or higher intellect than most
    • Savor joy and practice optimism and self-actualization
  5. The happiest people in the United States live:
    • In the Northeast
    • In the South
    • On the West Coast
    • In the Midwest

Answer Key

  1. True!
  2. America
  3. True!
  4. Express gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness
  5. In the Northeast

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