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Learn How to Build Yourself a Healthy Diet without Cutting Your Favorite Treats

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A healthy diet is a balanced diet. There is a lot of misunderstanding about a healthy diet, as people associate it with salads, grains, seeds and nuts--but a balanced diet can include all forms of food, from triple chocolate gateau, to humus on couscous.

Stay hydrated because dehydration makes you hungry

Ron White is a famous stand-up comedian, and his mother told him that if he is ever hungry he should drink some water and it will make him less hungry. He answered with, “I tried it, and it made me less thirsty.” He is right, obviously, but there is some truth in what his mother said. There are times when you will feel hungry and it is not your body telling you that you need food. It is your body telling you that you need water, but your mind misinterprets it as being hungry. The next time you are unexpectedly hungry, drink a pint of water and wait half an hour and you may find that your hungry-urges have disappeared.

Take vitamin pills and you will not crave junk food as much

One of the ways that mainstream fast-food sellers make their food addictive is to add small amounts of micronutrients. Your body craves these from time to time, and they do not feature very often in an un-balanced diet. Your brain associates fast-food with these micronutrients and as a result you will crave fast food. To fight this, you can take vitamin pills that have these micronutrients. It lowers your cravings for fast-food. Having a balanced diet will have the same effect too, but it is easier to take vitamin pills.

Tell yourself you can’t, and you will want it more

If you restrict your favorite foods from your diet, then you will want them more. It is a childish impulse that we all have. If you restrict certain things from your diet, then you will want them more, but why put yourself through that? You can prove you have discipline if you want to, but why bother when you can simply eat the foods you enjoy? So long as you eat them in moderation--you will be fine. You risk overeating if you purposefully restrict your favorite foods from your diet.

Do not treat yourself, simply enjoy all foods in moderation

The idea of “treating” yourself is just as damaging as telling yourself you cannot have something. Call something a treat and you start wanting it more, so simply continue to eat the things you really enjoy--just make sure you do it in moderation. Do not forget that you put on weight if the amount of calories you take in is in excess of what you burn off. Where those calories come from does not matter, just so long as you are not taking too many.

Healthy food is an acquired taste, and you can actually enjoy it

Acquired tastes occur through repeatedly eating something until your mind start to adjust to the flavors, textures and smells. People in Britain wouldn’t dream of eating snails, but across the water in France they cannot get enough of them. This is not because the French and British are a different species; it is because the French acquired the taste through eating snails as children.

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Mayonnaise and anchovies are acquired tastes, as they are things that people do not tend to like the first time they try them. Healthy foods such as vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains are not nice to eat, but you can acquire a taste for them if you force yourself to eat them over a number of months. Do this, and you will soon start looking forwards to a big pile of steaming vegetables.

This does not work if you cover your food in condiments, especially things such as salt and vinegar, as it simply makes you enjoy salt and vinegar over the actual food you are eating.

Do not believe the happy smiling salad adverts

Such adverts always show a happy and smiling person eating salads, and they make you think that salads make you thin and are great fun. They are not great fun; they are just another form of food. They are not going to make you thin; they are only part of a balanced diet. You need a balanced diet in order to stay healthy, which does involve salads, but it also involves enchiladas, burgers, bran flakes, and all other forms of food needed for a healthy diet. Those salad adverts that promote the idea that salad is all that is needed for a happy healthy life are lying to you.

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