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John Hancock

Thanks to Activskin for this image.

Thanks to Activskin for this image.


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Levee Unisex line


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History of Men's Pantyhose

Men have been wearing pantyhose for as long as they have been around. In the middle ages only men wore tights as women primarily wore long dresses. This was the rule through the Renaissance, and the early years of America. The showing of a female leg was considered very risque until early in the 20th century. By that time men's clothing had turned to wearing mostly trousers as they blazed a trail west, built railroads and worked in steel mills. The times called for a rugged garment that provided protection. Times were tough and wardrobes limited for men.

However, only in the last few years has openly wearing pantyhose and tights become more mainstream. For a long time they wore in secret, in the privacy of their own homes or under long pants. They borrowed from sisters, mothers and wives. They mail ordered them from catalogue companies. When they wore their pantyhose out of the house it was always hidden by long pants. Now more and more they are going out and running errands and conducting daily business wearing pantyhose or tights with shorts. What has happened to ignite the fuse to this phenomenon?

The Internet and availability of a discrete source of their own hose has stirred up and brought together men online who previously might have thought they were the only ones to appreciate wearing waist high hosiery. It may have started as a fetish for some but then the more they wore them the more they found them as a comfortable alternative to socks and tightie whiteys. Some found the benefits of compression hosiery too great to not purchase and wear support hose. Some had their doctors recommend supportive socks or stockings for DVT or other arterial issues or diabetes. Some were coaxed by a female friend to try some on either for bedroom fun or to help them with their tied leg complaints.

A lot of credit for these otherwise "normal" straight men to start wearing pantyhose on a daily basis goes to Steven Katz of Granville Ohio and G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd. In 1998 he started researching the demand for such a product and found that there was indeed a market for a men's style of tights or pantyhose. In 1999 he launched ComfiLon's® ACTIVSKIN® Legwear for Men the first made for men brand of sheer nylon tights. Beginning with 2 styles, today they sell 16 or more styles of pantyhose and tights as well as a number of other men's nylon socks and underwear. Now ComfiLon® is the premier men's legwear company which sells legwear and lingerie designed and proportioned strictly for the male form.

The forum Legwear as Unisex Fashion owned and hosted by Don (Draytx) began in early 2001 has also had a major impact of uniting men and a few women who enjoy wearing nylon hosiery for non-fetish reasons. The forum is a resource for men to find out about different aspects of hose wearing. Topics range from reviews of different brands and styles to discussing going out in public wearing pantyhose and shorts. There is a lot of encouraging each other that goes on there as well.

Another pioneer of men's pantyhose advocacy is Geraden. This is a blog by a gentleman from Great Britain, that has been around for several years which focuses on Geraden and friends adventures in tights and sheer hose. There are many advice articles and letters written by Geraden and regulars to his forum. This one has been in my favorites for a very long time.

Lately has gotten a lot of press. It has recently become a go to web site for press to quote. If you haven't been there it is a very nice web site that has some great pictures of men in various styles of men's clothes and pantyhose in everyday settings.

The Nylon Gene is a blog which was by began by Steve Newman only this year and has already made big steps towards normalizing men's pantyhose. Steve is the ambassador for ComfiLon's® ACTIVSKIN® and men's legwear in general. Steve has been heard on the radio, seen on television news programs and read in numerous articles.

Where will it go from here? Only time will tell. Athletes have discovered the performance enhancing ability of compression and men in tights are seen on the field at many if not most sporting events. Levee, Wolford and Gerbe three of the finest hosiery manufactures in the world have come out with men's lines and many other smaller manufacturers have addressed the men's market. Men in hose have shown up on Paris runways, on the battlefield worn by soldiers in the desert to ward off sand fleas, on truck drivers, firemen, equestrians, scuba divers, construction workers and men in nearly every field imaginable. Mantyhose is being sold in department stores in Great Britain. Who knows what's next. I'd bet there is a man in your life that you may or may not know he's wearing pantyhose in your family, office, classroom, job site, or Facebook friends list.


Carlie on May 23, 2011:

I have been dressed as a woman from my waist and down for the last 2-3 years now.

That means panties, pantyhose, skirts and high heels for me.

I wear panties, pantyhose and high heels as my every day kind of clothing. I wear panties all the time, pantyhose too. I have stoped wearing men´s underwear and men´s socks.

Women´s underwear/lingeries are so much more comfortable more soft too wear. Make sure my body and legs are smooth and well shaved.

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I wear a skirt when ever I feel for it. In buisness to work and when I am not working. Being a consultat running a small buisness I would say I´m wearing a skirt a few day every week all year round to office. Some time I wear a skirt all week. It just great beeing in skirt.

Even when I´m wearing pants I´m waring ladies pants, dressy slack or jeans. Always together with high heels pumps or boots. My wife told me, that I looks better in lady styled jeand/slacks. Being a bit short and slim, women´s clothing fits me better.

