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Killer At Home Workouts Without Equipment

I have a masters degree in sports science and around 10 years experience in personal training and sports research.

Living Room Workouts

Living room workouts/home workouts are becoming more and more common. Nowadays people simply don’t have time to go to a gym or don’t want to pay for it. The good news is that there are many methods to get fit and lose weight at home. You can also train at home to build mass or body build.

Many celebrities use at home workouts to fit in with their busy schedule and it works for them. Callisthenics training is also getting a lot more popular and people are finding new regimes to get in shape using just their body.

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Best Home Workout Program

This is a great workout program that I have used myself when travelling around Asia, with no equipment. I split It into 2 different workouts, I would do both workouts twice a week, which would give me 3 rest days. They can be any 3 days and you can split them up either way you would like.

The first workout was a 30 minute EMOM, EMOM means performing something every minute on the minute. It would looks like this:

Minute 1- 15 burpees.

Minute 2 - 30 bodyweight squats.

Minute 3 - 30 alternating jumping lunges (15 each leg).

Minute 4 - 20 sit ups.

Minute 5 - 40 second plank.

Minute 6 - rest.

Repeat the above workout for 5 rounds, which takes 30 minutes to complete.

The second workout that I performed was set in the same layout as an EMOM, however it consisted of different movements. See it below:

Minute 1 - 40 second handstand hold against a wall.

Minute 2 - 30 star jumps.

Minute 3 - 25 push ups.

Minute 4 - 30 mountain climbers (15 each leg).

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Minute 5 - 15 push ups.

Minute 6 - rest.

Perform the above workout for 5 rounds the same as the first. If you can’t handstand against a wall, then have your feet on a chair and walk your hands towards the chair until your upper body is in a handstand position. Hold this position for 40 seconds.

At Home Workout For Beginners

For beginners it’s key to build on the most common callisthenics movements. Air squats, push ups and sit ups. These are so common and there’s a good reason for it. Between them they build and strengthen nearly all muscles in the body. The strength gained from these 3 simple movements can translate brilliantly to more difficult movements. It’s also a fantastic at home workout plan without equipment.

This workout should be performed 3-5 days a week. Grab yourself a stop watch and set the timer for 18 minutes. To start you will perform as many push ups as possible in the first minute. The following minute you rest. The 3rd minute you perform as many sit ups as you can. The next minute you rest. The 5th you perform as many body weight squats as you can. The next minute you rest. Perform the full cycle over another 2 times making it 3 loops in total. Add up all your numbers at the end to get you score. Keep track of this, so you can see progress.

Push ups can be done from the knees for people who struggle with normal push ups.

At Home Workout To Lose Weight

10 minutes! 10 minutes is all it can take to get an effective weight loss workout in at home. This workout will be concentrating on your cardiovascular performance and working on burning calories and fat.

It’s a simple workout and only takes 10 minutes to complete so there really is no excuses for this one. The workout is going to consist of 5 basic movements to get you moving fast and your heart racing. It starts of with 4 burpees followed by 4 jumping lunges (2 each leg), then there’s 4 tall jumps (with knee tuck), next is 4 mountain climbers (2 each leg) and lastly 4 star jumps. Repeat this workout over and over every minute for 40 seconds with 20 second rest. Do the whole thing for 10 minutes and you have yourself a killer at home cardio workout.

If you where wondering what tall jumps are, well they are as followed. Stand still and jump as high up as you can whilst tucking your knees up to your chest, easy as that.

At Home Workout For Mass

This is a tricky one, as I would suggest for serious mass gaining potential you would at least need dumbbells. If not you will struggle without the right equipment. If you have dumbbells then please give this workout a try.

Once again split it into 2 workouts, each to be perform twice a week. The first workout will look something like this:

  1. Superset - Start with 8 standing dumbbell shoulder press, on the 8th rep let the dumbbells rest on the shoulder and perform 8 lunges (4 each leg). Do this for 4 sets.
  2. Superset - Start with 8 dumbbell side lateral raises, on the 8th rep leave the dumbbells in your hands and perform 8 lunges. Do this for 4 sets.
  3. Superset - Start with 8 front raises, on the 8th rep lift the dumbbells to the shoulders and perform 12 squats. Do this for 4 sets.
  4. Superset - With heavy dumbbells, complete 10 shrugs and on the 10th rep lower the dumbbell to the ground. Then perform 30 body weight squats. This will also be done for 4 sets.
  5. Superset - 15 sit ups followed by a 30 second plank. This only needs 3 sets to be completed.

The second workout looks as follows:

  1. Superset - 20 push ups followed by 12 dumbbell bicep curls ( 6 each arm). Complete 4 sets of this.
  2. Superset - 20 wide hand push ups followed by 12 dumbbell hammer curls. Complete 4 sets.
  3. Superset - 20 diamond push ups (close hands) followed by 12 bent over dumbbell rows, for 4 sets.
  4. Superset - 10 dumbbell behind your head tricep extensions followed by 10 dumbbell kick backs (5 each arm). Also for 4 sets.
  5. Complete a 30 second push up hold with you chest half way to the floor, followed by 30 seconds rest. Do 4 sets of this to finish.

For both of these workouts the rest period between sets is up to you. However, I would usually recommend around 40-60 seconds rest.

Thank you for reading.

© 2019 Ben Smith

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