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Letter To My Narcissist Husband: From A Wife Who Won't Let You Hide Anymore

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You See What You Want to


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Dear Future Ex-Husband: Only Woman Going To War With Narcissist

Dear Chad,

I hope you do know that I truthfully never believed you were narcissistic and was convinced it is Bipolar. Truthfully it still could be; but I could only consider sources to research that directly were linked to that. I never saw true prominent Narcissism. You cried a lot and it always looked genuine. And you’d have a chunk of time youd be selfless like last year when I went to psych. I can’t imagine how the things that made me think you just needed someone to encourage you. But according to the majority in 2 years it is definitely narcissism.

Im unsure if they can monitor if you could be different year over year but I do know that it’s really frustrating and I’m exhausted but Chad won’t talk to me. Who ghosts your wife? What if it was me in emergency so I wouldn’t die. I defended you until I couldn’t do it anymore. Krista festere in the feelings you were doing what you never gave her. So that’s not narc? But can it be? How can your family not want to be nice abd let ne fit far.

i always believed in you. Protected you. Lied in a court of law for you. I have gotten sober for you. I went and got psych meds and that was for you. Even when I left in march I was doing all that for you too. But I noticed that it was always telling me you didn’t get something. I was irresponsible and lied not fixing your car? I’m sorry but I was paying for us. You left me a 6 months behinds uhaik bill and 5 payments on your car, rent and bills. cell phones we needed help and you were cold, That you didn’t care or worry was hurting me because you have this girl.

Truth is I wanted to be everything for you but when I shut firm it’s like why not? You hadn’t made love or have passion since end it last summer. I had to not get to that spot where you literally can’t function and lose it all. Honestly I didn’t really care. I didn’t think I’d fall apart. But when you came and actually got everything I felt so sick and realized I’m gonna not get through this. But I’m that bad emotionally I just use strategies so it doesn’t affect the other half my life

I’m not wasting any more time on you. Everything you have done is all textbook Narcissistic behaviors. You basically had the excitement and desire wear off and that’s the closest to love you are capable of feeling, you took what happened as a trigger moment to use it to skip.

It stunned me that you claimed you were in an unsafe situation and gain pity. Once that happens you are already void of feelings for me and the steps all you did to destroy as you leave. And he had it set up before hand because your relationship typically overlap. You aren’t getting the “supply” from ne and I confront you. Try to make you accountable and that’s the thing narcs hate. So you left for someone that would be no where close to the value and worth of wife. He only chose her because she doesn’t confront him (pussy as bitch gee gee) and ghosting is the typical form Of behavior used. You don’t care about me at all now and you will still throw things as my fault twisting stuff so it’s always me but if you listen to every accusation of yours?

Judgment? ... Narcissist Sociopath

When you wonder why he left and won’t come home…than comes three weeks later and he gets the remainder of belongings…and says we are too toxic and it won’t happen,..than ghosts you…than you are text a novel and you don’t understand…confusion…poof

When you wonder why he left and won’t come home…than comes three weeks later and he gets the remainder of belongings…and says we are too toxic and it won’t happen,..than ghosts you…than you are text a novel and you don’t understand…confusion…poof

The ACTUAL narc unveiling

A narcissist, like you, is the one that is always behaving unacceptably and are tossing accusations at the spouse. He accused me of breaking my vows and I am a home wrecker.

When you tried turning all the things you actually did, and you did it so impulsively that I was so mortified, you sounded so ignorant! Chad, when you walked out for good (on a event that ends up the truth shows it was all not true), You had credibility...HAD

When the reality (literally concocted by you) it was because it was a volatile psychotic drug induced state and you were terrified?

But when it comes back nothing...was leaving over something that turned out so undeniably proven opposite...and you didn’t right away jump up? Didn't call me? Ghosted me? Berated me when you did surface?

When you didn't even verify it because; if that’s the case you’d want to go home to me, that's what a spouse (two days prior confessing undying love...a "terrified for her welfare" that you called and sent videos to EXS lol...).

That exact moment half of those on your side caught your game.

"Get rid of white trash Abby. Get a grown man with degrees and can problem solve...not leave their family."

I never saw you as trash.

"Don't date conspiracy nuts."

I thought you were someone able to connect dots others couldn't but all you did was mimic others ideas to cover ignorance. Weirdly, I being such a career nerd in human behavior, every time my own thoughts said the truth? I would shove it away. Why?

Because it's been done to me and I was judged and I can't get family even to see who I really am. So I voted not to do that to any person. But I saw all the things I'm addressing in another article. I wanted to whole hearted be wrong.

I knew by two months after we married but I spent two years almost making you the best case study I've ever had a chance to do. I was going through a hell I never imagined ...figured I might as well learn.

