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Learn Yoga Today in Covid 19 Times

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I learnt Yoga from Swami Ramdev in 2003 and since then I have been doing it regularly. I have also taught many others who have benefitted.


Yoga was looked down in the past as another example of ancient India's mumbo-jumbo. But now it has established itself and rightly so and its popularity in the entire world knows no bounds. International Yoga day is celebrated every year on 21st of June throughout the world in recognition of the value of Yoga in our lives. The outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic in end of year 2019 has further added to its popularity as a sure-shot method to enhance the body's immunity.

The Basic Posture


Benefits from Yoga

Now let us examine the question as to why a person needs to learn Yoga at all. The answer lies in the fact that everybody, you included, desires to be fit, healthy and happy. But after having tried so many diets and exercising regimens and failed, you get quite puzzled and don't know what to do. You simply don't understand how to achieve your goal of looking and feeling good, both physically and mentally. In this quandary, the ancient science of YOGA developed by Indian sages thousands of years ago can come to your rescue.

Yoga comprises physical exercise called 'asanas', breathing exercises called ' pranayama' and meditation called 'dhyana' but it is the meditation part that is more important and gives greater joy to its practitioner, particularly in this modern world of speed and hypertension. Most individuals who practise Yoga have their own explanation as to why they are almost addicted to doing it regularly. They say that Yoga is an incredible way to loosen up the body and make it more flexible. It also gives peace and a calmness to the mind as if you have been transported to another realm.

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Rejuvenated Body and Mind

Human beings all over the world have used Yoga as it encompasses a whole lot of benefits. The stretches and power building workout routines will do wonders. You will burn your fat, enhance your flexibility, and additionally develop muscles. With pranayama, you will be able to inhale more oxygen as your lungs become stronger and your capacity for physical work will increase manifold. It is this Yoga tool that will strengthen your lungs and equip you to fight with COVID 19 pandemic. The meditation part will assist you in enhancing your intellectual powers of attention and your spirituality. All this together will rejuvenate the body in such a way that one will not be wrong in claiming that Yoga gives a new mind in a new body. Yoga may appear to be a challenging workout especially to an individual from Europe or America, but believe me it is not so difficult. Once you do it you will yourself realize that unlike the workout in Gym which drains your energy and makes you feel tired, you will surprisingly feel more energized and more lively after a session of Yoga. And if you happen to combine Yoga asanas with pranayama and dhyana, you will feel as if you are floating in air and your energy level will truly be without any limit. Surprisingly and simultaneously, your mind will be very calm. By practising yoga, you will be in a position to do cardiovascular workouts for a longer length of time, due to the fact that now you will not get so rapidly out of breath. Since yoga will assist you to extend flexibility, you will also be less likely to face injures when you are doing different sports activities or exercises.


You Can Also Learn

I will share the story of a lady I knew. After attaining the age of fifty or fifty-five, she often felt tired even after doing small chores. She did not like the way her garments became tight, she felt out of shape, and completely overwhelmed by the stress of her daily chores. She wanted to take the help of Yoga but was really afraid whether she would be able to do it at all. She watched Yoga video clips where fit, slim and agile individuals performed Yoga Naturally she could not pick up the courage to start. She felt intimidated as she had not exercised for years.
With a lot of trepidation, one day she finally took the initial step.After practicing for simply a few weeks at home, she GOT it! She used to be amazed at how in a short time her flexibility and health elevated and she became capable to perform the tough ASANAS in simply some weeks.
Yes, that is all it took! And it can work for you too…
I know the fact that yoga has been effective for hundreds of humans simply like you. In fact, the ancient Yoga Masters of INDIA believed that age is not to be measured in years but by the flexibility of your spine. The flexibility of your backbone actually says how old you are. Yoga can be seen as a complete exercising routine combining in it stretching muscles, breathing exercises and meditation. Thousands of human beings who have been much less flexible, much less fit, and much less athletic then you have taken to yoga, mastered it and have drawn all its benefits. And if they could succeed, so can you.


So when do you want to start? Remember it is never too late to start a good thing.

For more information, you can search on google and find out some site where you can learn yoga or come to my website given below :


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