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King Biden's Covid-19 Mandates

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On September 9th, President Biden announced his virus mandates to curtail the explosive Delta variant of Covid-19. As America reaches deeper into the virus abyss with 150,000 new cases daily where nearly 95% of those are due to the unvaccinated, Biden's anger and frustration shows like a parent trying to guide his teenage kids.

The mandates force federal and their contractors must be vaccinated, as well as all school teachers. Businesses with over 100 employees must be vaccinated or be tested every week. That covers a lot of big box stores, with some mask mandates for their employees. It does not cover those with one Covid-19 shot, meaning, one way to circumvent the whole mandate. About 75% of Americans have one shot while 25% have no shots.

The mandates have declared war on the unvaccinated that have allowed the Delta virus to spread to the levels it has now reached. One of the mandates is to increase fines dramatically for those who board aircraft with a mask and then remove it. If the person refused to wear a mask at boarding, access will be denied. Some o the fines are $3000.

Big Box stores, like Home Depot, Lowes, etc., have approached the virus with a quilt of employee mandates. Some mandate employees wear masks, but not their customers despite signs mandating it. Many try to control the info by keeping those employees who test positive a secret within a department, even though the employees who worked with the positive person are exposed to the virus. Instead of forcing all employees to test within the department and remove risks with forced quarantine. This type is all about one thing-personnel issues. If a department suddenly has many out of work due to the virus, others need to fill the ranks from other departments. For many big box stores, it is better to not know who is positive because they will then need to quarantine and if this number is many, suddenly the store has personnel issues.

Other stores will enforce that customers must wear a mask while in the store. if a customer removes it while shopping, an employee will confront the customer with a free mask, if they refuse, they are escorted out of the store.

Mandates are like numerous requirements we all face all the time. The most common ones are vaccinations any school mandates for its students, if they wish to attend. These are usually measles, polio, chicken pox, etc. The Covid vaccination is no different.

Even the FOX network employees are all vaccinated, along with Donald Trump. Only idiots would not get vaccinated as over 200,000 have been fully vaccinated with no real health issues, so the vaccine IS safe. As Biden alluded to, those who are not vaccinated are making this decision political. This is crazy, many claim it is about their freedom to choose, yet, many Republican governors are just provoking this.

Biden's mandates may have zero effect depending on what the private businesses actually do. Some make just ignore it. While it is a freedom of choice to get vaccinated or not, it is stupidity not to do so. However, for those who refuse to for whatever reason, you reap what you sow. Don't whine and cry when you are another casualty of the virus. You asked for it.

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perrya (author) on September 11, 2021:

Indeed! Although each of us do have the freedom of choice with this vaccine, there is also what is the right thing to do for the greater whole and good. Those who refuse are just making it political as if it is an act of bravery, when it is the opposite- a selfish act.

Ara Vahanian from LOS ANGELES on September 10, 2021:

The United States may be the only developed nation on Earth in which there is all this complaining about being vaccinated against this virus. I am glad that airlines will fine those passengers that refuse to wear a mask. They might as well be forced to pay with their pockets and just then maybe they will learn their lesson or not. It is this idea of freedom that has messed up the minds of many Americans. They are brainwashed.

perrya (author) on September 10, 2021:

Indeed, no argument from me!

Kathleen Cochran from Atlanta, Georgia on September 10, 2021:

A friend's company has informed him that as of 1 Oct if he is not vaccinated his insurance premium will include a $100 surcharge for the expenses incurred by his company for unvaccinated employees. You have seatbelts in your car. Your meat gets inspected by the government. You had to have inoculations to go to school. This is no different except half a million people have died in 14 months. Whoever was president should have done this as soon as a vaccine was available. It would be over by now.

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