So I could leave you and than make you do the actual leaving to ice my cake of who you really are. Truth is I still want to be wrong. I'm not. But as educated as I am. As much as my father tried to keep me safe from men like you, I stopped living in happiness or going with anger to cover the other emotions I can't handle. My empathy is so intense I don't even know sometimes what is my emotions or what is the others around me feeling. I'm also scary intuitive, the hardest part is remembering every detail and catching some miniscule behavior and BOOM you caught. Though I hardly even told you I caught you.

That's even the funnier side, I gave you chances. I told you I knew and you still lied. Twisted. Made it something I did. But I don't ever recall you once picking up a book to learn how to actually be a GOOD (bad but you get it) Narcissist.

I know my family wants me to have more respect on not bringing anyone into my writing. I do get why they feel that way and I did choose to honor them and not to. But see that's because it was things they viewed negative and wasn't necessarily my intention. So by bringing up my father, I'm doing so in showing what an amazing father actually is. As apparently, you either have a distorted view of yours or maybe don't know what one is.

My dad's career ..period..made him hands down someone I wanted to be like...his military career and him in uniform I remember being so proud of even too young to know why. That officer uniform I would stand , five years old for that battleship to my recollection finally let the family board. I remember I brougt hungry hungry hippos and the marbles falling out of that box into water.

I remember smiling. Because once I was on that ship all I remember was holding my father's hand showing me amazing ship crap. My daddy was an American hero, but to me? He also was the one I waited up for to see and hug after months wake up and he left again. I never cared what his job was. He was a man no one fucked with. But he's laugh as I farted on his lap. My dad's why I can be happy all the time to the world. He's why I know so much of the world. And he's also why I knew about men like you. You'd have destroyed me, probably literally, had my father not also see in me something that he knew would be my biggest virtue yet also downfall. My empathy.

You sit and would get pissed when I would cry over the situation with my father but you also never really listened to why. Or that I'd yell at you because no matter what the fuck you wanted, my father was not to be your target. You tried to get me isolated and at first I felt that you just didn't like to see me cry because I have a difficult relationship with some. But that was never the truth. Because you didn't even call my own father last year when I overdosed trying to stop the panic. Suicidal maybe. You didn't know where I even was, shouldn't my dad have known three days I was in ICU. Someone that has rights To make medical choices? Than I'm in a voluntary stay that's magically me fighting an involuntary hold? Still maybe you never thought to call him?

Because he'd have known I've NEVER been suicidal. He's have KNOWN to not let them give me benzos or any intravenous Ativan. He's have questioned why involuntary because sherrif even said voluntary. See I finally read her report. And had my father been called I'd have had a voluntary. He'd have had me released to a friend at least. You? That's why I almost got involuntary. I had zero people to be released to and they refused to let it be you. But you acted like you were there. That you cared and I am grateful (don't get me wrong) of not being alone. You gave me that but I was so ear headed when the psychiatrist came the second day. I had watched at least ten on the ward. I was nothing even close to the severity as they were. In fact, I knew that morning that it wasn't me at all

I remember the doctor asking me, "Not to be unprofessional my dear, as you being here means it's serious, but can I ask what YOU think is the issue?"

You know that's the very first day in 41 years I looked up, clear headed, calm, and said that I knew what my family over the years thought. I knew what my husband and ex's would say.y friends but told this to him "...and for once on my life my dad's fucking right there's nothing wrong with me. I did just need to listen to him." Doc obviously was like okay and?

I said *Nothing's wrong with me. My empathy and emotions are yes...way overwhelming...but I'm not crazy or empathy made me fall for a narcissist and my mind can't wrap around narcissistim that my problem is I'm an alcoholic. It's the only way to live with a narcissist when you have so much education it's like banging my head on a wall. But because I see it but I don't get it. Than I drink so much that I can't control my emotions or my anger. I'm am alcoholic. In an abusive marriage I stay in because I want to understand.".

My psychiatrist sat next to me and we sat staring at the white walls. He asked me what I needed. I said nothing. I am walking out of there sober. I'm going to prove to myself it's not me. I'm going to do what my morality says. I'm going to try and than I'm leaving the son of a bitch."

He was worried. I had no support system. I said I fucking didn't need one

After ten min we were silent he asked me why? That we all need someone.

Here's my exact answer, (finally I cry silent tears he did notice) because my dad was afraid to die in 2014. Because if he did there'd be no one to take care of me because I couldn't take care of myself. I mean he said this over keys locked in my truck and dead battery. I smart ass I am said that's what roadside is for. But I know what he meant. I couldn't take care of myself. Never been on my own. Always had to run to my dad mostly losing it all again and why?