Wearing skirt and women´s jeans and slack pants my wife told me talked me in too, to start using a handbag. First I wasn´t so sure about this but when I started wearing a skirt I soon found out a handbag is a must for me. Nowadays I can´t manage without my handbag. I carry it with me all the time. I keep my wallet, my keys, my cell phone, my glasses, a few pens, a note pad, yes many things. When I´m out on buisness meetings I always make sur I have an extra pair of pantyhose in my handbag. I hate if I got a run on my hose, especially if I´m wearing a skirt.

I´ve got this tip from my lovely supporting wife, "always make sure have a pair of pantyhose in your handbag, darling".

Must say women is more positive to my way of dressing, guess they see a bit of them in me. Its cool I think. I have no problem with this.

The days outfit, having a buisness meeting so I need to look smart.A black knee long skirt. Very light sun taned, very sheer pantyhose. A white shirt, a pink tie and a black jacket. The heels, well they are black, very slim a bit toe pointy 4" stiletto pumps. My black handbag, I´m lost without it and a briefcase with all my papers and things in.

More soon.

htodd from United States on May 22, 2011:

Great post!

jm2fly (author) from United States of America on January 11, 2011:

Interesting comment Kimmyhoseslt. Thank you for sharing your story.

kimmyhoseslt on January 11, 2011:

First of all pantyhose is one of a woman's most powerful weapons and most women do not even know it.Fact is men drooool for women in hose. I realized this in jr high school.

I have had a serious fetish and love for pantyhose since i was 14 or 15 .

I have always loved wearing them and loved how any guy would do anything I asked just so he could get a chance to touch my pantyhose.

All my life I have been teasing and controlling guys with my glossy hose . I have convinced countless men to even wear pantyhose for me .

I work in a law firm with 10 other males , Some of them big powerful lawyers. All but one of them wear pantyhose under their suits to work for me . I have convinced them all even the married ones to start wearing pretty , silky pantyhose to work on a daily basis. They do not know the other guys are wearing them. I have bought them their first few pairs and now most of them have began buying their own. I love knowing they all are wearing women pantyhose and I love how they all cater to me. Men are so easy to convince to do this sort of thing. 2 of them have been shaving completely every morning before putting the hose on.

I love how pantyhose looks on a guy , It makes his rear end so nice. They make him so humble and eager to please.

I am currently working on the only guy in the office who is not sneaking around with pantyhose under his suit.

Women try putting your man in pantyhose today! you will love it !!!!!!!!!!

Assassin Fred on January 07, 2011:

I had no idea there were so many companys that tailored to mens pantyhose... Great read, thanks!

lucky092 on March 15, 2010:

I do wear tights for numbers of reason also it feel so good on ly legs skin, love it. I wear with denim mini skirt that really very cool and look much fashion, I keep shaving my legs most of time cos my legs look much slim as Im male so I dont mind my own body.

Great Men Legwear article on January 27, 2010:

Great posting. There is another interesting manufacturer on the men tights scene - Tim Legwear:

I think the men legwear fashion is to become a fashion trend in the near future as more and more companies are making them..

jm2fly (author) from United States of America on November 19, 2009:

Thank you for your comment and for sharing your story as well. I have a couple of pairs of those tights myself. It realy does seem to be a growing trend with men and compression hose. Men sometimes feel a little uneasy about wearing tights / pantyhose at first but when you look at the benefits they far outweigh any funny feelings about it. Take care of your legs, you might need them some day!

Keep your hose on brother.

milleredkarla on November 19, 2009:

Great Hub. I was researching for compression stockings for my legs. I have Intermittent Claudication and Peripheral Artery Disease (According to the doctors). I put myself on a vitamin/herbal therapy along with exercise to relieve some of the pain. Occasionally it still bothers my legs. The Compression stockings sold by the medical industry are expensive, so I was looking for an alternative when I found Comfilon's Activskin. I purchased a pair of their black opague tights with fly. It's amazing how comfortable they make my legs feel. The aching has subsided. And I get the added benefit of it reducing or keeping my legs from developing more problems with Varicose Veins. At first I thought my wife would have a heart attack, and then she told me her sister's husband wears the hip stocking for his legs also. Guess it is becoming a trend. Besides my wife likes the feel of them when I wear them under my jeans. I haven't been brave enough as steve to wear them in shorts though. Thanks for the article.

jm2fly (author) from United States of America on November 18, 2009:

Thank you Steve for your comments. I knew I left something off and I know there are others. Sorry for the ommission. The Nylon Gene blog created by you has made major steps towards spreading the gospel of men's legwear especially for the short amount of time that it has been around. Steve began his blog in March 2009.

Steve has been heard on the radio, seen on television news programs and read in numerous articles. Steve is the ambassador for ComfiLon's® ACTIVSKIN® and men's legwear in general and hosts his own blog site at

Steve Newman on November 18, 2009:

Nice article on men's pantyhose. You covered a lot of background material, and I'm sure there are many who will read it who will take away something new from it. Not to sound like my nose is out of joint, but I would venture to say that The Nylon Gene blog ( is probably a good deal more active and up to date on the latest happenings with the men's legwear trend. I'll post a link to your article there, too. Best of luck to you...

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