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Life Is an Echo; What You Send out Comes Back!


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Life is an echo; what you send out will come back to you. What you experience today is the consequence of yesterday, and tomorrow's results depend on what you do today.

What you do in life echoes in everlastings, do be mindful of how you live each day. Each of us should examine what we do daily as those who live to do what’s right will harvest everlasting life. Many sorrows shall be to the wicked as the one who chooses to do wrong will live to reap many perpetual sorrowful days.

Most of you know the Chinese proverb. “Life an echo. What you send out will return to you,” the saying is legitimate, yet, most of you live your lives as if the meaning of this quote is just something you should forget or like you do not believe it to be true.

Some might not believe in karma, but if they walk a mile in another man’s shoes, they would remember the Golden Rule of life. A practice where you should treat others the way you want another to treat you. It’s a saying that beyond words. It is a simple adage everybody should believe and live.

Do unto others as you would want another to do unto you. No one wishes to be put in an unfavorable situation, especially since life echoes the circumstances of their wrongdoing. One day you will be under the same conditions, and it will be hard to reap what you sow.

When you compelled to deal with the echo of life, and it seems too much, a person will like any opportunity to make their lives a little easier. To do such, you need to give the world the best you have, and before you know it, the good you share will all come back to you.

Your focus should be to treat others the way you want another to treat you. Yet many individuals cannot do so, and there are two main reasons. Many don’t treat others the way they want another to treat them because of number one: many are lovers of themselves and cannot care for another. Two: they are selfish and allow themselves to be interested in their well-being only.

There’s a famous saying from Lyndon Johnson that says, “If we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other better.” If we selfish and lovers of our self, is this fair to the other person who involves? No, remember life is like an echo, what we send out comes back and what you reap you will sow.


It is hard to accept life echoes back to you what you put on someone else. I had to receive this word of wisdom first hand. And hear me when I say, I put out more good than wrong, yet; it was hard for me to maintain or continue living life when the wrong return to me.

Five years ago, my sister and I walked away from being two peas in a pot. We talked about any and everything. Always available to help each other with all life challenges. We shared everything, and we had each other back. When she was weak, I was strong and vice versa.

This time, we both were going through at the same time, and we both were exhausted. My sister was taking her problem out on me and saying mean things to me. We argue a lot, and I was tired of her taking her frustration out on me.

I tried talking with her, and telling her she needed to consider my feelings, and give me a little more appreciation as I was respecting her. She continued her rage, throwing out words that cut through the soul, this day, the conversation became fiery, and she said words to me in a heated moment that I felt was unforgivable.

When she saw how hurt I was, she apologized to me; I walked away. She tried calling. I wouldn’t answer my phone. She even came to my house and tried to talk to me. I ask her out. And we didn’t speak on my part for two years.

Despite what she said, it was not something I would never say to her; I was wrong to take the words so personally and reject her from my life. Two years ago, I flat hit rock bottom and turned to a loved one in my family for help. It was a distinct poor decision I made.

My sister, I walked away from hearing of the hard times I fell upon, and come closer to me. It was hard for me to hear from her during the most challenging time of my life, but I did. I’m sure the person who was not doing right by me told her, and that’s okay too because maybe they mean it for bad. It turns out to be for my good.


We salvage two years of a lost relationship, putting the pain behind us. We manage to wipe the sled clean and move forward. I am happy she reached out to me because I never would have contacted her, and I missed her dearly. When she shared with me how unhappy and miserable she was without me, it made me so sorry I ever act in such a foolish way.

To hear her say, she knew it was wrong of her to speak rude words out of anger made me realize I was wrong to walk away from a bond we share as little girls. She was hurting and wishing it was something she could have done differently, so we never lost two years.

I shared this experience to say, we should be careful what we say and how we treat another as words are powerful and once they come out of the mouth, you cannot take them back. The way you treat another can affect them, and words have a way of destroying everything from relationships to people’s lives. Especially when the person you throwing harsh words to not strong enough to take them.

