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Latest Covid-19 Developments Worrisome

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As we reach May, 2021, a full year and more after the virus pandemic hit the world, it still is prohibiting a full return to what normal life was like before. Things probably will never be quite the same as before when it comes to daily social interactions in whatever country you are in. It seems that the First World nations have a good handle on most virus situations and getting their populations vaccinated, but the 2nd and 3rd World nations, in some cases, remain in dire, near catastrophic situations due to a lack of vaccinations, vaccines, obtaining the vaccines, its own population reluctance, lack of hospital space and PPE. The list is endless.

Even in the USA, which is way ahead of most nations in vaccinations. The U.K. variant, known as B.1.1.7, has recently surged in Florida, where over a third of all cases in the United States. Two of them remain California and Florida. While their numbers are down, it is the virus variants causing great concern as everything returns to normal. So much so, that President Biden is considering restricting travel to/from Florida, which remains the leader of virus mutations. Every 10 days or so, this UK mutation doubles in Florida, as of now, it accounts for 15% of the new infections.

The President can impose travel restrictions between states to reduce the spread o the virus mutations, which are underestimated. He could impose quarantine for those leaving or entering the state, just as Florida did last year with a few hotspot states whose citizens flew to Florida. He could also mandate passengers flying domestically be tested and negative before boarding like International flights now do.

Other Covid News

Another country has been added to the US highest alert Stage 4. The Philippines has this dubious honor being added to warn US citizens, "Do Not Travel" to that country, in fact, they can't. The Philippines will not allow foreigners in. That is because of the dire near catastrophic situation in parts of that country. Manila, a city of 13 million, just halted vaccinating because they have no more for now. Only 1% of its total 80 million have received a vaccine. Hospitals are at full capacity and turning away people due to lack of space and medical staff. The US Embassy there is nearly closed and processing only limited visas etc. Over 20 hotels there have been converted to quarantine residences as travel restrictions are tightly monitored. Their daily infection rate with new cases hovers near 9000! Outside of Manila, it is less dire yet the virus is rampant.

Worse still is that a new virus mutation has been discovered there, called P3. Not much is known about it but WHO is trying to contain it on this island nation, along with the other variants found there. Even testing prior to domestic flights and travel between cities, towns on the same island has proven to be a problem because of the time in quarantine while awaiting results. One needs to show proof of negativity to move around within this nation of many island provinces.

Another nation at the catastrophic stage is India, a nation of billions, trying to vaccinate and show proof of negativity. It is a total nightmare there with high infection rates and variants. Keeping social distancing is near impossible. Brazil is another nation will identical problems

Vaccine Issues

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Reports now state that a booster shot injection will probably be needed every year or so, much like a flu shot to control the virus spread. And many think that once vaccinated, you cannot get it again. Not so. Several confirmed people, now over 10, who were fully vaccinated, tested positive again weeks after receiving their second dose. As doctors have stated, vaccines do not prevent it just lower the rate of getting it. The vaccines are all rated anywhere from 75-95% effective, even 5% is a huge window for the virus to re-infect again if a population is even a million, do the math. Hence, the CDC still tells everyone to wear the mask etc., yet many are no longer doing this.

Oramed, an Israeli company, is testing the first Covid oral vaccine taken in pill form. When tested in animals, it produced the desired immune response and now testing with humans has begun. Results will take several months but if it does well, this would be a welcome addition to vaccines

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