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Know your desires and achieve them

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Are you feeling insecure because your business is not doing well despite trying to grow? Then you must be worried about your loan repayment, mortgage, and household expenses. You must be thinking and worrying what you expected is not happening.

I think many people live like this with lots of negative thoughts. Remember, when you have troubles like this, the government will not help you, or your family and friends will leave you in distress.

All of us want to live a satisfying life; then it will be a better idea and dream your desires and find ways to make it happen. It is easier said and done, but only a few of us are determined to make it happen.

If you want to do things and move forward, you must start writing down the things you like and find a comfortable place away from the people with you.

Innovate ideas.

It is time for you to start doing it; write them down clearly on a sheet of paper but do not try to analyze whether you can or not; that has to be looked at later. For example, you desperately want to move your business location where your product or service will have high demands because the place you have started does not have much need for your product. You might want to get married, travel abroad, and have many more things on your mind. The best thing is to write them in whatever order comes to your mind.

Arrange your ideas

Write what you like or want most to happen and note that in order. Now, look at your list and try and rearrange it according to your priority. Again, do not look at the feasibility of any one item on your list. All you must do is organize in order of your preference, and you need to take some extra time to make your final decision on your priorities as you will not want to go back to do it all over again. It would help if you did not stop doing it; make your complete list of things, and do not forget to put down a completion date next to each item which you will check later whether any of those are feasible. Then leave it and rest before checking the feasibility of completing each item on the list.



Start assessing the first three items on the list as you have prioritized achieving that. Take your first choice as an example, I have been longing to get a better premise for my business, but I am not doing it. What is the reason for it? Let me find out by analyzing the reasons as follows.

  • I can't afford a better place.
  • The business has not made me any money, but I have incurred losses.
  • I have no assets to sell.
  • I have no one to give me financial assistance.
  • I don't know anyone to provide me with advice & support.
  • People have lost confidence in me because they think I am a failure, so no one wants to join me.

Are you going to give up your goal just because of the above reasons? Do you know giving up is easy to achieve success comes after failing? Therefore, take everything as a learning curb and find ways to overcome it. Now, again start writing the ways that you can overcome these obstacles.

  • Firstly, stop worrying about what other people think about you.
  • Find a mentor who can help you professionally without charging you.
  • Find ways to earn more money from your business.
  • Maybe start selling different products that the people around you will buy.
  • Then have an excellent promotional strategy.
  • Create a website for your business through free marketing like word of mouth, local newspaper advertisements, and social media.
  • Attend forums; networking meetings and bring your business out to get to know more people.
  • Give offers and discounts to regular customers.

Your business will grow slowly, and you will realize the best strategy is good marketing.

Know your potential

To know your potential, first, analyze your desires and dreams and ensure that you write down everything clearly to avoid missing anything.

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What is your passion?

You might like something to enhance your abilities, so when the time comes, you can pick from your list and try that. But remember we all want something but sometimes our like change to something else, therefore when you come to that stage you must write that down too.

What do you love to do?

You might like something special to do but haven't done it because of the lack of opportunity, if that is the case you must keep a note of it too. I am a freelance accountant, writer, and online course creator, I like to make speeches at conferences which I have not done so far, but that is my wish which I will keep in mind all the time waiting for an opportunity.

Ensure to listen to others when they talk about you.

Surely you know about your capabilities and what you are good at, but listening to others when they talk about it might give you a better awareness of your aptitudes and abilities that you might not have thought about in the past.

Reinvent yourself

I think you must become a changed personality say by breaking your old habits, developing new habits, and giving yourself a new version. In this way, you decide to act more smartly and take a risk, do not be afraid of taking new formats in business, and keep learning new things. When you enhance your knowledge by learning new things, you will become more confident and feel that your self-esteem is better now.

Do not stop here in changing yourself.

One of the essential things is to bring your courage; that does not mean that you should show rudeness to others when some become overconfident and try to disrespect others. But in your case, the more knowledge you gain will learn to respect others with confidence.

Change your routine

Now you are a new person, so the time has come to change your routine; say you were worrying about your loss in your business, now you have the self-belief in you, so time for you to stop worrying and get on with the daily task that helps you to improve you and your business.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Now you have achieved a stage where you can handle other things without fear and move forward with your further adventure to grow your business. In addition, to all these new companies' plans, you need to learn new and different types of skills to support your business. Learn something new, one of the best ways to keep your brain young is to acquire new things and not be afraid of your new skills. Do something new that you would have never thought you would do; these all add to your new life, starting in your comfort zone. Now you have come out of your comfort zone, do not be afraid of facing fears; take that as a challenge and face the fear, and do not run away from it.


Have a plan and take action

You need to think about your final step, as you have seen some increase in traffic that would have boosted your confidence, create a plan, and put that into action consistently; otherwise, you will go back to where you were before all your hard work. I think you might have to go for some relaxation exercises a couple of times a week, which will boost your confidence and happiness.

Now continue to follow all the steps, keep brainstorming, and that best advice will be your customers, get regular feedback and surveys and use that to grow your business. You would have achieved more confidence, belief in yourself, and saved money by now. Then you use all that to accomplish your first wish to move on to a better premise. As a result, you will continue these strategies to be able to perform other desires in your list that you prepared at the start. This way of living your life applies not only to your business but also to your personal life.

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