I had a right to demand her calm down and choose better words, except, I should have handled things better. The way a person manages a situation can contribute to the outcome. Walking away from her the way I did was not the best result, and I feel because I handle things that way I did, I continue to live life as it echoes in a situation I didn’t desire.

Five ways to ensure people treat you right.

1. Change the way you think. There is power in thoughts. It’s a true saying. “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Most people are afraid of accepting and exploring their thoughts, especially if they have to choose and focus on life outside their control. Some people rather focus on the needs of others over their own needs. I’m not suggesting you don’t love or care for others, only when you are compromising well being. Stop believing it’s okay to allow someone to disrespect you. You will think you are not worthy of respect.

2. Stop tolerating the family and friends that abuse you. We can’t pick our family. We can pick our friends, but We don’t have to tolerate abuse from either.

3. Treat the people in your life with love, respect, and kindness. Also, you should demand the same treatment. Now that you stop tolerating the family and friends abuse, you are worthy of being treated with compassion, it's time to gain inner peace and enjoy life.


4. Hand picks the family and friends worthy of being in your life. Surround yourself only with people that support you and willing to return the love you share. Pick your friends and family like you carefully pick the lotto number. You pick to win.
5. Believe that you are worthy of respect. When you don’t demand respect, you are permitting others to mistreat you. Believing means you have to know for yourself, your worth respect, let go of the opposite thoughts I am not worthy. Believe you worthy of being treated right.

Remember life is an echo, and what you sow, you also reap. What you contribute to this life is what you will get. What you place in others’ lives returns in yours. If you desire to enjoy living your life, it’s best to place kindness in another life. Kindness gives hope to those who are sad, alone, and in need of hope in this world.

When you realize the world that you create begins with your thoughts and how you treat others comes back to you. There isn’t a prescription for how to treat others the way you want to be treated. It should be a way of life. When we come in contact with another, we should consider that unkindness has a way of altering a person’s life.

Life is an echo. What you send out will truly come back to you. Therefore, it’s significant that you realize that kindness is in your power, even when you cannot put forth the effort to explore and find it. Kindness begins with one person and will flow to another.

In conclusion, life is an echo. What you send out comes back to you and if you continue to do good in life, even if the next person doesn’t extend it back to you, remember that is a state of life and it is out of your control. Still, life is an echo and what you place in it, circumstances will give back to you the same. Also, remember to treat people the way you want to be treated because Life is like an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you reap, you sow.

Life is an echo. What you send out comes back!

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Oe Kaori from Yokohama Japan on October 09, 2020:

Life is absolutely an echo. You get what you give. I'm sorry to hear about your sister that's truly sad.

Pamela Nichols from Soonergal444 Oklahoma on December 07, 2019:

Hi Pam. I think that this is a very thought-provoking article. I'm glad I came across it. I also feel that life echos back to you the life you've chosen to live. Also, absolutely "Words" (as well as thoughts which put shape to words) should be spoken carefully. Great hub, keep up the good writing.

Liz Westwood from UK on December 06, 2018:

This contains some interesting insights into human relationships. I am firmly of the belief that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on December 05, 2018:

I can attest to this in my own life. We have taken cared of so many people before that nowadays, especially when my husband passed away, I am reaping all that we have sown. I still keep doing the same as it makes me happy to help others.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 05, 2018:

I love the advice you provide here, Pam. I do believe what you do comes back at you. I follow the inverted Golden

Rule: "I do not do to others what I would not want done to me." This allows me to have more restraint as opposed to an obligation to act, which could be harmful. I would be arrogant to assume I know the best for another human being. I don't. People must choose their own way.

In your article, you showed how important it is to find people you trust and keep those relationships healthy, and you provided solid tips for readers to think about and act upon to remember: "Life is an echo."

Good read. Well written. Thought provoking.

Thanks, Pam.

May your day be blessed and peaceful.

Much respect,


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