I couldn't handle the pain men put me through. I even told my doc I felt my dad has to teach me because I'd never have jumped that plane to Cal and find the independent successful me. I hate my dad's not my best friend but when we stopped talking I had no choice. And I in the end sat telling that doctor that I can finally say my dad can not be afraid anymore.

Why? He asked me. I told him because I didn't need anyone. I never did. And I know that if I quit drinking the path will lead back to that girl that succeeds but maybe one my dad would be proud of again. I told that doctor that my crazy was I feel too much but my dad taught me how to stop it

He smiled and said stop

What Could The Bible Say? Karma?

Psalms 7:16 The trouble they cause recoils on them; their violence comes down on their own head

Psalms 7:16 The trouble they cause recoils on them; their violence comes down on their own head

Waste of Time + Snow Tha Product

Goodbye ❤️

That information you got that could have changed the outcome? She'd a better light on the circumstances?

Dear my narcissist Chadwick...that was a traumatizing incident had that been reality, definitely should have left. Seeing as it has been 110% validated inaccurate, and watching you choose what you have? You proved that you are a narcissist but it doesn't glaringly show that in your delusional reality (yet) because I haven't chosen to go balls to wall and emotionally react throwing dirt. See that would show i give a shit. I don't. I don't care that you left. That you live how you do. But I did need to feed that part of the breakup. Because it led to what everyone should do. What Nicole did.

No more contact. Ever. No chance to try.

But my dad also taught me truth. And how bystanders are the real ones at fault in bullying. To always speak up when someone can't for themselves. To be living with a fire in my heart and no fear of retribution. Because sometimes doing the right thing is not popular. It's not easy. In fact doing the right thing is often the hardest to do. But he also told me that God is always with me. And telling me what the right to do is and to listen. To stay silent and I'd know what I should do. If he's not there to ask lol.

But he didn't openly parent I don't think that way with my siblings. I think that's why we aren't closer but age differences. Also, I think he would say even now, that I'm different.

I am. And I know they don't always or ever, agree with something I choose to do. But I'm speaking up because if I fell for this shit, others are too and you make it so we don't hav a voice. You isolate and destrly. You can't destroy me. So I hope my father will not see this as a bad choice but I brave one.

If I can speak out against you love? That I don't want to hurt you or expose your dirt. I want to confront you and say what I hope many people in my situation will identify with. That they recognize that it's not their fault. That they will never understand.

I needed someone to listen so I went to favebook. Dad did say I shouldn't have and I am humiliated at times. But I was smart to. Because otherwise no one would have known the truth. That I reached others through that. It gave me the strength to make it until you finally ran.

i thought after you got out of jail in the warrant pickup; youd be rushing to see me, because of the personality that materialized as a new identity.

Not even close.

I think that is the thing that did it in for me; and you kept calling more attention to it.

How could you intentionally call attention on your own wife because of DID?

. There was so many people that knew you that even reached out on their own. They felt that bad to be honest about things they had to say. So even if I had caught you red handed, you’d elaborate create a new truth to show you are an innocent victim. I’m actually guilty right.

You are drawn to empaths because our emotions are at hightened levels and when we get hurt we feel like we are drowning and if we stay off our game, than you can control more and get away with more things. When you get us to an explosive point you always trigger that explosion because we look crazy but we are rational and not crazy because our thought processes help to balance so I can deal with my outbursts.

Chad you like them because you record the emotional explosion and I look psychotic. You used to record them so I’d see my personalities but why now? You don’t have one pointed at you.

The wife (me) they become devastated and I wish that I knew who you are so I planned the final running away you'd do so I wasn't. I was devastated as well. I think that the victim feels not good enough; I feel like I was the one to show you that you were not in control. That you'd do anything for it that you have ruined people. I think you ran because I expose what a man you arent. I guess because i was making good what you failed at and we had a house and could pay the bills but because honey you now weren't benefiting the way you need. I tossed your ass out in March and nothing you did could give you control. . and that’s what you want because you can manipulate still so you can keep her me as a back up plan.

You never genuinely wanted to fix it. But I did want to honor my vows so I did try. But other victims feel so low on a level that literally they only feel they deserve nothing better than the homeless and criminals. Chad you are in what I talk about in my next one. She's a throway. One you knows not near the level of me. You are with her because she won't confront you. Not like me. And you get off you think I'm broken. I made you believe it and soon everyone will see she is a throwaway to you.

So please know I thank you for the two years in a great study. A drunk mistake that made me realize I don't need anyone but my father's parenting advice and to listen to him for once.

aSadlu I should say she can have you. That the homewrecker deserves it but I feel bad. I even warned her. I hope the minute one thing she sees? She runs. You don't have the power anymore my dear. You married me and I'm done with humans hurting each other.


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