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Learning Life Through Trial and Error

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Often our daily lives are a series of behaviors played out through the day. It usually involves days that feel like no matter how hard you try to avoid trouble, somehow, it continues to find its way into your lives. And as time passes, the world grows more challenging, and life has a way of reminding us that troubles are a tool that is given to mature and establish your physical capabilities. The difficulties of life have a way of telling you to stand firm when tested. It is intended to make you better, not bitter, but the trouble with life is, you're halfway through it before you recognize it's a 'do it yourself' thing.

They're a Mexican Proverb that says...the corrupt world is full of illusions and misery. Moreover, I’ve learned that although the world is full of obstacles, it's the way I respond to life's tests that have a significant effect on whether I allow life's challenges to become stumbling blocks to the road ahead or a clear path to the freeway of learning and maturity. When I am distressed over problems, the upset only help to press me down. But remember that these trials are part of the full plan of happiness that allows you to see them as possibilities to discover your best qualities and put them into effect.


Some of us have seasons of crazy schedules, and yet we are not creating the results we want. We often want what we can’t afford or need and find ourselves complaining that we don't have enough money, the right relationship, or achieve enough that will bring joy in our lives. Furthermore, if we realize there’s nothing that we can do that will change the structure of the universe. It will assist us to feel good about ourselves and help us to appreciate what we have and love what we do.

After all, there are only two ways to live your life. One, you can live your life happily and complete and as if your life is full of miracles. Two, you can live depressed full of many regrets and as if your life needs a miracle. Man, actively search for the means to find a happy life. Just to discover, the more significance we encounter in life, the more comfortable, we typically feel, happy life is defined by understanding the world's puzzle and how we must find ways to put the pieces together without knowing what it will bring.


In our daily lives, we face many challenges, and at times we understand almost nothing of the world. As we strive to get through hard times, we sometimes allow our hearts to be a closed bundle of scar tissue. But it doesn’t have to be that way, what we must do is make it our business to stop living our life on autopilot and find ways to prevent going through the motions being too cautiously, worried about what could continually go wrong. Are you worried or going through hard times? Know that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone.

Our survival as individuals means becoming aware of a significant number of things, but, how a person perceives life depends on the most unobstructed view of how he or she sees his or herself. We should learn from our mistakes, and you may have heard these words "To err is human" and "you live, and you learn." Although we make mistakes daily without this ability, we cannot learn from them. A lot of the problems we have in the world would go away if we talked to each other instead of about each other.


No, we're not perfect, whether our failures are large or small without them, we may be avoiding a significant resource for finding solutions. On the surface, some mistakes make you feel like your entire life is completely over. However, failures, errors, screw-ups, and shortcomings are all the necessary tools that bring an understanding of what learning is and how knowledge can improve you. We all are capable of learning from our mistakes — although some have the genes that may make it difficult to be taught.

Below the surface mistakes present you with the right opportunity to learn, to grow and to improve yourself. So, never be afraid to make mistakes because they not only make us uniquely different it sets us up to fail, and failure sets us up to be successful. Know that there are many countless lessons we all can learn from life. If we want to understand and overcome mistakes made in life; we need to examine every part of them. This necessary step will help us to become the person we are today.

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In life, there will be days when we feel as though our problems will never end. However, if we regret our problems, the disapproval will only burden us down. On the contrary, the troubles of this life will result in happiness if we see them as possibilities to grow and learn. Furthermore, to accept and conquer all mistakes in life, we need to expect much more to come and be ready, opened and be receptive to them all

The people who have lived more sheltered lives are much more fragile than others. I know because I lived, and I made mistakes from a protected life. I have been hurt, but I adapt, and I moved forward; I'm human who not perfect, but thankful that I learn through trial and errors. Though generally, it is about our expectations and the belief we have in ourselves, these beliefs and expectations operate to influence our behavior to assist us to adapt to trials and struggles. Yes, our expectations help us think about, size up and make sense of various tribulations. Also, it will help us to recognize that there are many countless lessons we all can learn from life. Remember, never forget the past, learn from it because those who don't learn or know history are doomed to repeat it.


Learning Life Through Trial and Error

Life is all About trial And error. Without mistakes you Can't learn. Without learning you're useless.


Face Tomorrow - Trial and Error

Trial & Error learning ...Thorndike


Same Mistakes - One Direction (Lyrics With Pictures)

Your Biggest Mistake by Ellie Goulding (lyrics)

Behaviorist theory/ Thorndike's Theory of Connectionism/ Trial and Error Learning

Behaviorist Theory S-R Bond Theory Thorndike's Theory of Connectionism Trial and Error Learning

Features of Trial and Error LearningThe experiment sum up the following in the process of learning:Educational Implication

Learning by trial and error is gradual process.

Drive : In the present experiment, drive was hunger and was intensified with the sight of food. (motivation)

Thorndike's theory emphasize the importance of motivation in learning. So learning should be made purposeful and goal directed.

For learning to occur, the learner must be definitely motivated.

Goal;To get the food by getting out of the box.

It stresses the importance of mental readiness, meaningful practice and incentive in the learning process.

The learner makes random and variable response.

Block: The cat was confined in the box with a closed door.

The law of readiness implies that the teacher should prepare the minds of the students to be ready to accept the knowledge, skills and aptitudes before teaching the topic.

Some responses do lead to the goal (annoying response)

Random Movement: The cat, persistently, tried to get out of the box.

More and more opportunities should be given to the learners to use and repeat the knowledge they get in the classroom for effectiveness and longer retention.

Some responses lead to the goal. (satisfying responses)

Chance of Success: As a result of this striving and random movement the cat, by chance, succeeded in opening the door.

To maintain learned connection for longer period, review of learning material is necessary.

With the increase in number of trials the annoying responses will tend to be eliminated and the satisfying responses will be strengthened and repeated

Selection (of proper moevement) : Gradually the cat recognised the correct manipulation of latch.

The law of effect has called attention to the importance of motivation and reinforcement in learning.

The time taken to perform the task (to repeat the satisfying response) decreases with successive trials.

Fixation: At last, the cat learned the proper way of opening the door by eliminating all the incorrect responses and fixing the only right responses.

In order to benefit from the mechanism of association in the learning process what is being taught at one situation should be linked with the past experience of the learner.

Kinds of Learned Behavior Learning by trial and error ...


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